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The Hive – How Can We Help McCain Win?

It might be constructive if people could weigh in with ways we could help drag Mr. McCain across the finish line.

Of course, as usual, this thread is open to other topics.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, October 26th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

65 Responses to “The Hive – How Can We Help McCain Win?”

  1. bobbymike says:

    Until the election keep playing the underdog and have a Warriors for A Warrior Tour. Have people like Norman Schwartzkopf (sp?), John Elway (a grid iron warrior) , Joe the Plumber and others. The theme is fight fight fight. But make sure you include taxes, socialism, ayers, acorn and now Kalidi and his anti-Isreal rant.

  2. Phil Byler says:

    There are a number of ways. First, go to a Republican phone bank and make phone calls for McCain-Palin. Second, if you have some money to contribute, do so in a way that pays for ads. Third, talk among everyone you encounter how the polls are wrong (which they are), how McCain is going to win (which he is going to do) and how you are not discouraged (which you must not allow yourself to be). Fourth, if you can’t get a McCain-Palin lawn sign or poster, make your own and put them visibly where you live. Fifth, volunteer as an election day monitor. Vote fraud is part of Obama’s game plan. Sixth, pray. Obama is a radical socialist who would team with a Democrat Congress to, among many things, ruin the country with socialist spending and ruin the Supreme Court. This is America. Whatever issues anyone might have had with John McCain, the fact is that he is a genuine war hero who loves America, who knows foreign policy, military matters and national security better than anyone else and who is a pro-life fiscal conservative. In the next phase of the war with the Isalmists, John McCain is who we need.

  3. politicalmuse says:

    Get all the women to vote for sarah palin. Then the election will be won.

    Direct them to this team sarah townhall audio -million women phone call.


  4. BigOil says:

    McCain should take the kitchen sink approach.

    Hit Obama with everything in his past he will not come clean on. Title the ad campaign “Who is this guy”? Each day a new segment would feature a new shady association – Ayers, Wright, Rezco, ACORN….and tie him directly to Marxism with his Joe the Plumber comment.

    When Obama whines and the media cries foul – ignore it. Obama will be on the defensive and his shady past will be planting fresh doubts in voters minds right before election day.

    If I were McCain, I’d even draw a parallel between fighting against communism for 5 years in a prison camp to fighting Marxists today in the election. Only difference now being he is preventing the whole country from being held hostage. Doubtful it would ever happen, but I’d like to see it.

    McCain does not have a Reaganesque conservative vision to get voters to vote for him, so he has to finish by making the election a referendum on The One.

  5. Anonymoose says:

    So far it’s all been a game of Obama taking whatever McCain throws at him, tossing it back and making it stick. There are very serious questions about Obama, but the attitude of the media is so what, the economy matters over all. So here’s this old guy complaining, and the independent voters are swaying to the young guy because they’re not looking under the skin and seeing the concerns are real, to them it’s just slinging mud.

    McCain needs to do what Obama isn’t doing, lay out a plan to save the economy, start talking about how he was able to survive being a POW and stay all those years in Congress, and how we can survive this also. He needs to make himself seen as the guy with the experience and drive to save the day, whereas Obama has been drifting by on platitudes and generalities. But with two weeks to go, I don’t know what McCain can do at this point.

  6. joeblough says:

    I am not full of ideas, but what the hey …

    1) Loudly tell the truth about the mortgage debacle. That this is another (just like the 30’s and so many other occasions) case of gov’t people interfering with things they don’t understand, and then blaming their victims for the bad results. I.e. telling bankers what to do, and then blaming bankers for the bad results.

    2) Loudly repeat that the people who got the “subprime” (you have to love that evil word) mortgages got suckered and victimized — lured into a situation they couldn’t manage — by cold evil politicians who used them to gain popularity and power — and now are losing their homes and credit ratings as a result.

    3) Repeat wherever possible that lower taxes mean higher gov’t revenues AND higher salaries. It’s counter-intuitive for most people and McCain is just the blockhead to share their puzzlement, honestly and sincerely. He can speak to that issue believably.

    4) Scream about the little known fact that Wall St. is predominantly democrat — not republican.

    5) Wonder out loud, very loud, why Obama has gotten so many endorsements from people who openly hate America. Sure, he can’t control it, but what — one has to wonder — what do they see in him, that they don’t see in McCain? And he can say it just that way “Why don’t they like me? I’m a nice guy! Maybe it’s got something to do with America.”

    6) Dirty Pool Dept – USE family and heritage and UPBRINGING. It matters. Rightly or wrongly, people take it seriously. McCain comes from a long line of American warriors and patriots. Obama’s family traditions come from where? Leftist mohammedan Kenya? Leftist mohammedan Indonesia?

    The relation of Obama’s family to America is what? would you say friendly? And Obama was brought up in what tradition? Indonesian mohammedanism?

    7) Expose the flimsiness of Obama’s claim of “blackness” in CULTURAL terms. Obama didn’t grow up in South Central, or Oakland, or Harlem, or New Orleans or any other place one might reasonably take as representative of your Regular-Joe type of American black person or the American black experience.

    Obama picked up all that stuff in high school and college, SECOND HAND. It is a posture. Obama is all foreign all the time.

    8) Remind the people of what happened during the Carter years. It was a nightmare. And Obama will be Carter on steroids.

    9) Insist that America’s black people think about who’s been running their neighborhoods and cities and schools for the last 50 years. Ask them repeatedly how Democrat control has been working out for them.

    The answer is damning. A few people, LIKE OBAMA, make it into the gov’t sponsored affirmative action elite — and everybody else suffers.

    White people don’t have that problem. But then, white people aren’t trapped on the Democrat plantation!

    10) McCain has to take some cues from Palin and get spunky and positive about America’s future. And push Palin out in front of the public, raw and uncensored, wherever possible, the people adore her.

    McCain needs to talk about:
    — Winning not *ending* the wars we are in.
    — establishing energy independence and the wealth that will follow
    — putting the economy back on it’s feet *without* another 10 year depression (which Obama will undoubtedly bring on) by getting out of the way. Remind people that a couple of bad years can be survived handily with just a bit of common sense.
    — keep talking about freedom and prosperity
    — keep talking about common sense handling of a dollar
    — remind the people of where all the wealth comes from. Not from the gov’t but from human ideas, creativity and work. WEALTH IS CREATED — and we can create more.


    OK I’m tired now and I’ve got work to do.

  7. Colonel1961 says:

    Well, as simple as it sounds – get out and vote – and take a non-Obama friend to do the same…

  8. Media_man says:

    I think McCain should make a bigger deal out of the fact that anyone, from anywhere, for any amount can contribute to Obama’s campaign via fraudulent credit card payments. Steyn, Powerline, & other blogs have documented this but it hasn’t gotten any coverage in the MSM.

    McCain/Palin should be harping on this, as Obama’s huge fund raising advantage has a distinctly criminal element involved. It the MSM won’t cover it, McCain should, big time.

  9. nuthingbettertodo says:

    On a personal level. I, for one, am a rabid emailer. I know it’s small potatoes but its something. I stay away from the hoaky stuff that the leftards like to snopes. I have recipients who are total koolaid drinkers (who will never get it), some who cant even tell me who the current Vice President is (but still vote) and most (thank God) that are like minded. I know I have pulled quite a few away from the darkside and they in turn have pulled some from their circle toward sanity. Baby steps.

    Once I sent a petition from grassfire to some (not all) in my address book – maybe 20 people – and it turned out that resulted in 1825 signatures from just my email alone. Thats not a huge number but really surprised me. If the politicians and the media aren’t going to do the right thing, that leaves the job to the average Joe. What else is left?

    This probably wont help drag him over the finish line but may in a small way help him get close enough. Otherwise, I’m still holding out for the October surprise ;>)

  10. proreason says:

    Here’s my suggestion for a 2 minute campaing ad:
    We see Norm and Sue in their den at home, faux wood paneled walls, toys scattered about, slit basement windows, Penn State banners and Obama posters on the walls. Norm and Sue are seated, smiling in front of a massive poster of Obama’s Greek temple.
    Narrator: tell us how you are feeling about the election, Norm and Sue.
    Sue (beaming): Our lives are changing completely. We’ve worked so hard so long for so little…this little 3000 square foot house, a couple of SUVs, Tivo, Wii….it’s all we have after what the Bush crime family has done to us. But now, with Obama, we have hope. Things are about to change for the better.
    Norm (serious look): We were scrambling to pay for health insurance…
    Sue (interrupting): but now Obama will provide it for us. I feel so safe.
    Norm: And even the 54 trillion unfunded liability for Medicare, which only covers 15% of what Obama insurance will cover, doesn’t appear to be a problem anymore. Obama has a plan for that.
    Sue (smiling again): Obama is SOOO smart. I’m really looking forward to some touch-up cosmetic surgery, see they are beginning to sa…
    Norm (interrupting quickly): and free pre-K for little Suzy will help a lot. It’s never too soon to get the little ones started on appreciating what their government can do for them.
    Sue: and Mary Sue is eleven now. She’s a sassy one. Free abortions will come in pretty damn handy in a year or two. We don’t want her punished in case she makes a few mistakes.
    Norm (happy now): and until now, we didn’t know what we were going to do with Junior. He’s a handful at 16, but the Obama Brown Shirts will be just the place to whip him into shape. How much do you think they will pay Sue?
    Sue (quizzically): Well, I don’t know, but Mr. Obama said the Brown Shirts need to be funded just like the military. The military budget is over $600 billion, so I expect the salary for the Brown Shirts will be pretty darn good.
    Norm (excitedly): KaChing KaChing!!!
    Norm (calming down a bit): but the military budget will be cut by 25% or more. I hope they don’t do that to the Brown Shirts.
    Sue (perky): oh Norm, you worry so much. That $150 billion saving on military spending will really help out with Obama’s new spread-the-wealth programs. Why, that may pay as much as 10% of the new costs right there. After all, $150 Billion is over 6% of the Federal budget.
    Norm (brightening up): yeh, but regardless, knowing Barack has my back on Junior’s college education is a good feeling. But we have to get him BACK IN SCHOOL, Sue.
    Sue: Norm! you know Barack has always focused on education, and not on that arithmetic and literature crap either. But even if we don’t get him back, Norm, I feel like I can spit out 2 or 3 more deductions in the next few years. Won’t it be good to hear the pitter patter of little tax-credits around the house again?
    Norm: you bet it will! And when I get that 2% mortgage restored, and Barack takes care of the $50,000 second we used for the Cancun trip, our finances should be in good order.
    Sue (very excited now): oh Norm, the trade imbalance is about to drop like a rock with Obama in charge, and I bet the Europeans will be lowering their prices out of gratitude that we elected Obama. Do you think we can take another vacation? It’s been months.
    Norm: well, my unemployment lasts another 2 years Sue, so I’ll have some fee time. I wonder if Barack can get that extended and what will the minimum wage be by the time those benefits run out? Zowee!!
    Sue: you silly……you aren’t even thinking about the tax rebates we are going to get. Good times are coming, partner.
    Norm (more somber now): But Sue, you know Uncle Alex is worried about the inheritance tax. He thinks it is going to cost him big-time.
    Sue: Well that’s what he gets for working so hard. I warned him…..besides, taxes are going down for everyone making under $250,000.
    Norm: But I think Alex has about half a million Sue. The kook has been working his butt off for 40 years. I’ll bet he sweats when he sleeps.
    Sue: Change is coming Norm. Uncle Alex is locked in the past. He has to do his patriotic duty and cough up the dough like all the other rich people.
    Norm: I almost can’t believe that only 5% of the country is going to fund all this Sue. It’s almost too good to be true.
    Sue (serious look now): Norm….the rich people have raped us for so long…..our SUV’s are 2 years old now, remember! And you may have to go back to work in a few years.
    Norm: But what if the rich people stop hiring guys like me Sue?
    Sue: Change is coming Norm. It won’t be allowed. Barack is going to spread the wealth around. Rich people are going to suffer like we have had to suffer for so long…or else!
    Fade-out as Sue and Norm happily begin to look through the stack of catalogues on the desk in front of them, singing softly “Happy days are here again”.

  11. 1sttofight says:

    Be forewarned, you are treading heavily on artboys turf. ;)

  12. David says:

    We clean up this video and make an TV add with it.

    Obama’s socialism in his own words. (If you have young ones around turn the volume down for the excess “BS” statements.)

  13. realgone says:

    just give up. the water is too deep now.

  14. DEZ says:

    Bravo proreason, Bravo!

  15. Doc Bearss says:

    McCain will win if he will focus on these points…
    1. Drill here drill now… the lowering gas prices will be rising prices once Obama reinstates the drilling ban.
    2. Obama’s tax plan is a disaster…it will hurt EVERYONE (even his magic, mythical 95%).
    3. Prosecution and conviction of the guilt culprits in the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac debacle.
    4. Winning the War against Terror (not simply “ending” it).
    5. Appointing Conservative justices to the Supreme Court.
    6. Obama wants sign legislation making it legal to kill babies! He must be stopped.

  16. 1sttofight says:

    Get your motor running… Head out on the highway…

    My friends if this don’t get your motor running, you are already dead.
    Watch the second clip first.


  17. 1sttofight says:


    October 26th, 2008 at 5:57 pm
    just give up. the water is too deep now.

    Just WTF are you talking about?
    Come on tell us all about it unless you are a CS troll just looking for attention from your moms basement..

  18. larddiet says:

    I am getting a sense that most people feel this election is done and it easy to see why they think that. The fact that this post has turned up on this forum, and the small things people say (”Even if she may not win Governor Palin will be a political force in the future”. This statement has been used by various people with different openings “She may not win this election but” or “She will likely lose this election but”.) make me believe they have given up in this election. When I hear this negativity I get a sinking feeling. Conservatives keep waiting for things to change so that the tables will in their favor. This waiting never ends and the sense I am getting is that people are already counting on the 2010 congressional elections and they are hoping that thngs will go better for them then. Why can’t a republican win this election? Why concede?


  19. 1sttofight says:

    Winning the election is a done deal, all we have to do is go vote.

  20. proreason says:

    hey docbears….gas is $2.29 in Dallas now. Amazing coincidence no? A week before the election and the gasoline issue is off the table as far as 90% of the country goes.

    gee that Obama sure is lucky.

    on another front, have you noticed that all 30 Dow stocks went down Friday. Might be the first time ever. After all, one might think that at least 1 of the 30 Dow stocks would be doing ok, even though bad loans might constitute as much as 1/2 of 1% of the wealth of the country, if they all defaulted to zero. Coincidentally, the heaviest selling always comes in 1/2 an hour before close. gee that Obama sure is lucky. This totally random market sell-off helps him a lot. It couldn’t have anything to do with the Chinese, or Russians, or Saudis. Not a chance.

  21. 1sttofight says:

    I just went to the store. There was an older gentleman there who is worth close to $2-3 million and he was going to vote for Obama because his daddy was a democrat and that is the way he has always voted.
    I spent about 10 minutes with him pointing out how much of his money(he is a real tightwad) Obama would take from him and he agreed to vote for McCain/Palin.
    Made my day.

  22. bshu44 says:

    Start declaring that those responsible for the financial crisis will be investigated and if guilty of a crime, sent to jail, regardless of title or position and government connections.

  23. Sir Corky says:

    This was already brought up in some other forum, so I can’t take credit for it, but McCain and Palin should jointly do a mass webcam show right after the Barack Obama half-hour this Wednesday, taking all of his talking points and refuting them. They can even provide websites for people to go to while they’re watching so they can see the proof with their own eyes.

  24. Colonel1961 says:

    bshu44: I assume that you are speaking of the irresponsible borrowers? If so, I’m all for it…

  25. DW says:

    If I may be so bold…
    Each person needs:
    -a printer
    -a very large binder or several scrapbooks
    -a couple of reams of paper
    -a highlighter
    -a confrontational attitude

    In my years on this site, I’ve noticed that most working people -like me- often mention being surrounded by either raving liberals or simply the usual pig-ignorant what’s-Britney-up-to-today crowd, at work. As a general rule, we tend to stay out of most of those conversations because we know damn well that it’s just going to lead to the inevitable assault and choking of some asshole who desperately needs it -something that -sadly- is frowned on by the authorities.

    But now it’s game time. And this is the big one.
    Steve Gilbert has already done all the pick and shovel work for you. All you need to do is print and highlight what he has -again- already highlighted for you.
    Don’t print from S&L -go right back to the original source that SG always provides.
    Fill your binder/scrapbooks.
    Print articles that show the contrast between how Sarah Palin is treated as opposed to Barack Obama.
    Print up a bunch of Steve’s “guess that party affiliation” articles.
    Print anything and everything about ACORN.
    Ditto for the current mortgage crisis and who’s responsible for it.
    Ditto for whatever the hot topic is around the watercooler at your place of work.

    Take these binders to work. The minute someone starts beaking off about how wonderful Obama is or how horrible the Republicans are – bring out the binder.
    “Explain this to me.” “What about this?” Make sure lots of people are listening. Know what you’re talking about and don’t back down Not this time.

    It’s positively mind-boggling how many people simply can’t put two and two together without someone leading them by the hand. Be that someone.
    Trust me -it works.

    You have less than two weeks.
    Good luck and God bless.

  26. platypus says:

    Sir Corky
    October 26th, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    With all due respect, the World Series game is on right after Obambi. I’m not sure even a Sarah worshiping fool like me would give up the game.

  27. proreason says:


    It’s the greatest coverup of all time…..to the greatest financial crime of all time.

    The political class has picked it’s fall-guys…the banks….and the media is blindly on-board. Apparently, after 60 years of conservative business practices, the mortgage lenders woke up one day in 1996, uniformly took stupid pills, and decided to turn the mortgage industry into a casino. That’s the story. Barney Franks, Frankly Raines and a host of others have the backup to prove it. It’s capitalism, greedy capitalism as epitomized by the mortgage lenders who have now got their just deserts, along with the rest of the country enjoying our 45% drop in net worth. We greedy capitalist pigs deserve it after all. We preyed on the poor for centuries, now the chickens have come home to roost.

    All politicians are covered with glory for the numerous warnings they gave which everyone else studiously avoided. There is no politician in existance who did not loudly ring the alarm bell. We should be grateful to them and kick ourselves for turning the deaf ear to their entrities for our attention.

    Despite the compelling narrative, my personal view is that the government has officially confirmed that it is the enemy of the people. Going forward, the responsibility of a prudent person is to protect himself from the government. In practice that means doing everything possible to reduce taxes and to maximize those lovely “benefits” for oneself. This long-term taxpayer is henceforth enacting a fairness doctine for himself. If you don’t do the same, woe be to you.

  28. wardmama4 says:

    Simple McCain has to let Palin lead the way – she is as ‘historical’ as Obama and she has the heart & soul of the people. McCain/Palin need to make a lot of the statements posted here – and promist to seek out those who are at fault for the current economic ‘crisis’ and hold them accountable – no matter what profession, what party, etc. Most of the suggestions (especially Sir Corky’s – get Obama where it hurts him – his platitude of promises, fact/proof and of course being tech savy – great idea) on the night of his infomercial.

    As pointed out – step up somehow – if we all did just one thing – one contribution to one candidate we believed in, one run at a phone bank, one sign – it would make a point and help. And talk to people – not in their face ala the Chicago thug – but armed with facts about the issues.

    While we might question Obama’s associates – a lot of the ‘masses’ don’t care – stick to the issues – they win on emotion and McCain/Palin can lose on the emotions – so stick to the facts.

    Finally as larddiet said – remain positive – We just found out that 15 states are investigating ACORN registration practices, we just found out that their 1.5 mil is actually 450,000, and I know for a fact a lot of hard-core, old time Dems who aren’t voting for him (locally Catholics who are against his extreme abortion beliefs and in MI where the Dems have destroyed the state) – it isn’t over until it’s over.

    I don’t buy their skewed polls at all – I don’t believe a msm anymore who refuses to investigate and research a candidate at all. And I still believe that at least 51% of America is hardworking, hard playing, straight shooting tax paying sane people who are conservative on some issues, moderate on most – and won’t buy into this blathering empty suit who is spewing drivel about uniting America with hope and change – while aligning himself with the most extreme, American hating special interest people there are.

    Pick an issue near and dear to you – learn what Obama ‘claims’ about it and what McCain stands for – use it – if you have a passion about something, hopefully that will show through.

    And never forget – at this point in the last two elections Gore and Kerry were further ahead of Bush and lost – Obama can’t close a single deal – if he can’t finagle, cheat and buy his way into it – he can’t win. And we must not let him take America down.

  29. Reality Bytes says:

    1. All things “moderate” Sit Down & Shut Up!

    2. Run don’t walk to Neal Cavuto, Chris Wallas, Jim Cramer, Joe Scarborough, Bill O’Reilly.

    3. Unleash Hell, I mean the pit bull with lip stick.

    4. Rail against Congress being the main blame for the sub prime mess & demand special prosecutors to investigate the current democrat chairs of banking, Dodd, Finance, Frank & Affordable Housing, Waters.

    5. Emphasize what the “95%” of Americans are really getting in way of rebates & contrast that with their taxes going up.

    6. Scream from the roof tops Obama’s support of infanticide.

    7. Ask Joe Biden why it’s patriotic to pay higher taxes while essentially not giving anything to real charities.

  30. brad says:

    Republicans wanted McCain, and now you got him. Why did you people vote for him in the primaries?
    It’s too late now, but anyone with a brain would have thought of this months ago:

    1. All federal tax money collected for gasoline, will be used to find alternative sources.
    The gov’t is greedy for oil taxes, it doesn’t want to eliminate oil revenue. We created the bomb in about 3 years, we can reconfigure NASA and other agencies to focus on clean alternative fuel in less than 5 years.

    2. Get the hell out of Iraq/Afghanistan. Let other countries support them.

    3. Take back out string-pulling foreign aid, and direct it to our own people. Everyone hates the U.N. and other foreign aid welfare give-aways.

    4. Get rid of useless departments that the constitution says the states are responsible for (dept. of education)


    6. Fix the deficit and hold all elected responsible to be ineligible to be re-elected.

    7. Stop spending more than you take in.

    INSTEAD, Rep. Dems just fight over raking in more taxes, to redistribute to the biggest voting block.

    None of that is change, it is just taking turns spending money.

  31. DEZ says:

    “Republicans wanted McCain, and now you got him.”

    Thats a half truth, he got the nod because of a lack of options.
    Now why not blame republicans if Obama wins the White house.

  32. 1sttofight says:

    Why did you people vote for him in the primaries?

    Just who the hell are you, brad?
    Another stupid troll?

  33. DEZ says:

    Go easy on him 1st, the fool thinks NASA is hiding the legendary 100 mile a gallon carburetor in area 51.

  34. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    Ask the American People, Are you better off than you were 2 years ago when Nancy Pelousi and Harry in your pocket Reid took over the Congress?!? Well Are Ya?!? Dow at over 13,000 and unemployment at 4% at the time! Hey America do the Math!

  35. DEZ says:

    “We created the bomb in about 3 years, we can reconfigure NASA and other agencies to focus on clean alternative fuel in less than 5 years.”

    That is likely the most illiterate statement I have ever read!
    Scientists had hard evidence of how the atom worked for generations before attempting to split it to create a bomb.
    If any one on the planet had even a clue how to replace conventional fuels with a new alternative fuel source, they would be the most valuable commodity on the planet.

  36. Nimblicity says:

    brad makes a couple valid points; but unless he has Fred Thompson’s ganas in a pickle jar and the time machine to take it to him, it’s all just grumblicity.

    Let’s save the sour grapes rationale for defeat. Now is the time to fight for victory, however compromised it may be.

    That said, I don’t have any ideas better than those above. Take a non-O friend, make a contribution, staff a phone bank. Call your relatives in battleground states and remind them if they don’t get their conservative-but-poorly-motivated posteriors out to the polls they’ll have some painful “shoulding” to do at the next family get together.

  37. proreason says:

    I’ll defend Brad…half way.

    He’s right about dumping foreign aid for the most part. What has it bought us? Money to friends only.
    He’s right about term limits. The faster we turn the crooks over the less crooked they can be.
    Good idea on the deficit. I’d add that jail would be proper for politicians who overspend (which means they would all go to jail).
    Good idea about getting rid of the Dept of Education. Witness the state of education since the Dept was created.

    I disagree on Iraq…best strategic move the country has made since Star Wars. What could be better than a base of operations in the center of the lunatics. Priceless.

    I half agree on Afghanistan but not for the reason Brad would give. The best we will ever be able to do is hold the line there. That country cannot be controlled. We need to hold the casualties down and get the locals to do most of the work, but maintain bases that we can crank up when the Pakistanis go beserk, which they will do soon enough.

    Brad is also right about the Dems and Reps just fighting to distribute the booty. Look at Bush. He’s worse than Clinton was. Of course, we are about to enter spending defcon level 4 no matter which of the idiots wins the Presidency. Maybe we will get lucky and the elected fool will get impeached. Biden is too stupid to cause equivalent damage, and Palin would be a gift from the gods. All this assumes, of course, that Obama doesn’t permanently ruin the country or get us all dead in the first 12 months.

  38. proreason says:

    but I have to agree with Dez about the alternative fuels lunacy.

    Where do these fools come up with that crap?

    I think they actually believe their own nonsense.

  39. DEZ says:

    You are of course right proreason, brad is half Wright.

  40. proreason says:

    here’s a ray of hope for the wobblies:


    Steve should post this one.

  41. Steve says:

    “Steve Gilbert has already done all the pick and shovel work for you. All you need to do is print and highlight what he has -again- already highlighted for you.
    Don’t print from S&L -go right back to the original source that SG always provides.
    Fill your binder/scrapbooks.”

    Thanks, DW.

    And it’s funny you should mention this, because I was seriously cogitating re-posting some of S&L better articles about Mr. Obama — maybe a couple a day for the duration.

    (And, for that matter, people could make suggestions of pieces that would be good to re-post.)

    We just have to hope/trust that the truth will bring some people to the light.

  42. politicalmuse says:

    We could also pass this on-perhaps make a real tv ad out of it.
    Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered

    from when he was only a state senator–

  43. leonoscar says:

    After Senator McCain talks with Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney, McCain should announce that he’s going to clean-up Dodge City by appointing Guliani for Attorney General and Mitt Romney Secretary of the Treasury and go after the SOB’s who caused this financial collapse.

  44. imnewatthis says:

    For those people who think Obama has such a wonderful temperament and character, remind them:

    The time he pretended to scratch his cheek and was giving Hillary the finger- it was obvious he and the audience were aware of what he was doing (hardly presidential-just nasty)

    Didn’t he win his first election by having four opponents disqualified? (He’s ambitious- not naive like some think) Yet he’s all for voter fraud when it’s going to help him- he gave $ to ACORN.

  45. BillK says:

    One big help – don’t worry about “Palin being off message” but let her loose on the campaign trail.

    McCain acts like he doesn’t really want the job; Palin has the fire and enthusiasm and the willingness to tell it like it is to fire up the public.

    “Sarah Barracuda?” Where? More like “Sarah Lunestra.”

    Pit Bull/Hockey Mom? I’ve seen a yappy little poodle. I’ve heard Sarah speak, I know there’s more to her, I know she can fight, but the McCain camp apparently has her on IV sedation on the campaign bus.

    That having been said, I don’t think there’s any way to win at this point; I think it’s simply too late.

    We’ve got a good team but IMHO we’re down by 21 points with 30 seconds left to play.

    I truly hope Palin runs in 2012 as I’d like to see what she has to say when she’s not being censored by her own campaign.

  46. BillK says:

    Here’s a somewhat bigger question to think about: is the Republican Party now irreversibly tainted?

    The nomination of McCain has proven that the GOP is now home to the country club Republicans who always hated conservatism and thought Christians were those “right wing loons.”

    If, as polls now show, Obama not only wins the Presidency but gets a veto-proof majority in both houses of Congress, what, if anything, does that mean for the Republican party?

    Is it time to stick the fork in the elephant and call it done? After all, many Republicans long ago abandoned anything the party stood for – low taxes, smaller government, non-involvement in everyday Americans’ lives.

    No, now that Americans actively want socialism despite its historically proven drawbacks, will there be any turning back?

    After all, once there is national health care there will be no getting rid of it.

    Once there are “card check” elections to unionize there will be no going back to secret ballots.

    Once 401(k) tax deductions are gone, they won’t be coming back among Americans saying “A guaranteed 3% no matter what? I’m in!”

    The liberals in the educational system have largely brainwashed our youth.

    Most American voters now want parental oversight, not freedom. Not “Big Brother” but “Big Mommy and Daddy” -something we’ve seen coming for decades in the demands that in all ways we be protected from ourselves, as long as we have the freedom to have sex with whomever and whatever makes us feel good and have the right to discard any children to make sure the effort is free of consequence.

    While such an environment could in some way give birth to a conservative party, does the fact that there is a more-or-less insurmountable rift between the various factions within the GOP that further reduce it to irrelevance? Can a candidate like Sarah Palin ever again become the candidate for a party for whom equal parts love and hate her?

    Whatever happens, it appears the GOP may well be headed for its greatest fall since Carter was elected in 1976.

    Some say that will inevitably lead to another Reagan, but can it, really?

    The societal resistance is now, I fear, just too great. The “Reagan Revolution” has been reduced to irrelevancy.

    When the FCC allows sex and nudity on prime time television, the “Fairness Doctrine” is reinstated, and teaching of gay marriage s a federal mandate, what then?

    When churches can be prosecuted for violating “hate speech” laws, what then? (Remember, speech is only free if it’s liberal; if it’s conservative it’s “hate.”)

    Just a few thought questions for a Monday morn, preceding the now almost inevitable assessment that will need to come next Wednesday morning when we wake up to veto-proof Democratic control of the Federal Government for at least the next eight years.

    What can you do when Americans don’t have two brain cells to rub together?

    I saw an Obama sticker on an SUV over the weekend and so wanted to pull the driver over and ask if they didn’t realize that their man would like to make it illegal for them to drive the very vehicle they were traveling in.

    No matter. That would require logical thought, and the fact their vehicle was sporting an Obama sticker means they lack the capacity for it.

    Unfortunately, I suspect that describes the vast majority of the American electorate today.

    So we can continue to post articles showing bias after next Wednesday, but will there be a point?

    Continued solidarity and community among us I believe will be the primary rationale.

    That and remembrance of what our country once promised.

    Remember to hug a vet – the guys who fought for and defended the freedoms we have against those who would have forcibly taken them away – just so we could give them away in exchange for the promise that in exchange for that freedom, we’ll once again get “taken care of” and an “allowance” if we do our public service “chores.”

  47. sheehanjihad says:

    I dont know where I will be able to get any news once this site is shut down for the new “violation of content” laws. Crap. Well, at least we didnt lose this election, the McCain campaign did. And McCain’s lackluster desire to lead. We have about six to eight months to prepare….two years tops. But we are going to learn what a true socialist government is going to be like first hand. Stop posting your firearms here. I just sold all of mine to a friend in Canada. I dont have any guns anymore. Just a butter knife.

  48. larddiet says:

    sheehanjihad- If you are admitted conservative, you will not be allowed to own a butter knife (you may try to cut a copy of the NYT). The only utensil you may have is a spork.

  49. BillK says:

    The sad thing is the MSM will blame Palin for McCain’s loss… and they’ll be correct.

    Just not in the way they would like people to believe.

    Palin has won from behind before, but only when she was herself, not when she was spouting (and chastised for not spouting) the lines she was told to.

    Well at least she can go back home and take care of her family and Todd can go back to snowmobiling… until Obama makes snow machines illegal (a waste of fossil fuels and a big polluter, naturally.)

    Then perhaps all of Alaska will be made a wildlife refuge.

    After all, if “Joe the Plumber”‘s life can be destroyed for simply asking the anointed one a question, how will he retaliate against a conservative woman that dared run against him?

    Hell, Hillary’s going to have a hard enough time dealing with the Messiah.

    If there’s any joy to be had in an Obama world it will be the self-satisfaction of eventually watching Joy Behar and the rest of the women of The View forced to do their show in Burqas.

    (It also will be ironic when it’s not “Christians” but rather Muslims that eventually force creationism to be taught in US schools…)

    Meanwhile, perhaps we’d all best avoid the reeducation camps by changing our registrations to “Democrat” now, rather than next week…

  50. brad says:

    Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are real Republicans. McCain is just a seat-warmer, and plays both sides to the media.

    Republicans need to unapologetically reduce the size of government, but they had the chance to do that 2 major times in my life, (well 3, Reagan tried) back when Newt was in Control, and when Bush & Co had control of the Congress, White House, and Supreme Court……..you will be lucky to ever see that again in your life. We had the chance and completely blew it.

    It will take a new generation to endure the Democrats for a good decade before the voters again rise up and kick them out of office. Already the Dem. Congress is unpopular, perhaps in another 5 years people will put 2 and 2 together.

    We had a chance to reorganize our resources to find a solution to the #1 issue, alternative fuel, but our gov’t is too addicted to oil and its revenues.

  51. Grassy Knoll says:

    What do you mean, help McCain win? I thought the race was over.

  52. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Alas it may be too late. Early voting in many of the battle grown states means it is too late to change people’s minds. Almost like people had to run out and vote before they realized how stupid they were. But some things I think might help:

    1. Key in on the socialism thing. A big pic of Obama with the inscription “big brother is watching”
    2. That smug pic of Obama with his nose held high juxtaposed next to the similar pics of Il Duce, yeah he was fascist, but most people are too stupid to know the difference. But still a dictator.
    3. Get people riled up about taking money from people who work and give to those who don’t
    4. Dems are no longer for the “working man,” they are for the non-working man. You want change, the dems have been promising the same social welfare BS to the “poor” for decades now without delivering. Obama just promises more of the same. More taxes, more government, less business.
    5. Last one of my favorite quotes from Churchill that sounds something like this: I contend a country that tries to tax its way to prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket trying to lift himself by the handle.

  53. 1sttofight says:

    I dont have any guns anymore. Just a butter knife.

    I still have all of mine and they are welcome to come and try to take them. It will make for interesting times.

  54. BillK says:

    The problem with this is that a large percentage of Americans love the idea of sticking it to “the rich.”

    What they don’t realize is that to many other Americans and, frankly, most of the rest of the world, those same Americans are the rich.

    For example, it’s amazing how high support for Obama runs in the San Francisco Bay area, when of course any homeowner in San Francisco needs to be making a minimum of $250,000 to qualify for even a sub-prime home loan in an area where $750,000 will buy you a garage.

  55. Sir Corky says:


    I realized that the game was on after the Obama show. It could still be done the next night. Of course, if Philly wins tonight…

  56. cerberus6 says:

    How can we help McCain Win? A small step-

    Talk to friends and family if they are stuck on “independent”. A lot of mature citizens who have worked and saved through their lives are usually quite attentive to a short exposé of the current proposal to take over 401ks – show them copies of these articles:


    And point out that as they take away your 401k the fiscally responsible Congress will require you to take a guaranteed retirement account –

    -The plan proposes to pay 3% return adjusted for inflation using government bonds, with maybe up to a $600 match of funds from the Federal Government each year. Sounds grand except:
    Mandatory contribution of 5% of what you earn – your taxes just went up

    -Loss of the pretax contribution tax deduction – your taxes just went up again

    -How they decide to implement this concerning those who have or are about to retire may seriously degrade the quality of retirement they worked for and counted on their 401k to fund their retirement…that’s not a tax, you just got robbed by your elected representatives…

    -You don’t decide how much you get to take out/keep. Do you really think an Obama administration with “social justice” and “redistribution” on the brain is going to see it as right that you who worked all your life, earned more as you achieved and thus saved more (in your mandatory 5% contribution) will get back what you earned and saved compared to some scum bag anarchist that lives off of welfare and riots against civilization and never saves anything? itself?….yep, the sum of your contributions will probably be a used to subsidize the those who don’t have as much in theirs….you got taxed again ol’ buddy….

    -Eventually – when you go on “terminal leave” from this Utopia they are creating – who gets what’s left in your account? Only half would go to your hires (if we are lucky) – The social security Administration takes a death tax on your hard work.

    -Finally, if 401ks are on the table – how far behind are Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs and other tax exempt programs?

    They need to be reminded it isn’t just comrade Obama that is after their savings and congressional elections will be decisive to.Who do they want to trust with their retirement svaings???

    Remind them of Joe the plummer and leave them the copies of the articles…

  57. BillK says:

    Somehow I suspect the independents will ignore the huge growth their 401(k)s have been experiencing in the past few years and will focus only on their recent loss – and that the Government must “do something.”

    I still say most Americans are stupid enough to say “I have to put 5% into a fund that guarantees a 3% return? Where do I sign?

  58. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    So much unhappiness before the election! The question might be not if we DONT get McCain but maybe if we DO get McCain. Will we get the liberal or the moderate McCain? So I’m not exactly crying if he doesn’t get it. Barack doesn’t seem to want it too much either. The Joe Biden statement said twice on consecutive nights in Seattle about Obama and the next 9/11 sure doesn’t seem right. Also the statement about being “Fair” with other peoples money in public was just MORONIC. EVERYONE knows that’s what the Democrats are going to do, you dont telegraph your punches like a rookie!

  59. DW says:

    And it’s funny you should mention this, because I was seriously cogitating re-posting some of S&L better articles about Mr. Obama — maybe a couple a day for the duration.

    (And, for that matter, people could make suggestions of pieces that would be good to re-post.)

    We just have to hope/trust that the truth will bring some people to the light.

    Steve, my thoughts on that would be for you to post side by side articles that show the difference in MSM treatment of McCain/Palin vs Obama/Biden.
    I’m not sure how much work that would entail, or even if it will make any difference at this late stage, but from what I’ve seen, the MSM is really going for broke on this one.
    In the last month, I’ve seen so-called news articles attacking Sarah Palin that I ordinarily would have breathlessly posted here -“look at the bias!” -but I haven’t bothered because there are is already such a flood of them. Every couple of days, something new and outrageous comes out.

    I hope someone with a lot of time on their hands is quietly documenting all this before it gets scrubbed from the official records.

  60. Consilience says:

    DW, I would concur with your request. If we do get McCain, we will still have to rein in the national government. The next 4 years will be challenging. Repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments—-a good start. Keep the faith!

  61. BillK says:

    Rush mentioned this on his show today, and I just wanted to remind people that Halloween is a perfect time to explain to kids what Socialism means.

    It means that when they get home with their trick-or-treat hauls, tell them they have too much candy and that you’re going to distribute it to kids who didn’t go trick-or-treating.

    When they complain that’s not fair, be sure to tell them that’s what Obama and the Democrats want the whole country to be like – if you work hard for something, it has to be taken away and given to those who didn’t work at all.

    Given the indoctrination they get in school each and every day, it may be the only time to reach them.

  62. 1sttofight says:

    Very interesting post.

    Oh, Lordy, Lordy, this is going to be fun.

    We’ve told you before that at Obama fundraisers here in Chicago (which we were invited to by people who knew we’d listen closely and dish everything we heard on HillBuzz…Democrats who could never be seen opposing “Dear Leader”, but Democrats who have chosen to stand with us, in the shadows, as we all join forces as Americans to stop Obama and his socialism), Obama bundlers berated Clinton donors to pony up cash for Obama — even though Clinton people are more inclined to donate to McCain/Palin than anything. Well, at these fundraisers it was common for Obamaphiles to stress to all assembled how prepared they were for “three punches” they saw coming at Obama in the closing days of the general election.

    The first punch they predicted was exposing Obama’s true socialist nature, through his connection to William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall, Raila Odinga, Samantha Power, and other assorted kooks, radicals, and loons. Thanks to Obama’s mask slipping on the visit with Joe the Plumber, this punch has been a big CHECK. The only thing that has not come out in terms of this are the audiotapes we’ve been told repeatedly exist of Obama campaigning with Cousin Odinga in Kenya back in 2006, where Obama agrees with Odinga’s anti-American sentiments and says the American national anthem is a racist, violent war song and must be replaced with something passive, peaceful and wholly secular. Obama’s dealings in Kenya have not come to light at all — which is a sham, we feel, because 7 days before the election is not enough time to bring any of this out. It’s not enough time to sink in.

    The second punch we were told was coming involves Obama’s presence at a 2003 dinner where Palestinian Rhashid Khalidi was honored, amongst frequent calls for the immediate destruction of the state of Israel. Obama and Michelle attended this hatefest, smiling throughout, with reports of Bernadine Dohrn and William Ayers in attendance (and possibly sharing a table with the Obamas).


  63. artboyusa says:

    The good news is that “Futurama” is back on TV. The bad news is that we’re gonna get boned. Remember what those hillbillies did to Ned Beatty in “Deliverance”? We’re on the brink of spending the next four years finding out just how poor old Ned felt…so oink like a piggy, you right-wing conspirators.

    If we wish to avoid Ned’s fate we need to take Antonio Gramsci’s advice and “capture the culture”. Its what the libs have done and that’s why our side can never get any traction or a fair hearing. There’s no natural law which says the libs have to own the arts, the media and the education system but they do, and as long as they do, we’ll still be oinking like piggies.

    We can win a war of ideas, we’ve done it before, but we have to start fighting it first.

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