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Terrorists Kidnap Ten Anti-Al Qaeda Sheiks

From an overjoyed Associated Press:


Shiite and Sunni tribal leaders, along with US military officials (not seen), take part in a roundtable meeting in Baghdad, 2006.

Ten Sheiks Allied Against Al Qaeda Kidnapped in Iraq

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ten Sunni and Shiite tribal leaders who had joined forces against Al-Qaeda in Iraq were abducted by gunmen as they were traveling home to Diyala province after a meeting with a government official in Baghdad, police and a relative said.

The gunmen ambushed the two cars carrying the 10 men in Baghdad’s predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Shaab at about 3:30 p.m., police officials said.

The sheiks — seven Sunnis and three Shiites — were on their way back to Diyala province after attending a conference with the Shiite-dominated government’s adviser for tribal affairs to discuss coordinating efforts against Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

They were representing a so-called Awakening Council, as the anti-Al-Qaeda groups often are known, in the Salam area, due east of Baqouba, a former Al-Qaeda stronghold…

Ah, the left’s noble “freedom fighters” strike again.

May a hundred thousand rise up to replace each one of these brave men.

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