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The Hive – More Improvements At S&L

Here again is our randomly occurring weekly discussion thread, where members can hold forth on things that may not relate directly to the news of the day.

But we thought we would take the opportunity to note that we have made several improvements in the alternative ways one can follow our doings here at Sweetness & Light.

In addition to the Twitter link we announced last week, we have improved our RSS (news reader) feed. We have gone back to broadcasting full posts, rather than excerpts. (Which we will continue to do until the ‘scrapers’ get too obnoxious.)

We have also made S&L more compatible with mobile devices such as cell phones and PDAs. Just go to Sweetness-Light.com on your Blackberry or iPhone, and you should find the site much quicker to download and easier to browse.

So now there is really no excuse for not keeping up.

All of these infrastructure improvements have been made possible by your kind and generous contributions to the S&L stimulus program.

Just kidding, we probably would have done them anyway. But this is a good excuse to note that while we have removed the begging bowl, the donation button in the right-hand sidebar still works.

As always, we welcome any constructive suggestions on how to make the site better for all of us. – Especially from coding gurus.

Of course, as always, this thread is open to other subjects as well.


And there’s more…

Read my blog on Kindle

You can now follow S&L on Amazon’s Kindle, if it would give you pleasure.

You will be able to find a link to S&L on Kindle in the right-hand sidebar, under the S&L Stuff section, like all the rest.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, June 14th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

7 Responses to “The Hive – More Improvements At S&L”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    Great job with the updates SG. This site is a great investment for all you real hope and change junkies out there. I’ve taken information gained here from both the unique reporting and unique contributors and gone toe-to-toe with some of my fiercest liberal peers in friendly school discussion. Now, while taking on some young gun Obamanauts might not seem impressive, I always get asked “Where do you get your facts? You come at this from a completely different direction than everyone else!” and I always tell them here (and Rush and Heritage). Then I tell them to question everything of what they see and hear, even here, and try to discover the truth for themselves – the idea gets ’em pumped up!

  2. TwilightZoned says:

    Since most of us here have come to the conclusion the big O is a narcissist I began doing a bit of research and found this on the bullyonline.org a UK site – The link: Behaviour of the serial bully: attention seeker, wannabe, guru and sociopath including industrial psychopath, corporate psychopath and workplace psychopath. Also stated within the site: “The serial bully exhibits behaviours similar to or congruent with the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

    How scientific this is I don’t know but it sure is some food for thought, IMHO. Characteristics that jumped out at me were:

    * is a convincing, practised liar and when called to account, will make up anything spontaneously to fit their needs at that moment
    * excels at deception and should never be underestimated in their capacity to deceive
    * uses excessive charm and is always plausible and convincing when peers, superiors or others are present (charm can be used to deceive as well as to cover for lack of empathy)
    * is glib, shallow and superficial with plenty of fine words and lots of form – but there’s no substance
    * is possessed of an exceptional verbal facility and will out manoeuvre most people in verbal interaction, especially at times of conflict
    * relies on mimicry, repetition and regurgitation to convince others that he or she is both a “normal” human being and a tough dynamic manager, as in extolling the virtues of the latest management fads and pouring forth the accompanying jargon
    * is unusually skilled in being able to anticipate what people want to hear and then saying it plausibly
    * is emotionally retarded with an arrested level of emotional development; whilst language and intellect may appear to be that of an adult, the bully displays the emotional age of a five-year-old
    * is emotionally immature and emotionally untrustworthy
    * holds deep prejudices (eg against the opposite gender, people of a different sexual orientation, other cultures and religious beliefs, foreigners, etc – prejudiced people are unvaryingly unimaginative) but goes to great lengths to keep this prejudicial aspect of their personality secret
    * is self-opinionated and displays arrogance, audacity, a superior sense of entitlement and sense of invulnerability and untouchability
    * is a control freak and has a compulsive need to control everyone and everything you say, do, think and believe; for example, will launch an immediate personal attack attempting to restrict what you are permitted to say if you start talking knowledgeably about psychopathic personality or antisocial personality disorder in their presence – but aggressively maintains the right to talk (usually unknowledgeably) about anything they choose; serial bullies despise anyone who enables others to see through their deception and their mask of sanity
    * refuses to be specific and never gives a straight answer
    * is evasive and has a Houdini-like ability to escape accountability
    * undermines and destroys anyone who the bully perceives to be an adversary, a potential threat, or who can see through the bully’s mask
    * is adept at creating conflict between those who would otherwise collate incriminating information about them
    * may pursue a vindictive vendetta against anyone who dares to held them accountable, perhaps using others’ resources and contemptuous of the damage caused to other people and organisations in pursuance of the vendetta
    * is also quick to belittle, undermine, denigrate and discredit anyone who calls, attempts to call, or might call the bully to account
    * is highly manipulative, especially of people’s perceptions and emotions (eg guilt)
    * poisons peoples’ minds by manipulating their perceptions
    * is arrogant, haughty, high-handed, and a know-all
    * often has an overwhelming, unhealthy and narcissistic attention-seeking need to portray themselves as a wonderful, kind, caring and compassionate person, in contrast to their behaviour and treatment of others; the bully sees nothing wrong with their behavior and chooses to remain oblivious to the discrepancy between how they like to be seen and how they are seen by others
    * is spiritually dead although may loudly profess some religious belief or affiliation
    * is convinced of their superiority and has an overbearing belief in their qualities of leadership but cannot distinguish between leadership (maturity, decisiveness, assertiveness, co-operation, trust, integrity) and bullying (immaturity, impulsiveness, aggression, manipulation, distrust, deceitfulness)
    * often fraudulently claims qualifications, experience, titles, entitlements or affiliations which are ambiguous, misleading, or bogus
    * is constantly imposing on others a false reality made up of distortion and fabrication

    For fun…

    How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb?
    (a) Just one — but he has to wait for the whole world to revolve around him.
    (b) None at all — he hires menials for work that’s beneath him.

    • proreason says:

      Obamy, even if you just accept his own description of his life, had an exceptionally strange childhood.

      – Abandoned by both parents,
      – rare racial orientation,
      – rare exposure to multiple religions,
      – rare exposure to multiple cultures,
      – multiple/unclear citizenships (i.e., unclear origins),
      – ended up with grandparents who barely accepted him,
      – exposed to extreme fringe political/world-views,
      – heavily involved with alchohol and drugs,

      Layer onto that his involvement with radical Pakistanis, Ayers, Rev Wright, Black Liberation Theology, Jew-haters and more.

      And there is probably a lot we don’t know. Just yesterday, it was revealed that his Sunday school church in Hawaii was fringe left wing and heavily involved in illegal anti-Vietnam activities.

      It’s a miracle the guy can function as a normal human being.

      You know, nobody can say with authority that he is mentally ill…..but just looking at the raw facts of his life, it’s very difficult to see how he could have emerged with a balanced view of life.

      I think the creature is dangerously delusional on multiple levels.

      It’s been a long time since the world has had somebody as strange as this guy in a position of significant power.

      And the last few times it happened, the outcomes were not good.

  3. TwilightZoned says:

    “I think the creature is dangerously delusional on multiple levels.

    It’s been a long time since the world has had somebody as strange as this guy in a position of significant power.

    And the last few times it happened, the outcomes were not good.”

    Amen, Pro, amen!!!

  4. Conservatus says:

    Both of these “improvements” are great news for me.

    Now I can follow my favorite site from my phone and on Twitter, which I’ve just started to use.

    Thanks so much!

  5. Steve says:

    Just a note to point out the update to the article announcing that you can now follow S&L on Amazon’s Kindle as well:

    Amazon.com: Sweetness & Light: The Kindle Store: Steve Gilbert

  6. tranquil.night says:

    Just wanted to say I hope Rush goes forward with his ‘day without Obama’ plan. I’d really look forward to that. Hour 1: All Democrats embattled in scandal. Hour 2: A results and data oriented recount of all Rush’s corrected predictions. Hour 3: An in-depth and historical analysis of freedom and why this world conservative awakening is no coincidence in a new age of tyranny.

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