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The Hive – Thoughts, As The Dust Settles?

Your thoughts as tonight’s election results pour in? Also, please tell us about your experiences at the polling station?

As usual, this thread is open to other topics of conversation. But please remember to post any specific news items in the ‘Selected News’ section.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

68 Responses to “The Hive – Thoughts, As The Dust Settles?”

  1. Douglas says:


    That’s the one I’m watching. Oberstar has never received less than 59% of the vote and it’s looking pretty even at the moment. Could turn a seat that’s been in democrat hands since 1947.

    • amber says:

      Yes, that would be interesting, but still, in all, MN is very dissappointing. With so many states rejecting their terrible legislatures we talked a big game, but the dirt bags are still there. I think the ones that bother me the most are Dayton (where is he going to run and hide now if MN has terrorrist threats?) and Walz. Walz is particularly disturbing because he has been sending “information” out about all of the things congress has been doing the last two year and all of his information is paid for with tax dollars (it says right on the “information”) and comes with pictures of him and his name in giant letters. I have gotten about 5 of these over the past year. Technically they are not campaign mailings because he is informing us on our new tax “benefits” that congress just passed and how they will “help” us. So, he is getting free campaign money from us while other candidates have to raise theirs. Also, he runs around saying he is a retired sergeant major when everyone who was in his unit knows he never finished the requirements to become one, so they either just gave it to him or he is not one. The last position he held and rank he held was first sergeant and he was a lazy ass who did not know the rules and regulations. Saluting officers was beneath him as a first sergeant as well. Also, since we know him personally, we have personally witnessed him tell one group of people one thing and another group something totally different. He told everyone he was going to vote for Obama, but then an elderly friend of ours explained to us that he told him in private that he really would never vote for Obama, he just has to pretend he will. He said he was anti-abortion to higher ranking men in his unit, but when he spoke with the younger guys he told them all he was for abortion. People in the unit had such strong feelings against him that when they returned from their 22 month deployment (16 in Iraq) they specifically said no politicians could speak at their welcome home ceremonies. Walz was one of the first sergeants of that BN before they deployed. All of these older people vote for him because he was in the national guard. It is so sickenning. However upsetting this is, I was not surprised, it is difficult to defeat someone when they have the federal goverment funding their campaing every day of the year.

      The other sad thing is that people do not pay attention to the judges. We just voted the whole bunch of liberals back to their benches.

  2. BillK says:

    Colorado went further left again. with a liberal Democrat Governor (formerly Denver’s liberal Democrat mayor), and Bennet is going back as Senator, and as a plus all the tax reduction amendments were defeated. The Governor’s race is being hailed as anti-Tea Party as Tancredo was a Tea Party favorite and he got Palin’s endorsement yesterday. The polls had Hickenlooper with 46% support, and the returns are showing him winning with 51%.

    In short, Colorado is a big feather in Obama’s cap tonight, the only high point being Markey lost (and so far she’s the only Democrat to go down.)

    Even Louisville, CO got their 4% tax increase so they can “restore” the 4th of July fireworks and give the city staff a raise. (Bell, CA elected officials – ever thought of moving to Colorado?)

    So at least in Colorado the Tea Party was nothing more than a joke, a flash in the pan, with higher taxes and bigger government being the victors statewide by significant margins (the tax reduction amendments all went down by at least a 70% margin.)

    I hope things went better in other states; I wonder if Michelle Malkin and the Independence Institute will be moving soon? ;-)

  3. misanthropicus says:

    Let’s have a few hours before coming with “serious” comments about what happened today – still, at least whe it comest to headlines, Drudge Report is topping anyone – hear this:

    * ‘pOT pRop hEADeD tO dEFEAt In CAlifornIA…”
    * “Bachmann To MSNBC’s Matthews: That Thrill Isn’t Tingly Anymore…”

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Interesting results. No miracles, some disappointments, but let’s look at the extremely positive:

    – Kelly Ayotte from NH
    – Toomey from Pennsylvania
    – Coats from Indiana
    – Kirk in Obama’s old seat (look at all of Illinois except for Chicago go for Mark) http://www.foxnews.com/interactive/politics/election-map-2010/#race=keyRaces&pres=false&state=IL&tab=senate

    Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida were concessions and Blanche was doomed as well. But you can’t spin away the obvious Conservative tide in the Northeast. Manchin only took West Virginia for talking the tea.

    Don’t count out Buck (who’s up now) or Rossi yet. The lategame momentum is breaking towards the suburban precincts. I don’t want to give up hope yet on Angle either.

    In fact, I was going to refrain from it in this post, but I’m close to calling bs on FoxNews, who called California right as the polls closed, with precincts showing Boxer leading by only 5,000 with 22% reporting.

    The House was pretty much tidal. Sure Bahney’s stayin’ alive but heck that’s just a chance to unseat him with criminal charges. Just saw that Noem won SD, good for her. Colonel West is in, muah. No reason to despair in the least, now we know where to stand. Time to use our newly amplified power and get back to work.

    It’s not over yet, either.

  5. canary says:

    I think Reid’s running behind when the large union force voted early, then Reid wins? I think it was corruption.

    Jerry Brown says his life dream is to transform the world. Didn’t someone tell him the world is already socialistic. More evidence that Independent voting can do a lot of harm.

    I feel sorry for NY.

    I feel some good wins for my state. Especially when all our media coverage was biased towards the Democrats & liberals.

    I want to work on the poor guidelines & pre marked ballots. An electoral supervisor telling me it was just stupidity on their behalf & new training is needed, doesn’t cut it for me.

    I think they should have video cameras at the polls.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    For G*ds sake! If Republicans don’t do what is right (even if they can’t move legislation past a veto) I am totally giving up on all of this, and the country can go into default, and we can just start over.

    Last chance, I think, to get rid of government, or suffer through a horrible decline and revolution.

  7. canary says:

    Joe Biden should check out this raw video of Obama on election trail getting breakfast at Chicago. The female waitress curses and says damn!. They ought ta take my picture….I’m your daddy.

    “Where my dinner? Where my dinner?
    “We gotta get this take-out
    “Cause I gotta go to Cleveland..”
    “You know ya all…”
    “Come on man…”
    “We gotta make sure..”
    “If we got good turnout…”

    This is why Obama talks like a robot & needs a teleprompter during presidential addresses & speechs.

  8. Adam Moreira says:

    How in the WORLD did Reid win? There’s a reason why they say to never count him out.

    BTW, Obama’s seat had been occupied by a Republican who wore out his welcome after just one term.

  9. BillK says:

    Reid and Bennet won.

    That says it all, IMHO.

    The only thing Republicans achieve in taking the House is make it easier for Obama to blame the Republicans for “obstructing” his agenda and of course to give them the blame when the economy continues to go downhill. (Funny that they “obstructed” him when Democrats had a supermajority, but now he can say it and have people actually believe him.)

    Make no mistake, there’s not a lot positive that can be taken away from this, and I’m sure the press will be pushing that at any given opportunity.

    Perhaps the press really is right about what will happen in 2012 should Palin come anywhere near the nomination, given how many of her chosen candidates went down in flames (Murkowski reelected in Alaska, really?!?!)

    I think a lot of conservatives are waking up to the fact that they were played by the rosy predictions of the mainstream media, which they did to show that “Republicans couldn’t even take control when pundits were predicting a landslide.”

    The bottom line is liberals and RINOs were successful in most of the country, and conservatives went down in flames everywhere but the Northeast and even there most of the Tea Party-affiliated candidates didn’t do well.

    What does this say? I can’t believe the old RINOs are right, but perhaps they are – perhaps the country has slid to the middle left permanently, given even voter “anger” doesn’t translate to conservative victories anymore.

    I suspect Reagan would be unelectable today.

    The people have spoken, and what they apparently have to say is “Obama’s not doing that bad.”

    Tax increases won across the country, tax cuts failed.

    Democrats won even disputed seats in most cases.

    If you drill down and look at details, it’s not pretty. :-(

    At least Feingold went down in Wisconsin, but what does it say when Wisconsin went Republican for Governor and Senate but Colorado went further left?

    Of course not a single Republican won a state office in California, either, except possibly for Attorney General – that race is too close to call. It’ll be Governor Brown, and Boxer goes back with her majority safely in power.

    • proreason says:

      Republicans turn at least 60 seats in the House and the final total will probably be 65, and this tool is thrilled to focus on the dark side.

      It’s just the biggest turnaround in the last 60 years. And that doesn’t count the tsunami in the govenorships and state legislatures.

      Is BillK actually a sleeper Kos agent?

    • GetBackJack says:

      Pro — that is damn sure uncalled for and beneath you, pal. BillK just told it like it is and you ‘dissed him for it. Not your stykle to be dismissive of facts, sir. You owe him an apology.

    • Mithrandir says:

      No apology needed for BillK.

      This guy has the most backwards way of ‘looking on the bright side.’ His comments are weird at best, and absurd at worst.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Oh heck – just look at Michigan if you want to see how big a victory this is – CA & NY are lost liberal causes – look at a map – the red spread even into IL – and with all the Gov & State House seats (600+) won – the game is on.

      I also think Dems like our Dem Senator who is up in 2012 for re-election – who saw what happened this Nov will be wise to take heed and move a little bit away from all the Obama agenda – when someone like Feingold can go down – there is hope for America.

      I agree – as we sit on the end of one of the most massive election results – to whine about the idiots who get their ‘news’ (at that age I didn’t even bother with the news at all) from the Daily Show – is a defeatist attitude. Besides – everybody lies – whose not to say that they giggle that when asked – so as to stay ‘cool’.

      It is a NEW Morning in America – and we need to just hold these new breed of people to their promises – and hold those who have been in DC for a while and drunk the kool-aid to the fire – make ’em sweat and obstruct away.

      Gridlock, The Party of NO and gov coming to a collapse would be the best thing for America right now. Teach ’em (the gov wienies) that real Americans don’t need Uncle Sugar telling ’em that they can’t have a toy with their meal, if they don’t chose an apple and milk. Bite Me – You are not God and have no right IN AMERICA telling me what I can or can not buy with my own hard earned money.

      I’ll survive – the question is can you?

    • phlud says:

      As a long time non-commenting reader…. back to the big belly laughs and ‘attaboys’ reading comments made by Warmonger Infidel and Co….. Proreason is right on.
      …years wrinkle the skin…. but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.

    • proreason says:

      Hey phlud, thanks for your support. I’ve always figgered the readership of this site is way more than the posters. Good to hear from you.

      It was also fun today to hear Rush lay into the rino naysayers. He skinned em.

  10. Mithrandir says:

    Christine O’donnell and Sharon Angle need a MEDIA RAPE KIT.

    Want to avoid Media Rape?

    Avoid areas where media rapists congregate, such as:

    ~cable news shows
    ~network news round table Sunday morning discussions
    ~big city newspaper columnists
    ~political magazines skewed toward the rapists’ point of view

    Be careful to avoid situations that encourage Media Rapelike debates that are useless, as people don’t really watch them anyway, that generate “gotcha” moments. Opposing candidates contribute to media rape, avoid being in the same room with them as will, it’s a trap!

    Been a victim of Media Rape?
    It happens to many Conservative women. Frustrated over the junior high schoolesque behavior of the media rapist? Everything you say is skewered, laughed at, or lied about—we know the symptoms, we can help.

    Many media rapists have beady eyes, birth control glasses, Hitler-like stares, and 10 minute soliloquies at the end of each ‘news’ segment, just like Jerry Springer. Media Rapist Caught: http://www.google.co.kr/imglanding?q=keith+olbermann&um=1&hl=ko&newwindow=1&client=firefox-a&sa=N&rlz=1R1GGLL_enKR382KR382&tbs=isch:1&tbnid=JaFYBVGxAVIsRM:&imgrefurl=http://www.thenoseonyourface.com/mainstream-media/keith-olbermann-interviews-returning-hero-jimmy-carter/&imgurl=http://www.thenoseonyourface.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/ob5.JPG&zoom=1&w=474&h=357&iact=rc&ei=cknRTILuEo_QsAOT0ojBCw&oei=M0nRTJ3AFZP6swOAs9yTCw&esq=11&page=1&tbnh=163&tbnw=209&start=0&ndsp=24&ved=1t:429,r:22,s:0&biw=1278&bih=813

    • BillK says:

      It doesn’t matter, conservative women will just have to deal.

      We can bitch and moan all we want, it just makes us look more pathetic and provides fodder for Jon Stewart.

      Like it or not, his is the voice of America now – look at the results.

      I think the problem we have is that when we listen to Rush or watch Fox News, we’re getting preaching to the choir.

      The broadcast networks, CNN and the Daily Show really are the voice of the public at large, as we found out last night and in 2008.

      I’m not trying to be negative here, I’m just looking at result after result and in general what the left and the MSM have propagated have become the new truth.

      I’ve said it before but the entire listenership of Limbaugh and viewership of Fox News voting as a bloc wouldn’t be enough to get a Republican over 20% in Los Angeles or New York – it’s hard to beat that.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      Or perhaps they need to embrace the media – Sharron Angle especially, who froze out the media completely, and wouldn’t even answer a simple question. That race was Angle’s to win—and she blew it. Harry Reid should not have come close to winning…let alone actually winning. Angle is to the right what (Martha) Coakley is to the left – how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

      There is no such thing as media rape…that’s a copout. (Palin used the media as a reason for her resignation in 2009.)

      Case in point: Nikki Haley – she’s half-Indian (supposedly strike 1), Republican (supposedly strike 2), and a social conservative – and barely touched by the media and is now the next South Carolina governor when Sanford’s term finishes at year’s end. That should have been three strikes if media rape existed.

      Expect to hear her name more often, possibly for President in 2016 or 2020.

    • BigOil says:

      “I’m not trying to be negative here”

      You don’t have to try very hard BillK – you are a natural.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Bill is telling it like it is. Do Not Denigrate That.

    • BigOil says:

      I was not denigrating BillK, simply pointing out the obvious. I have been reading this forum for years, and honestly can not recall many comments from Bill that do not have negative connotations.

      Liberalism and its destructive nature is as disgusting to me as any conservative. Does it frustrate me, absolutely. However, I also know a defeatist attitude will not advance our cause. You can’t win a battle if you begin the fight believing you’ve already lost.

      If Ronald Reagan had this can’t do attitude, he would not have been President and we would not have benefitted from 30 years of unprecedented prosperity.

    • proreason says:

      I was denigrating BillKos.

      All he does is spewe negativety, even after the greatest political victory of the last century. Conservatives could have won 434 seats and he would be whining. If nothing can make a person happy, the person deserves to be called out. GBJ can be just as negative, but at least he doesn’t hammer it home 20 times in a row, and he posts other items that are interesting and not relentlessly negative.

      I think BillKos is a plant and I don’t mind saying it.

    • tranquil.night says:

      There is no dealing with a malignant virus hell-bent on destroying you in ways often beyond comprehension. There is no running from it anymore, either.

      Crush it.

      “We can bitch and moan all we want, it just makes us look more pathetic and provides fodder for Jon Stewart.

      Like it or not, his is the voice of America now – look at the results.”

      60+ House seats including all sorts of stars, four solid Tea Party Senators including one possible future president, a host of governors, 19 state legislatures flipped. All of it pulled off in a matter of months, mostly by the loose organization of mostly non-government Conservative leaders and the American people with the own party they’re trying to save sniping them from afar.

      Yep, you’ve totally got your finger on the pulse of this one, Bill.

      Okay, relax. We’re living in a time of two Americas. Constitutional patriots on one side. Zombies, robots, apparatchiks, operatives, mini-tyrant aristocrats, and puppetmasters on the other. And a rapidly dimishing collective stew of about 20% who’re disengaged, apolitical, apathetic, single-issue independent, or “moderate.” If John Stewart is their voice then huzzah for that because then it ain’t Obama anymore, who as we know is the real Joker.

      If an election result like this is enough to shake your resolve, then I’d suggest that shift your attention away from bizzaro world America for a while and take a rejuvenating walk through your God-blessed land. That’s just me, by all means continue on with the collective mope fest.

      I know you’ll all be back next week with your heads in the game and ready. This election tells us what we face and where we need to improve, which we will for 2012. It’s too important. We all care too much.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I reflect tn’s comments. When this whole obama-mess started, I was beyond inconsolable. I now see a real reason to hope things will improve. Looking at the 90+% of the electoral map Tuesday night, I felt happy about the situation for the first time in a long time. I had hoped to dump the real deeply rooted socialists in our government, but the real action is in congress. Plus, state legislatures will now have the opportunity to practice real fiscal conservativism. We can watch as NY and CA continue to burn as testimony on how not to do things.

      If you put a slide overlay on the electoral map, you can easily find where the hotspots for “free money” are. Just find the blue. You’ll note that where there’s blue, there’s also an impending crisis of that state going bankrupt.

      So, except for the process being so slow, I do see a turn here worth being happy about. My biggest fear is that the socialists will use every trick in their bag to try to trip up the new blood in congress so I hope they are savvy and ready for it. The setups, the false claims, the lies. They will do their best to try to keep conservatives on the defensive but if they are smart, the conservatives and republicans will not address the false accusations or leading questions and instead focus on keeping the message clear and direct.

  11. mr_bill says:

    The post-election story I will be looking for is whether the democrats will now attempt to re-enact the House Fairness Rules. I wouldn’t put it past this cabal of losers, especially Pelosi.

    For those who don’t know what the House Fairness Rules are, it is a set of rules passed by the new Congress in 1997, after sweeping victories led by Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America. The rules were enacted to allow the minority party (democrats) to have more say in the proceedings of legislation. It was an olive branch offered to the democrat party by the new Republican majority in the spirit of bi-partisanship.

    One of the democrat party’s first actions, upon winning the House back, was to eliminate the House Fairness Rules, as a message to Republicans: “We are not interested in bi-partisanship, fairness, or cooperation. Sit down and shut up, we’re in control.”

    I will be watching closely to see if the Democrats in the House attempt to pass the Fairness Rules again so that once they are in the minority come January, they can enjoy the benefits that they denied to the Republicans when they were in the minority. Some are more equal than others.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      But doesn’t it need to be allowed to the floor by a Republican? I could see John Boehner simply not scheduling .a vote unless 218 members of the chamber sign on (forcing a vote).

      The real question is: If Republicans gain a Senate majority, would they seek to invoke the nuclear option to eliminate the filibuster (allowing representatives of the minority of the population to run roughshod over the majority)?

  12. Gil says:

    Isn’t there such a thing as a recount? Won’t there be ANY scrutiny concerning the widespread FRAUD they have done.. even in the close races? What if it isn’t that, as BillK said, “The broadcast networks, CNN and the Daily Show really are the voice of the public at large, as we found out last night and in 2008.
    I’ve said it before but the entire listenership of Limbaugh and viewership of Fox News voting as a bloc wouldn’t be enough to get a Republican over 20% in Los Angeles or New York – it’s hard to beat that.”
    What if it is that the bloc IS large enough… but they get in by very smart FRAUD?
    Is our only appeal to God to directly make it right in His way and timing?
    Are there no laws or earthly mechanisms in place we can appeal to?

    • Adam Moreira says:

      Depends on the state. Usually, however, the result has to be within 0.5 percent for a recount to result.

      If there is fraud accounting for more than that – and any amount is unacceptable, a lot of things would have to break their way, and I don’t see how that’s possible.

    • BillK says:

      If there was fraud it will only get worse in the recount.

      Go back and read the accounts of how Franken came to win in Minnesota in 2008; each recount somehow found more and more votes for Franken but not for Coleman.


    • Adam Moreira says:

      @BillK – there’s probably another recount coming in Minnesota – and what’s at stake there is if Republicans will control both the Legislature and the governor’s mansion. Tom Emmer is trailing by just 6800 votes…well within the territory for a recount.

      But when many on the right of center talk about stolen elections, they usually cite WA governor 2004. Ironically, in WA, Dino Rossi may be headed for déjà vu all over again. Patty Murray leads by 1 percent with 62 percent counted; no one has called that race. They also have a 0.5 percent or 2,000 vote requirement for a recount (Rossi lost in 2004 by 129 votes officially).

      Rossi was the losing candidate in 2004.

      Colorado will probably also go to a recount. That state and Alaska will not be known for a while.

    • proreason says:

      BillK is having an orgasm.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Pro, this is very unseemly of you, sir. You’re at liberty to make an ass of yourself in public, but really, amigo …. you’re going overboard here …

  13. BigOil says:

    This is a good first step. We now control the federal purse-strings and have subpeona power.

    What needs to happen on January 20 is begin investigating the criminals and defund the federal behemoth. Shut down the federal government if necessary, and don’t back down.

  14. proreason says:

    6 observations:

    1. The Ruling Class has been driven into their Walled Cities of Kalifornia, Taxachusetts, Konnetikut, New York, Maryland, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington DC: all places where the slaves heal willingly to the bit.
    2. Beatings will continue in the Walled Cities until the Bourgeoisie has been expulsed.
    3. Only subservient women need apply for positions in the Walled Cities. Women there are not allowed to have an opinion, have babies or be attractive unless they adhere strictly to the party line. In particular, only unskilled, ugly, post-menopausal women are allowed to apply for positions in the Ruling Class.
    4. Fly-over country is now safe for free speech.
    5. Politicians who value their sinecures should keep Comrade Obamy outside their perimeter at all costs.
    6. The free republics should now enact measures to isolate and destroy the Walled Cities, including expulsion from the Union.

    • tranquil.night says:

      The narrow defeats aren’t a statement towards the Tea Party brand of ideas, merely the quality of the candidates and their campaigns. Everyone understands that. Only chumps like Rove and Chumppundit will want to take these individual results to their exponential conclusions. They’re irrelevant and if they want to talk about Christine O’Donnell, then let’s talk about California, where “moderate-ism” managed to have just as much sway over an obviously hopelessly Liberal stronghold. Elitist pricks, pessimists, completely unwilling to recognize the amazing people with significant megaphones we’ve just sent to Washington to take control over the national tone and conversation. But we know what the establishment’s angle is, we know that they aren’t on the level.

      I agree with Michelle Malkin. A big goal for 2012 is soldifying the Conservative political mechanisms to allow for the fore-sighted recruitment of more polished candidates.

      Ultra-dittos to option #6. We should isolate the wall cities bank sheets off the dolls of the national taxpayer and demand that those who want to live that way pay for it.

  15. proreason says:

    The Tea Party candidates did a lot better than anybody will give them credit for.

    Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ron Johnson won.

    O’Donnell and Angle lost and it looks like Joe Miller will lose. O’Donnell was a very weak candidate in a very liberal state. Angle was a mediocre candidate in the state with the most powerful and corrupt man in the Senate and a state where unions are very influential. Miller lost to the most powerful family in a state that has been owned by a crime family for generations.

    We shouldn’t be surprised by any of the losses.

    Our two very strong candidates (Rubio and Johnson) won easily. In a state where it would have been embarrassing to lose (Paul), we won, plus Paul overcame early stumbles to campaign well, and was blessed with a pretty boy who turned into a monster as an opponent.

    The most indicative races were Florida and Wisconsin.

    50% in MAJOR races, first time out of the box for a movement that grew from nothing in 19 months is pretty damn good in my book……particularly considering the special circumstances of the individual races.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      This is a good thing. Major gains in the senate are promising, even if not controlling. The real news, which cannot be ignored is Congress. By having the majority, they can shut up the likes of Frank and so on. Pelosi was made irrelevant as well. She is already embarking on her “I hate the world” tour by her lack of grace.

      But with a sweep of congress, at least the republican and hopefully especially the conservatives can now regain our voice and not have to have legislation crammed down our throats. It was fun while it lasted you kids but now the adults are here.

      Again, I am cautiously optimistic and the first order of business should be to open investigative hearings on Pelosi, Reid and Obama, et al for crimes against the people. Then, hand Pelosi a bill for several million dollars for jet fuel and maintenance and for being ugly in so many ways.

      But seriously, the new players in congress had better arrive in full pads ready to get down to business. The second I see one of them “reach across the aisle”, they will get their hand smacked. This is not what the people want….Looking at all the red on maps last night, I can see what the sentiment by the vast majority in this nation is. They don’t want what the socialists consider “compromise” (which is doing things their way), we want things done our way. The American way, the RIGHT way.

  16. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Biggest surprise – the margin Blanche Lincoln lost by
    Biggest disappointment – Harry Reid somehow won re-election
    Anger – I hope Murkowski’s plane crashes on the way to DC

    Locally – Go NC GOP! However, that dingbat David Price is still around.

    Hopefully these aren’t the same big government republicans that brought us DHS and more medicaid entitlements.

  17. GetBackJack says:

    Well, Out Here (Colorado) the Republicans had their ass handed to them, again … despite all the hoo-rah at what size the victories would be.

    And I note that while key races fell the Democrat way, the modest gains of Tea Party, Conservatives, Republicans amply demonstrates the country isn’t nearly as ticked off as the Right side of the aisle talked itself into.

    But then, how can we expect The People to vote in the interests of freedom and the Constitution when they’re so dumbed down that they can’t understand the instructions on a box of cereal?

    I know you’ll disagree with my analysis, and I’m not trying to be a party pooper, but the easiest time to raise capital is in the middle of a Boom, like the Tech Boom late 1990s. You could raise money for anything because of the classic Tulip Fever syndrome.

    We were in a political Tulip Fever syndrome coming into the elections because of the vile, dastardly, un-Constitutional, treasonous and dangerous moves by Obama and this Congress.

    We should have been able to sweep all Democrats out the door. As it stands it looks to me like less than 50% got the boot.

    That doesn’t bode well, not at all. Because the last time Republicans held the House, Senate and Executive we got just about the same kind of anti-Constitutional government we have right now. I really do not see any difference.

    I just hope Conservatives get over their obsession – “I know there’s a pony under here, I just know it.”

    • proreason says:

      60 to 65 seats, the most in 60 years…..modest.

      6 Senate turnovers, when over 50% of the Dem seats were in Walled Cities (California, Washington, Colorado, Wisconsin, Maryland, Illinois, New York (2), Connetticut, Pennsylvania, Oregon)…..modest.

      What are YOU smoking Jack?

      I also think you have fallen into the trap set by the marxists……once they realized they were going to lose massively, they pumped the expectations sky high so they could claim the loss was “normal”. Geraldine Ferraro actually said with a straight face last night that it wasn’t a tsunami…..the greatest loss in at least 60, posibly 80 years….not a tsunami. The win was actually very close to what most people predicted. The house estimates were generally around 55 with none over 76. The final count will be about 65. Very few observors predicted the Republicans would take the Senate. The actual turnover will be 2 less than the common prediction.

      In addition, not taking the Senate may actually help the cause, since now the Moron won’t be able to lay everything at the feet of a Republican Congress.

      Join BillKos in detention (well, you aren’t nearly as bad as him yet and your whining is more interesting).

    • GetBackJack says:

      No, Pro – I understand the Constitution.

      I suggest you read it.

    • proreason says:

      non sequitur

  18. GetBackJack says:


    Podhoretz makes a good claim, but … I really believe NO ONE understands Freedom anymore. I’m damn sure the Republicans don’t.

    I can own my land and my house and the improvements, but I will never OWN any of that so long as the government claims the right to TAX my property to their benefit and if I refuse to pay THEIR TAX, they will take my property from me by force. (ultimately at the end of men with more guns than I have)

    I DO NOT LIVE IN A FREE NATION OF JUST LAWS. This is the best nation on earth and I am thrilled to the bone that my birth landed me here as a US Citizen, but …. I ain’t blind, I ain’t dumb and I’m not fooled.

    Our money is a curse of perpetual debt instead of representing wealth.
    You cannot own anything. Not even your cars. The state claims prominence. And they possess more violence than I do.
    You owe taxes, payable only in their currency and no longer in kind, just for living. You owe, every day.
    There is no where you can stand that is free or un-owned or un-claimed. Even if you go Mountain Man, you don’t have a license.

    You can call me any sort of names you want, and label me any way you want, but what we’re experiencing right now is not Freedom, not Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness has been defined by the government. And you owe a tax for pursuing your happiness.

    So, let’s not kid ourselves with analysis and moderate modest intellectualizing.

    Our forefathers would hang everyone in every government office for treason.

  19. Reality Bytes says:

    Uh Jack – this one’s for you buddy.


    From Stripes…

    The good news is a medical mriacle was discovered in Washington last night. Nancy Pelosi was seen slack jawed – not thought possible before. Film at Eleven!

  20. Reality Bytes says:

    Funny – but this reminds me of Obama’s press conference today.

    From Monty Python – “The Black Knight”


    I kill myself sometimes…

  21. Reality Bytes says:

    This just in from MSNBC’s Los Angeles studios!


    I swear, at 2:05 the sensible party candidate’s name is ready? Alan Colmes. I swear, MPFC is to liberals what the Book of Revelations is to Christianity!

  22. proreason says:

    Open Blogger at Ace has a great analysis:


    He says that winning the House and losing the Senate is a best case scenario. It will avoid the problems Republicans had after 1994 when Clinton, Morris, and the msm completely outmaneuvered them.

    Others have been sying the same thing. It makes a lot of sense. Even if we had won the Senate, none of the conservative agenda would survive a veto, so why put ourselves in the position to catch all the heat with no reward.

  23. proreason says:

    Now it’s a certainty.

    Rush says Marco is the one they fear the most.


    The more I hear about Mitch Daniels and John Thune, the more I think we may have to throw long to Rubio in 2012. I know it’s a stretch, but my God…..listen to the guy. And they are going to have a hard time Palinizing Marco. It’s a big advantage.

    Mike Pence may run. He resigned from his leadership position today. He will have a pretty good shot at the nomination, but the media will throw a Palin at him. He better not have spit on the sidewalk anywhere. Oh wait, it doesn’t matter what he did, they will say it anyway. He ate babies when he was a teenager, you know, and has a little shack somewhere that he stole from somebody.

    Christie is looking better and better, but he is going to gun into a wall of social issues just as soon as he makes a move.

    If those 3 opt out or hit the wall, as is likely, Tim Pawlenty will look prettier and prettier to everybody but die hard Palinites.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Marco’s campaign and speeches have captured the previously cynical imaginations of Conservative dreamers everywhere. He’s lodged a firm Palin-ite out of her camp and into his, although you can imagine how I feel about a variation of the Rubio/Palin ticket. Christie could fit in their too, although I’m apprehensive about his overall presidential qualities. Less about how his social positions will be recieved by the values right but just his overall underdeveloped national image and vision. That’s not a knock on all his very clear accomplishments or his character.

    • Petronius says:

      My sense is that Sarah Palin will have a veto power over the choice of nominee.

      Any Republican candidate would have an uphill battle without Palin’s full support.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      Rubio (or Allen West) though would be the Obama of the right – even less experience than Obama had. Daniels should be the man if he wants it…or Bobby Jindal.

      Christie would be good for 2016 or 2020—not 2012.

      Mike Pence: no executive experience. And yes, being a governor or CEO, CFO, or COO is necessary. Not sure how Palin’s support for someone without that would be able to overcome that factor – the Presidency is an entirely different animal.

  24. proreason says:

    Interesting experiment in progress.

    As of 11/4 a.m., RCP shows 9 races for the House have not been called. They don’t have the exact current counts, but 3 of the races show Dems with a 1% or greater advantage, 2 races have a Repub with a 1% or greater advantage. The other 4 are 50/50.

    How many of these races will break for the Dems.

    I’m betting at least 7 break for the Dems. Not sure what the odds are of that but 7, 8 or 9 would be long odds.

    Why 7?

    Because they cheat, of course.

    Also, Murray has a 51 to 49 edge with 76% counted in Washington. Joe Miller is 7% behind “write-ins” in Alaska. Both of those races have gone to the dark side, although I suppose there is some chance that the write-ins could break in Miller’s favor. Remember, however, Mukerski controls the unions in Alaska..

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Wait, there’s a breaking report—they just found a bunch of ballots in all these states with Franken’s name on them.

    • proreason says:

      They did just “discover” over 400 ballots for the democrat congressional criminal in South Carolina who threatened the college reporter a few months ago (I think his name is Ethridge). Surprisingly, it has forced that race into recount status. Who wudda thunk it?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Not my district, (or state) unfortunately…and I made sure I voted for Mulvaney at least 11 times.

      Seriously….just once. But it was a BIG “once”.

      Etheridge trails by 1600, so I’m sure there are plenty of ballots in trunks around the district that can set that right. Two days after the election, who forgets they have ballots in their possession? Oh, yeah…democrats. Never heard of republicans ever “discovering” ballots.

      So, maybe NC District 2’s election will be “frankened”. Won’t make any difference, really. The democrats are the clear losers here but Etheridge just doesn’t want to have to go get a job or retire.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      Even if it stays where it is, is that recount territory? I don’t see how that race doesn’t break for Ellmers, although the loser will claim robbery.

      A recount pulled up less than 1,000 votes more for Franken…it’s almost impossible, barring something surprising, to overcome a 1,646-vote deficit.

      My guess: NC-2 is without a representative come January 3. But even if Etheridge wins, depending on if NC Republicans can overcome a Perdue veto, Etheridge could be out of a seat through partisan redistricting.

  25. proreason says:

    Etheridge is from North Carolina, not South Carolina. Isn’t that your state Rusty?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yep, South Cackalacky. Yessir. Reddest of the red states, or nearly so. My heart is in Texas but SC will do just fine.

      Was a very easy vote Tuesday…yes, they had me show my voter registration card and the guy next to me had to show his DL. So why all the fuss about it in other states? I’m not saying SC does everything right (I mean, just look at Lindsey Graham-nesty) but we try to get it right. Bible belt? Perhaps but I’ve met folks black white and otherwise who are genuinely nice and want what’s best for the nation as a whole. Most are hard-working and honest. Or, seems like. And I like to believe that.

      Slippery road caused me to go off the road today in the rain….no fewer than five of the five people who passed by stopped and asked if I was ok and if I needed any help. I thanked them each warmly and considered that though it was a bad event, there was a moment of true greatness about it. Kind people who genuinely like others and understand what it’s like to need help.

      But they aren’t in the mood to give it all away. They are perhaps the most charitable in many ways of any people I’ve ever met. But they aren’t about handouts…they are about a hand up. As it should be. I like where I live. :-)

  26. proreason says:

    The Republicans should encourage Manchin in West Virginia to change party. He is probably to the right of a dozen or more rinos, including Lindsey Graham and McLame. He may be to the right of Kay Bailey Hutchison.

    He probably won’t do it, but it will put him on notice. He must run again in 2012. But if he stays as a Dimwitocrat, the Repubs need a better candidate to run against him in 2012.

    • tranquil.night says:

      It’ll be interesting to see if the remaining wounded Blue Dogs will continue to shun the base after taking it so brutally on the chin. A lot of that probably falls on the strength of Manchin’s leadership since he’s apparently some sort of fiscal conservative democrat pariah. It also probably falls on whether they can shelter with the republican “compromise” crowd.

      To that political extent, it’s not the worst thing for McCain, McConnell, Grahamnesty, and the sisters from Maine to do their thing with their clique. As long as they understand that they’re either going to help us get the country functional and defund the corrupt, incestuous Liberal machine – or there simply is going to be gridlock. The country has rejected Obamaism, it’s now irrelevant except to reverse it.

    • proreason says:

      McCain has been the guy who has reacted the most to the Tea Party movement, probably because he had to or lose his seat.

      Nobody believes it is a permanent change, but it’s better than a poke in the eye, at least in the moment.

      The poke in the eye comes later when he sells out on some key principle to protect his legacy as the great compromiser.

  27. artboyusa says:

    I was thinking last night about the election and how hard some of us had to fight to get what we got (which wasn’t a total victory – it was never going to be that – but it’s still a big step forward in our common project of saving our country) and I found myself remembering Gettysburg.

    Maybe you’ve been there yourself and maybe you’ve stood where Pickett’s Charge began and looked over those fields and wondered what it took to make a man turn his face and walk into that rain of fire.

    Maybe you’ve wondered too how it felt to be at the top of that hill and watch that enormous army advancing on you and maybe you’ve walked across those fields yourself and gone up that slope with the sun beating down on you and you’ve found yourself walking faster and faster and then running, just as they did on that day in July.

    “Come on, boys” they yelled. “Come on! Home’s just over that hill!”

    Maybe, remembering that walk and thinking about that day, you wonder if that isn’t what it means to be an American, if it isn’t our destiny as a nation to always have to walk across those fields and into that rain of fire because home is always over that hill.

  28. Perdido says:

    Beware Beasties:
    The guy you just elected will be your Representative to the Federal Government for about six months. After that, he’ll be the Federal Governments representative to you.

    • canary says:

      Well, it was nice that so many people spoke. There’s the next election too. And the highest liberal beasts roaming the earth seeking anyone they can devour, must be hungry & cranky. At least the Democrats can now be relieved that the tea parties were just folks getting together to sing songs, wave the flag, & certainly did them no harm.

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