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Eid Festival Around The World – Graphic (I)

The beauty of the Muslim Eid al-Adha festival as it is celebrated around the world:







Of course people have to eat.

But maybe the celebration of this and similarly grisly rituals feeds their blood-thirstiness.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, January 1st, 2007. Comments are currently closed.

128 Responses to “Eid Festival Around The World – Graphic (I)”

  1. Muza says:

    You people are idiots. Whoever put these pictures up is trying to make muslims look bad. Many muslims do not kill the animals in the way you see in the pictures. I myself am not muslim but at least respect other religions unlike all of you. I have read almost all the posts and honestly, the things you people wrote is not true. I pity all of you. And muslims are one of the best people you will meet. Not all but most. you people are nothing but low life jerks and right now, i think muslims are better than you!

  2. Muza says:

    But of course you don’t care what i say and are still lowlife jerks even though what i said is true. You are just jealous that muslims are better than all of you people.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Musa….of course you are intitled to your thoughts but…so am I……you sir are a jerk of the most NTH!!
    Please fall back into the trough you pulled your carcus out of and let us continue our “ADULT SWIM” without the kiddies!!

  4. sheehanjihad says:

    Muza…you are a muslim. A simple minded muslim. What we say is true. Strap on your vest there, and go do what muslims do best. Kill.

  5. Muza says:

    go ahaed and insult me as you wish. I’m just saying what’s on my mind and trying to respect other religions. And by the way sheehanjihad, I am not muslim. My best friend is and she was also complaining about the posts. I, atleast, was brave to write a post myself unlike her. And Liberals Demise, I gusse I sorta was being kiddie. But you’re still no adult. Any adult I know would have kept their thoughts to themselves. I didn’t because you didn’t. Fair enough.

  6. JohnMG says:

    Muza; …..”go ahaed and insult me as you wish…..”

    The following are clipped from your previous posts……..
    “You people are idiots…..”
    ….”at least respect other religions unlike all of you…..”
    …..” the things you people wrote is not true…..”
    ……”you people are nothing but low life jerks…..”
    …….”you don’t care what i say and are still lowlife jerks…….”
    ……..”muslims are better than all of you people……”
    ………”I’m just saying what’s on my mind…..”
    ………..”Any adult I know would have kept their thoughts to themselves….”
    ………..”I, atleast, was brave to write a post myself……”

    So tell me, Pilgrim, are any of the above insults? And whose words are they?

    Typical, so typical. Sheesh!

  7. sheehanjihad says:

    Tell you what muza….tell your “good” muslims to stop being afraid to speak out against what Islam does to people. Your respect for other religions will get you killed. If you are indeed not a muslim, then you are an infidel, and by the rules of Islam, you must die. If you are a muslim, then you must kill infidels and martyr yourself to Allah. I dont give a damn if you try to respect other religions. I respect all religions, but I refuse to respect a murdering cult like Islam. It is not a religion. It is a haven for psychopathic murderers……or those muslims who sit back and allow it to happen because they are afraid to die. Like your best friend would if you were about to be beheaded for being in infidel.

  8. Muza says:

    Sure. Whatever. Tell you what. Screw all of you. I’m a fool for ever putting up a post. I guess my friend knew what she was doing when she didn’t. You people just don’t know the truth and will refuse to know. And anyone who is going to put up a post reffering to me is wasting their time and don’t have a life. Now let me carry on with my useful life, not insulting people or insulting their religion.
    And for all of you who are going to continue being racist…
    SEREW YOU! like I give a damn what you say.

  9. JohnMG says:

    Muza; ….”not insulting people or insulting their religion……SEREW YOU! like I give a damn what you say……”


    Once again, I direct you to my post above

    Somebody muza pissed him off, ya think?

  10. sheehanjihad says:

    Damn, maybe muza wasnt a muslim after all! He didnt threaten to behead anyone or burn their cars, or blow up their houses! Still a world class whiney little putz though. DONT post where people think you are an idiot muzz! Stay the hell away, and listen to your babe friend. She was smart. She didnt bring a toothpick to a knife fight. You jerk wad. Ohhhhhhh SEREW YOU! I am so hurt!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Must have a jiin up his butt somewhere….

    The truth is evident by the body count and destroyed neighborhoods and women who cant even breathe without permission. You dont wish to face the truth about Islam muzzle, it brings nothing but selfish murder and total subjugation of those who are enslaved by it. You need to start getting a life instead of supporting those who take life as a matter of religious duty.

  11. DEZ says:

    Musa I would make fun of you, but Mother nature beat me to it.

  12. Bonitaxo says:

    Muza i understand what ur trying to prove here and i think all u guys out there are being extremly racist.
    We have slaughter houses around the world.
    And some people eat meat.
    How do we eat the meat?
    We kill the animals.
    So what do muslims do so differently that the factorys don’t?
    Can someone answer that question for me?
    and I don’t need any negative answers.

  13. Bonitaxo says:

    One more question.
    Do any of you people have anything else against Islam that is not related to the pictures above?
    cause i just want to understand ur ponit of view.

  14. Steve says:

    “So what do muslims do so differently that the factorys don’t? Can someone answer that question for me?”

    As noted numerous times in the comments above, “factories” don’t cut animals’ throats and leave them to bleed to death in the street for pleasure.

    And please use proper spelling and punctuation.

  15. Bonitaxo says:

    well sorry i dont use proper spelling or punctuation but thats not the point is it.
    all am sayings is that everyone is different and they will do thinks u think is “wrong”
    and being racist is not changing anything.

  16. DW says:

    Do any of you people have anything else against Islam that is not related to the pictures above?

    Have you been to New York in the last seven years or so?
    Notice anything missing?

  17. Muza says:

    I’m a non-educated idiot, Dw.
    so tell me what’s missing.
    I doubt you have a good answer.

  18. Muza says:

    How do you know that the muslims caused the accident.
    Once Bush leaves for good, the truth should be out

  19. Muza says:

    Just being sarcastic about the first post.

  20. JohnMG says:

    Muza, for someone as well-informed about islam, I’d think you’d have heard of the World Trade Center. We used to have them but some islamic adherents didn’t like them, so they flew a couple of airplanes into them, remember?

  21. sheehanjihad says:

    So what do muslims do so differently that the factorys don’t?

    They cut the heads off of human beings for the glory of Allah. They blow themselves and hundreds of thousands of innocent people up for the glory of the prophet. They destroy all things not Islam, they destroy entire societies, they kill indiscriminately, infidels, muslims, anyone theyt can.

    so tell me what’s missing.

    What’s missing are the 3000 people who made the mistake of going to work in a muslim target zone. The hole in the ground where the twin towers stood is the living monument to the murderous intent of all true muslims. They were murdered for just being there. By muslims…following Islam’s true calling. Which is to kill all infidels wherever they exist.

  22. JohnMG says:

    Muza; ….”How do you know that the muslims caused the accident…..”

    Because they claimed credit for it, asswipe!! But in ten years or so they will deny the event even took place. Just like the Holocost, these vermin will insist the whole thing was a fabrication.

    Do all of you rag-headed dinks think alike?

  23. DW says:

    It’s just tag-team trolls, guys.
    Not worth the effort.

    (Howdy, by the way)

  24. JohnMG says:

    Hey, DW. Where’ve you been son?

  25. sheehanjihad says:

    Yeah DW…read yer emails boy! Geeez! What, is it that cold up there?

  26. Bonitaxo says:

    Sheehnjihad all that your are saying is what i belived before.I now relize that I shouldn’t always belive what other people say. For all I know, any group of people could have done it.There is also not enough proof of the different things that was said. I don’t judge ur belives.All I am trying to say is what I think.

  27. DW says:

    Where’ve you been son?

    Working/hiding…dad (WTF???) :-)

    What, is it that cold up there?

    Ya think?!?!

  28. DW says:

    For all I know, any group of people could have done it.

    You’re right. All around the world on Sept 11/2001, radical Swedes were dancing in the streets, firing their Halvautomotisks into the air and generally yumping on each others’ yimminies.
    No – wait. It was the Irish.
    Or maybe…

    All I am trying to say is what I think.

    Do us all a favour and say what you think. It’ll save a lot of bandwidth.

    (sorry S&L’ers. Violating my own instructions to not feed the trolls)

  29. sheehanjihad says:

    Bonitaxo…you call those of us who express a hatred of muslims racist. Islam isnt a race. Hatred and disgust for people who live to kill others isnt racist. It is normal! Until such a time that Islam presents itself as a peacful religion instead of a cult of death and destruction, my beliefs will remain steadfast.

    Yes, not all muslims are terrorists. But almost all terrorists are muslim. Wherever Islam is the predominant religion, terror exudes from that area like a primordial ooze of pestulence. Worse than that, they export their death and hatred where Islam doesnt belong.

    Until they stop the senseless killing of innocents in the name of their God….they will remain as hated as they are now. Dont hold your breath either, they will continue to kill for the glory of martyrdom no matter what you think. No matter what anybody thinks. They exist to exterminate all non muslims.

  30. JohnMG says:

    Well, if it’ll help keep the blood circulating faster maybe you could turn the furnace down a notch.

    Fourteen below zero——brrrrrrrrrrr! How’s yer carbon-footprint? ;-}

  31. sheehanjihad says:

    Damn DW…I was shivering here because it got down to 68! I was going to piss off a couple of muslims so they would set a some cars on fire so I could stay warm.

  32. Muza says:

    look at that Bonitaxo.
    Another bunch of jealous idiots.

  33. Muza says:

    Just to make it clear, Muza is not pronounced as Musa.
    Thier meanings is not the same.
    And I am a female.
    Not that any one of you will know.

  34. DW says:

    Another bunch of jealous idiots.

    Oh balls. Sorry guys, I just can’t resist.

    Muza: about 6 hours from now, here in my little slice of heaven, just about the time I have to head out to my job (do you have one of those?) -the outside temperature is going to be minus 32 degrees F.
    It really sucks to live in temperatures like that. But I’ll never be jealous of Muslims because I have something here that makes life much more liveable. Something that gives me the will to go on. Something better, even, than 72 virgins. Something that the Muslim world has yet to invent.

    Indoor plumbing.

  35. sheehanjihad says:

    And I am a female.
    Not that any one of you will know.

    Trust me muzzle….we still cant tell. Run along now, it’s martyr time.

    You should post just like bonitaxo just did.

  36. JohnMG says:

    And toilet paper, too!

  37. sheehanjihad says:

    And deoderant. Ok ok, to be fair….yo Musa! What in your learned opinion, makes us idiots instead of you? Just curious. It really doesnt matter, but it’s a slow news night.

  38. Kilmeny says:

    DW, you rogue. I’m LMAO.

  39. DW says:

    Hey Kilmeny! Nice to hear from ya!

    Sorry Muza. You may be female, but Kilmeny is a woman -it’s kinda sad that the difference will forever be lost on you and all that know you. It doesn’t have to be that way, but that’s entirely up to you. S&L regulars are a pretty close-knit group. E-mail addresses and photos are regularly exchanged. Some of the members have actually met each other. Standing invitations to do so are the norm here.
    What does your group have to offer?

    At any rate -you no longer matter. You have -again- been preempted by an American woman.
    Run along and starch your burkha why don’t you…

    Kilmeny: a rogue??? LOL. I’ll have you know I’m apprenticing as a scoundrel these days!

  40. Kilmeny says:

    Why, DW, I’m all a-flutter. If I could do a credible Scarlett O’Hara impression I would. I miss seeing you here, and what a wonderful scoundrel you’ll make.

    Poor deluded Muza. I do hope she gets treatment for her diarrhea of the mouth.

  41. sheehanjihad says:

    seems like muzzle had to get the jiins out of her outhouse. Just as well. Ah, Kilmeny….long time! Diarrhea of the mouth? LMAO!

  42. DEZ says:

    Muza said; “I’m a non-educated idiot”
    Trust me, an education will not help, you are forever stuck on stupid.

    “Another bunch of jealous idiots”
    Jealous of what?
    We are the most technologically advanced group to ever walk the planet, and we are jealous of the most backward group of primates to ever walk upright?
    Fill us all in, what could we possibly feel inferior about? Space exploration, medical advances?
    Communications technologies, micro or macro engineering, nanotechnologies or manufacturing or even agriculture?
    A free society maybe, a constitution, indoor plumbing?
    Surely you must have something that we should be jealous of, right?

    “How do you know that the muslims caused the accident.”
    OK, how the hell do you deliberately do something and call it an accident?
    Those planes were piloted by muslims doing what muslims do, killing for self gratification, and a sympathetic douche bag like you has the nerve and stupidity to call it an accident.
    Well, next time we have to send a few bombers to trash a terrorist strong hold, we can say hey it was an accident, shit happens!

    “Just being sarcastic about the first post.”
    No, you were not, you are an uneducated idiot and its the only thing you have typed that is remotely close to the truth.

    And now for you Bonitaxo. ; “i think all u guys out there are being extremly racist:”
    Islam is not a race as my freinds have pointed out, it is a cult.
    Islam has followers that are black, white, red, brown and yellow.
    If you are to illiterate to understand what the word racist means, look it up.

    “All I am trying to say is what I think.”
    And just what the hell do you think with?

    “So what do muslims do so differently that the factorys don’t?”
    They do it in a sanitary manner to start with, the meat is inspected to insure its free of bacteria, disease and harmfull contaminates, not in the streets like a group of savages.

    OH, serew you both!

  43. Kilmeny says:

    Wow, I made SJ laugh his ass off instead of the other way around? What a day I’m having….

  44. DEZ says:

    Kilmeny, well this is a good day!

  45. Kilmeny says:

    A very good day DEZ, I’m even catching up on the articles here.

  46. DEZ says:

    You have been sorely missed dear lady, damn good to see you posting.

  47. DW says:

    Hell, I got youse all beat:
    -I get to flirt with Kilmeny (always a joy :-)
    -Score a cheap laugh at the expense of a jihadist troll
    -AND enjoy my indoor plumbing!

  48. DEZ says:

    DW, you really have indoor plumbing in the great white north?
    Well that will upset Bonitaxo enough to call you a racist!

  49. Kilmeny says:

    Shucks, y’all. I really appreciate it. I’m always here in the background somewhere, soaking up the knowledge and the fun.

  50. DEZ says:

    Muza and Bonitaxo rode into the town on a camel.
    The town folk looked on as the two dismounted the beast.
    As Bonitaxo tied the dumb animal to the post in front of the mosque, Muza walked to the rear of the beast and lifted its tail.
    What are you doing Bonitaxo asked.
    Oh, Muza exclaimed; as we rode through town I heard some one say “look at the two assholes on that camel”.

  51. DW says:

    DEZ, you may recall our venerable old contractor friend Warmonger Infidel mentioning that he buys toilets from my neck of the woods (so to speak) because we still sell the good old-fashioned 4-gallon types that will flush away that nasty thing that you (and I) are always so perversely proud of producing in the first place.

    Kilmeny – we’re relying on you to protect us when the Caliphate finally comes to North America…or maybe it’s the other way around…either way…keep in touch will ya…

  52. Kilmeny says:

    I’ll do my best DW, to cover you this side of Plattsburg. I have my guns all ready. We wouldn’t want those good old-fashioned toilets falling into the wrong hands.

  53. DEZ says:

    Right you are DW, but if I didn’t jab ya just a bit, you might think something is wrong.
    Maybe SG could send kilmeny our emails, then she could be a lil less missed.

  54. DW says:

    I’ll do my best DW, to cover you this side of Plattsburg.

    Well, by God, if they get 600 miles north of Fargo, I’ll put a stop to ’em!

    Right you are DW, but if I didn’t jab ya just a bit, you might think something is wrong.

    SO true. You know, I gotta get up in about 3 hours for work. This is so much like the old days on this (still) highly-addictive site….

    Maybe SG could send kilmeny our emails, then she could be a lil less missed.

    Well… there’s certainly a large network of S&L’ers who e-mail back and forth away from the site. A network that should (in my opinion) grow and organize.
    But here we are talking about both toilets and the e-mail of one of S&L’s premiere ladies in the same breath.
    As much as I’d love to share addresses with her, I fear the very suggestion would cause my face to become …flushed…

  55. Kilmeny says:

    It was worth staying up just for that pun alone, DW.

  56. DW says:

    Glad to hear it, K.
    As much as I’m enjoying this, I am way overdue to hit the old rack. I’ll be an old wreck when I get to work.
    Good night gallant gentlemen and fair ladies of the site.
    T’was a fun evening.


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