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Taliban Shaving Beards To Flee Attack

From their dismayed allies at Reuters:

Taliban "shaving beards" to flee Swat: army

By Junaid Khan – Fri May 15

KOTA, Pakistan (Reuters) – Taliban fighters are shaving off their beards and trying to flee from a Pakistani army offensive in their Swat bastion, the military said on Friday, as it relaxed a curfew to allow civilians to get out.

The army launched an offensive in the Swat valley, northwest of Islamabad, last week to stop the spread of Taliban influence which had alarmed the United States and other Western allies of nuclear-armed Pakistan…

It also appealed to civilians to identify Taliban fighters trying to flee.

"We have confirmed reports that these Taliban terrorists, after shaving off their beards and cutting their hair, are fleeing from the area," the military said in a statement.

"We request the people of Swat to identify them," it said, while providing a telephone number for informants to call or send text messages.

Taliban members and supporters usually have long beards and many of them also have long hair. There was no immediate comment from the Taliban about the military’s statement

Is not shaving one’s beard a sin? (We must ask the Imam the next time we see him.)

Next they will be donning burkas – that is, if they aren’t already.

Alas, their deviousness doesn’t stop there.

From Fox News:

U.S. Probes Whether Afghan Forces Colluded With Taliban in Deadly Attack

Friday, May 15, 2009
By Wade Zirkle

Kunar River Valley, Afghanistan —  A pre-dawn attack by the Taliban that killed three American soldiers and six other coalition troops earlier this month is raising new questions about many of the Afghan soldiers who were supposed to be fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

Officials are investigating whether the Afghan troops may have colluded with the Taliban in the brazen assault on the remote coalition outpost along the mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Their findings could complicate further the already difficult challenges U.S. trainers are having with the Afghan Army.

American officials have questioned 11 Afghan Army soldiers and one Afghan interpreter who were taken prisoner after the battle and later released. Many U.S. troops in the area suspect that the Afghan POWs may have passively helped their Taliban attackers by laying down their arms, or even actively colluded with the enemy in the attack…

When asked what kind of condition the freed Afghan troops were in, Marine Lt. Col. Ted Adams replied, “Good condition. Too good, actually,” — a sentiment echoed by other officers, which has led many to suspect that the POWs were complicit in the enemy attack.

The 12 Afghans were questioned for six days by U.S. and Afghan officials before being returned to duty on Monday. U.S. officials are declining to comment on the conduct of the Afghan troops during the attack on Bari Alai, citing the ongoing investigation.

The incident highlights the increasing level of frustration U.S. trainers are having with the wildly inconsistent performance of their Afghan Army protégés…

What a world.

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8 Responses to “Taliban Shaving Beards To Flee Attack”

  1. bobbys says:

    I heard many got away having fooled the Army with I LOVE NEW JERSEY, undies!!!!

  2. DGA says:

    The taliban running like the cowards they truly are, schoolgirl poisoning bastards.

  3. wardmama4 says:

    Alas, their deviousness cowardice doesn’t stop there.

    There, fixed that for you.

  4. Dangerous says:

    So, if a member of the taliban violates the strictures of his religion while fighting to impose it on anyone else does that make him:
    a) An infidel
    b) A hypocrite
    c) A democrat
    d) A future politician in the United States of America

    Further, which best typifies the sword of Jihad being used against the Western Infidels, aka the Great Satan, aka the people trying to build your countries into something that resembles the modern world (you know, with roads, plumbing, the little things)?
    a) Throwing acid on/Poisoning local girls going to school
    b) Hiding in women’s clothing to get away from the military
    c) Shaving your beard off and running to hide from the military
    d) Ambushing marine convoys and getting whipped despite having overwhelming odds and the terrain to your advantage

  5. Helena says:

    There had better be a reason we’re keeping these atavistic maniacs (Taliban) from slaughtering the other retrograde maniacs (Pakistanis) in the region. Apart from humanitarian concerns, that is. There had better be some real, tangible advantage for us in this ridiculousness.The whole region is so dead set on staying in the stone age – would to God there were some way of walling them off and letting them eat each other alive. Read a piece today on a British newspaper site talking about the Taliban’s current income streams, which are, get this: a marble quarry, timber, and a couple of emerald mines, all in Swat valley. It just doesn’t seem possible that these things, which are all pretty labor intensive, and take manpower and time to produce and get to market, would be sufficient to fund their activities. The article ignores opium, and of course, arab donors around the middle east, which are certainly the most important. The whole muslim world is supporting these barbarians, if not directly, then indirectly by not getting in there and fighting them themselves. It’s time for the arab world to step up and say no to the taliban, and with more than just words.

    And may AQ Khan rot in eternity for giving them nukes.

    rant over.

    • Steve says:

      “would to God there were some way of walling them off and letting them eat each other alive.”

      Aye, there’s the rub.

  6. canary says:

    Think they need two interpreters, but this has been one of the shortages. Released in too good condition? Good, when the nosey reporters aren’t looking they can be picked off one by one. pop..pop..pop…
    Surely, any friendly civilians got the heck out of that area years ago.
    Stop our soldliers getting killed and bomb it til there’s nothing left.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Make big rocks into little rocks and men w/o beards…….corpses!

      I …………………………… have spoken!!

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