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Ted Rall Threatens Coulter To Raise Money

The untalented and justifiably unknown homosexual asshole (see the article) Ted "Who?" Rall is threatening to sue Ann Coulter, so as to get his name in the paper — and of course to ask for money.

From his obscure and juvenile blog:

Ann Coulter Lies; You Decide: Should I Sue?

Republican columnist Ann Coulter spoke earlier today to the Conservative Political Action Committee, where the audience included 1000 right-wingers including Vice President Dick Cheney. There, among other things, she is reported to have said the following:

"Iran is soliciting cartoons on the Holocaust. So far, only Ted Rall, Garry Trudeau, and the NY Times have made submissions."

She lied. I have not submitted anything to any Iranian publication. I have no intention of doing so. And I have said that in public, repeatedly.

Obviously, in making such a statement, Coulter crossed the line into outright libel–she intentionally stated a mistruth intended to harm my reputation. And obviously a libel suit is called for. Problem is, it costs many thousands of dollars to file such a case, much less pursue it through the courts. (I know this from personal experience.)

So what do you, dear readers, think I should do? Should I do what no liberal has been willing to do as of yet–hold a lying neoconservative to task for smearing them? I’ll do it with your support–but I need your help to decide. Thus I hereby I announce


To vote NO, simply email chet@rall.com with a message telling me that you vote no. Feel free to impugn my patriotism if you feel so moved.

To vote YES, please email chet@rall.com along with a solemn pledge stating the amount of financial support you are willing to contribute to support my legal challenge to Coulter’s libelous statement.

If enough YES votes come in with enough serious pledges, I’ll see Ann in court. If not, well, chalk up another victory for the Right.

UPDATE (Sat. 11:45 AM EST): Votes are currently running 3-to-1 in FAVOR of suing Ann Coulter. And people are putting their money where their mouths are! Pledges already total more than $1500; since it costs about $6000 to draft and file a libel lawsuit in New York, where both she and I live, we’re a quarter of the way to having enough to get the ball rolling. If that number continues to rise, I’ll be in touch with the pledgers about putting their contributions into my lawyer’s escrow PayPal account and start things going.

Some have asked whether she’ll be able to use the "just funnin’" defense. She’ll certainly try, but I doubt her claims of "humor" or sarcasm will fly with a jury since (a) she’s not funny and (b) her audiences take her literally and she knows it. But this will all depend on my attorneys, a team with expertise in libel law. If the pledges keep coming, I’ll know whether it’s even financially feasible to proceed. Of course, I could sue and lose. But, as emailers have remarked variously: (a) it’d be amusing nevertheless and (b) would finally hold her accountable for her over-the-top libelous statements about Americans with more patriotism than they could ever dream of.

UPDATE 2 (Sun. 4:30 EST): Votes and pledges continue to come in roughly the same proportion as yesterday. So far pledges amount to about $2700 and most votes are positive. If we come close to the magic $6000 by tomorrow (Monday) I will meet with my attorney to discuss what to do. Bear in mind, of course, that it can cost more than $100,000 to actually *pursue* such a suit over the years. $6000 only gets a suit drafted and filed. And, of course, there’s no guarantee of winning. Some readers have (rightly) pointed out that this will be a difficult case. I’ll know more once my lawyer’s offices open for business tomorrow morning. I pledge, by the way, that any net proceeds from a settlement or final judgement (minus attorney’s fees, natch) will be donated to a political organization chosen by those who front my legal fees.

A lot of people want to see Coulter held to account for her disgusting statements, and that’s gratifying. It may be an "honor" to be considered influential enough to be referenced at a national gathering of right-wingers but being smeared as some sort of treasonous Holocaust deniar is sickening. These are the kinds of statements that prompt Republican bloggers to casually claim that I’m anti-Semitic (!) when nothing could be further from the truth. As a student of history who specialized in World War II I am not only completely aware of the monstrous scale and unique place of the Holocaust in modern history but terrified that genocide could happen again–if ideologues like Coulter manage to seize the complete power they crave. Call me straight, call me gay, call me an asshole, but if you call me a Holocaust revisionist I won’t take it lying down.

UPDATE 3 (Mon., 4:30 PM EST): My lawyer is out of the office today, presumably digging out of the blizzard, but is expected in the office tomorrow morning. I’ll talk to him then and post the replies there. If pledges continue to come in at the present rate, we should hit the $6000 mark sometime late tonight. Thanks to all who have written to offer support, as well as those who say "don’t do it, it’ll only make you look like a liberal girlie-man"—seriously, all advice is appreciated. Even the negatives. I have received so many "Sue Coulter" emails that I’m beginning to think Sue is her first name. Whether I choose to move forward will depend on the pledges as well as my lawyer’s opinion. If he says there’s a solid case, looks like a go. If not, nope.

When his lawyer gets done ducking his calls, maybe he will explain to this knuckleknob that nothing Coulter did is obviously or even slightly libelous.

Granted Mr. Rall is not a public figure, since nobody has ever heard of him outside of his immediate family. (And I suspect they’re not talking). But even so, it would be hard to prove that perhaps erroneously claiming that someone had submitted a cartoon is a smear — no matter the intent.

But then again, Mr. Rall thinks the Danish cartoons of Mohammad were a smear. Indeed he has happily hit the publishers of them with his shoes, alongside his murderous "freedom fighting" brethren. (I’m speaking figuratively here, Mr. Rall, please don’t sue me!)

I understand when not whoring for publicity, Mr. Rall daubs America-hating cartoons, apparently using the excrement of his mind for materials. (Again, this is what is known as poetic license, Mr. Whiny-pants.)

It is however curiously revealing that "homosexual asshole" is the worst thing Mr. Rall thinks could be said about him.

Oh, yeah, I vaguely remember who this guy is now. He’s the racist who called Condoleeza Rice President Bush’s "house nigger."

Rall is also the miscreant who drew up this cartoon depicting the just deceased war hero Pat Tillman as a racist murderer dupe:

What could you possibly say about a homosexual asshole like this that could be considered libelous?

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