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Shocker: CIA’s ‘Torture Tactics’ Revealed

From the UK’s Guardian:

Revealed: the tough interrogation techniques the CIA wants to use

Ed Pilkington in New York and Clare Dyer
Monday September 18, 2006

Details emerged yesterday about the seven interrogation techniques the CIA is seeking to be allowed to apply to terror suspects. Newsweek magazine reported that a New York lawyer, Scott Horton, who has acted as an adviser to the US senate on interrogation methods, had acquired a list of the techniques. The details were corroborated by information obtained by the charity Human Rights Watch.

The techniques sought by the CIA are: induced hypothermia; forcing suspects to stand for prolonged periods; sleep deprivation; a technique called "the attention grab" where a suspect’s shirt is forcefully seized; the "attention slap" or open hand slapping that hurts but does not lead to physical damage; the "belly slap"; and sound and light manipulation.

Several of those techniques chime with information gleaned about interrogation methods used against some serious terror suspects. The New York Times recently reported that Abu Zubaydah, the first al-Qaida member captured after the September 11 attacks, was kept in a freezing cell until he went blue, and later assailed with loud Red Hot Chili Peppers music

The British attorney general warned the US that its plans would face international condemnation…

Air conditioning? Shirt grabbing? Belly slaps?

Loud rock and roll?

The horror.

Thank God the CIA aren't asking for permission to give wedgies, or we'd never hear the end of it.

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