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Terrorists Threaten To Execute 20 Iraqi Officers

From the courageous souls at MEMRI:

ISI Threatens to Execute 20 Iraqi Officers Within 48 Hours Unless Its Demands Are Met

April 17, 2007

In an April 14, 2007 communiqué, the Islamic State in Iraq (ISI) announced that it had kidnapped 20 officers affiliated with the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense, and that they would be executed within 48 hours unless the following demands are met: the Iraqi government must release all Sunni women prisoners from its jails, and must hand over to the ISI the officers who were involved in the rape of Sabrin Al-Janabi (in February, 2007), as well as the officers responsible for the killing and expelling of the Sunni inhabitants of Tal’afar (a town in north west Iraq) and those who participated in the rape of Sunni women in that town.

The only way they know to solve their problems is through hostage-taking.

If by some chance you are not up to speed on this latest group of thugs, Wikipedia has this to say about them:

Islamic State of Iraq

The Islamic State of Iraq is an Islamist umbrella organization established in 2006 “to protect the Sunni Iraqi people and defend Islam, by the Pact of the Scented People”…

The “scented people.”

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