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The Hill: Sen GOP Fear Too Much Focus On O-Care

From The Hill:

GOP gets O-Care angst

By Alexander Bolton | April 2, 2014

Anxious Senate Republicans are worried party leaders are focusing too much this election year on ObamaCare and not enough on jobs and the economy.

Given how eager the Republican leadership is to always move on to the ‘next battle’ this sounds all too plausible. But The Hill’s only sources for this story are an ‘anonymous’ Republican Senator (who may or may not exist) and another Republican Senator that nobody has ever heard of: Senator Dean Heller from NV, and a couple GOP operatives.

So this might just be a psy-ops post to try to demoralize the Republican base.

The concern among GOP centrists [sic] comes as President Obama and congressional Democrats are crowing about a surge in late enrollments and claiming the political winds are shifting around the Affordable Care Act…

Because our one party news media says it’s so. So it must be so.

Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.), who spearheaded efforts to find a compromise on [extending federal] jobless benefits, said, “It’s my opinion that the Affordable Care Act is going to play in this election, but I don’t think it’s the main issue. I think the main issue is going to be the economy and jobs.

Which were such winning issues for the Republicans back in 2012.

For the record, Dean ‘Who?’ Heller was appointed in 2011 to fill John Ensign’s vacated seat. He was elected in 2012, so he is not up for re-election. And he is not in the GOP leadership.

“If we have solutions and answers on the economy and jobs, I think that the Affordable Care Act will take a back seat to it. If we think we’re going to win or lose the majority based on one single piece of legislation … I think we’re mistaken.”

Tell David Jolly. And while you’re at it, tell all the one issue Democrat candidates who run on abortion or amnesty or gay rights.

The error-plagued ObamaCare rollout and the president’s broken promise that people could keep their healthcare plans has helped put Republicans in a strong position to seize the Senate.

So now it is up to The Hill and the rest of our one party news media to convince them that this would be a mistake.

But some Republicans, including a senator who requested anonymity, fear the issue’s potency could fade following the March 31 enrollment deadline as news media move to other stories. “It’s got to be a much broader appeal than one piece of legislation,” said Heller, who isn’t up for reelection in 2014.

So all of this article is based on the comments from one Senator that nobody has ever heard of  and another supposedly anonymous Republican Senator? And, even so, Heller’s quotes do not show any ‘angst’ about focusing too much on Obama-Care.

Heller’s comments are strikingly similar to those from Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and other Democrats who say voters are not as focused on ObamaCare as Republicans believe…

We see no similarities whatsoever. But we aren’t trying to drive a wedge between Republicans like The Hill is.

GOP strategists warn party leaders not to put all their eggs into the ObamaCare basket if they want to capture as many Democratic seats as possible in November.

“Republicans need to be very careful to sketch out a positive vision for the fall as part of their election strategy. If they’re viewed as too focused on ObamaCare and saying bad things about Obama-Care, it’s a very dour message and not likely to bring over swing voters,” said John Ullyot, a former Senate aide and GOP strategist. 

Except that every poll shows that swing voters and Independents hate Obama-Care with a purple passion.

Ullyot said swing voters want to see a positive agenda, adding, “It may be that ObamaCare is less of a negative six months from now than it is today.” …

Wanna bet?

Republican operatives say GOP leaders would be wise to shift some of their emphasis away from ObamaCare now that the enrollment deadline has passed. Ron Bonjean, a GOP strategist and former Senate and House leadership aide, said, “The narrative will likely change somewhat toward the economy once again. ObamaCare will be front and center between now and the election, but the intensity will go down, leaving Republicans a chance to talk about what they would do differently with the economy.”

Where did Mr. Bonjean say that "GOP leaders would be wise to shift some of their emphasis away from ObamaCare now that the enrollment deadline has passed"? We missed that part.

In fact, notice that only one of the GOP operatives said anything that comes close to what The Hill is claiming in their headline and lead. But it doesn’t matter. They got the headline and lead that they wanted, anyway.

McConnell on Tuesday pivoted away from ObamaCare, urging Reid to allow votes on Republican amendments to spur job creation…

How is this pivoting away from Obama-Care? The GOP can’t push for two things at the same time?

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2 Responses to “The Hill: Sen GOP Fear Too Much Focus On O-Care”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, experience proves the GOP is too stupid to hit the floor with their hat, so I expect them to completely fail to notice their pants are on fire ..

  2. Mithrandir says:


    A golden issue to be sure, and the democrats are so desperate, they have their minions run around out there telling everyone how popular it is, and 7 million un-traceable applicants have signed up.

    PHASE 2

    “Republicans worried TOO MUCH ATTENTION is being placed on Obamacare!”

    Allow me to finish the story from The Hill……

    One anonymous and 1 unpopular RINO Republican, who speaks for the entire party, said today that he / she is worried that Republicans may actually capitalize on the extraordinarily hated Obamacare system that is destroying and bankrupting lives, and could turn that in to political hay that could help 2014 election results!
    “I’m scared to death we might actually win the Senate in November” stated one terrified and hand-wringing Republican, who would only do the interview from a darkened broom closet. “We might have to govern, propose legislation in which the media and democrats will hate and tear us apart! I mean, do you know how hard we have tried to be liked in this town? We can’t just let that be destroyed.”

    John McCain nearly gave himself whip-lash while turning around to run towards the media encampment, in order to trash Republicans, said in a effeminate and labored voice, “My friends, we must improve the unread, unconstitutional, and vastly hated legislation, not just throw it all away and start over! We don’t “do” that as Republicans. We agree with the majority, or pout like babies if we don’t get our way. Being in command is just not in our DNA. Additionally, we need those 11 million democrats streaming across the border that are in dire need of liberal socialism to survive, so that we can expand our base” said the liberal democrat Republican who eats and craps pure insanity every day of his life.

    John Boehner will call a closed door meeting to ensure every Republican campaigning this fall, (all of them) will not mention a peep about Obamacare, as democrat strategist they have hired, for 20 million dollars, have all said not to do so.

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