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Teachers Spent $6.8M Attacking Christie

From the New Jersey Star-Ledger:

NJEA spent nearly $7M on advertising last year, report says

Matt Friedman
Wednesday, March 09, 2011

TRENTON — The New Jersey Education Association pushed back so hard against Gov. Chris Christie last year that it set a record.

The state’s largest teachers union spent $6.8 million on lobbying last year, most of it going to an ad campaign against Christie and his cuts to education in the state budget, according to a reports released today by the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Just think how many teachers jobs could have been saved with that $6.8 million dollars.

That’s the most a special interest group has spent on New Jersey lobbying in one year, according to the commission.

And bear in mind, this is money that is money from the New Jersey taxpayers that the unions are using — to fight the New Jersey taxpayers.

"We spent that money. We felt we had to," said NJEA spokesman Steve Wollmer. "The governor was putting out a lot of what we feel was misinformation on education and our members demanded we set the record straight."

It seems to us that the teachers have just handed Mr. Christie another talking point.

The NJEA shelled out so much on lobbying that its total was seven times more than the second highest spender, Verizon, at $935,000. It also beat the previous spending record, set by Verizon in 2006, by more than $2 million.

Note that the New Jersey teachers union didn’t just spend more than anybody else in the history of the state. They spent seven times more than the next special interest group.

By the way, we thought lobbyists were bad.

Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts called the union a "special interest that is bent on protecting a failed status quo in our schools."

"They talk like a special interest and they certainly spend like a special interest by funding millions upon millions of dollars in attack ads," he said. "That’s not going to stop Governor Christie from pursuing bold reform to put the needs of children before adults and special interests." …

What kind of crazy talk is this? We all know by now that there is no such thing as a Democrat ‘special interest’ group.

Democrats are only concerned about the ‘little guy’ and ‘the children.’

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6 Responses to “Teachers Spent $6.8M Attacking Christie”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “We spent that money. We felt we had to,” said NJEA spokesman Steve Wollmer.

    Mr Wollmer, please, to clarify, what do you mean by the word, “we”? Take your time, I’ve got all day.

  2. sheehanjihad says:

    It’s for the “children”. Yes, it is! Teacher’s unions are acting like children. Spoiled rotten brat children. So yeah, it’s all for the children alright. Public sector Unions need to be abolished.

  3. proreason says:

    Thugs are thugs, even if they are sweet little women.

  4. JohnMG says:

    ……..”The NJEA shelled out so much on lobbying that its total was seven times more than the second highest spender…….”

    In a rational world……even a union one………..this kind of result would shout loudly to the leadership for a cost-benefits analysis, and a justification of same. Just before the tar and feathers, of course.

  5. David says:

    Equals about the yearly salary for 100 average NJ teachers.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    How to pay the teachers:
    1. Union leaders accept less salary from union dues.
    2. Use advertising money to attack others, give to teachers.
    3. Political parties that get money from the latest crisis, give it to teachers.
    4. Rich t.v. stars (David Letterman) can whip out their check books, and give some of their money to the teachers.
    5. INVEST in your own profession, instead of running up state deficits.
    6. Get rid of the crap-garbage teachers ruining your profession.
    7. Expand magnet and homeschooling, reducing class sizes.
    8. Re-direct foriegn aid to teachers, at least our people get the money, not pay-offs to Pakistanis.
    9. Reduce the administration staff gobbling up money that does nothing but push papers from one desk to another.
    10. Clean your own classroom, make playgrounds out of sand, not grass, STOP heating/air-conditioning gyms and hallways! Wear a coat if you are cold going to the bathroom. CUT all extra-curricular activities and make parents pay for transportationm, equipment etc. Eliminate school lunch programs, DON’T hire interpreters to follow mexican kids around translating English!

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