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Tehran ‘Bombing’ Leaves 2 Dead, 8 Hurt

From Iran’s Press TV:

Iranian security forces use tear gas on demonstrators.

Tehran bombing leaves 2 dead, 8 injured

Two people have been killed and eight others have been injured in a bombing attack on the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in southern Tehran.

The suicide bomber was also killed in the blast that rocked the northern wing of the mausoleum of the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, on Saturday, Tabnak reported.

The injured pilgrims have been taken to hospitals.

Conveniently enough, Press TV ran this story just the other day:

Iran foils election day ‘bomb plots’

Thu, 18 Jun 2009

Iranian intelligence authorities have uncovered plots by "several terrorist groups" to bomb crowded places in Iran during the June 12 presidential poll.

The terrorist suspects have reportedly confessed to "having connections with elements of the intelligence service" of Israel, IRIB quoted the Intelligence Ministry as saying in a statement on Thursday.

According to the statement, one of the terror groups had planned to blow up prominent Hosseiniyeh-Ershad and al-Nabi mosques in Tehran on election day.

The report comes as Iran faces a range of post-election protests over the results of its presidential election.

Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who suffered a crushing defeat in the disputed poll, has backed the right of his supporters to peaceful protests.

He, however, has repeatedly emphasized that the rallies must remain free from violence. Nevertheless, some of the rallies have been subjected to violence resulting in a number of casualties.

So the groundwork has been laid to blame this on the US and Israel.

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5 Responses to “Tehran ‘Bombing’ Leaves 2 Dead, 8 Hurt”

  1. MinnesotaRush says:

    “So the groundwork has been laid to blame this on the US and Israel.”

    So o-blah-blah’s speech in Cairo really didn’t take care of all the problems in the middle east. Oh yeah .. that’s right. He said that he didn’t have enough time that afternoon to answer all the problems they’ve encountered.

    See .. just gotta give him more time. Geeeeesh! (rolling the eyes)

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    “Bring It On!” (but could we wait till Obama’s out of office?)

  3. beautyofreason says:

    The Iranian government will blame the unrest on Israel and the United States regardless of what Obama says or does not say. Dictatorships always blame their problems on others. Last month, if you believe Iranian politicians, we sent Sunni bombers to incinerate a mosque in Tehran and kill 25 Shi’ite Muslims during Friday prayers. And this protester crackdown? Just a ploy by the CIA – at least that’s what the pro-A supporters are claiming. What a joke…

    • jobeth says:

      “Dictatorships always blame their problems on others. ”

      Say…Isn’t O’balmy cut from that “blame everyone else” cloth?

      Can O’balmy’s attempt at dictatorship be far behind….Oh right…the Czars…..

  4. tranquil.night says:

    If the Iranians loyalty to freedom is real then it won’t matter who blames who for what and it was a naive and spineless argument with which to begin. Who were we worried about accusing us of meddling? China? Russia? Why would they do that unless they had a vested interest in the rigged election? Medvedev snubbed Ahmadi at the SCO meeting, but that was only after the protests gained international traction: he was still invited and still gave that ridiculous New World Order speech. He was still invited.

    What you don’t hear is that everytime someone gets shot or chaos erupts the protesters start chanting “God is Great” and pour out in stronger numbers force. You don’t hear that this is going on in virtually ever city across Iran. You don’t hear that Khamenei can’t even bribe enough supporters with food and money to get bussed in to even give him a legitimate propaganda video. The Basiji militia (essentially terrorists loyal to Ahmadinejad) dress as protesters then incite violence to frame the opposition – they’re probably the one’s that just blew up the Khomeni mosque.

    This is a War of Information and our media knows it by now – it’s been going on for a week and they’ve only vehemently covered this at the behest of the public. I am disgusted by how apparent it is that our very own media wants to circulate obviously discredited lies of a regime over the heroic reports of citizen journalists. They want to blame us for this free movement; our president seems to already be apologizing for it. This is just so not right.

    If I could I’d rather be standing hand in hand with those brave people down there than sitting here comfortably in my couch and watching the free world turn a cold shoulder to them. Currently I am chained by the psychological tyranny of an oppressive and dishonest MSM. Someday I wish to declare it’s reign through as well. One can only hope.

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