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Thank Gaia: Millions In China Without Power

From those defenders of the faith (of global warming) at Reuters:

Snow covered houses are seen in Chenzhou in China’s southern Hunan province Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008. Cold, exhausted residents stood in long lines for water and gasoline Tuesday as the central Chinese city of Chenzhou entered the 12th day of a blackout sparked by the worst winter storms in more than half a century.

Millions in China to greet new year without power

By Chris Buckley Tue Feb 5

KAILI, China (Reuters) – Railways and highways were returning to normal across China on Tuesday, but millions are likely to spend the biggest holiday of the year without power and water in what for some is the coldest winter in a century.

The freezing weather in the run-up to the Lunar New Year break, which begins on Wednesday and offers the only chance for poor migrant workers to visit loved ones, has killed scores of people and left millions stranded.

Whole cities have had their power and water cut off for more than a week and so far 11 electricians have been killed trying to reconnect lines or break ice encasing poles and cables.

Chenzhou, a city of about 4 million in the central province of Hunan, began its 11th day without power on Tuesday, with people lining up at fire hydrants with buckets to get water.

The State Electricity Regulatory Commission said it intended to restore power to 80 percent of affected households in the next few days. Supply to the rest of the families would be resumed by tapping some 2,670 diesel-fired generating vehicles.

Kaili, with a population of half a million in the subtropical southern province of Guizhou, was cut off for several days by thick ice and hail.

On the road from the provincial capital Guiyang, many areas were still covered in thick ice with pine trees wilting or broken under the weight. Television showed downed powerlines and towers.

Kaili and other larger county capitals are receiving electricity, but officials and locals say many villagers in the countryside remain without power and there could be many days if not weeks before it is restored.

Traveling through the countryside at night, hamlets were in thick darkness with only candles providing flickering light…

But for many locals, the biggest headache is skyrocketing prices with pork, rice, vegetables and other staples doubling in price, or going even higher…

The snow has been falling in China’s eastern, central and southern regions since mid-January, bringing down houses, destroying crops and holding up vital coal supplies…

The China Meteorological Administration said on Monday the weather was the coldest in 100 years in central Hubei and Hunan provinces but it expected milder conditions ahead.

This is so confusing. Aren’t countries around the world, including China, calling for days like this to placate the Goddess Gaia?

Indeed, isn’t this how our moral betters in the environmental movement want us to live everyday of the year?

Shouldn’t the Chinese be happy and proud of their great contribution to the war on global warming? Aren’t the hundreds who have died acceptable casualties?

(And why does the article try to pretend that only “scores” have died because of these weather related problems?)

After all, what’s another hundred Chinese more or less?

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