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The Hive – As The Numbers Trickle In

Please post your thoughts as tonight’s election results come in.

Also, feel free to relate your own personal experiences at the polls.

Assuming the Black Panthers, ACORN and the media did not manage to suppress you.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

165 Responses to “The Hive – As The Numbers Trickle In”

  1. play2mj says:

    I cast my historic vote today by “arming” myself for battle…put my red shirt on, put my hair in a Sarah-like pinned up style, put on my high heels. Dressed my son in a shirt with a picture of a red map of the country on a dark blue shirt..there is an American flag waving over the map of the country. Dressed my daughter in a red, white, and blue “Miss Independence” shirt (her “When I grow up, I want to be just like Sarah” shirt wasn’t washed since she’s been wearing it A LOT lately)! Pulled up to my polling place, which is in a very red part of a light blue state (WI). Sat there for a moment where I said a prayer. Then, I put on some lipstick and smiled as I proudly walked my two children into the school/polling station. Tears welled up in my eyes as I cast my vote for McCain/Palin. I was proud that my three year old daughter and two year old son were by my side as I cast this historic vote. Regardless of the outcome, I know that I fought hard for their future. I let my 3 year old daughter put the ballot into the optical scanner and smiled as I thought of being able to tell her in the future that she was the one who helped me cast a vote for the first woman vice president in history. When the poll worker asked my son and daughter if they would like an “I voted” sticker, my daughter (unprompted) said, “You betcha!” I was so proud!

  2. DW says:

    A lot of people all around the world will be glued to their radio/TV/computer tonight to catch the results of this one.
    I’m one of them.
    I wish you all good luck, my friends and neighbours.

  3. BatK says:

    took all of 10 minutes… picked the right time to go

    Saw a man in a business suit with his 2 year old daughter coming out telling her, “We voted!” I look at them both, smiled and said, “Isn’t she a little young to vote? Well, unless she’s registered with ACORN.”

    He smiled.

  4. proreason says:

    Like clockwork!! what a surprise

    Gasoline under $2 a gallon in metro area

    Motorists across the Omaha-Council Bluffs metro area were delighted today to find gasoline at less than $2 a gallon at certain stations, a level not seen for at least three years.


    If the Messiah is elected, look for $3 gas by Christmas, and $4 by spring. It needs to skyrocket!!

  5. proreason says:

    Voter Fraud: It’s Easy!
    Share Post PrintNovember 4, 2008 Posted by John at 2:58 PM
    This is a great example of what used to be called “journalism.” Three television stations in Georgia, Florida and Ohio collaborated by obtaining and comparing voter registration rolls in their states. They found 112,000 people who were registered to vote in two states. Some have already voted twice; a more complete list of those who did so could, in principle, be compiled after the election.


    I hope McCain doesn’t roll over on this stuff like he did on the sweet reverend and dozens of other topics.

    You know that if it’s close, 10,000 democrat trial lawyers will descend on every state that McCain takes by less than 2% of the vote

  6. Texas Mom says:

    I voted 2 weeks ago. It was fairly quick in and out. Mom voted this morning. She didn’t say she had any problems.

  7. I voted just fine here in Missouri, but I went in mid-morning and lines were very light.

    My wife is an election judge, and said her poll was jam packed at 6 AM til 9 AM. Slacked off the rest of the morning, but heavy again for lunch rush. She doesn’t expect to be home earlier than 11 PM.

    It is truly amazing what they have to accept as voter ID, though. Is it any wonder ACORN scoffs at voter laws?

    And I heard that PETA Members Voting McCain-Palin? Something about Obama’s relatives in Africa slaughtering a bull in honor of an Obama win?

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    Took my 18 yr. old daughter for her first vote and it wasn’t too bad. She did get a little squimish passing the Obama tent but I hustled her by quickly and told her “Don’t look back or you’ll turn to salt.” I’m now honkered down with a suitcase, cigar and ol’ Bessy (ATF). Gonna ride out the night watching FOX. As the Great American Red Skeleton said after every show, “Good night and God Bless!”
    Side note: You all made this tolerable for me and a special Thanks to Steve for a GREAT SITE!! Keep the faith boithers and sisters!!

  9. BillK says:

    Wow, 5:30 Eastern and the networks haven’t called the race for Obama yet. I’m impressed…

  10. thetimeisright says:

    Well when i went it was right at 9am it was quite. The only long line was the one i was in about 15 or so the rest had maybe 3 to 5. It was quick.

  11. Eilsel says:

    There was no line at my polling place. I walked in, showed my ID, picked up my ballot and colored in all the bubbles. Walked out and went back to school. It really doesn’t matter here in Texas…we’ll go McCain, but it still important that I went and voted.

    I’m holding a election returns pizza party for my politically active students in my classroom tonight. It’s gonna be FUN!

  12. inkependent_voter says:

    It took FOUR HOURS for me to vote.

    The people running the polling place were the problem. They decided to change the way they always had done it and screwed it up big time. Four years ago (about the last time I posted here, LOL!) it was about 1 hour to vote.

    It took me 2 1/2 hours just to get in the gym where the polls were at our local elementary. Another 45 minutes in line just to get a ballot because my name was between the letters H through Z. They had two lines, one for A to G and one for H to Z. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that from A to G is only 7 letters and from H to Z is 19! Not to mention that a lot of people in our precinct have the last name Smith. People were getting pretty pissed off in line as they watched poll workers go out in the hall, pull in people who had joined the line an hour after we did, so they could get in the A to G line. What a mess!

    They used to have 2 lines, but they put the woman with the ballot number book at the end. This time they put her IN BETWEEN the two women checking names in the registered voter rolls. It slowed everything WAY down because she had to do this tennis match back and forth between the two lines. STUPID.

    And then we had to wait about 15 minutes with our ballot to feed it into the optical reader. The guy in front of me ended up having a void ballot and he walked out without checking to make sure it went in. “No votes detected” it said and I pointed it out to the poll worker, who pressed “Accept”, so his vote was thrown out. The guy standing there didn’t give any instruction whatsoever about how to feed it in, how you need to wait until you see that it counted you before you left. You can bet I made sure mine went in.

    Other precincts in our area were getting people in and out in under 30 minutes, but not OUR precinct. They need to fire them all.

  13. We went this morning before work. IT WAS CRAZY. Our polling place is a school, and the line was out the library door, and all the way down a hallway that runs the length of the building.

    It took us an hour and fifteen minutes to stand in line and wait. I had my son on my shoulders most of the time.

    No intimidation, but most of the line was for Obama (I live in Milwaukee, WI, so that doesn’t surprise me). My brother’s half-wit friends voted for Obama because he’d give them “free health care” (man, are they stupid).

    I’m too surprised that at 5:30 they haven’t said it’s a lock and we should all go home and hail Obama.

    It’d be hilarious if PETA folks voted for the huntress over the O because his relatives are slaughtering a bull.

    Here’s hoping and praying.

  14. Zilla says:


    Email me.

  15. Steve says:

    “Other precincts in our area were getting people in and out in under 30 minutes, but not OUR precinct. They need to fire them all.”

    As you probably know, they were almost certainly unpaid or low-paid ($5 a day) volunteers.

    When I have done it in the past, I was amazed anything actually worked. My fellow poll workers were almost always all very (very) old, very spacey women.

  16. OneMoreRound07 says:

    Voted 2 weeks ago, no lines, no waiting!

  17. curvyred says:

    Palestra has several great investigations into “multi-state” voters, including 13 Obama staffers who had to withdraw their ballots in Ohio.

  18. retire05 says:

    I live in a small town (4,000) and early voting was strong. My spouse and I voted a week ago Saturday.

    My better half went to hold up signs for the candidates we have been campaigning for, including McCain/Palin, and the polls were steady. But one upsetting thing happened: two men, both black, walked by my better half and said “Have you voted yet?” Yeah. Then one guy said “Seems pretty calm here. See, we can get along with the enemy.”

    So, 143 years after the Emancipation Proclaimation, my spouse, who is white, is considered an “enemy”?

    I will tell you one thing that will come out of this election; race relations are going to be set back 40 years. Obama is a hope of power for African Americans, and don’t think they aren’t going to shove it in people’s faces. If he wins, I think it will get nasty. If he loses, it will get really nasty. Toledo, Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia, have all issued riot gear to their police officers, cancelled all day’s off and vacation days, and are on high alert. What the hell does that say?

    If Obama wins, then what? How will our first truly Marxist president rule? Will we see an exodus of jobs greater than the Great Depression? Will hate crimes against whites increase? I realize that it is not a “hate” crime if it is against a white person, but yes, it is. Will he bankrupt us with entitlement programs?

    I am sorry, but I fear for my nation. I think the nation that our Founding Fathers envisioned is about to slip away. We are about to see the Great Experiment on the road to failure.

  19. Anonymoose says:

    Voting for me (early on Saturday) took about 15 minutes, just filling out an extra page of paperwork and that was it. The early votes all seemed to be McCain, but the rush today is all Obama. I’m already hearing the conspiracy theories (they voted for Obama but maybe the electronic voting machine turned it into a McCain vote) and some peckerhead was outside my door a few minutes ago with a loudspeaker encouraging the neighborhood to vote for the Chosen One. How glad I will be when this election is finished.

    As soon as the results start to come in I’m going to turn off the TV and go to bed early, I’ll hear all about it tomorrow regardless.

  20. RightWinger says:

    The wife and I just got back from voting here in NJ. We live in a suburban area, so the wait was about 10 minutes, with a steady flow of people coming in after work.

    My wife, a lifetime Democrat, voted McCain this evening. First time she ever voted Republican. She did vote the undercard all on the (D) side, but that’s okay. Her first step to our side and I was proud of her. She did so, not because of skin color (as yesterday’s troll would accuse us of), but because I showed her the news articles about 401(K)’s being in danger, redistribution of wealth and other assorted things Obama / Biden have leaked out of their pie holes. She doesn’t believe in socialism and could not in good conscious vote for him.

  21. clifcrds says:

    Voted this afternoon. City Center was busy but no lines. Took all of 10 minutes. I think it will be a great turnout for this area . . . but I am talking small town South Dakota, about 4,000 population. Plus no New Black Panther Party thugs with billy clubs standing outside the door. Not that it would matter . . . thugs like that wouldn’t last 5 minutes in these parts.

    All that aside, I only have a small idea of what the rest of you have to put up with in big city America. I agree with everything that retire05 is saying . . . maybe we are in for dark (no pun intended) days ahead.

    Well have to go now – working the night shift. I will keep an ear to the radio tonight to try to stay on top of what is happening.

    And again – thanks to SG for providing me with a place to share my views. Stay safe everybody and good night.

  22. Media_man says:

    Voted after work in Delco (PA) @ 5:30pm. Took 5 minutes. Was raining. Hope this depresses Dem turnout. If McCain takes PA, he might thread the needle.

  23. dodgeboy27 says:

    I do love living in the country! I zipped in at 6:15 and zipped out at 6:20. No fuss no muss!

    McCain takes Kentucky! The media blows it off and trumpets that Obama “counter punches” by taking Vt. I’m not sure there is a shock in either of these. AP trumpets that VA Senate seat goes to a Democrat!

    Maybe it’s me, but I couldn’t help noticing every “tv journalist” smiling and talking about the Great Man on TV tonight. I tell you, folks, this is not an election it is a coronation!

    Maybe I’m stubborn, but I think I’ll wait until later to give up my last vestige of hope.

  24. Consilience says:

    McCain is projected to win SC—no surprise…

  25. Gladius et Scutum says:

    Calling PA for Obamanation, but then, they called Florida for AlGore, didn’t they? Very heavy turn out in the Philly suburbs.

    Voting was very easy for me, even though, as SG noted, most of the poll workers write their birthdays in roman numerals.(The others seem to have wandered away from a home for the bewildered.)

    As Limbaugh has so often pointed out, the efficiency of the polls reflect the administration (usually county) of the area. The places with lines that look like “First democratic election in Where-is-that-stan” are all democrat controlled.

  26. Colonel1961 says:

    AL05 Congressional looking good for my friend Wayne Parker (R) to replace outgoing Bud Cramer (D).

    WP would be the first (R) ever, i.e., 129 years. Let us hope…

  27. Kilmeny says:

    I walked down to the school this afternoon and it went very smoothly. I just moved to a small town and needed to register, registered with a woman who has known me since birth, slipped in and slipped out again. Like buttah. Even the sign holders outside were all McCain-ites and all polite. The only angst for me was standing in the exit line behind a woman who kept waving her paper ballot around. I looked at it (hell, it was impossible not to) and she had voted a straight Republican ticket EXCEPT for the Presidential slot, where she had picked Obama. It ruined the walk home, as all I could think was why? WHY? Why would one do such a thing?

    New Hampshire will go for Obama, just like they went for Kerry. But I did my portion.

  28. 1republicanscientist says:

    Oh well……the honus is finally on the shitbirds…..better be good. Hope we can still fillibuster.

  29. soccermom says:

    When hubby and I went in this morning there was a line (small town PA) but still we were out in 15 min or so. Our daughter in Pittsburgh said she was in and out in less than a half hour. Unfortunately, daughter in Lincoln, PA is STILL in line and has been since 3 this afternoon. People who were at her polling station have been waiting over 7 hours to vote! She’s been calling me about every hour. One of the poll workers came out and told the people waiting (and getting irritated) that if they kept acting this way they were going to close down and send them all away. Her last call, she said she was cold, hungry , it’s raining, dark and some people came around saying PA had been called for Obama. I told her 0% of precints had reported so stay in line. She’ll probably be there till midnight.

  30. gipper says:

    I voted early in Texas at a local supermarket a few days ago. I had no problems. The polling station had an iPod-like computer. I was a little wary of the poll workers because I had seen a vehicle with an Obama-Biden bumper sticker on it parked in the parking lot a few days earlier. When I came to vote, that same vehicle was there. I assumed it was either a supermarket employee or a poll worker. If it was a poll worker, I was afraid that somehow they were going to switch my vote from McCain to Obama.

    I did have problems back in 2004 when I submitted an absentee ballot from Germany (wife is military). My signature didn’t exactly match.

  31. Anonymoose says:

    So much for not watching the news. Here’s what they’re saying so far:

    CNN: McCain 49, Obama 174. Why not just call it victory already?

    ABC: McCain 76, Obama 174

    CBS: McCain 100, Obama 174

    Fox: 0? Just a little while ago it was 3 and 8. Maybe *they’re* actually waiting for the votes to be counted.

    Either way, if Big O already has 174 in the hole and with California in the tank for him as a given, it’s a slim margin for McCain to pull it off. OTOH, with some places reporting 0% precincts and relying on exit polls, it could all be upset. But I thought they were supposed to have stopped calling states (and the election) with polls still open? What gives?

  32. soccermom says:

    Daughter just called and got to vote!! Only a bit over six hours. CNN as well as a couple of other news stations were there, I guess because the lines were so long and the turn out was so heavy. She was amazed that some people were ready to get out of line when their friends called them and said the news stations had called PA for Obama. She had to explain the process to some other college students that the networks don’t call the election and they should stay in line and vote. God help us if that’s the mentality of our university educated crowd. No wonder Obama wants them all to be college educated, no idea how the process works and well indoctrinated.

  33. sheehanjihad says:

    What gives is that the media could give a damn about what they were “supposed” to do. They smell victory, and they are falling all over themselves to be the first to screech “long live the King!”.

    smarmy bastards, all of them.

  34. Anonymoose says:

    Sheesh, been reading more news sites and just like they were saying the polls could be off because the pollsters couldn’t get ahold of hip college students on cell phones and that therefore the electorate may be even more aligned to a slam dunk total victory resistance is futile win for Obama, now they’re saying all the early voters were all Democrats and therefore as the numbers come in over the next few days it’ll all go towards Obama. I kind of feel like asking the media why they even bother reporting on McCain at all….but now I really am going to turn it off.

  35. rickowen says:

    Voted mid-morning in Idaho. No line at all. A friend voted at 3pm after her kids were out of school. Same experience – right in and right out. My son voted in Bella Vista, AR when the polls opened. There was a line there but he was still out in about 20 minutes.

  36. soccermom says:

    Still not willing to give PA to Obama. Dems have always had Philly and Pitt in their pocket but with the spread the wealth, racicts-redneck Murtha gaffe, and now the coal bankrupt thing I have hope that the rest of PA might have more sense.

  37. angryredhen says:

    Here in UT we actually had a power outage, and guess what? NO PROBLEM!! Battery back-ups on the touch-pad machines, generators went on, there wasn’t even a hiccup. Slam, BAM in my neighborhood, I was in and out….my vote printed out and I had like three opportunities to make sure everything was right before casting my vote. Somebody tell those foreign idiots who are claiming that all the machines in the U.S. are rigged..I am worried about the press calling PA for Obamer, though….and I think we all should have a prayer for the cops who will have to contend with either victory riots or riot riots in urban crapholes across the nation.

  38. proreason says:

    Ohio went to the Socialist admirer, eager to try out his pet theories of moving money around and snake-charming murderous thugs.

    Ohio is the last nail in the coffin.

    The only hope now is that the Dems fall short of 60 seats, and that the man who has never held a job or made a decision continues in the vein of talking big and doing nothing.

    More likely, we are looking at 1976 to 1980 all over again, requiring a 20 year recovery. And that might be optimistic.

    It was already dire for the next generation…..but they were hypnotized by the hopeychangey, so they are now complicit in the results.

    What an act of lunacy. God help us all.

  39. DW says:

    Please forgive what may seem like a dumb question but is it not illegal to announce results while the polls are still open in the western part of the country?
    (assuming the polls are still open out west -I’m assuming they’re open nationwide until 8PM local time?)

  40. Anonymoose says:

    I’m staying off the news sites but that’s about it. At least it’s not a total landslide like the media was predicting. This also marks the first time since Kennedy the Dems have managed to get someone into office who wasn’t a Democratic Southerner who pretended to be middle of the road until they got in office and hit a hard turn left. (Carter, Clinton, and technically Johnson ‘tho he wasn’t elected).

    So now what? I’d say at least until the mythical first 100 days of the Obamasidency are over it’ll be a non-stop party for the left. Only when the cracks begin to start showing in the veneer will maybe a few reporters start looking into Obama. (But someone please keep a microphone near Michelle–she won’t be able to keep it shut). Then the starry eyed supporters will start wondering why they still have to pay their mortgages and fill their gas tanks, and it’s all down hill from there.

    With the Democratic party being larger and better funded than the Republicans, and the non-stop media circus, I’m surprised McCain did as well as he did. The next four years would be a good time for the Republicans (or Libertarians for that matter) to retool and start using the Dem’s weapons against them. Bring up a a candidate who’s not a “maverick” but a young governor or state senator who hails from Pennsylvania or even Vermont and talks about reform and bringing us together and how he (or she) understands the nation’s need to heal and blah blah until they get in office and boom, pull off the mask and it’s Reagan. Of course the Democratic Jedi mind trick was intended to work on Dems and Independents, and may be useless, but you see my point.

    It would be a good idea, though, to rebrand the Republican image to appeal to a broader range of people, maybe by incorporating Libertarian or progressive ideas, and create a formula that would appeal to inner city professionals and workers and still maintain the base in rural America. I don’t know what could be done about the endless media Dem bias, unless Obamba starts making enough free speech restrictions that they feel threatened.

    I’m just rambling, trying to prepare myself for weeks of Obama zombies telling me how great it is……..how I wish I wasn’t here…….

  41. BatK says:

    We CAN rest assured that no matter what Obama or his cronies come up with, the GOD that our country was founded on, the One of the Bible and NOT the Qur’an (and OH heck yes, there’s a difference) is bigger, smarter, and more powerful than either of the guys running for office, and He is certainly not sitting there like the rest of us wondering if the CNN pollsters are REALLY telling us the truth. This morning I woke up with what literally felt like a blanket of peace that I still can’t explain. GOD, the REAL One, the ONLY One, the way, the truth, and the life, is STILL in control. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be STILL [cease striving] and know that I am God.” Regardless of what does happen after tonight and the inauguration in January, HE is still reigning on His throne, no matter who is occupying the Oval Office. You definitely don;t have to be “bitter” to cling to God :)

  42. notsoyoungjim says:

    Time to dust off ‘Atlas Shrugged’ again. I first read it after the ’92 election. In fact I think I’ll be doing a lot more reading now. And canceling all my mag subs (first National Review) and newspapers (WSJ).

  43. Morning in America says:

    Stand tall everyone! We have to play a strong defense now. We still have our families and we need to keep instilling in them the values of God, duty, honor & country. This empty suit will now have to govern. He can’t hide anymore and he will overreach. Think 1980 and 1994. Our side needs to have candidates that have dropped a set and are willing to take on the liberals. We will give the empty suit the same support that their side gave President Bush.

  44. 11ten1775 says:

    Why the National Review, notsoyoungjim? Buckley Jr.? We’re not going to have talk radio anymore, so magazines might be our only “hope” for a while… All this Obamessiah stuff is one thing, but how the heck is Murtha so far in the lead in his race? What’s going in on PA?!

  45. 11ten1775 says:

    on in PA, that is…

  46. pinandpuller says:

    Rev. Hagee is the new David Koresh…

  47. marinejcksn says:

    What’s the comment about Rev. Hagee in reference to? I know who David Koresh is, but what did Hagee say?

  48. proreason says:

    “What’s going in on PA?!”

    the world just fell through a time warp. 1 is 2 and 2 is 6.

    the relentless drumbeat of 8 years of lies from the mass media had it’s desired effect. Talk Radio, Fox, the internet didn’t help. The liars from the left just escalated their efforts.

    American has gone crazy. Traded 400 years of history for a $500 “tax cut”, while government costs will escalate by trillions.

    After 8 years of prosperity and a suitable, just and successful response to 9/11, the country elected someone hell-bent on causing a Depression (his buddies just got us 75% of the way there without much of his help) and putting the world at risk for a nuclear war. They picked a dedicated Marxist whose greatest decision has been to pick lunch. It’s beyond crazy.

    And Murtha??……..it’s beyond bizarre.

  49. soccermom says:

    It’s going to be a long four years. The American populace has lost sight of the freedoms we have enjoyed for over 200 years and just sold out America for a dollar. The nanny state cometh. If they want to live like Europe why don’t they immigrate there and leave this country alone. I can’t believe the dems won even more seats. Well, time to prepare for a long, hard winter. As far as Murtha, I’m as shocked as anybody. What idiots.

  50. pinandpuller says:


    Just thinking back to the way the Clinton Administration handled domestic issues.

    On the other hand we all have Joe Biden’s crisis to look foreward to-gird your loins…

  51. soccermom says:

    Now that we have our first black Potus can we do away with affirmative action, etc? Obviously, if an AfricanAmerican child can grow up to be President there are no more excuses. No one is keeping anybody down.

  52. Sharps Rifle says:

    I’ll be stocking up on ammo…the next few years will be ugly.

  53. angryredhen says:

    BatK – ditto. In the history of my religion there was a period of such intense persecution that the governor issued an extermination order to drive the people literally out of the country – when the leader of my church approached then-president VanBuren, he said, “Your cause is just, but I can do nothing for you.” This leader was murdered by a mob, the people initiated a massive exodus to the west, and when Utah had the chance, they embraced statehood. They celebrated the Constitution of these United States, even though a President failed to protect their God-given liberties, they had lost property, and many lost their lives. The people here on this site are such people. We will always honor the principles that this nation should remain founded upon, the precepts it was founded upon. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way looking forward to Obamaville, but there is a part of me that knows good can prevail even there.

  54. SJames says:

    Sharps Rifle – 500% tax increase in ammo prices will be just the start. I’m gonna stock up too. God help us. I’m really afraid for the future of this country.

  55. texaspsue says:

    This outcome is UNBELIEVABLE! Sigh….just sigh :-(

    Hey DW, how long does it take to drive from Texas to Canada? …..I’m just saying.

    Now we are going to have to hear the Liberals say over and over , “The American people spoke and they said they wanted ______________”. (Fill in the blank with any and every Left wing agenda imaginable to mankind.)


  56. Steve says:

    It’s official.

    In the words of that old negro spiritual, “we have been overcome.”

  57. retire05 says:

    Somewhere in Heaven, the Founding Fathers are shaking their heads. “What have you given us, Mr. Franklin?” the lady said. “A Republic” Benjamin Franklin replied. “If you can keep it.” he added.

    Today, that dream of a republic, a republic that would withstand the test of time, that Great Experiment, died. We now have a nation ruled by media fiat, a nation that has finally been re-educated to the point that socialism doesn’t seem like such a bad thing after all. The protestors of the ’60’s, funded by the Communist Party of America, who entered academia and the halls of Congress and the Senate, have taught our children well. Gramsci is smiling from his grave.

    No longer are things like duty, honor, service important. American Idol is important.

    Lady Liberty Weeps.

  58. Steve says:

    I do think we owe it to the Democrats to show their newly elected President exactly the same level of respect and loyalty that they have shown our recent Republican President.

    Starting tomorrow, if not sooner.

  59. Perdido says:

    We enter the long, dark night of Neo-Soviet brutality and thuggery. Remember 1994.

    Salvation is in the House of Representatives and the Senate. The next two years are going to call for some serious conservative foot-dragging. Damned serious foot-dragging.

  60. pinandpuller says:

    When does Obama’s picture take the place of Washington’s on the dollar?

    To paraphrase Rev Wright-I am sick of Democrats who just do not get it. Can we make PA succeed?

  61. BigOil says:

    I never thought I’d live to see a Marxist running our country. It wasn’t that long ago we fought a cold war (and a couple hot ones) against this ideology. Now they’ve got control without a shot fired.

    Maybe the Republican Party will learn the lesson that a partial liberal is not a good alternative to the real thing. If you can’t demonstrate and articulate the contrast, people won’t be able to tell the difference. Especially when the real thing can lie with impunity and the media will not call him on the lies.

    Of course, McCain’s people are already spinning this as no Republican could win under these circumstances. Even if that were true, at least go down with a fight.

    My brother is about to deploy back to the sandbox with The One as Commander in Chief. God help him and his fellow servicemen. They will need our prayers more than ever.

  62. 11ten1775 says:

    Can’t help but be most concerned about his role as Commander in Chief. Last Military Times poll had McCain up 71% over Obama’s 25%. What does it say that our military has no confidence in this guy? Actually, I know what it says. Anyone who understands what bootstraps are and how to use them didn’t vote for this guy. But they’ll sure as heck get to do the dirty work once Joe’s prophesied moment of “testing” comes to pass. May God protect them and have mercy on our nation – again.

  63. Steve says:

    Who will be the first to start spamming Google with “Obama AND Miserable Failure”?

    Remember, that is how they started with Bush — even before he was sworn in.

  64. IronFistVelvetGlove says:

    Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you!

    I guess it’s time to belly up to B.O.’s socialistic trough and get some … with the rest of the damn nation. Personal responsibility be damned. Country second, me first! Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee.

    I am an anachronism – I don’t belong anymore. I thought this country was something else; my vision of it was something more … than what it has shown itself to be tonight.

    It’s all image before substance. Image has triumphed tonight!@#$%

    God bless all you good, great people.

  65. Exeter says:

    I admire everyone’s capacity to write, even in this dark fog of depression. Of course, Minnesota went blue (no surprise there), but the last I saw, Norm Coleman was barely keeping ahead of Al Franken (Franken? C’mon!). I like Coleman, but I suppose it serves him right, since he voted for the bailout. The only bright light here in the Land-O-Lakes is that Michele Bachmann is still going strong, and it looks like she’s got a good chance of returning to the House. She’s at 47%-43% right now.

    Well, I for one am going to take a breather for a few weeks – the anxiety of this election has got me severely wound up. Then it’s time to think about Sarah Palin in 2012.

  66. retire05 says:

    11ten1775, under Bill Clinton we saw the loss of over a half million troops. They just got out. They were not willing to fight, and die, for a draft dodger. Now, with a socialist in the Oval Office, I predict we will see the loss of troops even greater. Do you think the military want to go into battle for this guy, a man who hung around with a terrorist who tried to help the North Vietnamese kill Americans by doing all he could in bombing places in our homeland?

    No, they won’t fight, and die for Obama. And when it comes time to re-up, they will get out. We could see loss numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and it won’t take that long.

    Welcome to Euromerica.

  67. SmplyGlwng says:

    While I voted for McCain/Palin and did so desire for them to win, I know that I cannot spend four years feeling the fear I do right now. I have to believe that God is gracious and that He has already been where we are headed. As much as I wish the circumstances were different, we are living a part of history, a time that will be written about in textbooks-actually already has I think. I had to really check myself when my step-daughter said that now she’s afraid. She has black friends that are just so excited for this moment. I left her a note for the morning letting her know that she should celebrate with them, it is a very triumphant time for them. Its my job to do the praying and thinking, God is still in control! John 19:11 Jesus answered “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.” Pray pray pray for all of our leaders, its the most powerful tool we have!

  68. 1sttofight says:

    When i sober up I will post something.

  69. 11ten1775 says:

    I think you’re right, retire05. My brother was commenting on this months ago… The irony that the self-proclaimed super-negotiator might be the first president in a long time to have to use the draft. Double that if this Congress nixes “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The good news is, there’s sure to be lots of new jobs in Obama’s civilian security force!

  70. Gila Monster says:

    Well. I hope the people of the US are frikkin’ happy. When the following happen, I’ll be the first to tell them “I told you, so don’t blame me”.

    Tax rates go up by 10% to 30%. Inflation goes to 7% to 12%.
    Welfare rolls swell by at least 30%. Unemployment tops 10%.
    Iraq, Columbia, Afghanistan, etc. are ceded to the terrorists and / or socialists.
    Israel is left to fend for themselves in the ME.
    A terrorist attack on US soil claims 10,000 plus lives.
    Energy costs quadruple.
    The Internet falls under Federal oversight and talk radio goes the way of Air America, (just like PBS).
    Federal mandates make global warming pseudoscience the law of the land.
    The Obamessiah appoints 3 SCOTUS Justice’s with absolutely no opposition from the Repub’s.
    Reagan rolls over in his grave at least thirty times.
    The 1st Amendment is repealed, for conservatives only, of course.
    The 2nd Amendment is struck down, guns are turned into hybrid cars for Dhimmi’s.

    Shall I go on..??

  71. Lurkin_no_mo says:

    I console myself with the thought that it took a Carter to give us a Reagan. After two years of Obambi maybe the American people will once again vote for change and elect a conservative leaning congress. Two years later we elect a true conservative as POTUS.
    I also hope and pray that the Supreme Court conservatives don’t retire over the next four years.

  72. imnewatthis says:

    Gila Monster, don’t forget a lot more of our hard-earned money is going to go to Africa.

  73. A Mad Pole says:

    Breaking news from Foxnews: Russia to deploy missiles in response to the U.S. missile shield.

    It’s already beginning, a full blown cold war. Why did they wait until after the election? Would Russia have made that decision if Obama hadn’t won?

    They all know he is weak and wet behind his big ears.

  74. spiffyw says:

    1st- Awake, Sober and Speechless
    SmplyGlwng – I like your post . Yes I’m staying sane by reading what sane people here write.
    He almost copied “I have a Dream” speech
    Made me sick already .Changed enough to beat the copywrite laws probably.
    This Doesn’t mean Prayer won’t still work .
    Can you say market crash er I mean correction ?

  75. Anonymoose says:

    I hardly slept at all last night–I wonder why? So I’m going to have to look forward to liberals high-fiving each other all day long on how great it is, newspapers claiming “A great leap forward for mankind” and on and on. Obama won over 50% of the vote and the Dems control both houses…..the only good thing is no riots I’ve heard reported, at least not yet.

    I’m having flashbacks about the early Clinton years, how he tried to make gun control one of his tenets solely for his “legacy,” and his wife as the co-president……and a Congress willing to rubber stamp everything.

    Clinton at least had governor experience (he had also been a professor on constitutional law…..hmm), Obama has only rallied people against the system, now he is the system.

    Clinton also had a media that was at least marginally critical, for Obama it’s all drinking the Kool-Aid. How will he handle it when he screws up someone does give it to him?

    What little I’ve heard about Obama’s proposed policies have been seriously stupid stuff like his energy trading and caps that were supposed to make it impossible for anyone to build new coal power plants. Tax all the places that have money and give it to a bunch of “entrepreneurs” to come up with alternative energy. It’s literally the spreading the wealth in a way that encourages corruption and waste. Energy policy should and needs to involve serious research money and science, how could a pair of guys starting a business do research on a breeder reactor? Oh that’s right, no nukes. But Tom & Jerry can propose a solar cell installation business that will make a “profit” solely by the handouts. Everything will look good except for the viability. Meanwhile the regular electric utilities will go bankrupt or -shock- have to become state run to keep going.

    But now the time for promises is over. The man with no governor or management experience, who’s resume is as thin as the paper it’s printed on, who has threaded his way through important positions and carefully left a trail of nothing, who has kept a long trail of radical associates and friends he claims to barely know, finally has to stand up to the podium and deliver.

  76. artboyusa says:

    Right. Okay. We took a bad hit and it hurts but we’re still breathing and now at least we all know what we have to do next…Vive la Resistance!

  77. Mid East Don says:

    I would like to see the new USSA get what they voted for; higher taxes, bigger government, more controls on all freedoms with exemptions for party members, the press contained, free abortions, guns illegal, more immigration from socialist countries where they are comfortable with cradle to grave mentality so USSA can continue in this direction. Etc.Etc.You just cannot idiot proof a democratic process. The idiots have spoken.

  78. Kilmeny says:

    *sigh* It was bad enough when my state stopped being the independent, granite-spined home of people like my grandparents and started becoming the home of liberal-guilt, selfish whiners. Now we just wait for America to get good and sick of the Messiah’s disastrous policies a la Carter and Clinton and vote back towards the right. I can only hope not too many people get hurt first. The Republican party has got a whole lot of serious thinking to do in the meantime.

  79. sheehanjihad says:

    As long as he doesnt try to do anything on his own, and follows his script like he promised, he will not get in any serious trouble. Their problem will be if he actually thinks he’s qualified to lead this country, that he bought into the hype of his handlers and the media. That is when things will get dicey. He is a puppet of many strings, and all are attached to different puppeteers who will now be in de facto charge of this country.

    We will all recover from this wound in our side, even though it is infected with the disease of socialism, and gorged on by the maggots of a false government, we will recover.

    Even infectious festering boils such as the offerings of the election will run their course, because they need the filthy and unclean to feed on, and as such they wont prevail over good and decent people for long.

    8 years may seem like a long time, and some of us wont see the end of it. But end it will, because like germs and microbes have for eons, they need a host to infect and feed off of, and they feed and stuff their faces at the cost of the host’s ability to give them any more, and eventually end up with nothing to infect but themselves.

    They can and will be defeated, but at such a great cost. It was unnecessary from the beginning, to use the only working form of democracy in the world as an experiment for feel good liberalism and work for the collective socialism, but it is upon us.

    We will emerge victorious in the long run, because the common person will have enough of supporting those who voted for freedom from responsibility, and we will get our country back, though severely scarred by the vicious greed of our congress, and the vapid inability of our leader to lead, and those who bought and paid for this entire debacle dead or in prison.

  80. ptat says:

    Could it be that Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton just went out of business? Or will First Lady (gag!) Michelle see that they are well placed in President Hussein’s cabinet? One minor comfort may be that the race baiters will now shut up.

  81. sheehanjihad says:

    A nation can survive it’s fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he carries his banners openly.

    But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

    For the traitor appears not traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face, and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

    He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a society, he seeks to infect the foundation so that it can no longer resist.

    A murderer is less to be feared.

    (Marcus Tullius Cicero–circa 43 B.C.)

  82. Grassy Knoll says:

    What an exciting evening! We just a bought a house earlier this year but it’s great news that I don’t have to make any more payments. And now I can become a burden on society. Where do I sign up?

  83. Liberals Demise says:

    Hey Steve….can we now show Obama the same measure of respect he and his zombies showed the sitting President? I knew something was up when I went out for the paper and someone put my American flag upside down. No kidding!! I’d like to sit and chat but I gotta go collect cans on the side of the road. My kids need their daily chunk of bread with their cup of groul. But in the mean time, circle the wagons!! Oh yeah….good bye Affirmative Action….ALOHA OYE!!!! They are talking the slave sh!!te on TV already……don’t think this will go away my friends. Every parent with a kid in college who voted for the hip / hop prez won’t be able to afford that liberal edge-a-macation any longer. UUH-OOH….here comes my shopping cart….gotta go!

  84. VMAN says:

    sheehanjihad I must say that I enjoy reading your posts. You are a very well read and eloquent person. I wish I could be as calm and even minded as you. I have 3 young boys and a very small business and I need to regroup and figure out where to go from here.

  85. Icarus says:

    I can honestly tell you that there are many black conservative gentlemen that I would have voted for, ahead of McCain. (party nomination had they run)

    But with Obama it’s apparent that many (Blacks, whites, Hispanics) simply voted for him because he is black! What’s in that?

    I am happy for the black race having reached the pinnacle position of power on earth; yet saddened that it had to be through this man.

    Who is he? What I do know about him I don’t like. It scares me. (You know the list)

    It scares me more to realize that we undoubtedly have a substance blind, superficial culture that only seeks to revel in synthetic moments, simply for a capricious desire for change… any change!

    Even scarier is the notion that the electorate actually understood the ideologies they voted for and did so anyway !!!

  86. jcvheuvel says:

    Well, it happened. Almost a little relieved. Kind of like the feeling of knowing you will be punched in the face, but not knowing when and now you’re just glad it’s over and done with.

    But at least I no longer have any student loans to pay for! I’m contemplating writing a letter to BO every day asking why I still have a balance. Time to get some change! Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme GIMME!!!!

  87. 1sttofight says:

    sheehanjihad I must say that I enjoy reading your posts. You are a very well read and eloquent person. I wish I could be as calm and even minded as you. I have 3 young boys and a very small business and I need to regroup and figure out where to go from here.

    You really should follow my example and not post while you are blind drunk.

  88. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    I have nothing to say other than I am absolutely filled with disgust right now.

  89. 1sttofight says:

    Damnit, I messed up and paid my house payment, filled up the car and bought groceries Monday. If I had only waited a single day, The One would have paid all that stuff for me. I am sure he will cover my liquor store bill too.

    What a Guy.

  90. VMAN says:

    Here’s the bottom line. HE CHEATED!!! The reason I believe this is because a state Louisiana went McCain Heavily. Why? Because it only had a few electoral votes and didn’t matter so why bother cheating. Did he even set foot in Louisiana? I thought the Dems were so concerned about Louisiana. Oh wait! They can’t help us so screw them!!! Only key states went for that one. I hope the people investigating voter fraud don’t just give up. I hope they expose it.

  91. jcvheuvel says:

    I firmly believe that we all have one big advantage over those who buy in to the “hope and change” BS: we have nothing invested in the government. I say that to mean that we live our lives FOR OURSELVES. We don’t receive anything from Washington, we don’t depend on Washington to provide for us, and we sure as hell know that Washington is always about to crumble from its own bloated, self righteous weight.

    We’ve ALWAYS known that the government will never be around to drag us through life like so many who voted yesterday feel. So in a year from now, when taxes for everyone go up, the same problems will still be around (probably worse), and our troops will still be overseas (if not fighting a more bloody, violent war because of BO’s narcissistic appeasement) we will know why and we will be ready.

    It will be those who expected the sun to rise in the west this morning who will look around at their destroyed life, waiting for BO to swoop down and cradle them in his merciful arms only to get a used train ticket to a low income apartment next to his Aunt Zeituni. It’s those who will benefit THE LEAST from a presidency built on disgusting lies, false hope, and masked tyranny.

    What are we worried about? Higher taxes, less freedoms, bigger problems, etc., but…aren’t we always? It’s more real and dangerous now that the barbarians have entered the gates, but damnit we knew it was coming. It’s what we do now that will determine if we enter the cesspool of human history or be known as a great people who refuse to let their loves and lives be trampled over.

    So love your family, work harder than ever, and spit at the T.V whenever BO is on screen because he will never, EVER take away this country that has given us so much as long as people like us have a breath left in our freedom loving, gun toting, flag waving, GOVERNMENT DESPISING bodies.

  92. curvyred says:

    Liberals: me too never thought bigotry, money, and the media would decide who was elected president.

  93. LastconservativeinMA says:

    The only hope we have is that Obama and the Pelosi-led congress indulge their radical urges and try to push such a far-left agenda that 1994 is repeated in 2010. Remember how Clinton screwed up during his first two years with Hillary-care, “Don’t ask – don’t tell”, etc. It can happen again.
    I still can’t believe there are over 50 million zombies in this country. How the hell did this happen? And I hear Brit Hume is retiring?

  94. JohnMG says:

    Sorry VMAN, but do you really think Attorney-General Charles Schumer is going to persue such banal activities when there are much more pressing issues to prosecute? You know, things like “redlining” in home mortgage lending practices, anti-abortion protests, “Fairness Doctrine” violations, the gun lobby and so forth.

    I have this creepy feeling that BO’s cabinet choices will send me to the ‘medicine cabinet’. Repeatedly!!

  95. JohnMG says:

    VMAN; …..”I wish I could be as calm and even minded as you…..”

    1sttofight; …..”vman,
    You really should follow my example and not post while you are blind drunk…..”

    (extremely heavy quotation marks) “That’s not the sheehanjihad that I knew”. ;-}

  96. Liberals Demise says:

    Just watched (with horror) Jesse crying like a Clinton. Me wonders if the Jesse still wants to play marbles with the Annointed Ones nuglets?

  97. yonason says:



    Let’s see, where have I seen that red hourglass on a black background before?

    What happens next? Does she eat him?

  98. Colonel1961 says:

    (With apologies to Mel Brooks)

    ‘The President’s a ni(boing!).’

    ‘What’d he say?’

    ‘He said the President is near.’

    ‘No gosh darn, dang nabbit, I said the President’s a ni(boing!)’

  99. itsabeautifulday says:

    Try to look at the bright side of things! It’s a beautiful day!

  100. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    A valuable lesson learned. Despite facts and reality; despite campaign ads and slogans; despite blunders by the candidates themselves, the most persuasive thing to the American Idiot is the propaganda from the MSM. Truth be dammed, it is perception that is reality. Blame the republicans and hide the truth and the masses will follow.

  101. itsabeautifulday says:

    What will we do, now that he’s our president (elect)?

  102. itsabeautifulday says:

    Is anyone else in shock?

  103. itsabeautifulday says:

    Nod if you can hear me.

  104. yonason says:

    What will we do, now that he’s our president (elect)?

    Here are some good suggestions from a poster over at FreeRepublic (not that McCain or Bush will have the stones to take them).

    “There are options after November 4, if Obama manages to vote-fraud his way to winning on November 4.
    First, McCain can get lawyers to sue over Obama being a non-citizen and try to get a quick resolution before the electors meet in December 2008.
    Second, McCain and others can convince the electors to vote for McCain to win in December 2008.
    Third, McCain can sue over the pro-Obama vote fraud, to overturn the results.
    And fourth, George Bush can just use an executive order to declare another “national emergency” and then declare martial law and may the November 2008 general election invalid.
    1 posted on Monday, November 03, 2008 7:42:08 PM by BillTotts20thCentury”


  105. itsabeautifulday says:

    Yonason, Do you think any of those options have much chance of succeeding?

  106. Colonel1961 says:

    I was nodding, but the keyboard didn’t pick it up…

  107. gipper says:

    When can I purchase my “DON’T BLAME ME: I VOTED FOR MCCAIN” bumper sticker?

  108. itsabeautifulday says:

    Did you see the people crying in Chicago?

  109. itsabeautifulday says:

    What did you think of McCain’s speech?

  110. Colonel1961 says:

    1.20.13 – Obama’s Last Day

  111. itsabeautifulday says:

    Did anyone see President Bush’s speech a few minutes ago?

  112. itsabeautifulday says:

    I guess people are cheering all around the world.

  113. itsabeautifulday says:

    At least we’ve reached a racial milestone.

  114. VMAN says:

    I have to take back my previous statement. He did not cheat but he did spend an enormous amount of money. That is reflected in the states that he spent little or no money. Those are the states that McCain beat him soundly. We live in an American Idol society and it shows.

  115. itsabeautifulday says:

    At least he’s nice looking, maybe the best looking president since Polk.

  116. yonason says:

    “Yonason, Do you think any of those options have much chance of succeeding?”

    Not the way Republicans would implement them, if they did. But I doubt it will even get that far, so no. But that’s what they should do, for starters.

  117. 1sttofight says:

    People all around the world gave money to The Ones campaign so I guess they have a right to cheer.

  118. dawsonfamily4 says:

    I have been a lurker to this blog for a couple of years now. I was once registered, but lost my password, so I just enjoyed reading and learning.
    I have decided to come back.
    The frustration that I feel is so strong, I am just thankful that I am not alone with my feelings.
    I read a story this morning on the Drudge Report from the Wall Street Journal and it’s title is “The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace,” I feel that the treatment of John McCain by the left has also been a disgrace by the left. And then last night hearing that man praise John for his service to our country just made me sick. The reason being, never once did I hear that during the campaign. Do you think he would have said that if he had lost? I don’t. Also, if you will notice that there wasn’t blood in the streets today. That is because those of us on the right are the product of character and morals.
    I hope this blog always stays up and running. Makes me feel a lot safer.

  119. BillK says:

    So now that Americans have embraced Socialism with both eyes open, what, if anything, is left for us?

    Yes, we can continue to post bias here and commiserate, but it’s only going to get worse… much much worse.

    Sites like this will be closed down as “hate speech.”

    The FCC will apply the “Fairness Doctrine” to not only radio and TV but to the Internet as well.

    al Qaeda will be free to spread their message, but conservatism and religion? Fringe beliefs soundly rejected by most Americans.

    As I’ve said before, it’s time to just torch the Reagan library as the final play in all this.

    It’s not the man. Obama is just an icon.

    Americans have loudly proclaimed they want Socialism and redistributionist policies to be the law of the land (how Obama will ever be able to vow to “defend the Constitution I’ll never know.)

    Next week is Veteran’s Day.

    Hug a vet, as tens of millions of Americans died to defend our country against what they’ve just voluntarily elected to the White House.

    We should have just lost the Cold War and saved billions of dollars.

    Somewhere, bin Laden is partying like it’s 1999.

  120. nicotusc15 says:

    I think the only thing we should “DO” is sit support the country and hold fast to the principles we believe in. We may have lost an election, but the conservative movement isn’t dead. Remember why we love this country and why we fight for it. We have to learn to work within the framework of our government to further our causes in ways that people will agree with. We can b*tch and moan for the next four years, proclaim Obama isn’t OUR President, and continue to fight with anyone that disagrees with us, but how does that make us different from the Liberal pukes we watched disgrace our country, undermine our elected leader, and generally act like children being sent to bed without supper? Statesmanship means working within the system to advance your agenda without compromising the ideas you hold sacred. It doesn’t mean selling out, but it also doesn’t mean drawing a line in the sand over every issue. I, for one, am willing to give the guy a chance, just as I wished so many would have given W a chance, but never were mature enough to. Obama isn’t my ideal President, far from it. But for the sake of the country, I think it’s important to try and work together to solve some problems. As the best GOP president once said, a house divided against itself cannot stand.

  121. dawsonfamily4 says:

    Gipper, when you find out, please let me know.
    I was thinking that exact same thing the other day.


    November 5th, 2008 at 10:13 am
    When can I purchase my “DON’T BLAME ME: I VOTED FOR MCCAIN” bumper sticker?

  122. BillK says:

    nicotusc15 said:

    I think the only thing we should “DO” is sit support the country and hold fast to the principles we believe in. We may have lost an election, but the conservative movement isn’t dead. Remember why we love this country and why we fight for it.

    But it will be.

    We can bitch all we want, but we may as well be libertarians.

    We have no control of government from this point forward.

    A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    Sorry, USA is going boom, and the American electorate just proved they’re too stupid to realize that.

  123. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    So far, if you look hard can find other “news,” the enemies of this country are already ‘testing’ Obama. Russia is saber rattling with missiles. Iran is saying stay out of our air space. Karzi and Pakistan are both telling Obama to stop the bombing of “civilians.” How can we function as an independent country when we are beholden to the rest of the world? Perhaps one of the greatest statements ever made about America as long been forgotten. It was said by Washington upon his exit from the Presidency, his words, leave no entangling alliances……..

  124. BillK says:

    I think it would be a little silly for other countries to saber rattle at this point as they apparently have forgotten that Bush still has his finger on the button until next January.

    Now come next January, when our troops are immediately pulled from Iraq and we see a replay of the fall of Saigon and Obama decides to unilaterally disarm the entire nuclear stockpile, all bets are off.

    After all, Obama has said on many occasions that it’s what the world thinks that’s important, not what Americans think.

  125. Reality Bytes says:

    In the words of my old man used to tell his fellow New Jersey Republicans- “If you try to run as a democrat, they’ll vote for the real thing every time.”

    Right again, Pop!

  126. VMAN says:

    What we need to do is just what they did to the USA. All the rules and regulations. All the political correctness. All the judicial rulings that the left has foisted upon us. Study them and learn them and then find a way to use the very things that they shoved down our throats against them. That’s the way they work. they use the very thing that made this country great against it. Refuse to use there politically correct nonsense. Beat them at their own game. Semantics are a big part of who they are and that is what political correctness grew out of. Don’t let them frame the argument.. But I go on. hope you get my drift.

  127. BillK says:


    The problem is conservatives just can’t play that game.

    Conservatives care about their families, so they’re not willing to get arrested.

    Even if they did, the press would never cover our “rallies.”

    Remember, our speech is “hate speech”; their speech full of hate is “raising issues for discussion.”

    To tell you the extremes to where things we can do nothing about is going, a friend of a friend of my wife was a volunteer at the DNC, and she voted Republican for the first time in her life after hearing some of their plans there.

    Notably the plan is for the Federal Government to pay women who come in for early abortions to instead carry their unborn children almost to term so that they can be harvested for their embryonic stem cells.

    Brave New World, indeed.

    But there will be much to be entertained by in coming years, like watching the tortured logic liberal Jews use to justify the dissolution of Israel when Obama lays down the law and tells them that if they use nukes to defend themselves, we will nuke them.

    When the idiots driving SUVs with Obama stickers see the vehicles they’re driving made illegal.

    When gas goes to $10/gallon after carbon taxes are added.

    When electricity becomes unaffordable for most Americans after coal is outlawed.

    Yep, it’ll be fun alright.

  128. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Bill you forgot about high taxes on firearms and ammo, stock up now.

    Not to mention that you won’t be able to pay for anything because all your “surplus” money will be redistributed.

  129. yonason says:

    “At least we’ve reached a racial milestone.” — itsabeautifulday November 5th, 2008 at 10:29 am

    You misspelled that, it should be “millstone,” and it is now securely attached to all our necks.

    Good Night America.

    sgning off . . . . . . . . . .

  130. yonason says:

    “At least we’ve reached a racial milestone.” — itsabeautifulday November 5th, 2008 at 10:29 am

    You misspelled that, it’s “millstone,” and it is now securely attached to all our necks.

    It has been there all along for us to see. But those who were blinded by their hate for Bush couldn’t see what was under their noses.
    And now we’ll all have to pay.

    Good Night America.

    signing off . . . . . . . . . .

  131. wardmama4 says:

    We should never, ever descend to The Left’s ™ level of petty intolerance, rudness and harrassment in anything.

    We have already stooped to their level by allowing the RNC and the msm annoint a RHINO as our candidate (HOW DID THAT ONE TURN OUT RNC – yes I am yelling) – and we have met the enemy and he is us.

    We need to rise above and legally, morally and with true and patriotic heart, hands, mind and soul do the dirty work needed to purge our ranks of traitors and turn coats – support (locally, state and Federal) those who continue to Hold these truths to be self-evident and work to take our cities, towns states and Government back so that once again those who Honor and Cherish the Constitution can once again have a Government of the people, by the people and for the people, that shall not perish from this Earth.

    To snark at them, to diss them, to harass their new wanna be Master of the Universe President – is to be them – and I won’t do it, nor ever encourage a fellow Patriot, Christian, Conservative American to do so.

    And we have to do the gut work (i.e. research) to see who among the GOP is really truly a fellow traveler and not a backstabber in treasonous disguise. Sadly my local Rep was defeated by an obnoxious jerk (who tied him to Bush) – although now out of a job – he is a politician I can and will support – he only caved on SCHIP – but not on Shamnesty nor the Bailout. Takes guts to be right. That is the candidate we need from the City Councils to the POTUS.

    I am ashame this AM – I truly did not believe (and still don’t) that 51% of America is so _________ (I can’t even think of the appropriate adjective). God Help America – apparently even We The People have sold their soul to the devil. Just remember – if there is a 7 year treaty signed with Israel – pack your bags, grab your guns and RUN.

    Now I’m going to spend the day drowning my sorrow in pumpkin bars, pineapple-coconut smoothies and listening to Rush.

  132. Liberals Demise says:

    I was nodding….NOW I’m awake, HELLO?

  133. Liberals Demise says:

    I just checked online as to where one can purchase 5 MILLION SPF lotion. The Ruskies ain’t waiting for the Kool-Aid high to wear off. Now you can shed REAL TEARS jesse jackson!!

  134. Helena says:

    I felt something near to this when Clinton was elected. I was so deeply ashamed of my fellow citizens for being so easily bamboozled. And not only by Billy Blythe, but by that bat-eared, vengeful (because he wasn’t the Repub nominee) phony Perot. And this time, with the media (and all the celebs that the supremely ignorant but newly able to vote 18-year olds adore) squarely in their corner and spending close to 3/4 of a Billion dollars to sign up illegals and felons and advertise non-stop to win – surprise, surprise – they won.

    I can’t help but feel angry at McCain, who didn’t fight very hard in my opinion. Palin was about the only smart move he made. And now Palin is in the left’s cross-hairs and well on her way to being demonized in the public perception.

    Sigh. But that’s enough of that. The sun came up today and it will come up tomorrow. Though if anyone in the RNC wants to start thinking for a change and perhaps start strategizing about a more aggressive “get the message through the mindless static” drive, I’m there.

  135. gipper says:

    “Now you can shed REAL TEARS jesse jackson!!”

    I laughed as I saw video of Jesse crying. This is the guy who wanted to cut the nuts off of Obama.

  136. BillK says:


    allowing the RNC and the msm annoint a RHINO as our candidate (HOW DID THAT ONE TURN OUT RNC – yes I am yelling

    You already know how the RNC is going to play this one – it was Palin’s fault. Damn pro-lifer threw away the women’s vote.

    If McCain had only chosen Biden as his running mate, the results would have been different, blah blah.

    I’ve no use for the RNC anymore, none.

  137. Helena says:

    Forgot to mention – last time, when Billy Blythe was elected, there was no S&L. This place makes it all a little easier.

  138. sheehanjihad says:

    It will take time, but we will get our country back. And do it by using the very means the left used to take it away.

    Sorry if I offend, but in my experience, you cant fight in the mud by standing on the bleachers, and it will take those willing to get very dirty to wrench this country back from the abyss.

    Remember, in a sh*t throwing contest, it’s not how much you can throw, but how much is stuck to you when it’s over with.

    These pansy ass bastards are in for rude awakening. And I am not going to sit by anymore, and just hope. There are things worth the trouble, and America needs us now more than ever.

    Allow me to lower myself to their level, where my tater stick can do the most damage. I am not afraid of any of them, and perhaps my sacrifice will embolden those less inclined…..

    but I am not going to go quietly. Not ever.

    Oh yeah, the GOP and the RNC are like neutered cats. All fur and no balls. They are useless.

  139. Colonel1961 says:

    BillK: I wish there was something I could say to console you. I am more optimistic. As itsabeautifulday so succinctly pointed out, it is a beautiful day. As they sung to Prudence Farrow: the sun is out, the sky is blue, et cetera.

    I truly believe that BHO will govern to the center, a la WJC. He has shown himself to be a political animal, i.e., a chameleon. He has said all this far left garbage to beat HRC with the lunatic fringe in the primaries, then he moved ‘center’ in the general and will move to something resembling the true center whilst in office. IMHO.

  140. Liberals Demise says:

    I’m feelin ‘ what you’re saying there SJ ! Hey Steve, How do I go about changing my user name from Liberals Demise to AMERICAN INFIDEL? As for jesse….he learned to cry at the Clinton School for Neo – Socio Media Behavior.

  141. sheehanjihad says:

    I sincerely hope you are right Colonel….especially since he wont be able to do on tenth of what he promised. But all of those lunatics that voted for him thinking everything would be handed to them will suddenly wake up, and they will still have empty hands. Something’s gotta give. He wont be able to have it both ways….and this country is split down the middle. Yeah, I really mean it. I hope you are correct. It will be business as usual in warshington, and nothing will change. I just wish I could share your optimism.

  142. Liberals Demise says:

    A big, huge eraser fell outta obamas pocket and 40 yrs.of civil rights went down the drain all because HE had to be Prez. You will see the Black Caucas try again to push reperations to the blacks for slavery. Ever though NOT ONE of them ever endured 1 minute of it!! This ain’t the tip of the iceberg….it is the snowball waiting to be rolled from the top of the mountian. Sad but true! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

  143. Colonel1961 says:

    SJ, et al.:

    I gleaned this (or perhaps ‘shared’ it) from a letter at Boortz’s site. It accurately reflects my objectives for the next several years:

    ‘The next 4 years will be an uphill battle for achievement-oriented individuals like myself. Fortunately, guys like myself thrive on challenges, ergo, I am recommitting myself to my business (I’m self-employed) and the betterment of myself and my family. It will take all I can muster to overcome the anti-achievement government we inflicted on ourselves this night. But I’ve had tougher challenges than this one, for sure.’


  144. yonason says:

    “We should never, ever descend to The Left’s ™ level of petty intolerance, rudness and harrassment in anything.” — wardmama4 November 5th, 2008 at 11:31 am


    But if by that you mean caving to their pressure, then you have already lost. Freedom IS worth fighting for, and even if the enemy is domestic, we must not surrender or capitulate as we have done and are doing. That is how they got as powerful as they are to begin with.

    If we don’t know how to defeat them without becoming them, then what are we fighting for? …the right to just fade into oblivion while they ascend to dominate and destroy what we have made? We should not descend to their level, otherwise they win, as they also do if we don’t resist them at all. So, what do we do next? And, most important, how do we do it together? .. all WITHOUT becoming like them.

  145. sheehanjihad says:

    how do we do it together? .. all WITHOUT becoming like them?

    well yonason, you let folks like myself who have absolutely no compunction about getting down and crapping in their faces do it. I could never BE them, but I certainly will give them back what they have given this country…..at their level, with a new twist. I am doing it now, and I can do it so much better!

  146. JohnMG says:

    Need some help, SJ? ;-}

  147. JohnMG says:

    Shoulda’ said, “Want some help……”

  148. sheehanjihad says:

    It would be my pleasure to have any assistance from the good people on this site! Some are very nice, like Wardmama4, and some are down right pitt bulls, like 1sttofight.

    What I meant was there are a lot of you who wont stoop to their level for fear of compromising your principles.

    I dont have any principles except Family, God, and Country. So no problem for me! I will do it for those who cannot for whatever reason they cannot. And gladly too.

  149. nuthingbettertodo says:

    Jesus God in Heaven! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlpODYhnPEo

  150. DEZ says:

    I wanna play. ;-}

  151. sheehanjihad says:

    DEZ! You daisy you! There is a cadre of hard core posters who would make up almost an entire platoon. You are welcome to lend your skilled words to the denigration of our opponents! Anyone else want to lower themselves to their level? come on in! The sh*t is fine!

  152. BillK says:

    Colonel1961, Obama has never, ever even voted in a centrist manner. He’s been a completely unapologetic Socialist throughout the campaign.

    He’s not going to move to the center now, especially not with a lot of special interest groups demanding payback now and an all but filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Recall there are no actual conservative Democrats left in Congress, either.

    I predict the following in BO’s first week:

    1) Immediate retreat from Iraq. None of this “phased” stuff but something that looks more like the Iraqi retreat from Kuwait. Equipment will be left there, only troops will be removed. This will be coupled with a cut in the military budget of 25% or more.

    2) Immediate closure of Gitmo, with any “prisoners” to be tried in normal civil courts and to be granted bail.

    3) Huge cuts in funding for intelligence agencies; I’m expecting at least a 35% cut for the NSA, due to immediate suspension of the Patriot Act.

    4) Immediate full federal funding for abortion on demand and embryonic stem cell research.

    5) Immediate retroactive tax increases. If Billy Boy could do it, BO can.

    6) Immediate passage of “card check” legislation to create closed Union shops. It barely failed under Bush.

    The only question is whether it will be one or two months in before the question of reparations for slavery comes up again.

    Oh and the above will be the new center, and the idiot Republicans we have left will go along in the “spirit of reconciliation.”

    McCain will likely set the tone.

  153. Colonel1961 says:

    BillK, I can’t argue his voting record, just my ‘gut feeling’. Clinton owed a lot of folks, too, but played the centrist more than most.

    I do share your concern about RINOs trying to play nice. Now is not the time (nor has it ever been). And I agree, John ‘Please let the NYT say something nice about me’ McCain will stumble trying to get across the aisle.

  154. DEZ says:

    After reading Ann Coulters Column on her web site this evening, I was a little bewildered.
    I’ve read this post before I thought to myself.

    “I do think we owe it to the Democrats to show their newly elected President exactly the same level of respect and loyalty that they have shown our recent Republican President.

    Starting tomorrow, if not sooner.”

    To be honest I am still not sure whom is quoting who, but it still made me smile.

  155. DEZ says:

    I hope the Colonel is right, Obama has made more than a few promises he will not be able to keep.
    He has also proven that he will say any thing to get his way and then do as he damn well pleases.
    And that’s what scares me, he may just turn out to be even more radical and be emboldened by his win.
    Make no mistake guys, this guy puts himself before all things, he is the center of the universe.
    He may move middle of the road for political gains, but I have no illusions, he would be even more radical for personal gains.

  156. DW says:

    I picked up on the end quote from Ms. Coulter’s column as well.
    To me, this dredges up the age-old debate as to whether SG and AC are actually one and the same person.

    Time to fess up Steve.
    Otherwise, the alternative is knowing that at least one large, hairy, conservative male is consumed with amorous feelings towards you…

    Not good… it’s like hunting moose during the rutting season (ask Sarah Palin about this).
    There’s a lot of potential for disaster…

  157. Steve says:

    “To be honest I am still not sure whom is quoting who, but it still made me smile.”

    Sheer coincidence.

    (Actually, I’m honored to say she is quoting me.)

  158. DEZ says:

    (Actually, I’m honored to say she is quoting me.)

    I had that suspicion, but had no real proof, just a few clues.
    Your post beat hers by over half a day, but that meant almost nothing, for all I knew you two were in contact till the wee hours of the morning.
    It is an honor to have her quote you, and a target for the moonbats, but you have no fear.

    DW, will you please put that away before you put somebodies eye out.

  159. inkependent_voter says:

    I’m a little more optimistic than most. Why?

    Because now that Obama is in, his worst enemy is not going to be Republicans, no matter how much they drag their feet. It will be his own damn party. Pelosi, Franck, Kennedy, Murtha and the rest of the big fat blood-sucking spiders spinning their webs are not going to let any upstart junior senator from Illinois telling them they can’t keep doing business as usual. The earmarks, the pork, the corruption…they will not want to give that up and while he says he wants to trim spending, he’s not going to be able to do it. Not to mention quite a few of them fancy themselves in his shoes and won’t want him to stay in more than one term if they can manage it. He’s served his purpose, making the Dems look good, cancelling their racist debt from the days of Jim Crow. Time to go back to business as usual, Mr. Prez. Hillary will spend the next four years arranging for Obama to look very bad. With any luck, the Republican party can spend the next four years regrouping…just in time to take the presidency back from Obama’s failed administration.

  160. OneMoreRound07 says:

    I’m looking on the bright side: IF/when all the libs I know start complaining about Obama’s policies, I can smile and say to them…

    “You voted for him. You asked for it! Now you can’t complain.”

    But seriously, we’re gonna need to do lots of praying over the next 4 years.

  161. BillK says:

    Colonel1961, McCain has already said he will work to play nice with Obama and will work to get other Republicans to play nice, too:


  162. artboyusa says:

    And now, on the heels of Bush’s public Obama ass-kiss yesterday, and just to top off a perfect week, John “Boner” Boehner has announced that he thinks he’s done such a great job and delivered such excellent results that his colleagues (the few that remain) should keep him on as Minority Leader. You or I, if we “achieved” comparable results in our jobs would be standing on the corner with a cardboard sign saying “Hungry and Homeless. Will work for food” but not our GOP masters. They do things a little different. Well, good luck to ’em. Go Boner! keep him in the job till he learns how to do it!

    Unless we put our conservative house in order and clear out the underchievers, the greedheads, the dumbbells, the sex perverts and the closet racists who’ve let us down so consistently for the past eight years – the Hasterts, the Lotts, the Cunninghams and the Boners, unless we’re as tough on ourselves as I hope we’ll be on our opponents we’ll never see the inside of the White House again.

    The next four years will be tough but the thought of Jindal/Palin 2012 (or Palin/Jindal, I’m not fussy) is keeping me going. Mrs Artboy and I will be back in the States for three weeks from this Saturday. See the family, have a last look around before “The Change” kicks in…

  163. BillK says:

    sheehanjihad, if you haven’t already, check out my posts over on the “News selected” thread for more on the post-election destroy Palin campaign from the left and center (I can’t honestly say “right.”)


    Meanwhile, no wonder bubble-headed blonde Elizabeth Hasselbeck was supporting McCain; she now supports Obama and called his victory “a victory for this country.”


  164. Liberals Demise says:

    If Sarah does choose to run in 2012, I suggest she finds a party that will utilize her strenghts and stand steadfast to its beliefs. The “Grand Ol’ Party” sucks at this time in space!!

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