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Terrorists Snatch Busloads Of Shiite Workers

From the terrorist enabling reporters at Reuters:

Map of Taji missile factory

Dozens of Iraqi factory workers abducted

Jun 21, 2006 — BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Gunmen abducted dozens of Iraqi factory workers on Wednesday as they were being ferried home after work in a fleet of buses just north of Baghdad, police and Interior Ministry sources said.

Five busloads of employees of the state-owned Great Victory factory at Taji were commandeered by dozens of gunmen in at least five cars, the officials said. One source put the number of people kidnapped at 80 to 100, another at 100 or more.

The area, home to a major U.S. air base just north of the capital, has seen substantial activity by Sunni Arab militants.

Large-scale abductions of Iraqi soldiers, police and civilians have been a feature of sectarian insurgent violence in the past couple of years. Several have resulted in massacres, where those abducted have later been gunned down by the road.

Police said the industrial complex at Taji housed a second plant, the Hattin factory. It was not clear what either of the factories produced, although one official said they had supplied armaments to Saddam Hussein’s military.

But for God’s sake, don’t call them "terrorists."

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