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Taliban Start A ‘Question & Answer’ Website

From the Agence France-Presse:

Taliban offer question-and-answer service online

By Usman Sharifi
March 28, 2012

Worried about whether Islamic verses on Facebook are allowed? Or that suicide bombers kill innocent civilians? Afghanistan’s Taliban have set up a new question-and-answer section on their website to address such issues.

The facility on Voice of Jihad, the official website of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan — the Taliban’s own name for their movement — allows readers to submit queries to spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid

Though, you do have to wonder what would happen if you ask the wrong question.

The Voice of Jihad site is packed with denunciations of the Kabul government as "slaves" or "puppets" of its Western allies — "infidels" and "enemies of Islam" — and often exaggerated claims of successes in the bloody, decade-long insurgency

So how are they any different from Al Jazeera?

Most of the inquiries appear to come from Taliban supporters and often praise the militants, sometimes wishing them success in "the holy war against the crusaders".

But a poster giving his name as Haseeb Ul Rahman asked: "Don’t you think that killing all these people in suicide and bomb attacks every day is a big sin? Who do you think will be held responsible by Allah?" …

Mujahid blamed "technical problems" for such deaths"It is a fact that civilians get killed during the enemy’s operations. I can tell you with confidence that civilians are not deliberately killed by the mujahideen (Taliban fighters), rather it happens because of technical problems or missing the targets."

He must be right, since the Afghanis never demand that the Taliban apologize when they kill civilians.

The Taliban also put their website to more practical use. One potential volunteer who did not give his name asked how to join the ranks of the insurgents.

"It’s a good question, everyone can easily join our mujahideen," he was told "If you have a problem contacting the mujahideen, please send me an email showing your region, God willing I will show you proper ways to contact them."

Naturally, neither Google nor any of the other keepers of the internet will see anything wrong with this.

But speaking of the Taliban, we have this report from Human Rights Watch, via Reuters:

Jail may await Afghan women fleeing abuse, rape: HRW

By Jack Kimball
March 28, 2012

KABUL (Reuters) – For Afghan women, the act of fleeing domestic abuse, forced prostitution or even being stabbed repeatedly with a screwdriver by an abusive husband, may land them in jail while their abusers walk free, Human Rights Watch said.

Running away is considered a "moral crime" for women in Afghanistan while some rape victims are also imprisoned, because sex outside marriage – even when the woman is forced – is considered adultery, another "moral crime"…

"The treatment of women and girls accused of ‘moral crimes’ is a black eye on the face of the post-Taliban Afghan government and its international backers, all of whom promised that respect for women’s rights would distinguish the new government from the Taliban," the New York-based group said.

"This situation has been further undermined by President (Hamid) Karzai’s frequently changing position on women’s rights. Unwilling or unable to take a consistent line against conservative forces within the country, he has often made compromises that have negatively impacted women’s rights."

Obviously, conservatives are the same all over.

The influential rights organization said that there were about 400 women and girls being held in Afghanistan for "moral crimes", and they rarely found support from authorities in a "dysfunctional criminal justice system"

And they rarely find support with anyone outside of Afghanistan, either. (Cf. the UN or even NOW.)

The plight of a woman called Nilofar illustrates the problem. She was stabbed repeatedly with a screwdriver in the head, chest, and arms by her husband who accused her of adultery for inviting a man into the house, the rights group said.

But afterwards, she was arrested, he was not… [And] the ordeal for women does not stop with jail though.

Once leaving prison, women and girls face strong social stigma in the conservative country and may be killed in so-called "honor killings"

Those damn conservatives and their ‘War On Women.’

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2 Responses to “Taliban Start A ‘Question & Answer’ Website”

  1. The Redneck says:

    But they’re such reasonable people, and the only reason they have problems is because we were so presumptuous as to attack them–just as Ron Paul.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    My question is: “If Bareback Hinsane Nobama invites you here for a 4th of July picnic, you all will provide the fireworks right?

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