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The AP Sugarcoats Reid’s Refusal To Compromise

From the Associated Press:

Who’ll blink? Dems, GOP in shutdown stare down

By ANDREW TAYLOR | September 30, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — With the government teetering on the brink of partial shutdown, congressional Republicans vowed Sunday to keep using an otherwise routine federal funding bill to try to attack the president’s health care law.

Oddly enough, Obama is never mentioned once in this article. He apparently has nothing to do with any of this.

Congress was closed for the day after a post-midnight vote in the GOP-run House to delay by a year key parts of the new health care law and repeal a tax on medical devices, in exchange for avoiding a shutdown…

Note how artfully the AP avoids mentioning that the Republicans are pushing to have the individual mandate delayed for a year. They know that is very popular with the country, so they avoid even mentioning it.

The Senate was to convene Monday afternoon, just hours before the shutdown deadline, and Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., had already promised that majority Democrats would kill the House’s latest volley.

"Latest volley"? It’s a major compromise. But the AP never admits when Republicans compromise. (Which is early and often.)

Since the last government shutdown 17 years ago, temporary funding bills known as continuing resolutions have been noncontroversial, with neither party willing to chance a shutdown to achieve legislative goals it couldn’t otherwise win.

Before the golden age of Obama, there used to be these things called budgets, wherein "legislative goals" would be thrashed out. But now, all that is left are CRs, so that is where the battles have to be fought. And whose fault is that?

But with health insurance exchanges set to open on Tuesday, tea-party Republicans are willing to take the risk in their drive to kill the health care law…

"Tea Party Republicans"?

The latest House measure, passed early Sunday by a near party-line vote of 231-192, sent back to the Senate two key changes: a one-year delay of key provisions of the health insurance law and repeal of a new tax on medical devices that partially funds it, steps that still go too far for The White House and its Democratic allies on Capitol Hill…

"Near party line vote" is AP speak for a bi-partisan vote that the AP doesn’t like. And again, notice how the AP avoids mentioning that the GOP is trying to delay the individual mandate.

And rumors Saturday night that GOP leaders might include a provision to deny lawmakers and staff aides their employer health care contributions from the government had cooled by Sunday afternoon. Lawmakers and congressional aides are required to purchase health insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchanges, but the administration has taken steps to make sure they continue to receive their 72 percent employer contribution…

What hilarious gobbledygook. This is the AP’s way of not reporting that the GOP wants to stop the new taxpayer subsidy of 75% of their Obama-Care premiums that Obama just gave Congress to buy their votes.

Republicans argued that Reid should have convened the Senate on Sunday to act on the measure…

The Senate was not scheduled to meet until midafternoon Monday, 10 hours before a shutdown would begin, and even some Republicans said privately they feared that Reid held the advantage in the fast-approaching end game…

Of course he does because the news media will never accuse him of refusing to compromise. The news media will never accuse him of shutting down the government. They will never call Reid a hostage-taker or a terrorist.

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6 Responses to “The AP Sugarcoats Reid’s Refusal To Compromise”

  1. untrainable says:

    Since the last government shutdown 17 years ago, temporary funding bills known as continuing resolutions have been noncontroversial,…

    Maybe they haven’t been controversial with the elite political class, and maybe they haven’t been controversial with the media minions of the socialist left, but for those of us who believe the government should be responsible enough to pass a budget every year (and then actually abide by it) think it is pretty controversial. In fact we also think that spending a trillion dollars a year beyond what you have is not only controversial, it’s insane. If there was anyone in power with more than 2 brain cells to rub together, maybe they would too

  2. Petronius says:

    Political Thesaurus ~ A guide for understanding Liberal vocabulary and diction during the current squabble over the continuing resolution:

    continuing resolution = a budget substitute that allows spending to continue at (and increase from) excessive levels established years ago by Democrat governments

    government shutdown = a Democrat Party political scare tactic to achieve excessive spending under a continuing resolution; a non-event, as opposed to the Obama-care shut down of the medical industry which has real life-and-death consequences

    growing the economy = growing the government under a continuing resolution

    fiscal discipline (or fiscal responsibility) = a wild government spending spree

excessive spending = the defense budget; also resources allocated to provide security for US embassies

    loopholes = lawful tax exemptions provided to taxpayers; see also billionaires and millionaires

    a waste of time = any Republican proposal

    noncontroversial = any Democrat proposal, position, policy, or program

    bipartisan = (1) a unilateral cram-down by the Democrats, or (2) a handful of Republicans who compromise on vital principles

    near party line vote = a bipartisan vote that Democrats don’t like

    negotiations = conducted by Democrats only with terrorists or terrorist states, never with Republicans

    narrow ideological = any conservative opposition to Liberal-Marxist ideology in politics

conversation = a one-sided and abusive narrative of Marxist ideological cant

    civility = Republican capitulation

    uncivil = a conservative who refuses to capitulate on vital principles, e.g. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

decency = abasement

    indecent = a conservative who refuses to abase himself and kowtow to Liberal ideology; see narrow ideological

    discredited = a vitally important truth

    angry violent racists = tea party supporters

    hobbits = a pejorative term for tea party supporters coined by Senator John McCain (R-AZ); the inference here is ambiguous: it may be taken to mean either that the tea party supporters are simple little people with hairy feet, or that they are devoted readers of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien; see also uncivil

    Neanderthals = a racist term used to describe paleo-conservatives

    tea baggers = a term of Liberal invective that conflates obscene homosexual practices with adherents of the tea party

    anarchists = tea party supporters

    terrorists = tea party supporters

    kidnappers = Republicans

    killers = Republicans

    bullies = Republicans

    gangsters = Republicans

    wacko birds = conservative politicians who faithfully represent the views of the people; a pejorative term coined by Senator John McCain (R-AZ); see also uncivil; see also enemy of the state

    hostage takers = see wacko birds

enemy of the state = the rich, the wealthy, Wall Street fat cats, bankers, insurance companies, medical companies, oil companies, coal companies, corporate jet owners, the NRA (and its members), Christians and Jews; also Sarah Palin and Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Rand Paul (R-KY); see also billionaires and millionaires

    trillion = a Liberal unit of measurement for government spending programs, deficits, and debt

    billionaires and millionaires = taxpayers, viz. (1) an individual earning $200,000 or a family earning $250,000 in any given year; (2) criminal elements; see also, enemy of the state

    crystal clear = obfuscation; muddying the waters

    laser focused = ignored

    investments = wasted taxpayers’ money; wasteful government deficit spending to reward Leftist constituent groups

stimulus = borrowing money for investment

    quantitative easing = a money printing program of the Federal Reserve for supporting stimulus and investments

    social justice (also economic justice) = the confiscation and redistribution of wealth from billionaires and millionaires to the vulnerable; see also compassion for the most vulnerable

entitlement = a program for promoting social justice

    free = goods or services provided by the government at taxpayers’ expense

the vulnerable = Leftist constituent groups and their lobbyists

our most vulnerable citizens = the improvident, moochers, freeloaders, parasites, immigrants, illegal aliens, welfare queens, labor unions, LGBTs, and the education and abortion industries

    compassion for the most vulnerable = redistribution of wealth to the most vulnerable

    Obama-care = an entitlement that redistributes health care from the provident to the most vulnerable, especially to those who are recently arrived in the country

    disability = an entitlement that redistributes wealth to the most vulnerable, especially to those who are young, fit, and strong or recently arrived in the country

shovel ready = a scheme for the waste of precious resources

    scientific = a scam; something completely bogus

green jobs = the waste of resources on a scientific project; see also investments

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