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Tehran To Hold “Victim Of Terrorism” Conference

From Iran’s Tehran Times:

Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri

Tehran to host conference on “Islamic world, a victim of terrorism”

TEHRAN — The first international conference on the “culture of resistance” will be held under the name of “Islamic World, a Victim of Terrorism” in Tehran on May 1-2.

“The event is planned to help expand the culture of resistance in the Islamic world,” Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri, told a press conference on Tuesday.

45 figures from 28 different countries will attend the conference, Taskhiri said. He said the main objective of the conference is to “study terrorism and the ways to confront it, the role of global powers in the emergence of terrorist groups, a distinction between legitimate defense and terrorism, and a distinction between pure Islam and a distorted Islam.”

“Now the Islamic world is under the attack of the global hegemony, and the enemies are trying to shatter the unity and resistance of the ummah” through sowing the seeds of discord between Muslims, he explained.

The enemy is trying to intertwine the “concepts of resistance and terrorism”, delete the “culture of Jihad” from the Islamic system, and portraying the Islamic “resistance” groups as terrorists, he observed. The Islamic ummah needs to be more familiar with the culture of resistance and be vigilant, he said, adding, “Islamic vigilance delivers lethal blow to the global hegemony.”

Yes, the Islamic world is so put upon.

They are truly the victims of terrorism.

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