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Telling Photos From An English “Peace” Protest

Moonbat Media, a site following in the footsteps of the great Zombietime, has posted some revealing photographs of a recent "anti-war" demonstration in Manchester England.

A typically sanitized report of the demonstration, complete with non-lunatic photos, can be found at the pro-terrorist BBC News site.

But here is a sampling of photos of these gentle peaceniks from Moonbat Media  that our one party media will never show.

Beginning with some harmless folks in circus clothes colorful dress:

Who fight "racism" by identifying with Hezbollah:


And the Communist Party:

And of course they accept all the America-hating propaganda, no matter how far-fetched:


Even George Galloway’s minions from the Respect Party were there to attack the blood-thirsty "Zionists":

The wicked were denounced and the worthy extolled:


And their deepest desires were expressed:


In case you can’t read it on your monitor, the red dot says: "Stop Dictatorship Now —  Support A Caliphate."

It’s all such a lark, isn’t it?

As is so often the case this demonstration was organized by the so-called Stop The War Coalition, which is a front group of that famous freedom loving group, the Communist Party. A detail that the BBC, as usual, neglected to mention.

But our one party media never wants to make their allies look bad. Or even questionable.

Please be sure to check out the rest of the great photos at Moonbat Media.

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