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The Hill: Amnesty ‘Fizzles’ As Campaign Issue For Dems

From The Hill:

Immigration reform fizzles as campaign issue for Democrats

By Alexander Bolton | July 12, 2014

Immigration reform has fizzled as an issue for Democrats, who are barely mentioning it on the campaign trail despite making the issue their top domestic priority in 2013 and 2014.

Latino voters, who are the most energized about overhauling the nation’s immigration laws, will have little impact on the battle for control of the Senate, with the possible exception of Sen. Mark Udall’s (D) race in Colorado…

The hell you say!

White working-class voters will play a more important role in the midterm election compared to the 2012 presidential election. They are not energized by immigration reform. Instead, they are concerned about downward pressure on wages, which the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has linked to higher immigration levels.

What crazy racists. Illegal aliens only do the jobs that Americans won’t do. And they only take the food stamps and welfare benefits that Americans are too proud to take.

Coincidently, President Obama’s support among white voters without college degrees has steadily eroded.

That is, whites who have not been subjected to an extra four years of liberal indoctrination.

Democratic strategists admit their party’s record on immigration reform will do little to help candidates this year, although they predict it could be a potent weapon in the 2016 presidential election…

Sure it will. Because by 2016 the border will be secured and there will be no more illegal aliens flooding into the country. And the economy will be booming. — Or at least, that is what our one party news media will tell us.

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2 Responses to “The Hill: Amnesty ‘Fizzles’ As Campaign Issue For Dems”

  1. mr_bill says:

    I think the democrat party’s hesitation to mention immigration “reform” on the campaign trail has a lot to do with the fact that black voters’ groups are starting to notice they’re on the losing end of the democrat plans (again). Black unemployment is double that of whites and the influx of illegals is projected to exacerbate that problem if the democrats are able to pass immigration reform amnesty.

    The democrat party is seeing their support erode among professionals after their industries have been under constant assault from this regime. They’re losing support from blue collar workers who have seen Mugabe-care reduce their hours and raise their health insurance costs. The democrat party is even starting to lose black voters who see the democrats putting new voters above existing constituents who were promised everything under the sun but haven’t even seen a down payment from the democrats on the prosperity that was promised to them. It’s starting to look like the bloom is off the rose.

  2. canary says:

    Latino voters… will have little impact on the battle for control of the Senate, with the possible exception of Sen. Mark Udall’s (D) race in Colorado

    But, Feds tell they aren’t forcing Colorado to take illegal immigrant children, because they already have an immigration problem to deal with.

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