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Terrorists Claim Hormuz Attack On Tanker

From Agence France-Presse (AFP):

Militants claim suicide bomb attack on Japan tanker

Wed Aug 4, 2010

TOKYO (AFP) – Militant jihadists have claimed that a suicide bomber blew himself up on a Japanese oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz last week, the US monitoring group SITE said.

Mitsui OSK Lines had previously reported that one of its tankers, the M Star, appeared to have been hit by an explosion July 28 in the waterway between Iran and Oman.

Really? Our media, the few that even bothered to mention it, tried to make it sound like it had somehow run into a blunt instrument or had been struck by a ‘maverick’ wave.

SITE said the Brigades of Abdullah Azzam claimed in a message on jihadist websites that it had placed a suicide bomber on the tanker, identifying him as Ayyub al-Taishan.

It said the attack was carried out in the name of Omar Abdul Rahman, the Egyptian "Blind Sheikh" imprisoned in the United States for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in New York.

Obviously, Mr. Rahman must be immediately released, since his imprisonment is being used as a recruiting tool by these economically disadvantaged ‘militants.’

The attack sought "to weaken the infidel global order which is thrust unto Muslim lands and which loots its resources," the brigade said, according to SITE.

It sounds like they are quoting from the Reverend Wright’s famous ‘Audacity To Hope’ sermon.

"We delayed the publication of the statement until our heroes returned safely to their bases."

Japan said Wednesday it was investigating the facts about the statement…

The shipping company had said that crew members saw a flash and heard an explosion in the incident shortly after midnight local time a week ago.

Again, details that went previously unreported.

One crewman was slightly injured in the explosion, which caused minor damage to the ship, including an indentation several meters across in the hull, according to pictures published by state-run UAE news agency WAM.

Mitsui had dismissed reports it might have been hit by a freak wave…

The Japan-bound vessel — crewed by 16 Filipinos and 15 Indians — was carrying 270,000 tonnes of crude oil but did not suffer a spill.

One of the crew saw a flash on the horizon, while several other sailors heard an explosion, Mitsui safety management executive Masahiko Hibino has told journalists, adding that the weather was fine and there were no reports of high waves in the region…

Of course it might have been environmentalists.

Which, granted, is often a distinction without a difference.

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9 Responses to “Terrorists Claim Hormuz Attack On Tanker”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The attack sought “to weaken the infidel global order which is thrust unto Muslim lands and which loots its resources,”

    This is the very source of what befuddles me the most. Apparently, the mullahs have been outrageously successful in propagandizing the message that the US’s exploitation of oil has somehow “raped them” personally.

    Yet, what, exactly would the dirt-farmers have there if no oil was found or bought?

    What would change, exactly?

    And, when the US pays all these gazillions of dollars to the “leaders” of the ragheads, where does that money go? To the dirt-farmers?

    All the income secured by the class-adherents of the muslim world….from us “infidels” in the west…where does that go, exactly? I don’t recall seeing all you AK-47 weilding monkey-men driving around in Ferraris and such. Nor do I see you all living in palaces.

    Seems to me that all the money that comes into your nations from the “infidels” is somehow not making it into your hands. I wonder why that is……hmmmm….. I wonder why that is……

    Certainly, it must be that us infidels control it all, right? I mean, once it leaves my hands at the gas station, I have strange powers that make it go solely to the proprietors of the oil fields in the middle east.

    And they have founded a hate religion based solely on that argument….

    It’s convenient for the mullahs to perpetuate the myth because…it keeps the anger directed at whitey instead of at the people who are keeping all the money for themselves. The princes and the regimes and so on. As long as the people believe that “us infidels” are the root cause, they will forever direct their hatred at us.

    Seems to me they ought to take a closer look at their “system” and note the deficiencies.

    • proreason says:

      There was a survey recently in the US that asked: Would you rather double your income while everybody else is tripling theirs or cut your income in half when everybody else cut theirs by more than half? Most people picked the latter, even though the question was clear that you would be better off with the first option.

      Envy is the most powerful emotion in the world. Lust is transient. Love fades in the face of a better option. But envy is eternal, because no matter what happens, there is always somebody luckier and less deserving than you are.

      Politicians and their 3rd world equivalents, Terrorists, are masters at using envy to get what they want…..which is, of course, power and wealth for the Politicians and Terrorists.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yes, envy seems to be an easily manipulated sin. And, it takes a mature, thinking mind to eliminate those thoughts. But, as you say, they use it to their benefit and direct that hatred at the west.

      I have been the subject of it while I went to night-school as an enlisted guy and the other guys in my unit drank their salaries and beat up their wives and girlfriends and such. I saw firsthand how they locked themselves in mediocrity then took their hatred of my success and tried to tear me down.

      Going one-on-one more than once with one of my “peers” I simply told him that it’s a shame that they felt the need to try to humiliate me but, in the long run, I will have a college degree, not have to attend AA meetings, and will move on in life, while you….You get to live in your trailer, drive your 15 year old truck, talk to your probation officer every week while trying to make ends meet in-between your jail sentences.”

      That, of course would make them more angry but I have found out in the years hence that I was remarkably clairvoyant. Many of those who chided and goaded and antagonized me spent time in prison, have drug problems and are a mess.

      Odd thing, envy. And yes, I guess to the average person, rather than figure out how to lift themselves up, it’s easier to try to drag someone else down.

  2. JinOH says:

    If this was a suicide attack, wouldn’t they have found pieces of Abdul Jihadi’s body splattered all over the place?

    • JohnMG says:

      Suicide attack by drone, probably.

      Who says Abdul the camel shagger can’t learn from technology. Why, I’ve heard these fools are even now learning how to make telephone calls with their cell phones.

      New ad campaign slogan:
      “Motorola; Its not just for IED’s anymore.”

  3. Tater Salad says:

    Three things that NOT enough people know about Islam. Americans better wake up before it is “to late” and the laws are changed to benefit Islam and to suppress other religions in America as they are now being suppressed in Europe and the world as we speak!

    Three things that NOT enough people know about Islam:


    ……………and: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2010/06/pat-condell-on-ground-zero-mosque-is-it-possible-to-be-astonished-but-not-surprised.html

  4. DoctorRock says:

    You’re a good man Rusty, but this isn’t about envy. It’s about the privileged few doing whatever it takes to maintain their privileges. The royal Saudis were the first to see the writing on the wall, so they took precautions. They anticipated their subjects becoming more modernized and sophisticated, which would of course lead to many uncomfortable questions and ultimately challenges to their authority. So they bankrolled the most backward sect of Islam – the Wahhabi, as it fully supported the divine right of kings, along with all the other tenets of the Jihadists that have made them so popular today. They only envy us because they’re taught to envy us, the beggars.
    The War on Terror is the result of greed, and nothing more. I’d say Pro’s argument is off as well, all things being relative. If everyone else’s buying power is half-again what yours is, you’re losing buying power. Duped by a crafty Leftist survey.
    I’d just like to weigh in on my befuddlement. I’m a New Yorker who could conceivably go postal over the planned Ground Zero Mosque, who’s finding it hard to equate religious tolerance with an obvious victory monument. The only reason these urchins are getting any attention at all is because of their propensity for suicide bombing. As they are that callous, I don’t see how normal people can be expected to be sensitive to any of their nonsense. I’d rather Neville Chamerlain was mayor of New York. I”d rather Quisling was running for Governor. And I know we wouldn’t be having this conversation with Regan in the White House.

  5. proreason says:

    Doc, the survey simply demonstrated that people are willing to have less as long as they are getting more than the other guy. It is about envy.

    I wouldn’t say radical islam is 100% about envy, but the kooks at the top certainly use envy of the western world to rile up the kooks at the bottom. Of course, the chief kooks also fan the flames of religious fervor. But I always have a hard time understanding how that works. Irrational belief systems are pretty hard to understand, so I rationalize religious cults and other belief systems more as manipulations of basic emotions than as elaborate theologies. Same for liberal belief systems, btw. Your run of the mill liberal kook doesn’t spend a minute a day thinking about constitutional checks and balances, but he will spend hours a day hating a neighbor who has a nicer car.

    re your comment on the victory monument, Tucker Carlson nailed it. It’s a provocation. That’s how they operate. And you are right, they don’t deserve even a second of sensitivity. If Muslims don’t speak out against that crap, and none do, then they have allied themselves with the murderers. It’s clear that NYC has gone over the edge as well. It’s a mass example of Stockholm syndrome. I’m not happy to say it, but I’m beginning to feel the same way about NY liberals as I do about American Muslims. It’s almost as if they are inviting another attack. If I lived in NYC, I would leave. To me, it’s a matter of common sense. It’s not a confusing situation at all.

  6. JinOH says:

    “New ad campaign slogan:
    “Motorola; Its not just for IED’s anymore.”

    LOL – true dat.

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