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Tea Party’s Cruz Beats Establishment By 13%

From an outraged Politico:

Cruz notches tea party win in Texas

By: Alex Isenstadt | July 31, 2012

And the tea party bash rages on.

The storm-the-gates conservative movement that keeps finding ways to stick it to the establishment did it again Tuesday night in Texas, this time propelling the insurgent campaign of an Ivy League-educated son of a Cuban immigrant, Ted Cruz, to perhaps its most impressive victory yet.

Notice how the news media always go out of their way not to capitalize the ‘Tea Party,’ even when it is in a headline.

With more than a fifth of precincts reporting, Cruz jumped to a prohibitive lead against establishment-backed Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, and the Associated Press declared Cruz the winner…

Apparently, it would have killed this journalist to report that Cruz won by more than 13%. (Ted Cruz, 56.8%, David Dewhurst, 43.2%.) It’s best just to talk about a prohibitive lead.

Once the underdog, Cruz, a constitutional lawyer who had never before run for office, vaulted ahead of Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, in the final days of the race. Dewhurst, who finished 11 percent ahead of Cruz in the May primary, had long been seen as the prohibitive favorite to capture the seat of retiring Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Apparently, the news media didn’t make this lead “prohibitive enough.”

It marked another triumph for the tea party, which scored upsets in May when little-known Nebraska state Sen. Deb Fisher came out of nowhere to win a three-way primary and Indiana state Treasurer Richard Mourdock ended Dick Lugar’s nearly four-decade Senate run. Cruz had won the support of leading conservative figures as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint.

Dewhurst, meanwhile, had the backing of much of the state’s political class, including Gov. Rick Perry. Many of Perry’s aides assisted Dewhurst in his effort, including Dave Carney, the governor’s longtime political hand.

Outspent nearly three-to-one by Dewhurst, a multimillionaire who spent nearly $19 million of his own funds on the race, Cruz fought back by riding a wave of conservative support. He secured endorsements from tea party-aligned groups like the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks, both of which invested in his campaign. The conservative elite, including columnist George Will and the National Review, also threw their support to the upstart.

George Will says there is no ‘elite.’

Dewhurst aides argued vigorously during the closing days the race that a Cruz victory was not certain, saying that polling its campaign had conducted showed the lieutenant governor, a well- known political figure in the state, with a lead…

Which is yet another example of why we should never trust polls.

Meanwhile, we have this weird rant from MIKE ALLEN at the Politico’s Playbook:

1) WHAT THE TEA PARTY WIN MEANS TO GOVERNING: The 13-point victory by Ted Cruz, the former Texas solicitor general, over the sitting lieutenant governor, David Dewhurst, is a dramatic manifestation of the repeated pattern in GOP primaries over the past three years: upset victories by more-conservative, non-establishment candidates. Don’t underestimate the level of BUSH GUILT among activists over the spending of the past decade, and their determination to undo it. This means a growing swath of Capitol Hill Republicans have NO allegiance to leadership: The incentive, rather, is to REMAIN PURE. And these candidates have access to their own media and money – the traditional party levers for containing rebels.

SO EVEN IF ROMNEY WERE TO WIN – even if the GOP held the House and took the Senate — there’s no guarantee he’d be able to broker a deal with his own party, on deficits or anything else.

And you just know how concerned Mike Allen is about the deficit.

But apparently, it’s never good news for the news media when the Tea Party wins.

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One Response to “Tea Party’s Cruz Beats Establishment By 13%”

  1. njyankee says:

    My one complaint about Cruz is that he keeps being called a “Cuban-American”. My parents were born in Cuba but I was born here so I consider myself an American…all this hyphenating needs to stop. Plus, Cruz was born in Canada…but I guess I’ll have to let that all go.

    I’m just glad that this is yet more proof that the Cubans CAN NOT be lumped in with the “Hispanic” voters in this country who almost always vote Democrat. None of them have any idea what it’s like to be from a country where the government is all powerful and oppresive.

    My family waited years to come to this country legally, and they were fleeing a murderous dictator. Yet the rest of these Hispanics are for illegal immigration? From countries that they’re just too lazy to fix? They’re not fleeing anything, their lives are not in danger. I think we hate illegals more than anyone in Arizona.

    Needless to say I’m a big fan of Cruz and Rubio. I hope this gets people to stop saying all “Hispanic” voters are moronic democrats.

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