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Terrorists Claim To Have Fired Chemical Missiles

From those truly courageous reporters at MEMRI:

Salahaldin Al-Ayoubi Brigades Claim To Have Launched Missiles Loaded With Chemicals

The Salahaldin Al-Ayoubi Brigades, the military wing of JAMI, Al Jabha Al-Islamiyya l’il-Muqawama Al-‘Iraqiyya, announced via Islamist websites that today, January 10, 2007, it had fired four missiles loaded with chemicals at a U.S. base near Samara, Iraq.

The organization posted a film showing militants wearing gas masks and filling the missiles with a liquid which the organization claims are chemicals. Below are images from the film.



(The film link will work using Windows Media Player.)

If this claim is true, this is quite a story.

But of course our media will ignore it anyway.

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