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Texas Sues Feds Over Drilling Moratorium

From an outraged Associated Press:

Texas sues feds over offshore drilling ban

August 11, 2010

HOUSTON — The Texas attorney general sued the Obama administration Wendesday [sic] over its new deep-water offshore drilling moratorium, claiming it is unjustified and federal officials did not contact the state before issuing the ban.

Attorney General Greg Abbott filed the 18-page suit in federal court in Houston against Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. The ban halted the approval of any new permits for deep-water projects and shut down drilling at 33 exploratory ocean wells in the wake of the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

In his lawsuit, Abbott called the ban "an unjustified, arbitrary and capricious policy that will inflict harm upon coastal communities."

Also, the suit said, federal officials did not coordinate with the state or consider the economic impacts before issuing the moratorium. Texas is one of the nation’s most active oil refinery states. State figures show there were 86,900 jobs in oil and natural gas extraction in April and an additional 107,800 in support industries.

Interior Department spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff defended the ban but declined to comment specifically on the Texas lawsuit.

"The Deepwater Horizon/BP oil disaster has made it clear that we need better health, safety and environmental standards for drilling operations," Barkoff said in an e-mailed statement. "The temporary pause on deep-water drilling that Secretary Salazar has put in place is simply common sense, and we continue to stand behind it."

It’s such “common sense” that the panel of oil experts who Mr. Salazar had gathered were unanimously opposed to it. But he lied about what they thought, anyway.

The current moratorium replaced one that was blocked by the courts. The Interior Department says it’s meant to give to give oil and gas companies time to implement adequate safety measures. The ban is in effect until Nov. 30, unless federal officials determine deep-water drilling operations have gotten safer.

Also Wednesday, the Justice Department asked a federal judge who overturned the initial moratorium to throw out that court challenge filed by several offshore service companies, arguing that it is moot now that the new ban is in place

The contempt that this administration has for our system of ‘checks and balance’ is simply staggering.

Especially, coming as it does from a supposed Constitutional scholar.

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6 Responses to “Texas Sues Feds Over Drilling Moratorium”

  1. TwilightZoned says:

    God bless Texas! As I’ve said before, if any state opts to succeed, Texas is the first state I’d place my bet on. From there, a whole host of other states would likely follow. Keep pushing feds, keep pushing…

  2. proreason says:

    Perry is building quite a resume.

    If he wasn’t from the hated bushhitler’s state he would be in the lead to be the next potus.

    One of the first things I noticed when I lived in New England beginning late in the 90’s was that people with southern accents were automatically disliked. Dubya was hated the moment he said one word on TV, even though it wasn’t clear initially was his agenda was, and even though he campaigned and governed as a centrist. It didn’t matter. He spoke like a hick. They hated him. And the hatred was much more intense as the wealth of the hater increased. The working poor in New England are relatively conservative, except, of course, for blacks, who aren’t allowed to think anything other what the ruling class and their race-baiter overseers dictate.

    So much for diversity.

    • Right of the People says:


      The majority of people New England states not named Massachusetts or Connecticut are conservative. Even here in the People’s Republic of Vermont outside of the one big city, Burlington, there are far more conservatives than liberals. Unfortunately the way the representation is set up, the big voting blocks in and around Burlington end up having more power and end up ruling the state.

      You are right though they treat outsiders with distrust especially if they have an accent although Yankees will never admit that they have one. It took years for us to be accepted and now I’m thinking of leaving government service and moving to Arizona or Texas soon. My wife and I want to be on the right side if the ca-ca goes down and figure those places would be best.

  3. Petronius says:

    The 1973 Arab oil embargo cut 7 percent of America’s oil supply. It resulted in price controls, rationing, gas lines, violence, recession, stagflation, and the 1973-4 stock market crash.

    Today oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico account for 10 percent of our oil supply.

    Here is a checklist of the various sectors of the American economy. I have placed a check mark after those sectors that are under attack by the divine Nerobama and his regime.

    energy (oil, coal, gas) √
    medical and health √
    banking and finance √
    communications √
    agriculture √
    food and beverage √
    construction and real estate √
    autos and auto parts √
    other industrials
    utilities √
    precious metals – retail √
    other mining and materials

    Of course the different sectors and industries are interdependent. Therefore, in order to bring the entire economy to its knees, it is not necessary to attack each sector directly.

    For example, the Democrat’s subprime mortgage program directly impacted the real estate market and construction, but also had spill-over effects on the banks and other financials, leading to the Nov 2008 financial crisis.

    Thus, as Nerobama shuts down oil drilling, driving up the prices of petroleum products, the impact may also be felt in agriculture — to take but one example — because farmers depend on petroleum for fertilizer and to power farm machinery.

    These attacks on the economy come during a time of 10 percent unemployment (official) and unprecedented government debt and deficits.

    Frankly, it is a tribute to the amazing resilience of the American capitalist economy that it can withstand this kind of abuse.

    • proreason says:


      A similar way to look at it is from an infrastructure perspective. What are the costs that every business shares and which have the regime attacked or taken control of. Here they are in approximately declining order of impact (understanding that every business has different requirements):

      labor √
      taxes √
      energy (oil, coal, gas) √
      health care (a large % of every business’s costs) √
      financing ease and the cost to borrow √
      ability to acquire capital (i.e., sell stock) √
      transportation √
      travel √

      The Materials category probably hasn’t been attacked because material requirements are so diverse. Materials range from food (for restaurants) to exotic metals to intellectual capability.

      No matter how you look at it, it is impossible to conclude anything other than the regime has deliberately and methodically set out to destroy the economy of the United States.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      “No matter how you look at it, it is impossible to conclude anything other than the regime has deliberately and methodically set out to destroy the economy of the United States.”

      Spot on Pro!!!

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