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Taxpayers To Pay Insurers Of Cancelled Plans

From an unfazed New York Times:

Insurers Are Offered Assistance for Losses

By ROBERT PEAR | December 2, 2013

WASHINGTON — The White House is offering more money to insurance companies as an incentive for them to let people keep insurance policies that were to have been canceled next year.

The administration floated several proposals on Monday to “help offset the loss in premium revenue and profit” that it said might occur if insurers went along with President Obama’s request to reinstate canceled policies…

How generous Mr. Obama is with our money. He’s even generous  to those ‘bad apple’ insurers who will offer back those evil ‘substandard’ insurance plans.

So now we, the US taxpayers, are going to get to pay to help cover up Obama’s lies about keeping our plans. And we are also going to get to pay to help Democrats get elected.

In a notice published Monday in the Federal Register, the administration acknowledged that insurers had a valid concern: They may be stuck with sicker, higher-cost customers in the new insurance exchanges because healthier Americans will stay on their existing health plans for another year…

BS. The real cost for reinstating these plans is the sheer amount of paperwork involved.

The notice published on Monday includes proposals on several other issues. Certain health plans sponsored by labor unions would be exempted from new fees imposed on insurance companies and on many self-insured group health plans.

So Obama also snuck out another major carve out for his union cronies. And he has once again changed the Law Of The Land with a stroke of the pen. Isn’t it wonderful how Obama protects his own?

Labor unions have been lobbying for such an exemption, saying the fees could be “highly disruptive” to Taft-Hartley plans administered jointly by labor and management representatives in construction, entertainment and other industries.

Don’t tell me it would hurt the unions who work in Hollywood! In a nutshell, some union members work for more than one employer during the year. This is especially true in Hollywood, where union members can end up working for a number of different employers during the year if they work on more than one movie, TV show, etc.

Under Obama-Care, unions would have to pay more for the insurance for these members. But now they won’t have to.

But Republicans denounced the administration proposal. Senator John Thune, Republican of South Dakota, said it would provide “special treatment to President Obama’s political allies.” …

How preposterous. Obama is just being fair. It’s social justice.

And never mind that this was the one and only concession in the ‘debt ceiling deal’ last October. Obama has given his union cronies exactly what they demanded with another executive action. And the Law Of The Land be damned.

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