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Taliban Threatens To Kill 23 S Korean Hostages

From their fans at France’s AFP:

In this photo released from Sammul Church via Yonhap Saturday, July 21, 2007, a group of South Korean Christians pose for a memorial photo before leaving for Afghanistan Friday, July 13, 2007 at Incheon International Airport in Incheon, west of Seoul, South Korea.

Taliban warns it will kill S Koreans; Afgh govt says German alive

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AFP) – Afghanistan’s Taliban threatened Saturday to kill 23 South Korean hostages, just hours after claiming they had murdered two Germans and five Afghans but Kabul said at least one German remained alive.

A spokesman for the Islamic militants, speaking by phone from an undisclosed location, gave a Sunday 7:00 am (0230 GMT) deadline for the realise of 23 jailed Taliban, warning otherwise they would kill the Korean Christian aid workers.

The claim could not be verified, and the Afghan foreign ministry denied that two Germans were killed by the insurgents earlier as claimed by the Taliban spokesman, Yousuf Ahmadi.

“According to information from Afghan security organisations, one of the hostages died of a heart attack and the second is still alive,” said foreign ministry spokesman Sultan Ahmad Baheen.

Amid claim and counterclaim, Ahmadi said the Germans were dead and declared the five Afghan hostages abducted with them were also killed.

“One of them was (Afghan deputy assembly president) Arif Noorzai’s brother,” said Ahmadi. “Their family can come and pick up the body without paying anything. It’s all for free.”

He also warned: “We declare an ultimatum for tomorrow 7:00 am for the South Koreans. If the government does not free 23 Taliban prisoners, these will be the last moments of their lives.” …

More from those glorious “freedom fighters.”

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