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Tennesse Paper Says Fred Thompson Is Running

From the Tennessean:

Thompson is in the race

He’ll step up fundraising, announce for president in July


Thursday, 05/31/07

Fred Thompson’s red campaign pickup truck, made famous by his successful 1994 U.S. Senate run, is ready once again to leave the driveway. This time, it’s pointed toward the White House.

The actor and former Republican Senator plans to form an exploratory committee in Tennessee, possibly as early as Friday, that will let him start raising funds for a presidential bid, longtime friend and political advisor Tom Ingram said Wednesday.

Thompson confirmed in an interview with USA Today published online Wednesday that he would seek the GOP nomination for president, setting the wheels in motion to transform the Law & Order star from a shadow campaigner into a viable candidate. An official announcement is expected around July 4, according to several published reports.

The news came one day after a Tuesday conference call with 100 fundraisers from Tennessee and across the country. The goal was for each person to raise close to $50,000.

Ingram, chief of staff for Sen. Lamar Alexander, was instrumental in helping Thompson introduce the red truck into the Senate campaign. He said Thompson has been moving toward the decision to enter the presidential race for weeks.

“He’s now doing everything he really needs to do to move that along,” Ingram said. “With an ‘if’ being preserved in there but with it becoming more unlikely every day.” …

Granted this report fails to add anything new. And this part:

An official announcement is expected around July 4, according to several published reports.

Has reportedly been denied by some of Thompson’s own people.

Still, it’s sounding more and more like a sure thing.

At the very least it will be very hard for Mr. Thompson not to run now that his local paper has all but made it official.

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