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The Misery Loves Commiseration Thread

Maybe it will help to have a place to commiserate on this sad day for our country.


This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

129 Responses to “The Misery Loves Commiseration Thread”

  1. Helena says:

    I have no words. I can’t bring myself to watch. It will surely be replayed endlessly for the rest of time as America’s Finest Hour, and maybe after a few years I’ll be hardened enough to be able to stomach it.

    • tracyz20 says:

      My colleages think I am weird for not wanting to leave my desk and join in the collective inauguration watching celebration. It is lonely being a young conservative in NYC. I agree, maybe I’ll be able to stomach it at a later date…

    • sheehanjihad says:

      I refused to be a part of this ridiculous circus. I saved Coulter’s “Guilty” and have spent my day reading the truth, instead of watching the blatant lie on television. I good choice says I…..my wife said lots of people stayed home today to watch…yeah, watch the lady ring up their purchases at the mall….asshats. Wait until they wake up!

      (It’s like turning over after a screaming drunk the night before and asking the woman lying there what happened to her daughter….you know, the one I brought home last night..)

  2. Odie44 says:

    So I am at work, at 8:30 and have been making outbound calls to primarily ad/marketing agency’s around the country.

    Crickets my friends…

    I have an odd feeling this is a sign of “productive” things to come.

  3. proreason says:

    Now it starts. The country is at it’s greatest risk since the Civil War. The economy is the least of it. It’s in dire eonomic times when major wars start. And we have a college sophomore in charge. An arrogant one. A stupid one. He has no real-world experience. He has been fed and clothed by his radical liberal puppet-masters since he was in his 20’s. Yet, he has “the strategy” covered (or even worse, they do), and his finger is on the button that can destroy the planet (not, not the Global Warming button, silly). The little people, like Gen Petraeus, will take care of “the tactics”

    No TV today. No radio. Must maintain sanity.

  4. BigBad says:

    As much as I dreaded this coming day, I find myself hopeful as I always am on inauguration day. Hopeful that the new president will somehow come to his senses and be more libertarian. Of course I had the same hope with Bush. 8 years and an even bigger government came from that administration and I’m afraid it could double in just 4 under Obama. Republicans are too wussy to stand up to him and the big wig libs(pelosi, Reid, etc) will run him. SIGH, my hope lasted 2 minutes.

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    “We look forward to regaining the respect of other nations.” (paraphrased Madam in Waiting Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton).

    According to my current read, “The Strongest Tribe” by Bing West (know him Colonel?), while generals & commanders deal straight up on the ground with the vanguished, the diplo-core take another approach. Their’s is a world of deal making, power protecting, politics & propping up the corrupt – all at the expense of the people we/they are supposed to “uplift”.

    So, next time you hear, “the world hates us – we lost their respect”, the reason may very well be that business as usual for despots, tyrants & the Euro elite that supported them was abolished between the years 2000 & 2008.

    Suffice to say, the cheers around the world will be at our own expense (or any other people who long for liberty from oppressive government).

    I look forward to the socialist/populist leader living down to every expectation I have of him.

  6. BigBad says:

    So how soon after 12:01 today does my gas tank get filled and my house payment get paid?

  7. Cincinnatus says:

    America has survived incompetent, worthless Presidents before and I have no doubt that we will again.

  8. Steve says:

    Did anyone notice how the crowd booed President Bush when he appeared on the stage?

    This is that bring-us-together post-partisanship we have heard so much about.

    • Gila Monster says:

      The commentators / hosts on Fox News said absolutely nothing when Bush was booed, how sad our country has come to this, sigh.

      I’m sure that over at MSNBC, Chrissy M is showing his tingling man crush for the Messiah and Obie is probably getting one more rant on about W.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      “When people hate you, they can not destroy you. But when you return that hate, you destroy yourself.”

      Richard Nixon.

      “I got some political capital & I intend to use it.”

      GW Bush the day after being reelected. – And he did (for our sake).

      Not since Jesus Christ has someone been so hated. Even Hitler had more than 12 believers. I for one respect the guy.

  9. Odie44 says:

    So here in the office – all my partners are watching the show, as are other company owners we share space with, some highlights:

    “Where was Obama born…”

    “What’s his degree in..”

    I am not joking. The lemmons who “love Obama” know nothing about him, even the most basic info. I, of course, answered these questions and many others – but then asked “do you think the first black president is going to help your company’s bottom line short term, long term?”, being most are agency owners/partners.

    Blank friggin stares and then the token 5′ 3″ NYC liberal transplant said “excitement leads to business, nothing has ever been like this in my life”

    I answered, “great – ask the mortgage holder, Georgia Power and your non existent new clients if excitement will do this month…”

    I am amazed and shocked at the utter stupidity and groupthink even business owners display.

  10. The Redneck says:

    Cincinnatus, the problem isn’t really even with our president.

    Americans have accepted a new level of socialism, and if I may be a nerd and quote Star Wars…

    “This is how liberty dies…. to thunderous applause.”

    • proreason says:

      you nailed it Redneck.

      The balance has tipped. Close enough to 50% of the country now has no stake in responsibility, and they will continue to vote only for their immediate self-interest. Since they are non-producers, they will feather their own nests with booty from the producers. All constitutional. All designed by the new American Aristocracy and the paid-off, lick-spittle politicians who serve them, firmly entrenched in their chalets, and now having discovered the fountain of eternal dominance.

      How do you turn the tide when the voting majority has broken into the Treasury, with the full support of the government, and their adoring slavey media co-conspirators?

      You don’t.

    • Steve says:

      “Close enough to 50% of the country now has no stake in responsibility, and they will continue to vote only for their immediate self-interest…”

      But, but… Obama’s speech was supposed to be all about responsibility.

      What happened to that? I must have missed it.

    • proreason says:

      “But, but… Obama’s speech was supposed to be all about responsibility.

      What happened to that? I must have missed it.”

      When he gets back to that, it will be in the context of YOUR responsibility to take care of them.

  11. Steve says:

    Mr. Obama is simply delivering a minor re-tweaking of his standard stump speech.

    And this is a speech they have been working on since before the election.

  12. Icarus says:

    Was that ( Inauguration ) today?

  13. Steve says:

    For a post-racial candidate, Mr. Obama sure has brought up his race a lot.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Waiting for the post-racial part myself, SG.

      And, on cue, the Rev. Lowery made a fool of himself with this ‘exploiting the poor’ pabulum… Which poor? Where? Poor people don’t have TVs, cell phones, transportation, shelter, an excess of food and drink, ad infinitum.

      What about exploiting the taxpayers? Sheesh!

    • Sharps Rifle says:

      It’s all he has. He’s a zero…a nothing…a nightmare from which we will be fortunate to survive.

  14. WhySoSerious says:

    While it all turns my stomach and makes me reach for the Pepto, at the same time I have been awaiting when all of the celebrating, partying and gyrations would end and the Anointed One actually has to do the friggin’ job. Obamessiah is going to have a reality sub-sandwich and eventually his zombie followers will be chomping on one too.

    • hugo says:

      I don’t know. Mr. Obama was voted in on a wave of denial, and regardless of what happens, I don’t see that wave being allowed to crash any time soon.

    • WhySoSerious says:

      I understand, but I didn’t say it will happen tomorrow after his first day on the job. It may take 6 months or a year, but eventually his inexperience will show even with all these ex-Clintonites flocking around him.

      Now, perhaps one of you could answer this question – what the heck was that poet talking about?

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”with all these ex-Clintonites flocking around him……”

      Never heard it put quite like that……….but it makes sense.

    • proreason says:

      “with all these ex-Clintonites flocking around him”

      it’s not about the country, it’s about THEIR high-paying jobs….and of course, it’s about power.

      The only reason they are socialists is that’s the cheapest way to buy the votes. The Clintonistas are certainly not ideological. But frighteningly, obamy probably is.

  15. Barbie says:

    Obambi is the bamboozler who’s bamboozled the bamboozable.

  16. GuppyNblue says:

    America was a great country and the world will miss her when she’s gone. May they all choke on utopia.

    “It’s time to rebuild America”.
    Does this mean they’re done tearing it down?

  17. BigBad says:

    “The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works – whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified.”

    Sigh—the role of government in liberal’s eyes. Have to throw it in there even in an inauguration speech.

  18. TickTock says:

    The American Dream died today… Welcome to Obama Land.

  19. DGA says:

    I can’t watch the inauguration, or will my TV even be on today. Got a nice place in my backyard picked out for my wallet. Hoping for some breaking news but not holding my breath. Sigh.

  20. oldswimcoach says:

    Where was all this support for Bush? I suspect the honeymoon will be short lived though, because no specifics were given in his campaign rhetoric, but a lot of specifics are expected.

    I expect to see significant banking legislation very quickly, followed by more and more creeping socialism. We may not be that far away from an “Atlas Shrugged” movement.

    • BigBad says:

      We can only HOPE for an “Atlas Shrugged” movement. Do you realize the Big 3 Auto CEO’s could have been that and they wussed out! They could have told congress to take their regulations and shove them. Instead they asked for a handout.

    • Media_man says:

      There aren’t enough “Dagny Taggerts” in the country anymore to start an “Atlas Shrugged” movement. Over half the country are now Ayn Rands’ “Looters” and the percentage will only climb. Face facts: the gov’t looters have won. It’s over. Time to emigrate.

  21. Barbie says:

    Goodbye free speech for White males, Christians, and conservatives. Goodbye freedom of religion for Christians and conservatives. Hello re-education camps!!

  22. hugo says:

    “We need to get beyond our religious divisions and discover our common humanity … because God has called us to this moment and this is our creed!” Wow.

  23. dalej78 says:

    Thank you Mr Gilbert for this forum. I feel alienated from many, even some of my conservative friends. I posted a status on my facebook, “1/20/2009 The Beginning of an Error” and I have received criticisms that I am not being optimistic enough. I am not caught in the moment, I firmly believe that this is an error and that conservatism and first principles are what are important right now. I just can’t stand the attitude that if you oppose Obama, you’re either a racist, a downer or pessimistic, go figure.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks, Dale. And welcome!

      Just remember what we have been told ceaselessly for the last eight years: dissent is patriotic.

    • TBOU says:

      I did the same thing, I put “6 days left of freedom” as my status on facebook on the 15th. But, no one got it and everyone thought I was on a long vacation. At least I was spared the onslaught of complaints. Everyone on there would get touchy if you insulted messages praising Obama, but they don’t see insulting the other side as a problem.

  24. I’m going to miss Bush. The press had it out for him since day 1 (calling him an unelected president) and other than a brief moment of respect after 9/11, they have had it out for him always…and this (I strongly believe) is what has contributed to his low “popularity” more than any other factor. Certainly Clinton, who launched wars in Iraq and Bosnia without UN approval, lied to the American people and to the Congress, was impeached, etc…but was still loved by the media…somehow managed to remain popular while disgracing himself and his country.

    Bush did what he believed in, liberated 50 million people from tyranny, protected the country from attack after 9/11, lowered taxes which lead to the biggest boom our economy ever had, and I will always be one of his biggest supporters. President Bush, I salute you and I wish you the best.


  25. WickedWolf says:

    I was joking with my wife this morning about me getting sent to a reeducation camp, and my 6 yr old heard me and started crying ’cause she didn’t want Daddy to go away. Oops. Little pitchers have big ears… LOL!

  26. WickedWolf says:

    Guess I shouldn’t keep calling today “Black Tuesday” around my kids, either. It could be misinterpreted, given the situation dalej78 pointed out.

  27. U NO HOO says:

    “Time to emigrate.”

    I have this on my Favorites list:


    Niagara, Ontario, Canada is beautiful, especially at this time of life.

    • Dangerous says:

      Please, yes. We need more conservatives in that part of the country.

    • JohnMG says:

      No Second Amendment there. Hate speach legislation out of control there. Lousy nationalized health care there. Need I go on?

      Face it. The reality is, this was the last, best place on earth for individual liberties, and we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the great experiment in self-government called the U S of A.

      My choice is to stay here and fight to the bitter end. There is nowhere else to run.

  28. freeleep says:

    Listening to the crowds chant “na na na na hey hey hey goodbye” as President Bush flew off for the last time just made me sad.I wonder what kind of treatment we will get if we show the anointed one the same level of respect? I fear that the mob now feels empowered and it is now open season on white christian conservatives.

    • Odie44 says:

      Considering Bambi’s “base” – I wouldn’t put too much stock in civility. They have no clue what honor, morals, decency and respect are about – for their entire confused minds have been taught just the opposite.

      I embrace the 67 IQ’ers finger pointing and cries of “racist”, because changing the mind of a deranged liberal is useless. Once we get past that point, little is left to an honest and open debate.

      Bambi will fail miserably – the question is will America too???

  29. Lisa22 says:

    I’m not watching the inauguaration – I’m going to do something much more interesting and useful, like doing my laundry!

  30. oldswimcoach says:

    The stock market is down 211 points. Just an interesting statistic given the euphoria being presented in DC.

    • Odie44 says:


      With the sell off coming AFTER Bambi’s speech, namely “nothing new was said or promised”

      This is the reality we have all been “hoping for”.

    • proreason says:

      Krauthammer believes the stock market is no longer driven by the economy, it’s driven by government action.

      It’s no longer about created products and services that people want to buy, it’s about whether a hand-out is coming today.

      So if CK is correct and Obamy offered no hand-out today, the market should go down.

    • Odie44 says:

      Pro –

      I will disagree with Charles – Wall St wants free market on the way up, gov hand outs on the way down.

      Been that way since ’32/33 legislation…

    • proreason says:

      “I will disagree with Charles ”

      Odie, I hope you are right, because if you are not, then it will be a steady decline from here on.

      I’m in the middle. I don’t think Wall Street cares as much about free markets as they do about profits. If the government can deliver profits through any means, then the Street will go for that. Long term, it’s shallow thinking, but one thing we know about the Street, it ain’t focussed on the long term.

      And when multi-trillion this and multi-trillion is being thrown about like candy, it seems to me CK is correct that, at least for now, government actions are driving things. You and I would prefer that competition would drive it, because one thing for sure about government is that it cares more about sustaining itself than the welfare of the country.

  31. Colonel1961 says:

    SOMEONE GET THE TRANSCRIPT: wife was watching Charlie Gibson, et al. and Donna Brasille (sp?) was on and she had taken BHO’s blanket from the inauguration. Charlie said something like ‘we’re checking with legal to see if that’s a felony’ and DB says: ‘We’ve got a black president now (inaudible)…;


  32. nuthingbettertodo says:

    Patiently waiting for my children to come home from school where I’m sure they are getting saturated in all that is Obama. Then I will pop in the video I just received from WND called “A Nation Adrift” and show them what has just slipped through their fingers.

  33. EdmoHuge says:

    I teach elementary school, and everything came to grinding halt at 11:20 AM today. We were all herded into the auditorium to watch the inauguration. Our principal proudly announced that two teachers had called in sick so that they could be in Washington for this “historic” event. I couldn’t help but wonder whether I’d get the same support from the administration is I decided to call in sick so that I could attend B. Hussein Obama’s impeachment. Probably not…

  34. BillK says:

    The occupation has started.

    His speech was a total whack-job contradiction – we must all “work together” and “harder” while living on the Federal dole?!?!

  35. Oracle says:

    My brother in law had several dates to chose surgery from. He told the nurse I would rather have open heart surgery than watch the oaf of office be administered to a halfrican american…she was shocked and outraged.

  36. jobeth says:

    I was in misery today and was near tears hearing the swear in. Not in pride…in fear for my country and military.

    I was trapped in the car listening to this thing. Nothing I heard made me feel good. The speech was bland but insulting to one of the finest presidents this nation ever had. The music was a durge and matched my mood until the end when I “got it”. It was supposed to go from where the libs are now to “happy” because of “O”.

    The Poem was a joke that I have yet to see any sense in. And if that last “prayer” was indicative of what we have to look forward to, God help us. That was shameful and insulting (‘white people do the right thing”?!!!!) Where has HE been living for his life time! Who made it possible for the black, brown, yellow and others to have equal rights!
    Yes each race had to work for it as well, but without white people who understand equality, nothing could have happend…soooo…white people ARE doing the right thing! I am Offended…wonder if that counts…or is it ok to offend the white people. (For those who think that may sound raceist it’s not…A black president is fine…its THIS man that is not)

    Thanks for being there all of you out there on S&L! You give some of us strength and “HOPE” WE can live for! (smile)

    Lets look forward to the next election cycle in 2 years…Maybe we can take away his “free pass” to some of his plans. We have our work cut out for us!

    • caligirl9 says:

      What else can us “white people” do to make it right?

      Reparations are bullshit—our new commander-in-chief wouldn’t be “entitled” to anything because his African heritage is his father—unless his alcoholic, womanizing father came over in chains in the belly of a boat!

      I guess what we are supposed to do is work our butts off and hand our checks over to the crackhead down the street, so he or she can reap the benefits of a short-sighted racist halfrican president.

      God bless and keep our military safe, ’cause TCO certainly isn’t going to do it. I expect Hillary and her unmuffled Secretary of State efforts will get our brave men and women into plenty of pickles during the next four years.

      Has Rush Limbaugh started his “America Held Hostage” countdown like he did during the Clinton years?

  37. Dangerous says:

    In honour of the marvelous event, I put pen to paper and this was the result:

    Congratulations, one and all.
    Today now marks a nation’s fall;
    Its glory, power, pride and place
    Have given way to mad disgrace.

    Built upon the strong and true,
    This nation meant to serve all you
    Who now decide that life’s too hard
    And hand the reins to Soros’ bard.

    He dances, sings and wows the crowd,
    But ‘neath the silver lies the clouds.
    Corruption, graft, the lies and deals
    In back rooms and in places sealed

    The One’s ascension was arranged
    And half the nation’s now estranged
    By the great, half-white uniter
    Who has pushed divisions wider

    For the sake of his ambition.
    Oops – I mean his godly mission
    To help you all rise up once more,
    But what are you all rising for?

    Let’s all raise a glass to Cassandra and hope that we’re not in her place.

  38. 1sttofight says:

    Well I got up real early this morning, drank 2 or 3 or 4 real stiff shots of Bourbon. Went back to bed and repeated the procedure until now. Maybe I missed the worst of it , but I fear it is just the beginning.

  39. Trialdog says:

    To reminisce, I watched Reagan’s first inaugural speech today. That inspired hope and patriotism.
    I was optimistic for moderation from Obama until I heard Obama today. There’s been a great deal of speculation from commentators that the weight of the office will temper Obama’s radical impulses. I mistakenly bought into that. An inauguration speech sets the framework for the incoming administration’s goals and conveys themes for how the administration intends to lead.
    I heard nothing about individual liberty or the importance of preserving same. I heard about some collective responsibility we have to each other, the world, and to atone for our past. I heard it is government’s responsibiity to provide for and guarantee jobs and healthcare. I heard that it is my “patriotic” duty to support such efforts, and that my grandfather fought in WWI, and father fought in WWII, for those “values.” I heard a man, obviously ashamed about America, talking about “restoring” our position of leadership in the world.
    I recognize what is happening. This is the end of the American experiment. Our country, which was founded on principles of individual liberty and limited government; which became the envy of the world, the power of the world, and the most prosperous in the world simply because of magic of those core principles, will now become like any other lesser, backward, corrupt, or inept nation.
    My business partner is a kid in his twenties. Went to a fine university and graduated from a fine law school. He’s what I consider part of the “lost generation.” An entire generation of kids coming out of “fine” institutions of higher learning don’t even know what I’m talking about when I speak about the benefits of doing everything we can to preserve and defend individual liberties. These kids simply have no concept that individual liberty and freedom are the reasons why our country is great. He is enthusiastic about Obama, thinks we “need” government run single payor health care, and was excited to see Al Gore’s snake oil show on the big screen.
    He doesn’t talk politics with me much. He gets angry.
    So now what? Well, we’ll have the show trials. We’ll have a reparations debate and reparations bill. These distractions will cloud the massive push for socialized medicine. There will be massive environmental regulation and restructuring of taxes on every aspect of our life, all with a goal toward a global redistribution of wealth under the guise of having to save the planet from our alleged carbon footprints. We will yield to the U.N., a body populated with Machiavellian enemies of the United States, and we will be weakened. Rogue nations wil be emboldened. Wars will start. More economic chaos (quick aside: our economy is not a bad as the press likes to portray it – yet – it’s currently the worst since the Democrat policies of the Carter Administration – Obama hasn’t cause a depression yet, but he will) will ensue as shipping lanes and oil producing nations are disrupted. We, of course, will have nothing to fall back on because we’ll have moritoriums in place against oil production.
    Hard times are coming. Try to look on the bright side though. It’s patriotic for us to support Obama’s plans as he guides us through these troubled times toward a new tomorrow.
    And now for a note to self: You idiot, next time someone asks if you want to invest in a “carbon offset” company or in building subsidized government housing, do it and donate heavily to your local Democrat candidates.

  40. jobeth says:

    @ caligirl9

    I’ve always wondered how blacks of today who have never faced the horrors of slavery can figure THEY should get reparations.

    OK…for the sake of discussion…I say if there is ever reparations given…and I don’t believe it should be…it should be directly to the ancestor who suffered slavery.

    Alright…that means that each decendant, dividing and sub dividing thru the generations, would probably be intitled to about a $1.50 for each such ancestor they have.

    I figure it should not be much more than that because they would only be intitled to receive THEIR portion of that award. After all, all the rest of the decendants have to have theirs as well!

    I mean, gosh, my dad died of Asbestosis. My sister and I only received 50% each of his award. NOT THE AWARD IN WHOLE. The award went to him, not to us. We received ours at the division of propery after his death.

    Must be nice tho to claim 100% of an ancestor’s misery award. T

    How silly.

    Getting back to the topic at hand….Let’s just CONTINUE to do the right things. White people have been doing so for MANY years.

  41. GuppyNblue says:

    The Dow closed below 8,000 today. Hope equals squat to the market.

    • proreason says:

      14% below Nov 4 close……after bailouts of Detroit, Citi, an 800B pork promise, 350B more from bail-out 1, promises of tripling down on FDR, promises to jerk out of Iraq, promises of 3M jobs building windmills, threats of show-trials, and on and on.

      What’ll happen when Obamy gets his game on?

    • GuppyNblue says:

      “after bailouts of Detroit, Citi, an 800B pork promise, 350B more from bail-out 1”

      And what did that do? They’re all still scaring us with talk about bankruptcy and the urgency for more money. Just print me some money why don’t they? Give me what others have earned and I’ll chant your name till I’m horse.

      At last, I understand hope. Hopefully, the well doesn’t run dry before I die.

    • JohnMG says:

      That just might be what kills us all, Guppy.

  42. xdannyh says:

    I want to thank you for posting the picture; I believe the photo is of a Frenchman taken when the Nazi’s were taking over Paris, after the French capitulation of the city, It is a perfect microcosm of the US today. In my youth I always was revulsed by the photo and wondered “why the tears, do something about it!” In my senior years I realize that he, just as we were in this last election, was sold out and there is not one thing you can do about it. Look at his comrades do they look as if they are going to take action, then look around you at the know-nothing voters who led us down this path then take in the rest of the electorate,spineless lemmings that are happy to led to the cliffs, as long as you don’t call them cliffs, and you too will have the same expression on your face.

    • jobeth says:

      Your comments really make me profoundly sad. But they couldn’t be more accurate…and that is what makes it so sad. I too am in my senior years so I have seen America at its best and and for the first time I am afraid for my own future. Especially health care.

      My British father in law died a couple of years ago…You know why? He suffered a stroke and was 85 years old.
      They literally let him die.

      He was very much able to be rehabilitated. (I worked in critical care for 15 years) He told us he wanted to live.

      They did NOTHING for him either pro-active nor post stroke.

      Know why?

      Socialized medicine. Family has NO choice in the matter. His age and the amount of $$ it would have required to rehabilitate him was too much for the National Health Service! He was old and they don’t spend money on the old.

      If anyone wonders if socialized medicine is a good thing, just talk to my husband and myself.

      And this is but one thing we are about to deal with in the near future.

  43. Alice L. says:

    I sent a letter to Pres. Bush thanking him for all he has done for us. The cheap shotters should be ashamed of themselves. Stay classy, libs! When somebody came in today and said she had “tears in her eyes” listening to Zero’s speech, I crossed myself and I am not Christian! If half the country is mesmerized and wants everything done for them, we are through.

  44. DEZ says:

    I did what I had to do to miss seeing the bloviating wind tunnel flap is ignorant arrogant chops.
    I worked through it all.
    Alas, my ignoring the dimwit didn’t make him go away.
    So here I am along with the rest of my nation, stuck with a wet behind his floppy ears moonbat running the country, A vice president that’s dumber than a bag of hammers, and a media in seizures with their Obamgasms.
    My liver may not like the next four years!

  45. caligirl9 says:

    Did you all see this?

    Ted Kennedy falls ill at inaugural luncheon

    Byrd so upset he was removed by a security detail.

    Caroline Kennedy might want to consider moving to Massachusetts posthaste.

    So it begins.

    • DEZ says:

      I will act with respect, even though no Kennedy ever earned any.

    • JohnMG says:

      Yeah. He finally even made himself sick. Byrd, too!

      I wish neither of them harm, but I really don’t care about their misfortune, either. As my late Father used to say, “It’s just the meanness working its way out of ’em.”

    • jobeth says:

      You know, I am always struck at the differences in the way conservs and libs behave when talking about the “other side”.

      Except for the rare exception, most conservs are fairly respectful. When I have viewed the lib blog sites I find a generally hateful, vindictive retoric full of the “F” word and other foul comments.

      Why is that? What does that tell us? (Retorical question…I know the answer!)

      I also wish TK well altho I agree with nothing he does or says and I kind of agree with John McG

  46. sheehanjihad says:

    There will come a time all too soon when people will ask you point blank: “are you for him, or against him?” and your answer will dictate your future. Take care my friends, be vigilant and learn to think before you speak. The reason for this will become all to clear within the next year and a half. nuff said! It sucks, but it wont last forever. Trust me.

    • JohnMG says:

      “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

    • wardmama4 says:

      The most important thing to remember is what are you willing to die for? If it is truth – then speak the truth. But remember these are people for whom truth is relative and always ‘in’ or ‘out’ of context. What I am saying is learn how to mean what you say and say what you mean – there are ways to speak the truth – always – without giving the enemy a clue.

      And working with such a clueless, idiotic bunch – a lot of the next four years will be easy. The problem will come with how much the fanatical, fringe left pushes the agendas forward, how and how much the rest of the World reacts and the dangers and problems that result from that.

      I am praying that God’s will be done – for while I do not even for a second really want to face the evil that men do – if that is God’s will I will. At the same time I truly believe that For nothing will be impossible with God – Luke1:37 and thusly have been praying that God takes this despicable man out as fast as possible.

      If not – I know me and mine are going to do what we have to do to survive – we have been stocking up (amazing what 4 days without electricity does for perspective) and making ‘just in case’ plans. And that is the only cheerful thing about this whole disgusting situation – 100% of the moroons, moonbats and stupid masses – can’t take care of themselves. If they don’t have prepared food or a fast food joint, electricity, their cellphones or computers (not to even think about no tv), their cars and so on – they can’t survive. I find it deliciously ironic that the very idiots who believe in the survival of the fitest drivel – couldn’t even survive a week without Uncle Sugar coming to the rescue.

      The reality is that this Uncle Sugar wanna-be won’t give a damn about anyone else but his own damn ass.

      Lock and load boys and girls – the next four years are going to be a real test of values, strength and true personal responsibilty. And that is why I won’t fear the coming years – I know me and mine are up to it – as hard as it will be.

      I am just sadden that so many in America sold out for the vapid American Idol worship of the fake loser. There are moments I wish God still struck evil doers dead – it would make things so much easier!

  47. 1sttofight says:

    OT but well worth watching Carter give both Clintons the cold shoulder.


    • JohnMG says:

      That tickled me, no end. A little levity helps. What worries me about Carter and Obama is that both of them are like peas in a pod. I fear Obama is Carter redux.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Jimma finally got something right in my life time!!

  48. DEZ says:

    “I fear Obama is Carter redux”

    I am not sure the kid is that smart. ;)

    But one thing is for certain, Obama is not good for this nation, and his stupidity will cost this nation dearly.

  49. Flession says:

    I’m basically been shouting wherever I go “Laissez faire et laissez passer, le monde va de lui même!”

    Give it a shot, you might just feel better…maybe we can make it a rally cry once Lord Barry starts screwing us royally. Until then, let us all sign in chorus the Obama National Anthem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l46t_nrySg4

  50. jobeth says:

    Bush is on the air right now and I miss him already. We have lost a good and honest man. God Bless him and his family. He has served us all well.

    • 1republicanscientist says:

      i second that. now we wonder into the abyss

    • proreason says:

      From an ethics perspective, the contrast between both Bush’s and ClintonObamy is as stark as it could be.

      In a rational world, the political scandals for Obamy before the election would make him a laughingstock.

  51. BigOil says:

    Inauguration day shows the greatness of our country with the peaceful transfer of power. Today, however, was a peaceful capitulation of the system of governance with limited, enumerated powers that our Founders entrusted to us.

    We now have a President about to drop the Constitution into a paper shredder.

  52. Anonymoose says:

    I didn’t watch a minute of it, I couldn’t stand to, although a liberal co-worker was making wisecracks and my blood pressure kept spiking.

    I’m already sick of hearing about how intelligent/articulate/wonderful this man is who hasn’t done anything. I’m tired of liberals jumping for joy that this is their moment. But what can I do?

    For most of his fans the election of Obama is the pinnacle of an almost religious movement. It used to be people identified as American first and whatever heritage they had second, but no more. Thanks to multiculturalism everything is fractured into whatever splinter group people feel is appropriate, and the state has become some amorphous entity that enforces the myriad laws and hands out money.

    No nation or state has ever survived that, Egypt fell because of the influx of the Sea Peoples, Rome because they became more barbarian than Roman, and so on. The liberals say “blah! They were all evil oppressors, we’ve evolved beyond that!”

    They really seem to believe all the world’s problems are because of the US, that we lay down our defense and “talk” to our enemies and it’ll be all right, that everyone will join hands together and the world will be at peace. Obama–or someone like him, is what they’ve been waiting for, that at last their new world is just around the corner……

    For most people I’d say wait six months, a year tops. Obama, or anyone for that matter, won’t be able to live up to the hype, and will have to make decisions and compromises. His luster will go, and he will be at best another politician. But the liberals won’t think of it, to question Obama is essentially to question themselves, and they won’t go there.

    So for all practical purposes we’re back on the Clinton Merry-Go-Round, whatever Bush did that was good will be undone for revenge, any mistake will be glossed over or forgotten, and any negative is an attack, not the truth. The Supreme Court and the US Attorneys will be packed with people who think the “left” way, and everything from Proposition 8 to the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban will be brought up again and the only answer will be what they want to hear.

    The libs say I’m supposed to respect Obama and show support for the good of the country, but I refuse to respect a marketing campaign, the people truly do not know who they have elected.

    I’m sick of this, and wish we could just be done with the power trippers like Pelosi and the graft and pork and all of it. The only good thing to come out of this is watching Bill Clinton finally lose the admiration of the Democrats, but that’s small consolation since Hillary will be Secretary of State.

    My only real hope is Obama blows it so big that he leaves under a cloud, but then I think the Dems learned their lesson from Carter, and instead just like Clinton will sing praises to Obama no matter how bad it gets.


  53. Liberals Demise says:

    Oh….did something happen today? Did I miss something spectacular? I looked on the TV but all they was showing (on every channel) IS some dude and a bow legged tart takin’ a walk in Washington, P.C. and a whole lot of idol worshipping!! Check the stock market tomorrow…..I’ll bet CHAP-STIKs’ company has a run after all the ass schmoozing / kissing today!

    • jobeth says:

      You made me laugh…I always said she walks like a line backer.
      (tsk tsk…now jobeth, shame on you…:-D )

    • Liberals Demise says:

      That jock strap does get in the way. I’m waiting for her to adjust it and scratch on national TV!!

    • jobeth says:

      Comparing her to Laura Bush is like night and day

      (NO…that was NOT a racial comment…just in case a leftie is reading this)

      Laura Bush is every ounce a lady.

    • 1sttofight says:

      Jock Strap, Strap On, Whatever…

    • DEZ says:

      Laura Bush has class, Michelle Obama has jock itch.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Neocons want to know…..
      ….. is she finally proud of America and if so will she join with us to repeal Affirmative Action as it has no place now in politics or American life in general?
      Fat chance as long as she is 100% ……. bow legged!!

  54. retire05 says:

    Questions for all those knee pad wearing, adoring fans of The One who were in D.C. today:

    what area has the two most poor counties?
    what area has 80% unemployment?
    what area is the life expantancy 50 for a woman and 47 for a man?
    what area is the average income less than $6,000/year?
    what area has five times the national average in the infant death rate?
    what area is it where most residents have no central heat and air, running water, indoor plumbing, electricity and sewer systems?
    what area has schools that can be as far away as 60 miles from a student’s home?

    Sound like a third world nation, doesn’t it? But it’s not.

    It’s the Pine Ridge Reservation of the Native American Indians the Oglala Souix.

    I asked a black person those questions and they thought I meant somewhere in Africa. And when I told them where it was their response was “Well, they don’t have to stay there, do they?”

    I wonder if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton have ever been there. I wonder if Obama even knows where it is.

    Ask me if I am willing to support the supporters of Obama in New Orleans any longer. Come on, ask.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Save it for someone who isn’t soooo self centered and has a “real” heart and compassion. The turds you mentioned can’t see past there own racism.

  55. joeblough says:

    We may differ about one detail or another, but our general understanding is that we are coming into a bad period, bad at pretty much every level and from pretty much every angle.

    Those of us that have some sense of normal American values left have to start forming plans for how to take the country back onto a rational course, from a popular level.

    Say what you will about the Republican party, if we know nothing else, we know that they cannot be counted on to lead.

    Destiny may or may not bless us with another Reagan, but we can’t just sit waiting for one to appear. We may just get another McCain, hell we may get a whole parade of McCains.

    So we have to plan on forcing the Republicans to follow a course that they may not like, simply for fear of losing too huge a portion of the vote.

    And make no mistake, while we are planning this there will, as shocking as it may seem, be people in the Republican ranks trying to figure out how to get around the right wing of the party, how to render the conservatives and the so-called “Christian Right” irrelevant.

    The lesson that many will take away from the McCain experience will be how close he came by playing to the left and ignoring Conservative priorities. They will be looking to improve on his performance, not to ditch his strategy.

    I would much prefer to think that America is still too young to collapse from sheer decadence.

    • jobeth says:

      Here, here! Count me in.

      The first person we should look at is Palin. Some may not feel comfortable with her…but….she is HONEST, SMART, THINKS ON HER FEET and CAN HIT THE GROUND RUNNING. She is fresh, unspoiled, has great values and is as tough as nails. Anyone who is not afraid to take on big oil like she did and dislodge the corrupt and wasteful good ol’ boys in power like she did, is someone we HAVE to take a strong hard look at for our future.

      And last but not least…she is actually pleasant and has a great sense of humor.

      I think she could stand firm with a smile. But stand firm she can!

    • proreason says:


    • jobeth says:

      Newt is good too. And he knows his way around.

    • joeblough says:

      jobeth and proreason:

      I think you are both right. I adore Palin and have enormous respect for Newt. I’d vote for Palin in a heartbeat, heck, I did it once already.

      I fear however that we will need more than good candidates to turn the tide.

      We have to force the party to stop fighting those candidates.

      And we have to scare our alleged “representatives” into adopting positions that actually represent our views and interests.

      Remember, we had the benefits of Newt’s service for years (thank you Newt), and even saw Palin rise to candidacy, under McCain no less. And we are still swimming in sewage.

      We have to put a solid scare into the RINO’s that have been grazing on our votes and dollars.

      The question is HOW we accomplish that.

    • wardmama4 says:

      You are right – and the time to be ready is now because as we (here at S & L) know – The One ™ is not a great anything – not a great man, not a great leader not even a great speaker. So the disaster will be fast in coming.

      What I meant in my earlier post is that We all have something we value – hold dear enough to die for – I am talking about us, those who have values, beliefs and personal integrity.

      Those who just elected the vapid American Idol worship of the fake loser see no further than the end of their nose and held out hand. When this wanna be manchild stumbles and falls – guess what, they will turn on him – most importantly after his decisions brings a hurt to them – be it an attack, a cut back, a collapse of local services – whatever.

      So We The People need to be ready now. I don’t care about D or R, left or right – I simply care about America & the Constitution – so that my children and grandchildren can continue to live in the greatest Nation of history.

      We can’t wait for someone else to step up – come forward. We must each one be there on the front lines – or else we are them. Always wanting someone else to do the work, to take the hits, to be the adult.

      Yes, I’d like to see Sarah Palin lead us into the future – but there are others out there just as strong, just as capable – who are working in their areas to say No, to stop this – just as We The People must too.

      We can’t wait until 2012 or even next year. We must stand up – We stopped Shamnesty – we can do this. We must do this – or things will get much worse. And I don’t know about you – but my children deserve better than a fraud from the most corrupt political system in the US.

      I did not see this coming – I was worried to death that Her Royal Clinton would enscounce herself into the White House – and it lead to Whatshisname being our candidate and the vapid American Idol wanna be being elected POTUS.

      Count me in – I will gladly stand up next to you to fight for the USA.

  56. retire05 says:

    Joe, you are going to hear a lot from the “conservative” pundits in the next few years. They are going to tell us how we lost because we need to become more “centrist” and more “inclusive”. They will say how we need to just “give Obama a chance” and wait to see what he does.

    Well, we have listened to Obama for almost two years, and we still have not heard one thing that we can agree with. But what we have heard is lots of “big” government, more government and less freedom.

    We lost this election for two reasons: first, we had the worst candidate possible who had lost his base long ago. Republicans just could not get excited with a guy who wanted to give 20 million illegals amnesty or who considered Ted Kennedy one of his best friends, not to mention the slug, Lindsey Graham. Second; the worst candidate possible ran the worst campaign I have seen in 40 years. The absolute worst. Sarah Palin gave him a shot in the arm, but it was already too late.

    Republicans need to return to their conservative roots. And they need to learn to fight. When a Democrat is hauled into jail, we need to point out the “culture of corruption” that is the Democratic Party. We need our elected representatives to take to the steps of Congress and the Senate and raise hell about the violoation of our Constutition being foisted on us by Democrats. No more Mr. NiceGuy. And we need to start calling our elected officials and letting them know that if they vote against conservative interests, they will be looking for jobs, along with thousands of other Americans, in 2010.

    We need to have our party become tech saavy. We need outreach programs for conservatives. Start now picking the next crop of D.C. elites. Now, not next year. Now. Get involved. Raise hell. Start at local levels and work our way up.

    Obama won because his campaign was a) tech saavy; b) because he hit on a manner of speaking that created a blank screen where people could project their own image of him and c) because he is basically a dishonest person who managed to use the race card to hide his past.

    Conservatives need to learn how to offset those abilities.

    • jobeth says:

      Man! You hit the nail on the head!

    • 1sttofight says:

      I will be against this president with all that I have. I will give him just as much of a chance as the libs gave Bush and Palin.

      Censored, Censored, Censored…

    • proreason says:

      Liberals planned the coup for decades.

      Obamy was selected because he is biracial, has a soothing baritone voice, could muddle through Harvard, and was trainable. He was taught to speak in generalities and adopt mannerisms that give the impression of intelligence. He learned to be non-threatening and congenial. He was carefully held out of the worst of the political cesspool in Chicago.

      There was a master strategy to hide and neutralize his numerous un-american associations.

      There was no intent to sell the true agenda. It was identity politics pure and simple. Obamy’s radical politics proved to be irrelevant. He changed his positions at will, and the press declared him middle-of-the road. The game was changed. Despite what we all would like, if a person as radical as Obamy can win, then the political stance of the candidate now has little relevance.

      While that was going on, the press had an all-hands-on-deck effort going on to destroy Bush. Truth was not viewed as a barrier to the destruction.

      The coup is complete, and probably cannot be overthrown unless there is a disastrous war. No matter what Obamy does to the ecomony, he will simply re-distribute more to 51% of the voters, and the press will sing his praises.

      To come back, and the chances are remote, conservatives need a similar approach. For example, if there had been a plan in place to overcome Romney’s Mormon religion, he would have been a formidable candidate. Instead, Huck gleefully piled on and brought down our best hope.

      But it has to be a very attractive candidate. Palin won’t cut it. She has already been marginalized, and can’t overcome it. The poison is planted in the public’s brains.

      I love Newt, but he also can’t make it because of past history and because he is a white male. But he could be the brains behind the operation.

      Jindal could be viable. But watch, the press will start fanning India-hatred in the next few months.

      But the infighting has to stop, and the candidate has to be a conservative who can describe our values and contrast them with the criminality of the left without offending swing voters. In addition to an attractive candidate, It will take a careful communication strategy, tremendous discipline and a lot of luck.

    • joeblough says:

      I’m working on a site now. I’ll announce it once it looks presentable.

      My focus at the moment is fund-raising for programs to get young people back in touch with what America is basically about.

      My key issues thus far are:

      1) America is and always has been a revolutionary country.

      2) That the ideas on which America was founded are still unfamiliar or unpopular in most of the world — and still revolutionary.

      3) What (of course) those ideas were, how they were decided on, and what people had to go through to make them into realities.

      4) How extraordinarily WELL this all worked from the start.

      5) How poorly we understand ourselves as a nation today, and how few people understand what America is about.

      6) Where we stand today in terms of lost freedoms and opportunities.


      I do not intend to be the sole author or guide. And the end product, hopefully, will be influential outspoken young people who understand America.

      Hopefully I will be able to attract some educators, fund-raisers and commentators to participate in the effort.

    • Odie44 says:

      Wonderful post.

      If anyone is weary as to what it takes to dominate a market share (popular/electoral vote) as a conservative – take a quick look at the successful talk radio and TV programs.

      Conservative, unapologetic and hard hitting. That is all the cue we need – if the masses year in and year out for the past 10+ years can tune in and drive every market to the top of its ratings (and revenue) – it is the proper formula for 2010 and 2012.

      Stop apologizing, stop acting “nice” and definatley stop moving to the center-left.

    • joeblough says:


      You have identified the key issue.

      When articulate Americans go in front of the American people with the American philosophy of life, they win every time. Rush, Hannity the lot, are proof of what you say.

      … not to mention, Mr. Reagan.

      This has to be taken on at a popular level. And at a popular level it’s a winning bet.

      The party has abandoned us. But the material for success is still in place.

      How do we make use of what we have?

    • jobeth says:

      @ proreason

      What you say makes perfect sense. And explains why “O” voted “present” so often. Never take a stand on an issue if you can avoid it and no one can hang you on your position…or find out you TRUE position.

    • 11ten1775 says:

      Proreason, I agree with your analysis on Romney and Huck. I don’t like what Huck did, and I think Romney could have beat Obama.
      I kept thinking in the Prop 8 aftermath that if the Mormons would just fight back against the reverse homophobia, that we’d have President Romney in 4 years. Clinton would have gotten dumped after his first term if there was someone inspiring to vote for. So, Romney or Jindal need to inspire us. Not with rhetoric, but actions. It looks like that’s what Jindal is trying to do, but judging from what Obama’s website now says, he’s going to try his hardest to take credit for New Orleans in a few years.
      Unfortunately, I think you’re right about Palin, too. Alaska’s gain.

  57. Liberals Demise says:

    Seeing the nation has lost its way when it comes to politics (thanks to federal mandates on not teaching the future generations about the workings of government) I think that maybe it is time to pull for a “Common Sense” platform to run against the Leftist Ideas. But I may be farting in a windstorm. Just an idea that I’ve toyed with for some time.

  58. jobeth says:

    Obama at his “Neighborhood Ball”…”If you think about it Neighborhood begins with Neighbor…”


    Oh, I forgot who he was talking to… Gotta keep it simple

  59. TickTock says:


    I like the sound of that. We must take the lessons of Hitler’s rise to power and apply them NOW, before it’s too late.

    Job #1: Vote McCain and his buddies out of office. That will send the message loud and clear through the Republican ranks!

    I’m feeling the stirrings of Hope… Thanks, Retire05…

  60. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The GOP definitely needs to return to its conservative roots. They turned off their base because they abandoned their core principles. Do as I say not as I do never keeps people faithful to your cause. It only disillusions them. As for all the comments I’ve been reading, I’m not going to give over to despair. But I’m also not going to turn a blind eye nor a deaf ear to what Obama does. I am concerned however that while fifty percent of the population voted for him, forty-seven percent of us did not which means the country is almost evenly divided. A house divided never stands, history has proven that. One half of the country is going to have to go or change their way of thinking. And I’m not ready nor will I ever be willing to go down the path of big government and militant socialism. Speak softly and keep your powder dry.

  61. pinandpuller says:

    Instead of a civil war can we just have a mediation and a divorce? Conservatives get the South, the guns, the Chris LeDoux commemorative belt-buckles, the dog and the truck. Liberals can have the North, the Barry Manilow records, the commemorative Obama plates, the aborted fetuses and the Escalade. Let’s sign the papers and never talk again. I’m not giving you any more money-your debts are yours from here on out. Your mother can go to hell too.

  62. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The problem is that we have a lot of liberals here in the south as well. I guess they got tired of the harsh winters up north and have migrated here where it’s warmer.

    • pinandpuller says:

      Well we can show Bush what a real border policy is all about!!! All you have to do to scare a liberal away is point your finger and say,”Bang.”

      Plan B is to start an Obamastery where we will wear sackcloth bought with our stimulus checks and spend our days carving the words of our master into garlic.

  63. scottw says:

    Personally, I am full of hopey change….no wait…. it might be whiskey. He will be better than Carter, and I survived that, so I am not in full blown Obomatosis mode yet.

  64. Sharps Rifle says:

    I’ll keep my comment short and to the point, since I’m still seething over the blind stupidity of so many in this country who voted for this fraud: No matter what, Obama will NEVER be my president. He will fail, and fail spectacularly, and I am fervently praying that he does, because an Obama failure, with the concurrent failure of his communist ambitions, will be the salvation of this nation.

    20 January 2013: The day we’re free from the Indonesian Imposter!

  65. bobbys says:

    i thought i was in that movie the matrix today till i came here and saw that other pods are awakened.

  66. 11ten1775 says:

    Watched about 10 minutes of MSNBC last night and had to turn it off before I started throwing things. (Can’t choose the news outlet – AFN does that for me.) The Obama adoration is one thing, but the media being allowed to completely re-write history is infurriating. There sat Matt Lauer, Meredith Vierra, Peggy Noonan, Tom Brokaw, and some guy who is literally the most ignorant fool I’ve ever seen on TV. He was comparing Obama’s inauguration to George Washington’s (per Democrat talking points), and he mentioned that after Washington’s speech, he went to a church service, and that it was “controversial, since the Constitution is so strong on the separation of church and state.”
    I thought Peggy might chime in at that point, but nothing was said. Not one of them pointed out that “separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution, or that the 1st Ammendment – which is the one place where religion is actually mentioned – wasn’t ratified until over two years after Washington’s inauguration, or that you’d have to be raving lunatic to believe that attending a church service was controversial in 1789. As depressing as the advent of this presidency is, it’s far more depressing to me that our history is being re-written by these talking heads.

  67. Zeusshiloh says:

    I was at work, so did not watch. I imagine the inauguration will be played over and over again, especially for individuals like me who missed it.

    After listening to THE ONE talk during the campaign, it became very evident that he talked a lot but didn’t say much. He spoke in a way that what he said could be taken as promises without him actually making any. What will be interesting to watch is that he left people with very high expectations, and when he is unable to meet those expectations, that is when it will get interesting.

    Hang on, it will be a very interesting (and dangerous) 4 years. Of course, as commanded, pray for him also. That does not stop with his election.

  68. David says:

    Let’s see in two days he has:
    1. Started closing Gitmo to prosecute enemy combatants according to civil law and
    2. Removed restrictions that banned using tax dollars to pay for abortions in third world countries
    What a wonderful new era we live in that we have a country that exports death and imports terrorists!

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