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Terrorists Murder 11 In Bed At Iraqi TV Station

The latest on Cindy Sheehan's courageous "freedom fighters" from their fellow fans at Reuters:

A man hugs his daughter, both employees of Shaabiya satellite television channel, after a raid at their office in Baghdad October 12, 2006.

Gunmen storm Iraqi TV station, kill 11

By Aseel Kami

Gunmen stormed the offices of a new satellite channel in Baghdad on Thursday and killed 11 employees in the biggest attack yet on media in Iraq.

Iraqi media organizations, government-run or funded by religious or political groups, are frequent targets for militant groups as attacks by Sunni Arab insurgents and sectarian death squads continue to convulse the country.

"We strongly condemn this terrorist act which muzzles the reality and targets journalists," Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told a news conference.

Hassan Kamil, executive manager of Shaabiya satellite channel, said gunmen raided the station's office in eastern Zayouna district at 7 a.m. (0400 GMT), killing guards, technicians and administrative staff.

He said the gunmen had arrived at the station in five or six four-wheel drive vehicles. "Some of them were wearing police uniforms and other civilian clothing. All were masked," he said.

Kamil, who was not there at the time, had earlier put the death toll at seven. He said more bodies were later found in a second building. The Interior Ministry said nine people had died. The reason for the discrepancy was not immediately clear.

Kamil said the staff had been staying overnight in the station. Most were shot as they lay sleeping in their beds, while one was shot in the bathroom.

Only two employees survived the attack. One was severely wounded and in hospital, he said.

Shaabiya is owned by the National Justice and Progress Party, a small secular party which contested the last two elections but failed to win any seats in parliament.

Shaabiya has so far only done test broadcasts, mainly of patriotic songs. Kamil said the staff had been a mix of Sunnis, Kurds and Shi'ites and that the station had no political agenda.

Kamil said among those killed was the head of the party, Abdul-Rahim Nasrallah, who was also head of the station's board of directors…

The fresh violence came a day after U.S. and Iraqi researchers published controversial figures that suggested 655,000 Iraqis had died from the war.

President Bush said the findings were not credible and the top U.S. commander in Iraqi, General George Casey, put the toll at 50,000. The Iraqi government also ridiculed the findings and said 40,000 had died.

Notice how Reuters had to tack on that preposterous story about 655,000 having been killed in three years.

They figure if they repeat it enough, it will become a fact in the minds of the great unwashed.

… [A]s attacks by Sunni Arab insurgents and sectarian death squads continue to convulse the country.

How do you suppose Reuters distinguishes between "Sunni Arab insurgents" and "sectarian death squads"?

Is it that the (good) "insurgents" attack the US while the (bad) "death squads" kill other Muslims?

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