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The Taliban Win – Sharia For NW Pakistan

From those elated champions of the faith at the Associated Press:

Delegation members of Pakistani Islamist leader Soofi Mohammad from the Swat valley attend a meeting with government officials, political and religious leaders in Peshawar February 16, 2009.

Islamic law to be imposed in parts of Pakistan

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – The government agreed to impose Islamic law and suspend a military offensive across a large swath of northwest Pakistan on Monday in concessions aimed at pacifying a spreading Taliban insurgency there.

The announcement came after talks with local Islamists, including one closely linked to the Taliban…

Amir Haider Khan Hoti, the chief minister for the North West Frontier Province, said authorities would impose Islamic law in Malakand region, which includes the Swat Valley. Swat is a one-time tourist haven in the northwest where extremists have gained sway through brutal tactics including beheading residents, burning girls schools and attacking security forces.

He said the laws would only be implemented when the valley was peaceful.

The Swat Taliban said Sunday they would observe a 10-day cease-fire in support of the peace process. They welcomed Monday’s announcement, which did not mention any need for the militants to give up arms.

"Our whole struggle is for the enforcement of Shariah (Islamic) law," Swat Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said. "If this really brings us the implementation of Shariah, we will fully cooperate with it."

Hoti gave few details, but said the main changes were included in existing laws stipulating Islamic justice that have never been enforced. They allow for Muslim clerics to advise judges when hearing cases, but do not ban female education or mention other strict interpretations of Shariah espoused by the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

"This was the people’s demand … for speedy justice." he said. "There was a (legal) vacuum and we will be filling that vacuum in the near future," he told a news conference.

Hoti also said that troops in Swat, which had been conducting an offensive there against the militants, would now go on "reactive mode" and retaliate only if attacked.

Pakistani military officials were not immediately available for comment…

Yes, as we were among the first to recognize, Pakistan has fully capitulated to the demands of the Taliban terrorists.

And it is only question of time before the terrorists have control over the whole country, including Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

Except, of course, that Mr. Obama has vowed to bomb and even invade Pakistan to prevent that from happening.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, February 16th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “The Taliban Win – Sharia For NW Pakistan”

  1. BillK says:

    What better way to “pacify” the Taliban than to give them exactly what they want.

    Then again, this should be seen as a prelude to the way the Obama administration will handle similar uprisings.

  2. TwilightZoned says:

    The current “economic crisis” will be a great cover to avoid addressing Pakistan surrendering to the Taliban. Terrorists are watching to see how Obama handles this and if he does nothing, as I suspect, it will embolden them. IMO, his vow to bomb and invade Pakistan are only words. Somehow I don’t think terrorists are overwhelmed with ecstatic joy by his rhetorical skills. I do believe he is about to find out the meaning of, “put up or shut up”. Ignoring this incident may reveal what this president is neither prepared or willing to do. I would be happy to be proven wrong.

  3. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    I thought sharia law was already in effect throughout Pakistan.

  4. mybrotherkeeper says:

    Like many of you, I would be surprised if Obama ever does anything meaningful on, well, basically anything! We know he is an unprincipled man, so he will be very hard to predict when it comes to doing something right or just. My guess is he might fling a few missiles over somewhere, rather haphazardly like Clinton did. Kinda like a spoilt kid throwing a tantrum; but nothing purposeful. Just maybe to allow the MSM to throw spin his way like, “See, Obama’s tough! He IS doing something about these outrages!”
    As I recall Clinton’s tantrums involved bombing a pill factory and even then, most people, democrats included, were reminded of the movie ‘Tail Wagging the Dog’, or something like that. President Obama just has no rhyme or reason to his behavior, other than his all-inclusive love of power we are so fond of (just joking).

  5. jobeth says:

    “The government agreed to impose Islamic law and suspend a military offensive across a large swath of northwest Pakistan on Monday in concessions aimed at pacifying a spreading Taliban insurgency there”

    Now we all know the taliban will be content with the NW corner of Pakistan don’t we?

    And I wonder how long it will be before they have that nuclear ability in their control?

  6. canary says:

    Update in todays news update on Iraqie terrorists behind the OKC federal building bombing. Strange UK has picked up this up. The lawsuit against Saddam Hussien became mute, when he paid for his crimes. You can’t squeeze blood out of an onion, yet alone a dead onion. Politic opinion aside, our soldiers did a good thing. They are hero’s, and many of these young soldiers don’t even realise how significant their sacrifices have been. God Bless American soldiers.



  7. brad says:

    Muslims By-The-Numbers

    Let’s say a minority of Muslims are extremists. Out of 1.3 BILLION Muslims, here is our data:

    A “small minority” of 25% (1 out of 4 people) = 325,000,000 radicals world-wide.
    ~The same population of the United States and Saudi Arabia combined.

    10% are extremists = 130,000,000 (130 million)
    ~The entire population of Japan + New Mexico

    5% are extremists= 65,000,000 (65 million)
    ~All of France

    “Oh it’s probably less than 1% I am sure, nothing to worry about!”

    1% are extremists (10 out of 1000 Muslims) = 13,000,000 (13 million world-wide)
    ~The entire population of Illinois

    1/2 of 1% = (5 out of 1000 Muslims) 6,500,000 (6.5 million)
    ~The entire population of Arizona

    1/4 of 1%= (2.5 out of 1000 Muslims) 3,250,000 (3.25 million)
    ~The entire population of Connecticut

    1/8 of 1% = (1.25 out of every 1000 Muslims) 1,625,000
    ~The population of Nebraska

    1/16 of 1% = (.8 out of ever 1000 Muslims) 812,500
    ~The population of South Dakota

    1/32 of 1%= 406,250
    ~The population of Miami

    • TwilightZoned says:

      If I’m not mistaken, I heard on FNC that 5% is a low ball estimate. None the less, 65 million is pretty freakin’ scary!

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