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The Hive – About The Obama Ascendency

If you can keep it clean, tell us how you intend to celebrate our new monarchy.

As usual, this tread is open to other topics as well.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, January 18th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

57 Responses to “The Hive – About The Obama Ascendency”

  1. sheehanjihad says:

    Personally, I dont really care about the media’s infatuation and almost pre teen like adoration of the new pop star president. I am old enough to have learned what happens when a population succumbs to the siren song of charismatic speeches and ignores the reality that those very words it’s a lot like putting cake frosting on a pile of steaming reeking dog crap.

    No matter how you disguise it, it still oozed from the exit door of a mongrel, and admiring it’s beauty cannot take away the fact that it smells like what it is. Dog crap.

    Obama is going to realize all too quickly that he cannot make good on his promises, the left is going to wake up and realize that they voted for a politician, and not the messiah they created.

    The media reminds me of Hitler’s most devoted followers, and will keep printing and televising glowing accounts of this man while the country is burning to the ground. Once it sets in that his “landslide victory” was anything but, and that a great percentage of this country’s citizens will not willingly give a dime or an hour of their time for his socialist programs, he will begin to take notice.

    His moonbat supporters will continue to screech ever louder for their promised handouts then start to howl like the morons they are when they realize they voted for a puppet, then he will begin to feel the immense pressure of having to deliver unrealistic expectations with absolutely no feasible way of being able to. The blame game is worn out.

    Bush is gone….and all of those “failed policies” of Bush that he crowed about will become his responsibility. He is still under the illusion that you can fool all of the people all of the time. He labors under the gross misapprehension that the entire nation wants socialism, because he makes the fatal error of believing the media hype.

    He is in for a very rude awakening, as is his partners and string pullers Pelosi and Reid. People, those who they pretend dont exist, are not only going to resist the move to a socialist state, eventually they are going to openly revolt. They are hoping for the best like they should. Democrats and their owners are counting on it. It is going to be a very very dark four years. But it’s now not a matter of “if”, it’s only a matter of “when”.

    • Odie44 says:

      Spot on.

      However, this is a lefty Messiah and normal common sense or basic society rules do not apply. The “Bush failures” are not only parroted by this dolt, but Pelosi and her ilk are circling the wagons to “blame Bush more” as he leaves office. Great smoke screen – similiar to the “pork free, ethical Legislative quest” she launched in 2006.

      They will muck up any responsible and/or successful legislation by reminding everyone “how bad things were left”. Remember, this is the party that is setting up Bambi’s 4 years of failure, yet see zero correlation in Clintons failed foreign policies and the 9/11 attacks under Bush’s watch, 9 months into his presidency.

      The one bright spot you do mention is Dem will eventually eat their own, with Hillary leading the cannibalism. It will take about 1 year for it to kick in, with her walking out in year 2 – to run for the Dem ticket and bash every failed promise Bambi has made and will continue to make.

      In the end, Americans are screwed royally. The “first” anything has zero merit in my book, I tend to be a results oriented guy and this coronation is akin to 16th century monarchy’s.

    • caligirl9 says:

      **Standing ovation**
      Can’t add much to that … I pray for the Republicans who remain in Congress and the Senate to remember who they represent, and know it’s not going to be easy, but they need to remember the basic principles of being Republican.
      Less government, no new taxes, cut spending and “entitlement” programs.
      Oh, and please work on getting the U.S.–Mexico fence/moat/cliff build asap!

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    I plan to use my offical Obamy Presidential toilet paper made and sold by ACORN. It is made entirely of duplicate ballots tossed out by 14 States. It does come with a disclaimer: “Not to be used with the right hand, not to be used on the facial areas and finally, may cause anal seepage through paper because the paper was cheap and not worth the Presidential Seal printed on it.
    (That was as clean as I could keep it, SG)

  3. Steve says:

    Reader Melly sent in this fun way to preserve one’s sanity during the coming days:

    Inauguration Speech Generator

  4. ptat says:

    I struggle with this impossible situation—a president who, unfortunately for Dr. King and the rest of us, was judged solely by his skin color and not by his character, which has been shown for all to be shabby and unethical. An empty headed coward that has cruised to his position through banal rhetoric and shallow charisma. So…the only way I know to deal with it is to ignore him and all he says and does. I can no longer read the Washington Post, which was one of the best papers. I simply don’t know how to deal with this disaster, other than to try my best to ignore it all….Alas,I guess that will render me ignore-ant……there has got to be a better way to handle this—-HELP!

    • Liberals Demise says:

      We here are all in the same boat and we shall weather this storm together!! Fear not for the light of truth may be dim but far from extinguished!!

    • caligirl9 says:

      ptat, I have been doing just that (trying my best to ignore the media’s gushing over TCO).

      Personally I think Dr. King would be mortified. In TCO we have a person of dark skin who has no idea of the hardships African Americans went through. He gives lip service to understanding exactly what civil rights were all about.

      I first learned to ignore a president with Carter. Clinton became too funny to ignore.

  5. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Beware of charismatic leaders for they eventually convince the masses to drink the spiked grape Kool Aid. And a vast majority of the masses will readily gulp it down because their beloved leader has convinced them that it’s for their own good.

  6. proreason says:

    We’ve decorated the basement like a college dorm room in commemoration of Obamy’s philisophical roots. It took a while to get the right smell, but locking the cats in for a week did it. You should see the decorations. Che, Fidel, Karl posters. And we found one with Saul laughing his ass off.

    I’ll be wearing my commemorative Obamy doo-rag so I too can pretend to be authentic. The little woman, of course, bought one of those darling thunder butt simulations. We’ll replace the door jambs after the celebrations.

    In the morning, we’ll start off by calling all our friend and denying what we said last week. Then a couple of hours of Risk and Stratego. We’ll be foreign policy experts by noon! As the magic moment approaches, we plan to dance on American flags and play wastebasketball with crumpled up pages from our flawed copy of the Constitution. When the One takes the oath, we are going to torch our monopoly game and give the money to the kids in the neigborhood who have been vandalizing us, and raping the neighbor’s kids. Nobody understands them like we do.

    The little woman is preparing arugula waffles. I stole the ingredients myself.

    All in all, we are looking forward to a memorable day.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Your party sounds like a blast! May I suggest some sort of game played with a Blackberry, ’cause I keep reading stupid little features about how TCO won’t give his up.

      My plans are to eat Vicodin DS every 4–6 hours, alternate heat and ice on my low back, and hope I hear from the worker’s comp carrier regarding treatment. Oh, and also to not watch anything on network television of any kind. I have already turned down invitations from co-workers to watch the coronation on a big-screen television somewhere. The horror of the coronation in HD!!!!

  7. Confucius says:

    Tuesday morning, I plan on calling in “capitalist.” After loading up on some sugary carbs, I plan to get into my gas-guzzling, super-carbon-emitting car and drive the long route to rendezvous with some friends who also plan on calling in “capitalist.”

    We plan on spending the day bitterly clinging to our bibles and guns. We’re also thinking of deep-frying a goose. (I hear that they’re so “out,” they’re actually “in.”)

  8. TickTock says:

    I’m doing a prety good job of ignoring it.

    Maybe I’ll go to the mall and shoplift a Raiders’ cap.

  9. freeleep says:

    Watching the coverage of the coronation today has been an eye opener.I did not think anyone, including the MSM could maintain an erection for this long. Hopefully by Wednesday morning Universal healthcare will take effect and they can see a physician.

    • proreason says:

      Anybody who can watch that crap must be man enough to keep it up himself. If you get carried away, don’t be like Gary Shandling. Call a DOCTOR if it lasts for 4 hours. (Gary would call all his friends).

  10. 1laidbackRN says:

    Well, the way I see it is, this election may turn out to be all about change. All the promises of change coming to Washington may be fulfilled, it may just take four more years to do it. Remember, it took Carter to give us Reagan.

  11. freeleep says:

    Chris Rock said “Call a Doctor ?Hell Im calling a hooker”

  12. U NO HOO says:

    Do you remember those old racist minstrel shows?

    I do.

    Picture George Soros as Mr. Interlocutor and BHO as “Bones” the featured end man.

    Bones: Mr. Interlocutor, how do I become President of the US?

    Mr. Interlocutor: Here’s a billion dollars, don’t aks me again.

  13. Media_man says:

    Sell the house, the furniture, the car, anything & everything, take my severance package, cash in my 401k, settle up my income tax bill, open a private account offshore for online banking (convert the much of the USD to Euros, the USD will soon be used for toilet paper), & move to a beachside villa in the Dom. Republic. There won’t be any successor to Reagan’s mantle. The average US voter is now only concerned with handouts from Uncle Sam, the economy is a secondary consideration, if that. We’ve reached the end of the road to Serfdom. We’re there now. The socialism trap has snared the US & it’s impossible to escape. Game set match. Marx ended up winning after all.

    • proreason says:

      spot on Mm. The U.S. is on the dole now.

      But there will be a last chuckle. One tiny flaw in the plan. Someone has to create value before someone else can confiscate it.

  14. joeblough says:

    1) Try not to think about it too much.

    2) Leave the country ASAP.

    3) Try to leave something for the young people, to let them know what America was supposed to have been, how it was back when, and how they got screwed.

    4) Stop being nice to liberals.

  15. Zilla says:

    I plan on doing a gun transacation and then maybe load some ammo and do some shooting.

    • JohnMG says:

      Yep. Long range is a matter of perspective. One man’s hole-in-one is another man’s chip-shot. Rock on, Zilla

    • pinandpuller says:

      Judging from the bare walls of my local Sportsman’s Warehouse you are not alone.

      I just picked up a Mosin Nagant at a local shop for $115.00. It’s a sweet gun, I shot it Saturday. I got a nice 3 inch group at 100 yards with the iron sights.

      I guess my next investment is in reloading supplies. A modern day alchemist turns gold into brass, copper and lead.

  16. BigOil says:

    Spending the night reading Ann Coulters new book is the best antidote I could think of to ward off the Obama plague as it descends upon our country.

    How anyone can stomache listening to BO tear apart the greatest country in the history of the earth is beyond my comprehension.

  17. rakkasan says:

    Well, I know how some people are not going to be celebrating. The “Obama Inauguration Pig Sex Orgy” at a D.C. hotel has been canceled due to health concerns. Read at your own risk. With regret, none of this is a joke.


  18. chestnutt says:

    Sleep late, No TV (except on the 8’s twice and Food Network); Heavy Drinking

    Repeat as often as needed.

  19. Dangerous says:

    This is ridiculous. Even north of the border they can’t get enough of this guy.

    Somebody, please, tell me when I can turn my local news on without having to worry about reporters glowing with all the pride of a first-time mother over The One’s ascension. I don’t expect objectivity. I’m far too much of a realist for that. But could they at least pretend they’re not having the time of their lives?

    Why a bunch of canadians would be excited about their most important ally and trading partner putting into power someone who screams protectionism and is willing to bankrupt domestic industries in the name of environmentalism is just beyond me. Then again, maybe I’m lacking in imagination. After all, I didn’t believe that a majority (or a minority large enough that vote fraud could make up the difference) of Americans would miss the fact that Obama is a liar, a cheat, dirty as deep as anyone’s been able to dig, possibly legally unfit to hold the post to which he has been elected, tied to criminals, terrorists and racists, and running on a platform made of 99% hot air, with a few hallucinogens making up the remainder. Even with his opponent helping provide cover.

    On a side note, has anyone here compiled the list of lies and flaws surrounding Obama? There’s too much of it to remember when I talk to people, especially when I want to give specifics like names, numbers and (to some degree) dates.

    Oh, and to keep the comment on-topic, this particular historic occasion gets no change in my schedule except a higher-than-average rate of posting on S&L.

    • BillK says:

      Somebody, please, tell me when I can turn my local news on without having to worry about reporters glowing with all the pride of a first-time mother over The One’s ascension. I don’t expect objectivity. I’m far too much of a realist for that. But could they at least pretend they’re not having the time of their lives?

      Given the reverential tone in which the Clinton administration is still discussed, I’d say never.

      Anything moderately positive will be reported as Obama’s success, and anything he fails to achieve will be painted as because Bush destroyed the economy/America’s image around the world worse than anyone could have imagined.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      BillK….if you want to watch something remarkably similar to what is pre empting any real news…..tune in to Barney and friends.

      Both shows feature someone else dressed in a costume to keep children’s minds entertained while subtly injecting messages into impressionable minds.

      “I love you, you love me, I’m as fake as fake can be”……see? No difference at all!

  20. 11ten1775 says:

    You’ve said it all. What keeps me from concocting plans like Media Man’s are guys like this:
    As the Hollywood idiots celebrate their fake hero this week, I thank God for men like GySgt Blanton and Sgt Ferschke.
    God bless America.

  21. 1republicanscientist says:

    Whoaaaa! Come on everyone—–it’s a dawning of a new day! Anyway, we have 24 hours of America left, use it wisely. Is it me or does bruce springsteen look like he’s taking a hud the entire time he’s on stage? What a chuckle head. This whole show (inaug.) is so fake it’s got made in china stamped on the bottom of it.

  22. Barbie says:

    The way I’m going to get through the coronation is: turn off the t.v., join the NRA, join National Right to Life, make some donations to favorite conservative organizations and -oh yes – finish reading my book about how Hitler came to power…

  23. artboyusa says:

    Maybe I’ll just turn off the TV and listen to some music. Let’s see, what have we got? Oh yeah, this will do:

    “We’ll be fighting in the streets, with our children at our feet
    And the morals that they worship will be gone
    And the men who spurred us on sit in judgement of all wrong
    They decide and the shotgun sings the song

    “I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    Then I’ll get on my knees and pray

    “We don’t get fooled again…

    “I’ll move myself and my family aside
    If we happen to be left half alive
    I’ll get all my papers and smile at the sky
    Cause I know that the hypnotized never lie…

    “Nothing in the street looks any different to me
    And the slogans are replaced by the by
    And the parting on the left is now parting on the right
    And the beards have all grown longer overnight

    “I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    “Then I’ll get on my knees and pray…we don’t get fooled again
    (Meet the new boss…same as the old boss) …”

  24. ultimatumthule says:

    My wife and I are gravely concerned.

    I cashed in my 401K early. I used it to pay off all my bills so that we can face the impending economic collapse 100% debt-free.

    Then I renewed my concealed-carry permit, and my wife got her permit as well. She tested out several handguns, and decided on a Glock 19. She is signed up for a handgun safety class from a local firearms academy. We will both be taking all the classes offered, right up to tactical stuff. We bought two other handguns and a 30-06 hunting rifle. We bought a ton of ammo for all guns.

    Then we began stocking up on basic necessities (food, water, hygiene, first aid, camping supplies, etc.) for our entire family – to fully outfit a pantry sufficient to weather (for a time, anyway) a shortage of food, economic crisis, etc. We have developed shelter-in-place and travel plans, in the event of war, which we believe will be large-scale and will come in the first term of Obama’s presidency – most likely fueled (in the beginnning) by one or more of several “hot-spots,” such as India/Pakistan, Israel/Iran/Syria, etc. We believe that most people just don’t learn from history, and have their heads buried in the sand in regards to clearly defined enemies of the USA (Russia and China, primarily). There are simply too many parallels between the world political (and economic) situation today and pre-WWII.

    Our culture, traditions, and American way of life have been systematically degraded, over a period of several decades, by the liberal-left, and their idiotic adherence to ideologies of socialism, marxism, and communism.

    We believe that the KGB defectors Golitsyn and Bezmenov (among others) and the political analyses of individuals such as Robert L. Kocher and JR Nyquist are truthful and have outlined the infiltration techniques and long-range subversion of our country. Nyquist pegs it as communist in nature; Kocher pins it on democratic liberalism and the softness of republicans (post-Reagan).

    At any rate, we believe Obama is a marxist/communist. We view his “ascendency” as basically a socialist coup. His skin color has nothing to do with our views. His vague (or not-so-vague) references to socialist political philosophy, his past and present reprehensible associations, and the blindly-adoring populace has us worried and preparing for the worst…

    …though we hope and pray we are wrong and are alarmed over nothing.

    And as we wait to see what does or doesn’t happen, we are reading Solzhenitsyn, Chambers, Golitsyn, Nyquist, Kocher, and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      They make medications that may alleviate some of your symptoms – especially the paranoia…

      Going into an economic crisis debt-free? Are you nuts (see previous sentence – rhetorical)? Why on Earth would you pay off any debt in a time of economic uncertainty? Cashing in the 401k is fine, if you want food, guns and ammo, but why pay cash for those things? Keep your cash (of course, purchase gold or platinum with it). Now is the time to be spending OPM (other people’s money). If you truly believe that this is the end-of-days, as described in your post, then paying off anything is an economic faux pas.

      BTW: I am a student of history (especially economic/political history) and abhor socialism, Marxism, et al.

  25. Al Morone says:

    Evidently Asian stock markets agree with you. They’re down big:

    Asian shares slumped on Tuesday on concerns that increasing woes in the global financial sector will deepen the world’s economic downturn, highlighting the difficulties confronting incoming U.S. President Barack Obama.

    The tumble came after Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS.L) on Monday unveiled the biggest loss in U.K. corporate history, and after Britain launched a second bank rescue plan that failed to restore confidence in the wobbly financial sector.

    Sterling fell to its lowest in almost seven years and the euro dropped to a six-week low, while U.S. stock futures slumped, signaling a potentially tough day ahead for Wall Street.

    The spreading caution benefited assets seen as safer, such as the Japanese yen and regional bonds.

    “The market is refocusing on the bigger global picture,” said Justin Gallagher, head of Sydney sales trading at ABN AMRO, pointing as well to expectations for weak corporate earnings results in coming weeks.

    “Clearly the market today continues to factor in more disappointment and certainly, despite the inauguration of Obama … the market is looking past that now and realizing just how big a mess the global economy is in,” he said.

    The MSCI index for Asia-Pacific stocks outside Japan (.MIAPJ0000PUS) slid 3 percent as of 0240 GMT, close to the 2009 low. The index is now down nearly 9 percent so far this year, after it fell in 2008 by 53 percent — its biggest decline on record.

    The revival in risk aversion is reining in a rally in Asian shares that had seen the MSCI index surge as of January 7 by 37 percent from five-year lows hit in late November.

    Asian banking shares from HSBC (HSBA.L) (0005.HK) to Japanese top lender Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (8306.T) were among the leading decliners in the region as worries intensify about a sector facing more credit and loan-related writedowns.

    Japan’s Nikkei (.N225) dropped 3.1 percent. Indexes in Hong Kong (.HSI) and Australia (.AXJO) fell more than 3 percent, while markets in South Korea (.KS11), Taiwan (.TWII) and Singapore <.FTSTIL fell more than 2 percent each.

    U.S. stock futures slid, with March S&P 500 futures down 13.1 points, or 1.5 percent. Dow Jones futures fell 1.3 percent.

    Governments worldwide are grappling with how to get their banks lending again to revive economies, despite already injecting billions of dollars and implementing other measures such as backing some of their debt.

    Royal Bank of Scotland said on Monday it was on course to report a 2008 loss of up to 28 billion pounds ($40.45 billion), leading the U.K. government to increase its stake in the lender to nearly 70 percent.

    Central banks have cut interest rates sharply in a bid to spark growth, but even that has failed to comfort investors.

    Britain threw its troubled banks their second lifeline in three months on Monday and gave the Bank of England a green light to pump cash into the ailing economy, but the FTSEurofirst 300 (.FTEU3) index of top European shares fell 1.6 percent to its lowest close since November 21.


    Obama will be inaugurated as U.S. president later in the day, and his administration is expected to quickly roll out a hefty stimulus package and a revived plan to buy bad bank assets.

    European governments are passing spending measures of their own, but the ensuing impact on their budget deficits are leading some credit agencies to cut sovereign ratings.

    Spain on Monday became the second euro zone country after Greece to have its credit rating downgraded by Standard & Poor’s in less than a week.

    The downgrade, combined with worries about the financial sector, sent the euro lower. The currency fell 0.5 percent from late trade on Monday to $1.3010 and earlier hit a six-week low of $1.2988 on trading platform EBS.

    The pound, which fell after the British government announced its latest rescue package, extended its losses on Tuesday to slide to $1.4247, its lowest level since March 2002.

    The flare up in risk aversion benefited assets seen as safer in volatile times. Against the Japanese currency, sterling tumbled 1.6 percent to 128.90 yen, threatening 14-year lows below 128.77 yen hit earlier this month.

    Regional bonds also benefited from investor caution. March 10-year Japanese government bond futures rose 0.12 point to 139.66, near a four-month high of 140.19 hit last week.

    Australian bond futures gained as well, supported by expectations for interest rate cuts in the near term as policy makers work to avert a recession. Three-year bond futures rose 0.085 points to 96.880 points, and 10-year bond futures added 0.045 points to 95.995 points.

    Commodities have been another big loser since the second half of last year, though U.S. crude futures were steady at $34.39 on Tuesday.

    Oil prices fell nearly $2 in electronic trade on Monday after Russia and Ukraine signed a gas deal to end a dispute and 22 days of fighting in the Gaza Strip was halted with separately declared ceasefires by Israel and the Islamist group Hamas.

  26. sheehanjihad says:

    Even though it probably wont surprise anyone….I just read an article comparing Obama with Capt. Sullenburger, the pilot who landed that plane in the Hudson.

    The metaphor being the plane is the United States, the passengers are the citizens, and Obama is the hyper qualified pilot who will skillfully bring a severely damaged America to a safe and smooth landing.

    Yeah, that’s how bad it’s gotten. That’s like putting Barney Frank (Dipshit MA) in charge of the Nation’s finances….oh wait, uh, or putting a tax cheat in charge of the Treasury…damn, hold on…lemme see…no! I got it, it’s like uh, no, uh, gimme a second, I will think of one….

    While America (the plane) indeed is suffering from total engine failure, the mechanics (Congress) is throwing rebar into the engines and blaming the whole thing on Bush…and the passengers (we the people) are virtually helpless to do anything but sit there, Obama (the pilot) is calmly telling everyone on the overhead speakers that if everyone gives him all of their money, he will make sure the plane lands safely.

    This as the plane is diving straight for the ground at over 600 knots, everybody knows what is going to happen, but the voice in the speaker keeps droning on about “hope” and “change”……….and half the plane is feverishly giving the flight attendant everything they have, believing it will save them. The other half is quietly praying, understanding the folly of their “captain’s” solution to the emergency.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Puke. The main differences between TCO and Captain Sullenberger include military service, wisdom and judgement that comes with age, and a sense of responsibility and duty to those lives he was in charge of on that plane.

      TCO’s done none of that, nor do I expect it of him. Unless he reads it in a book someplace.

      Not to mention Captain Sullenberger accomplished everything he has without the assistance of affirmative action. If anything, he built a fine career despite what affirmative action no doubt inflicted upon him.

    • BillK says:

      I think a much better analogy would be between Obama and the 9/11 hijackers.

      On a sick, twisted ideological crusade with no concern to how many civilians get killed or injured in the process with a goal of causing as much economic damage to the United States as possible.

      Really – what of the demands al Qaeda has made of the United States will Obama not deliver?

      American troops removed from Iraq? Check.

      Americans removed from Muslim nations in the Middle East? Quite likely.

      The minimization of the United States as a player in world affairs? Check again.

  27. ptat says:

    Let me just get this out:
    We stand for honesty/ King Hussein is a proven liar.
    We stand for small government/ he does not.
    We stand for sincerity and being real/Hussein is a phony.
    We stand for lower taxes that result in greater freedom/ he does not.
    We stand for meaning what we say/Fauxbama has flip flopped on everything from Rev Wright to William Ayers.
    We stand for winning the war on terror and defeating evil/ he does not.
    We stand for liberty/ he does not.
    We stand for protecting the unborn, the weakest amongst us/the messiah does not.
    We stand for the original intent of our founding fathers and our Constitution/he does not.
    We stand for the sovereignty of our great nation/he does not.
    We stand for healthy and ethical capitalism/he does not.
    We stand for integrity and character, with substance/this brutally ambitious, naked Emperor does not.
    We stand for experienced leadership/this “cute little rock star” does not.

    to be continued…..

  28. Media_man says:

    Cashing in the 401k could be a smart move since Obama & the libtards will try to “seize” them anyway to pay for their socialist agenda. Most rank & file dems don’t have any 401k so it won’t hurt him politically. The public employees all have defined benefit pension plans so they would stand up & cheer any move that shores up their underfunded plans.

    Argentina did it already. I have no doubt Obama has similar plans on the table.

  29. ultimatumthule says:

    To Colonel1961:

    I made an agreement (when I went into debt) to *pay* that debt, not to use “other people’s money.”

    For me, it is a matter of personal responsibility, integrity and obligation. If this, and my views regarding a severe lack of trust in Obama (and our economic & political situation in general) make me “paranoid” and “nuts” in your eyes, well, that’s a consequence I’ve already anticipated, not just from internet comments, but from friends and family as well.

    Kind regards,

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Your premise was that these are the end of times, e.g., KGB, coups, economic collapse – that, in and of itself, lends credence to you being a paranoid delusional – sorry, dude. Nonetheless, you are preparing for a total change in the basic human structure (again, your premise) and you’re worried about your credit rating and integrity?

      ‘Nuts’ is self-evident…

      p.s. Don’t worry, be happy. Everything’s gonna be all white, er uh, Wright, dang it – right!

  30. ultimatumthule says:

    Truthfully, I hope you’re right; I’d rather be wrong and be classified a “paranoid delusional” than endure what I fear we are all about to face. Time will tell, and it is certainly your privilege to scoff at my naive “delusional” views.

    Nevertheless, I do believe that:

    a) The KGB developed long-range plans of American demoralization and destabilization which were identified long ago and mirror what we have been witnessing over the last several decades.

    b) The election of Obama represents a socialist coup.

    c) The economy will collapse.

    Just to clarify:

    1. I don’t believe I stated anywhere that these are the “end of times” though. I think they are simply the beginning of some very rough times.

    2. I also don’t believe I stated anywhere that I had any concerns about my credit rating.

    3. Again, I don’t believe I said anything about preparing for a “change in the basic human structure.” There is nothing novel about warring empires or societal decline.

    4. But – yes, I am still concerned about personal integrity.

    25% is an “F” (in your ability to correctly identify “premises”).

    Questions: You are a self-proclaimed “student of history” and abhor socialism/marxism… and see no cause for concern regarding Obama’s words, positions, associations, mentors, etc.? You think it’s okay to spend other people’s money or not “make good” on debts?

    Sorry, but by your responses above, I really have to question your discernment regarding political history and economics. Maybe I am missing some nuance in your internet style.

    I can understand if you have an relatively optimistic view of the economy (some do), and I can also understand if you think communism is dead or the cold war is “won” (many do) – even if I disagree… but the two questions above remain.

    • proreason says:

      You’re not delusional.

      We are expected to believe that an obscure State Senator popped from nowhere in 2004, and was immediately able to perform on the national stage. He has huge gaps in his background. He has never supported himself. He has never been forced to explain his positions. Records from blocks of years have been lost. He has virtually no voting record to be challenged on. He speaks only in platitutes. He admits to spending his college days in a cesspool of socialism. He was the Harvard Law School editor but never wrote a legal paper. His primary and general election challengers for the U.S. Senate mysteriously had their divorce papers published and the press wrecked their candidacies, etc., etc., etc.

      We are also expected to belive that in the two months prior to the election, the market fell more than it ever had in an election year including the height of the Great Depression, that market volume increased to a level experienced only once in the prior 60 years, that an economy which in June met all historical benchmarks for being average tanked completely in those 2 months, that the Sub-prime mess that had been around for a year suddently became a Crisis of epic propostions, that the price of oil fell more by far than it ever had done before, and that it was all just coincidence. About 10 historice coincidences all just happened immediately after the Republican convention, when McCain took his first lead in the polls……to the day.

      People who don’t wonder about whether that was all “coincidence” are the delusion ones.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      You are not missing my ‘internet style’ – if you dislike my inferences, then re-read your posts. You’ve cashed in your retirement, you’ve bought guns & ammo and stocked up on supplies, correct? And your worried about my ‘discernment regarding political and economic history’? That’s rich – is it satire?

      As an economist, I am ok with the state of the economy, not in great shape, but nothing outside the normal business cycle. I do not think communism is dead, nor have I ever believed that the cold war is won. Again, I probably know more about economics that 99.99% of the population and I’d put my knowledge of political history, commencing with SPQR, in the 95th percentile.

      So, for the hell of it, here are the answers to your two questions:

      1. Re: Obama: Not crazy about the guy (Not crazy about McCain, either) – I just happen to have a little faith in our form of Government, a republic, in case you think it’s a democracy. We survived Jimmy Carter, right?

      2. Re: Other people’s money: My comment regarding OPM was based only upon your end-of-the-world (as we know it) scenario (remember, the KGB?) and I was not advocating it for me or anyone else on a normal basis. Normal being the operative term! Again, please re-read what you have posted. I am exceptionally responsible in every fiscal manner, have incredible asset and income ratios vis-à-vis debt, and could cut a check for your entire net worth, padnuh.

      Seriously, go to the doctor – get some help.

      BTW: WTF does ‘Ultima tum Thule’ mean? Have you invented your own Lingua Latina, too?

      ps PR: are you calling me delusional?

    • proreason says:

      “ps PR: are you calling me delusional?”

      no insult intended to you personally Colonel. But I do think you are too hard on ulti.

      Lots of strange things happened around the election and nobody has asked a single question about them. He did, so I’m supporting him.

      By the way, I cashed in my 401K as well. When the market crashes 55%, it’s a sign that something a wee bit out of the ordinary is happening. By the way, did you notice that in spite of the multi-trillions of promises and the euphoria about the Redeemer, the S&P 500 is 15% below where it was Nov 4. As for guns, I’m not a big shooter, but from listening to other posters here, it sounds like the gun shops are cleaned out.

      It seems to me that taking special action in these time is more rational than irrational.

      And I don’t have your faith that everything will work out. I think we’ve turned a corner for reasons discussed earlier on this forum. Basically, the deadbeats have taken over, and I don’t see what is going to change that. I don’t think they will wake up tomorrow and take their hands out of the cookie jar. At some point the cookie jar will crumble.

  31. ultimatumthule says:

    Thanks, proreason.

    Thank you too, Colonel, for your abundant 99.99% smarter-than-the-rest-of-you “I’m ok with the state of the economy” which is “nothing outside the normal business cycle” brilliant assessment. I feel very fortunate and blessed to be addressed by someone of your high intelligence and caliber. (Even if it is riddled with presumption and arrogance.)

    (I’m trying to stay at your level here, but doubtless will get bored in the next several seconds.)

    The name is from an old song, by the way. Sorry if it rubs your sensibility for correct Latin the wrong way. (No, not really. I couldn’t care less.)

    We do seem to agree about McCain, however.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Arrogant? Moi?

      Economics is my business – academically and professionally. Things are not as bleak as they seem, from my scientific assessment (I won’t bore you with the ratios and statistics) – that’s really my point.

      Sorry this has hit you hard and that you have made some tough decisions. I wish you and yours the best and will back off…

      PR sums up the ‘raw emotions’ point. Well taken – bravo. Peace.


    • Odie44 says:

      Col –

      Sorry, I am calling bs. The problem with “expert economists, both academically and professionally” is you provide zero into an actual economy. “Ratio’s, statistics and formula’s” also mean nothing. It’s the accuracy of said formula’s, ratios etc that matter.

      Everything else is academic, hindsight 20/20 garbage.

      So tell me in either micro and macro terms where prices and investments will go up and the where they will go down. Then guarantee said performance with your net worth and mine.

      Otherwise play with your ratios and formulas amongst the other useless “expert economists” at the next brilliant conference.

      I notice within your rambling posts – you have provided nothing close to “up or down”, you know – what we expect expert economists to deliver…

      Ivory tower econ tart…

      Oh and btw – how many expert economists from Ivy League schools have driven investments, companies, capital , etc. into bankruptcy and/or loss???

    • Colonel1961 says:


      You have read something into my post that wasn’t there. I have a degree in economics and use economics in the conduct my profession. That you would say that ‘ the problem with “expert economists, both academically and professionally” is you provide zero into an actual economy.’ is astounding and insulting at once.

      You have no fucking idea what else I do, what I put into the economy, how many companies I’ve started, how many jobs I’ve created, how many people’s futures are better off because of my efforts, how much money I’ve saved corporations large and small (and our country/government, by the way) through my professional accomplishments and involvements. Sheesh!

      By the way, if you call me an ‘ivory tower econ tart’ again, I’ll slap the dick out of your mouth, you little pussy.

      Per your request that I provide ‘where prices and investments will go up and the where they will go down’ is a service I don’t provide for free. I’m a capitalist, and a rich one at that (thanks to putting my money where my brains and mouth are) – if you want great information, you have to pay for it, bitch. I’ll just tell you to go and fuck yourself, boy. Now, piss off…

      p.s. have a nice day!

  32. proreason says:

    Colonel’s a good guy and a good poster. He overreached, but so have i more than once.

    Most regular posters here agree about 99% of things, so we shouldn’t spat much. Even the responses to liberal fruitcakes are generally pretty tepid.

    But today was hard on everyone who loves the country. Tempers are a bit raw.

  33. proreason says:

    “Things are not as bleak as they seem, from my scientific assessment (I won’t bore you with the ratios and statistics) – that’s really my point.”

    Colonel, i’m not an economist, but the point you make about ratios is one reason I believe the extraordinary events since Sept 2008 are not just random happenings.

    As you know, this is the steepest dive in the stock market since 1929-1939, and is nearly completely unsupported by the economic indicators. Past crashes were because of irrational exuberance, and/or genuine looming economic problems. Employment is bad now, but that is caused by the market crash, and not vice versa. The only major problem the economy had prior to our crash was the sub-prime mess, which had been around for a year, and the limits of the problem were generally understood (and denied, of course).

    And I agree with you that things are not now as dire as the press would have us believe……..but Obamy’s prescription of more poison will send us into an FDR-like spiral, which is what I believe his puppet-masters want. Unless you believe that printing money is an escape valve, the future looks grim.

    • Colonel1961 says:


      Thanks again for your kind intercession with a previous commenter – much appreciated.

      Per the market and the housing crash – I don’t think people recognized the ramifications by any stretch. They forgot that in the boom, people were not only enjoying the ‘wealth effect’, but were also (and more dangerously) using their home equity for daily living expenses – a serious and overlooked issue, in my humble opinion.

      I do believe in spending our way out of a recession – no way around it, other than letting it get worse, riding it out, etc., which I don’t recommend. The problem is – and I think we’re may agree here – that as the economy grows again, the spending should be ratcheted back down – but it never is. And both parties are at fault in that respect.

      Yes, I am wary of Obama’s socialist proclivities, but we have been fighting that since FDR. I believe that BHO is a pragmatist at heart and hope that I am right…

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