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The AP Is Outraged: Musharraf Won’t Resign

From an outraged Associated Press:

A member of Pakistan’s Paramilitary force grabs his riot gear while keeping guard in front of the President House and Parliament building in Islamabad February 20, 2008.

Pakistan president won’t step down

By ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press Writer

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Pakistan’s president will not step down as head of state and intends to serve out his five-year term, his spokesman said, despite a sweeping victory by his opponents in an election that President Bush on Wednesday judged to be fair.

Final results from this week’s parliamentary poll were expected later Wednesday, but with the count nearly complete, two opposition parties have won enough seats to form a new government, though they will likely fall short of the two-thirds needed to impeach the president…

European Union monitors said the election went better than expected, but conditions during the campaign period favored the ruling party.

So far, the parties of two former Pakistani prime ministers, the slain Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, have garnered 154 of the 268 contested seats, according to the Election Commission. The various parties already have begun discussions on forming a coalition government, likely to be led by Bhutto’s party…

Musharraf’s spokesman Rashid Qureshi said Tuesday the president intends to work with the new government and will serve out his term that expires in 2012 — rejecting opposition calls for him to resign.

“The people on Monday didn’t vote to elect a new president,” he said. “In fact, they participated in the elections to elect the new parliament.” …

Sharif, who already has called on the president to resign, said Wednesday: “I think Musharraf should understand that the situation is out of his control.” …

What a terrible blow for the Associated Press and the rest of our media masters. And after all of their hard work.

Still, I don’t recall our watchdog media demanding that President Bill Clinton step down after his party loss control of Congress.

Of course they will never be truly happy until the Taliban are in charge.

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