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Taliban Want Female Prisoners For Hostages

From France’s AFP:

Taliban offer women in hostage swap

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AFP) – The Taliban on Tuesday offered to swap women among their 21 South Korean hostages for female Afghan prisoners held on US military bases in Afghanistan…

“If the Afghan government or the Americans agree to free any Afghan women they’ve jailed in (military bases in) Kandahar or Bagram, we’ll free the same number of female hostages,” Taliban spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi told AFP.

“We’re ready for such a deal. We don’t know how many women are in Bagram and Kandahar,” he said by phone from an unknown location.

The Afghan government said it was unaware of female prisoners with Taliban links, and a spokeswoman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said it was not known if there were women held on those bases…

Ahmadi, the Taliban spokesman, reiterated a murder threat against the Christian aid workers.

“If Karzai and Bush don’t change their position, they’ll be responsible,” he said.

Relatives of the hostages said that summit talks between Bush and Karzai had not made enough effort to save their lives.

Gathered at a church on the outskirts of Seoul, where the aid workers were based, they expressed their disappointment at Monday’s talks, when the leaders insisted there could be no deal with the Taliban extremists.

The families, some weeping, wore paper signs reading “Send them home” and “Set them free” while a spokesman read their statement on television.

“We could not sleep at night due to our expectations, as the release and safe return of our families depended on the two leaders’ summit,” the statement said.

“But the summit, which failed to concretely touch on the families detained in Afghanistan, made insufficient effort to actively save precious lives.” …

The War On Terror is an effort to save precious lives.

These people want us to give the terrorists a victory, which will only encourage further kidnappings and killings.

This situation demonstrates exactly why civilians should be kept out of war zones in the first place.

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