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Teen Gets 4 Months Prison For Noose Prank

From those champions of law and order at the Associated Press:

La. teen who hung nooses gets 4 months in prison

ALEXANDRIA, La. – A Louisiana teenager who hung nooses off the back of his truck to intimidate a group of black civil rights demonstrators has been sentenced to four months in prison.

Federal prosecutors say 19-year-old Jeremiah Munsen displayed the nooses when he drove past people who had attended a massive civil rights march in Jena on Sept. 20.

Munsen had faced up to a year in prison after pleading guilty in April to a misdemeanor charge of interfering with the marchers’ federally protected right to travel.

The marchers were waiting in Alexandria for a bus home to Tennessee. They had been protesting the criminal cases against six black teenagers charged with beating a white student at Jena High School in 2006.

Four months?! In prison?! For a prank?

And we are told Mr. Munsen did this “to intimidate a group of black civil rights demonstrators”:

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Yes, we’re sure those several thousand demonstrators were “intimidated.”

By the way, whatever happened to free speech?

And what were the sentences for Mychal Bell and the rest of the “Jena Six”?

Yes, this is justice all right.

(Thanks to Colonel1961 for the heads up.)

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