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Photos Of “Non-Violent, Non-Vengeful” Muslims

From Arab News:

Muslims Ask Pope Benedict to Apologize

JEDDAH, 16 September 2006 — Muslims demanded Pope Benedict XVI apologize and retract his statement linking Islam with violence as a wave of outrage swept the globe yesterday.

The Gulf Cooperation Council, which groups Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman, deplored the pope’s statement and asked him to issue a clear and direct apology. In a statement, the GCC criticized the pope for intentionally ignoring the Islamic principles of tolerance as well as its humanitarian teachings that promote peace and oppose violence and hatred…

And more details on their demands from Italy’s Asia News:

… The Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyad has demanded the pope’s personal apology for his phrases “full of prejudice towards Islam and the prophet Muhammad.” In a statement issued yesterday, it “deeply deplored” the pontiff’s words that “deliberately ignored” the principles of Islam in favour of “love and peace and not of violence and revenge.” …

Ah, yes. Islam is as famous for its "tolerance" as it is for its predilection towards "love and peace" as opposed to "violence and revenge."

We see that everywhere, every day:

However it wasn't all sunshine and roses for our jihadists:

And felled by such a tiny stick.

Though he does finally look peaceful.

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