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Cubans Can’t Have Home Internet Access

From a laissez-faire Associated Press:

A government run internet kiosk in Cuba.

Cuban defends restrictions on Internet


A senior Cuban official has defended the country’s Internet restrictions as a response to U.S. aggression and called for controlling "the wild colt of new technologies."

Communications Minister Ramiro Valdes opened an international conference on communication technologies Monday by complaining that Washington is choking Cuba’s access to the Internet even as U.S. military and intelligence services use it to undermine the communist government…

He defended Cuba’s "rational and efficient" use of the Internet, which puts computers in schools and government computer clubs while prohibiting home connections for most citizens and blocking many sites with anti-government material.

"The wild colt of new technologies can and must be controlled," he said…

Valdes expressed dire suspicions of U.S. intentions for the World Wide Web, citing post-Sept. 11 security measures and news reports that technology giants Microsoft and Google have cooperated with U.S. intelligence agencies.

"These actions bring the destabilizing power of the empire to threatening new levels," he said…

Valdes said a way should be found to eradicate "the diffusion of pornography, encouragement of terrorism, racism, fraud, spread of fascist ideologies and any kind of manifestation of cybernetic crime."

Hopefully the prisoners on that benighted isle still have enough internet access to read the exploits of their champions Cindy Sheehan and Medea Benjamin.

Even though by most definitions their work would certainly fit under the rubric of "the encouragement of terrorism, racism, fraud, [the] spread of fascist ideologies…" (Some might call them pornographic, too.)

But heck, the poor denizens won’t even be able to order those hip Che Guevera shirts online.

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