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Thais Force Illegal Aliens On Boats To Die

From an outraged BBC News:

Thais ‘leave boat people to die’

By Subir Bhaumik

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thai soldiers are detaining illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Burma and forcing them back out to sea in boats without engines, survivors say.

Survivors say their hands were tied and they were towed out to sea with little or no food or water.

About 500 migrants are now recovering from acute dehydration in India’s Andaman islands and the Indonesian province of Aceh…

But sources in the police and army confirmed to the BBC’s Jonathan Head in Bangkok that asylum seekers are being pushed out to sea…

Survivors rescued by Indian coast guards say hundreds of other asylum-seekers are still missing after leaving Bangladesh and Burma since the end of November.

They told the BBC that they paid agents to take them to Thailand by boat so that they could have a better life.

They said that the Thai authorities detained many of them in Koh Sai Daeng island.

"Thai soldiers tied up our hands and then put us in boats without engines. These were towed into the high sea by motorised boats and left to drift," said Zaw Win, a survivor rescued by Indian coast guards off the coast of Little Andamans after drifting for 12 days.

"We were without food and water. The Thai soldiers clearly wanted us to die on the boats," Win told the BBC by telephone from a camp where survivors are being cared for.

Other survivors said that about 400 migrants were put on a huge boat by soldiers. It was equipped with only two bags of rice and two drums of drinking water.

"The food and water ran out in two days. After that we were starving for nearly 15 days before we saw a lighthouse and jumped into the sea and tried swimming ashore," Mohammed Said told the BBC…

Where is the worldwide outrage?

The US gets blasted for not putting up ‘welcome stations’ along the foot trails used by illegal aliens to pour in the country.

And most of the illegal immigrants here are followers of the sacrosanct ‘Religion Of Peace.’

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13 Responses to “Thais Force Illegal Aliens On Boats To Die”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Hot Damn!! I think we are finally on to something here. Zero tolerance for border jumpers. I love the sound of that. C’mon everybody say it with me, “Zero tolerance for border jumpers.” SWEET!!

  2. VMAN says:

    I saw the headline and said to myself “how horrible” then when I saw that they were Muslims I said to myself “YES!!! YOU GO THAI SOLDIERS”

  3. caligirl9 says:

    Where is the outrage of their Muslim brothers?
    *crickets chirping*

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Muslims are never outraged when they murder people, only when they get insulted by some westerner do they feign outrage. They enjoy killing! Murder to them is like a cloudy day to the rest of us. The reserve their outrage for important things like getting the koran wet, or using the right hand wrong, or looking at a woman’s face, you know, those things that create such turmoil and necessitate instant death by execution.

    • DEZ says:

      For you SJ.

      Sang to the song I am woman

      We are Hamas, hear out chants
      Israeli jets make us piss our pants
      We are tough bad asses we want to pretend
      then we hear Israelis soar
      we know its time to hit the floor
      Oh great now our underpants are stained again

      Oh whats that Achmed
      all our terrorist friends are dead?
      that’s the price they paid
      To get to heaven, to get laid
      They just wanted to kill a Jew
      but now their…
      a mass of sticky goo
      they were hamas

      they have bent us and they broke us
      and in their prisons thugs will poke us
      so we can run to Iran or maybe Afghanistan
      but we cant hide here any longer
      Israel is so much stronger
      than a bunch savages thumping their Quran.

    • DEZ says:

      Cali, been meaning to welcome you.
      Your a breath of fresh air!

    • JohnMG says:

      I’ll bet with a little effort, DEZ, you could come up with something a’la Rudyard Kipling. Something along the lines of “Gunga Din”, ne pas?

    • sheehanjihad says:

      HOLY CRAP DEZ! I just blew my evening beverage all over the monitor again,woke my wife up, scared the dog, the cat gave me the paw, that was hilarious!

    • DEZ says:

      Coming from you SJ that’s the best atta boy a man can get. ;)

      Never read any Kipling MG, I will put that on my list!

    • JohnMG says:

      Speaking of good, check out caligirl9’s blog.

    • DEZ says:

      I intend to MG. ;)

  4. sheehanjihad says:


    “though I’ve beat you and I’ve played you
    by the Sears Roebuck that made you
    you’re a better horn than I am…hunka tin.

    that kipling?

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