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Terrorist Abetting Lawyer Gets 10 Years

From a purple with outrage New York Times:

Sentence Is Sharply Increased for Lawyer Convicted of Aiding Terror


July 15, 2010

A federal judge on Thursday increased the sentence of Lynne F. Stewart, a disbarred lawyer convicted of assisting terrorism, to 10 years — nearly five times as long as her original sentence.

An appeals court had ordered the judge, John G. Koeltl of Federal District Court in Manhattan, to resentence Ms. Stewart after it deemed his first sentence, of 28 months, too light.

Judge Koeltl, after speaking for about 45 minutes about the considerations he had made, the legal sentencing guidelines and the facts of the case, ordered Ms. Stewart to serve 120 months.

Which still seems fairly light to us.

A collective gasp went up from Ms. Stewart’s supporters, who packed the broad, high-ceilinged courtroom. That was followed by a few shrieks and sobs; some held their hands over their mouths

The sentence was the latest grim chapter in a long odyssey for Ms. Stewart, who was convicted in 2005 of assisting terrorism by smuggling information from an imprisoned client to violent followers in Egypt…

“Violent followers”? It really is to laugh.

The case was closely watched in legal circles, as Ms. Stewart presented herself as a martyr for lawyers who, she said, vigorously defended terrorism suspects in the post-9/11 era.

But Andrew S. Dember, an assistant United States attorney, said in court on Thursday that Ms. Stewart’s actions went beyond advocating for her client, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman.

“She gave aid to pro-violence factions of a violent terrorist organization,” said Mr. Dember, who sought a sentence of 15 to 30 years. The defense had sought to maintain the 28-month sentence.

In ordering Judge Koeltl to sentence Ms. Stewart, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit asked him to weigh, among other things, the prosecution’s contentions that Ms. Stewart committed perjury when she testified at her trial and had abused her position as a lawyer.

Judge Koeltl, who praised the work Ms. Stewart had done throughout her career and said he had received an unprecedented 400 letters supporting her, ruled that she had lied and abused her position.

But what seemed to weigh heavily on the judge’s decision were statements Ms. Stewart made to the press after her first sentencing that she could do 28 months “standing on my head” and that she would do it all again. Those comments, the judge said, indicated “a lack of remorse” and that “the original sentence was not sufficient.”

How wonderfully fitting. Ms. Steward was hoisted on her own petard IED.

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13 Responses to “Terrorist Abetting Lawyer Gets 10 Years”

  1. proreason says:

    She’ll be back drinking with Obamy’s cronies in 6 months.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    I’d rephrase the comment to … “Ms. Stewart was hoisted on her own retard” … but that’s just me.

  3. untrainable says:

    and had abused her position as a lawyer.
    That’s a pretty slippery slope there. What do attorneys these days do that DOESN’T abuse their positions as lawyers?

  4. AmericanIPA says:

    Good riddance you fat, bearded, traitorous anti-American, douchebag. Have a ball converting to Islam in prison.

  5. bobbys says:

    I smell a Czar post in some ones future!!

  6. BigOil says:

    Her name will be near the the top of Barry’s pardon list…right next to Tony Rezko.

  7. BobonStatenIsland says:

    Is she growing that beard for Allah?

    • canary says:

      at least she shaved her moustache. What if upside down on her head is a new sexual position; maybe one of those being taught to st. Helens MT schools 5th graders.

    • canary says:

      AP left “5th graders (ages 10 & 11) being taught how to perform gay sex out of headline.

      (yes indeed, it appears Ms. Stewart’s “headline” was a prison sex act”
      that will make her time enjoyable, unless her neck breaks off. )

      When Stewart get’s out of prison she will do community service in 5th grade classes explaining the women prison sex position stand on your head “step up & stand up, one and all”
      They’ll have to have OJ teach the gay boys, what he learned.

      If my language makes you sick, imagine that child predators protected by empathic Obama are in our schools teaching our children. Too bad those crazy muslims can’t just pick off the sicko’s in our education system.

      AP: Parents protest Montana sex ed program teaching about gay relationships 07/15/2010


      Teacher: Boys that like sex with girls at this table.
      Girls that like sex with boys at this table.
      Boys & Girls that feel that want coed this table.
      Boys that like sex with girls & boys at this table
      Girls that like sex with girls & boys at this table
      Boys that like sex with only boys this table
      Girls that like sex with only girls this table
      Girls & boys that aren’t sure meet go to room 2
      Girls & boys that like sex with relatives,animals
      etc. go to room 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.

      Obama creating jobs for teachers.
      but…..denying young children to pray outside Supreme Court Building.

      FOX News: “Students Allegedly Ordered to Stop Praying Outside Supreme Court Building”

      By Todd Starnes 07/15/2010

      The students were part of a junior high school American History class at Wickenburg Christian Academy in Arizona. After taking pictures on the steps of the Supreme Court building, their teacher gathered them to a side location where they formed a circle and began to pray.

      According to Nate Kellum, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, a police officer “abruptly” interrupted the prayer
      and ordered the group to cease and desist.

      “They were told to stop praying because they were violating the law and they had to take their prayer elsewhere,” Kellum told FOX News Radio.

      “The Court does not have a policy prohibiting prayer,” said public information officer Kathy Arberg…

      So the group of 15 students and seven adults relocated to a sidewalk – where Rigo said the children stood in a gutter – and continued their prayer.

      Click here for more

  8. Chuckk says:

    You’d think she would have shaved before going to court. After all, appearance counts.

  9. fallingpianos says:

    No wonder lefties claim that gender is a societal construct… if I had ideological bedfellows like Lynne Stewart running around I’d be confused too!

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Tip of the iceberg. She is but one of perhaps hundreds or more lawyers with a “societal agenda” on their minds, while also reaping financial reward via the capitalistic system they claim to abhor.

    People like this are unrepairable. Any punishment in our system makes them reprobates of the worst kind, as they will solicit, and get, voice through the lame stream media about the role of her “oppressors” and how they made life tough for her.

    Then it grows legs and gets warped into a pseudo mission of “justice” and we all know where it goes from there.

    The only thing that will make this kind of behavior stop is when the hippie generation dies off and takes their dystopian dreams with them. The hippies were, and are, one of the worst things to ever happen to the United States. They were stupid idealist kids back then, disobedient, ignorant, and I always thought it a sad, but good thing when another one OD’ed and rid the earth of a potential ideologue.

    Tune in, turn on and drop out came to be a very bad, bad thing. Then, the engine of “social justice” which is just another word for “vengeance” took hold. And that is where we are today. Millions of angry hippies, wanting to stick it to “the man” and that’s exactly what they are doing.

    However, they again cut their own throats. It’s already coming true. Massive taxes, no end in sight for the DEPRESSION (it’s not a “recession”) and more and more people becoming desperate to feed their families. It’s only just getting started. When the tax dollars funneled to unemployed people stops, watch for crime statistics to fly skyward.

    Welcome to the new utopia. Thank you Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Holder, et al. Your court date awaits.

    Mean well? Hardly. You knew exactly what you were doing. Except for Pelosi. I don’t think she could operate a pencil sharpener without help.

  11. Papa Louie says:

    Too bad for Ms. Stewart! If it wasn’t for this prior engagement, she would surely be working alongside all the other terrorist defenders in Eric Holder’s Social Justice Department.

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