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100s Of Thousands Mourn Slain Iranians

From Associated Press and the Agence France-Pressee:

Iran opposition rallies to mourn slain protesters

by Jay Deshmukh

TEHRAN (AFP) – Tens of thousands of supporters of Iran’s defeated presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi demonstrated for a sixth straight day on Thursday, keeping up the pressure on the Islamic regime over the disputed vote, witnesses told AFP…

Mousavi himself joined the crowds, most of whom were dressed in black as a mark of mourning for demonstrators killed in clashes during the protests which have been banned by the authorities, witnesses said.

State radio has reported seven deaths since the protests started.

Foreign journalists have been barred from attending all rallies or other events without express authority.

The protesters carried pictures of Mousavi and placards bearing slogans such as "We have not had people killed to compromise and accept a doctored ballot box," one witness said.

Another placard said: "My martyred brother, I will get back your vote."

Mousavi joined the rally despite warnings from the hardline Basij militia, which has been at the forefront of action against election protests, for defeated candidates to dissociate themselves from "the rioters." …

Warning they would crush any "velvet revolution," the authorities have rounded up scores of people, including prominent reformists and even former government officials.

In the latest sweep, Iran on Wednesday arrested Ebrahim Yazdi and Mohammad Tavasoli, veteran revolutionaries and leaders of Iran’s Liberation Movement, the Etemad Melli newspaper reported…

In new measures against the media, Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards told websites to delete material that "creates tensions" or face legal action, and the foreign ministry issued a new warning to the foreign media, accusing some outlets of becoming the "mouthpiece of the rioters’ movement."

Pictures, videos and updates from the streets of Iran continue to pour in to social-networking and image-sharing websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube despite Iranian efforts to cut off mobile phones and the Internet.

Sometimes jumpy footage broadcast on the Internet from amateur videos has shown chaotic and sometimes brutal scenes of violence, with police beating protesters and one image purportedly showing a protester shot dead during massive street protests on Monday.

Still, the world’s watchdog media seems to be taking their treatment lying down.

If they really wanted to report this story, they would find ways.

In new measures against the media, Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards told websites to delete material that "creates tensions" or face legal action, and the foreign ministry issued a new warning to the foreign media, accusing some outlets of becoming the "mouthpiece of the rioters’ movement."

And, yes, it could happen here.

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13 Responses to “100s Of Thousands Mourn Slain Iranians”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    And, yes, it will happen here.

    There …….. I fixed it for ya!!

  2. tranquil.night says:

    “And, yes, it could happen here.”

    Bam’s slipping fast. 5 percentage points against him since Iran start. His policies are failing and he might not get anymore of the “big ones.” Breaking the law everyday, firing IG’s, his own administration isn’t holding the line, and many of his congressional allies are embattled in scandal. If we lose SCOTUS to Sotomayor, many wonder what element of our constitution is left to protect us? All of it is still there because these truths are greater than any false government! Iran is showing us all how this is done. Gogo peaceful Tea Party 2.0!!

    Oh, and have faith in the fact also that our (conservative) military would never serve a dictator!

  3. texaspsue says:

    Rep. Mike Pence introduces Resolution to stand in solidarity with Iranian people.

    Good for him, someone had to do it. The messages on twitter reflect the Iranians are not very happy with Obama’s tepid response. They don’t want USA to interfere, yet they wanted to hear USA support for their cause.

    Joke – Twitter vs Iranian Regime – http://www.caglepost.com/cartoon/John+Cole/65729/Twitter+and+Iran.html

    “The Kid at the State Department Who Figured Out the Iranians Should Be Allowed to Keep Tweeting” – http://www.mediabistro.com/baynewser/twitter/profile_the_kid_at_the_state_department_who_figured_out_the_iranians_should_be_allowed_to_keep_tweeting_119136.asp

    H/T Anchoress

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    Obama’s ambivalence stems from liberals’ racist view that some people can’t handle liberty. Tehran today is proof that all people yearn to be free. What a weak elistist prick he & his ilk are.

    • neocon mom says:

      Or that it is just not a part of their “culture” and we need to respect that and not try to “push” our beliefs on others.
      (Never mind the wisdom found in our founding documents about man being “endowed by” some “Creator” with “certain unalienable rights”.)

    • BatK says:

      Let’s not kid ourselves… it’s not like he can come out and say, “Dude, Ahamadinejad is A.O.K. with me” … although, he’s basically said as much with his drivel about Iran pursuing “peaceful nuclear energy” or “talking without preconditions.” Granted, I don’t think Mousavi is all that better (in terms of rhetoric or eventual destruction of Israel ideology), but it’s pretty amazing to see THAT MANY Iranians come out and stand up for their right to be heard. MAJOR props to all the women.

  5. MinnesotaRush says:

    The Trojan Horse, o-blah-blah, may be a little “shocked or stunned” to see that it’s possible for this many people to come together to cry out so as to achieve their desired freedoms! .. to see people driven by their conviction(s) and substance. Things that he and his ilk lack so dramatically!

    Might he have some “fearful premonitions” that this could become the picture of American cities in the not too distant future and his comprehension of that is in a spin??? .. his ACORN and Panther pals unable to guard his throne and protect him???

    ????? Just askin’ .. wonderin’ ???

  6. bronzeprofessor says:

    I think this is the smartest commentary on the Iran situation so far:


    The Wall Street Journal has been showing high excellence lately. I agree with this editorialist: We have to stand up for democracy as a principle in Iran, but we also have to prepare for all the unknown contingencies surrounding what appears to be a burgeoning revolution.

    One thing is for sure; I am proud of Bush’s foreign policy legacy, because I doubt that any of this would be happening if not for the pressure of two republics on either side of Iran, and a regime isolated by Bush’s tough policy positions.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Great points Professor, and thank you for linking that article. It brought some relief to my much troubled mind to see such a comprehensive and up-to-date piece out of an MSM source.

      One could only speculate how this might have played if Obama’s Cairo speech had reflected one more common of President Bush. On the one hand, he could’ve gotten his greatest wish: a chance to claim his words had inspired change in the Middle East; yet on the other, his arrogance in having done so may have drawn a terrible politicization and stymied international focus on the matter. In essence, the American President’s poor standards have publicly exposed and separated the government from its people, enabling a grassroots or pure essence in it all. It strikes a irony chord in me because I know it’s all exactly the opposite of what he wants.

    • texaspsue says:

      I think Iraq and Afganistan are an inspiration to the Middle East. But, Obama’s Cairo speech definitely empowered Imanutjob. I hope that Obama’s policies haven’t permanently damaged the Bush Admin./Military effort in the ME.

  7. proreason says:

    OScrewyou could care frigging less about what is happening in Iran.

    He’s probably pissed off that akmanutjob is distracting people from his 5-year plan to poof capitalism.

    Now, if events swing so that Israel is somehow strengthened, he might have to stop memorizing Alinsky’s writings for a few minutes to dispatch some sychophants to gum up the works.

    Otherwise, he wants things to get back to normal in Iran so he can concentrate on punishing a country he really hates. Hey, his parents and grandparents are dead……why should yours be allowed to consume resources he could put to better use buying more power.

  8. neocon mom says:

    “…the foreign ministry issued a new warning to the foreign media, accusing some outlets of becoming the “mouthpiece of the rioters’ movement.”

    Interesting…Bamster called Fox News a “pretty big megaphone” when it came to criticizing him, the “One”.

  9. Reality Bytes says:

    Our world’s only hope: Democratic Reform financed by private philanthropy. Obama sure as hell doesn’t have the stomach for it. God Bless Alfred Coors. May he rest in peace. God Save The Rest of Us.

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