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The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, September 23rd, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

26 Responses to “The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves”

  1. proreason says:

    I now think Palin will jump in, since Perry has royally hosed his chances and none of the other conservative candidates has a chance. There may also be a chance that she endorses Perry, but I think she will conclude that he isn’t the winner people have been hoping for.

    But if she does jump in, she will encounter the same problems that Perry has. She too will have to defend decisions she made as governor that don’t meet the purity tests being thrown at them.

    For a similar reason, I don’t think Christie will jump in. He’s another Romney, so what would his point be?

  2. Mithrandir says:

    ~Ron Paul would eat up Obama. Barak campaigned on libertarianism, and would have a ton of ‘splainin’ to do in 2012.
    ~Judge Napolitano as V.P. would embarrass Joe Biden…..he pretty much embarrasses himself without any help.

    Everyone is ga-ga for the Tea Party buuuuut, just can’t seem to support the godfather of the Tea Party, Ron Paul. You think Mitt RINOmy or Rick “Bush-Clone” Perry are going to shut-down the dept. of education et. al? Puh!

    Palin should remain as a cheerleader, and Bachmann is her gauge of her chances. Christie should stay in New Jersey and keep giving the teacher’s union the daily beat-down.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    If winning is measured by the confounding of The Establishment, then Palin WILL run. Not since Reagan has there been one who stands up to the conventional accepted norm and thrives on challenging it.

    If Sarah were just another ditz out for herself, she would fall on her face, which is the train wreck too many in both parties are waiting to see. She hasn’t because she isn’t.

    Like David; while the Rino’s quake in their boots, just wanting to get along with the opposition, little Sarah walks up to the front lines, points her finger at Goliath & says, “Who is this Philistine who defiles us & our God?!”

    And for that, she is laughed at & mocked even by her own party. “Who are you? Look at you! You Can’t Win! You’re Just a Girl; a hick from Wasilla. What do you know about slaying giants?”

    If you know the story, David replied, “When I tended sheep, if a bear came up I would kill it. When a lion attacked I would break its jaw & slaughter it.”

    If you remember how it goes, the king had his armor & sword put on David who stumbled under its weight; threw it off; went out walked right up to his adversary in plain clothes, a sling & a few stones & “gotter done.”

    If all Sarah could point to were big game trophies that would not be enough. But her record is.

    She sued the federal government over oil royalties and won.

    She knows more & done more in regards of environmental conservation than any of the candidates combined.

    She strong armed contracts with oil producers, which yielded more oil while increasing revenue to her state.

    She lives “where the rubber meets the road” in her community with her neighbors, family & friends. She understands the fundamentals of liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

    So, if winning is confounding who & what are accepted as our norm and in the process enable the like-minded to not be afraid of what in their hearts know to be true, then Sarah WILL run. And if she does, we will all win because the Establishment will loose it; BIG TIME.

    Pride goeth before the fall. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Somewhere David & Ronnie are smiling rooting her on.

    Remember the day McCain was choosing his running mate; S&L was a buzz with speculation & picks of Romney, Huckabee, and Hunter & Giuliani & why. I recall my post, Sarah Palin & for the reasons why. If SG could go back to that day, you’d see how the site lit up in a chorus of Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.

    The fall that followed happened under the weight of armor of her party. This time its different cause this time, it’s not about party; it’s about freedom, liberty & the blessing called America.

    Sarah, The Giant Slayer….hey, I kinda like that & I like her too.

    • proreason says:

      But my point is that there is still a lot about Palin that isn’t generally known and that will displease some, perhaps many. The “vetting” that was done in 2008 was personal and vindictive. They didn’t bother to attack her on her conservative purity because it didn’t matter to the rabid make believe media (who don’t begin to even understand conservative principles). They had easier fish to fry.

      Since then, she has had the same advantage that Perry had before he announced….which is that she has been able to speak without being challenged by rivals or questioned harshly by the conservative press.

      Personally, I don’t think that I know what her positions are, and STRONGLY suspect that there will be plenty that can be exploited by the other candidates. Similarly, it has been a little bit shocking to me that Perry has been savaged by a lot of really conservative people because he isn’t 100% as conservative as the savagers perceive themselves to be.

      I also think that Perry has opened the eyes of another category of conservatives. It has also been a little shocking that people who you might have thought would NEVER support Romney have easily migrated to him once Perry did poorly in three debates. I think that category came to the realization that someone who might be a good fit for themselves ideologically might also fail to meet their personal view on electability….even though Rush, Levin and others have continually hammered that “electability” is irrelevant. That category is citing Perry’s impure positions on immigration, etc., but who actually thinks that Perry overall isn’t far more conservative than Romney? They aren’t that dumb. It’s electability, not conservative purity that is swaying them.

    • Melly says:

      Nice defense of Palin. I wish the dust would settle soon so the focus is back on the incompetent Barry. Perry was a huge disappointment. He destroyed his political chances on the rock of immigration – don’t want to sound “heartless”. Poor debating skills aside, Perry lacks a plan, energy, connected thoughts. If he tires so quickly during a debate, how can he handle the rigors of the Presidency. Christie….I don’t see what Ann Coulter sees in him, quite frankly. He has the personality of a bully. If he has plans to run for the Presidency, he should be smart about it like Mario Cuomo. Cuomo is plotting and planning. He has plenty of experience in the government (former head of HUD under Clinton and thanks to him the economy is in the state that it is), he’ll probably run for a second term. Unfortunately, I predict Cuomo coming close to being the first Italian American President. I live in NY – you should have seen Cuomo and Christie acting like they were auditioning for President during Hurricane Irene because of the national attention. Right now, the donors and big backers are calling the shots as to whom will enter the race and remain. I have a horse in the race already and pray he/she wins the nomination. I am a firm believer in that everything is destined to happen. We could not stop the wave of Obama…..events that preceded Barry precipitated his win and so the same will happen in 2012. I am amused by how the talking heads believe their opinion of the best candidate really matters or should make a difference to us. We are not sheeple. We are well informed folks who know what is best for this country and for our future as Americans.

    • Melly says:

      Proreason wrote: I also think that Perry has opened the eyes of another category of conservatives. It has also been a little shocking that people who you might have thought would NEVER support Romney have easily migrated to him once Perry did poorly in three debates. I think that category came to the realization that someone who might be a good fit for themselves ideologically might also fail to meet their personal view on electability….even though Rush, Levin and others have continually hammered that “electability” is irrelevant. That category is citing Perry’s impure positions on immigration, etc., but who actually thinks that Perry overall isn’t far more conservative than Romney? They aren’t that dumb. It’s electability, not conservative purity that is swaying them.

      Brilliant observation!!!!!!!

  4. Chase says:

    I like Sarah too, as a person, citizen,and politician.

    However, I think – remember, we are talking about the American electorate who DID elect Obama despite knowing nothing about him – not the sharpest crowd, present company excluded – that she has been too successfully smeared, demeaned, and has not been able to shed the rabid, scared-as-heck, teeth-gnashing untruths that have been thrown at, in front of, or over her, and far too many dumb Americans have swallowed and made those names, phrases and prejoratives stick.

    I am not part of the Twitterpated crowd, have never watched a single episode of Voyeur TV anything, to include talent contests, conniving survival agonies, or people swapping wives and eight dirty diapers, and don’t have a phone that takes pictures or connects to the internet, so I don’t “get” the current media models, but I don’t think reality TV shows, or single-mom Bristol’s recent bar hopping (she is looking in a bar for a future daddy, or even intelligent socializing?) exploits are likely to win anyone over either – weird calculations, but again, I don’t get

    I think Sarah has great credentials as an executive, certainly more worthy than those of the current Token, is a great speaker, and has the best interests of the American middle-class in her heart, but I just don’t see her, with all the ludicrous, untruthful, exploited splatter that has been thrown up the last 4 years, being a candidate likely to win over enough of the dumb, single-issue voters, to include the die-hard misogynists, to unseat the pathetic moron in the White House now. (I bet she could probably take him in basketball too, if there is a non-Chicago bred referee on the court anyway.)

  5. Melly says:

    Bloomberg Shows Bibi The 9/11 Memorial
    Interesting video taken of Bibi and the Mrs. viewing the memorial in the evening. Most folks have only seen photos/video of the memorial during the day. It is stunning.


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I’m probably going to get rocks and rotten fruit thrown at me, but I think the 9/11 memorial is a travesty. Most memorials that I’m familiar with, shout loudly the accomplishments, or otherwise pay credit to those who are being memorialized. I watched the Nova episode about it and in spite of the attempt at making it “something special” it is the worst example of a memorial I have ever seen. Two big holes in the ground, exemplifying surrender, futility and the loss. Something to forever look upon and walk away feeling, not strengthened but discouraged and sad. Not inspired but insulted.

      After all that time this was what they decided on? Two water-drenched holes? What that says about us as a nation is an acknowledgement that we lost, that we were categorically thumped and that we’re forever sorry. Yet we have nothing to be sorry for; Other than perhaps letting bin Laden get away when Clinton was president, but I’ll try to be fair and understand that no one knows the future. However, with that said, these days you can make a pretty good guess. Even in the late 80’s, we knew the sand-people hated us. We had an awakening when Carter was president, something about 444 days? Then again with numerous bombings and attacks. If ever the writing was on the wall, there was plenty of opportunity to see it.

      But a memorial such as is at ground zero is a pathetic way to pay respects to those who died and seems to invoke acceptance of terrorism and a willingness to tolerate defeat. Two holes. Great.

      On the other hand the new World Trade Tower is a nice statement to the contrary, and is my estimation of a better effort, giving the bird to the islamofascists. I like it. And, hopefully, it will stand as the indicator of capitalist prosperity, as the other two towers did and tick them off even more.

      So, throw your rocks, if you must. Just my 2c and it bothers me enough to write about it here.

    • Melly says:

      Rusty, Who would dare throw rocks at you? I thought it was stunning in the evening with the illumination, but I agree with what you said. Without giving away personal information, I participated in the WTC Memorial Contest so many years ago. I’m no architect and hand drew my designs. It was my small way of paying respect to the victims. They had over 5,000 submissions from around the world. I recall when the winner was announced there was rumblings of politics (as usual) being played, of outside architects being hired to “assist” the winner. I was hoping they would have chosen a submission that embued renewal and hope from a non-architect. Here’s the link to the Memorial Competition website – it has all of the thousands of submissions. You might find it interesting:


    • Mithrandir says:

      @911 Memorial is a Joke:

      Yes, I saw on the History Channel, an exposé about the construction of the site, and it was embarrassing.

      ~All they could talk about was how GREEN the buildings were.
      ~You scan your key-card, and the (wait for it) elevator comes down to get you and automatically takes you to the correct floor! ~imagine that!
      ~Of course the two dripping holes in the ground, that just remind us of where our buildings were. Don’t like it at all.
      ~The underground is connected to…….the subway line! It’s so user friendly!
      ~So, this is nothing more than just a go ‘ol high-tech building project that has something to do with a sad day, and we will only mention it in very vague terms, much like the public schools are encouraged to do.

      PUKE! This 10 year on-going MESS is just terrible. Uninspiring, uncreative, boring let’s-be-neutral-and-not-piss-anyone-off-because-it’s-possible-that-is-the-reason-why-the-buildings-were-attacked-in-the-first-place liberal attitude.

  6. Reality Bytes says:

    My post wasn’t a defense. It was an observation. Palin commands attention when ever she wants it. She is quite capable of raising crusing amounts of cash when ever she wants & isn’t afraid to spend it, which to your Washington insiders is like crack, unfortunately but true.

    You’re right; her portrayal has been painted by the flash mob media who most haven’t lived half the life she has. My comments about how the RNC tried to “protect her” point to the failures of that campaign.

    My emphasis is we need as much conversation about what’s wrong with current leadership & what’s right about the basics using experience as evidence.

    And Sarah Palin isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it. I wouldn’t want her under a rock. I’d put her right up front. Sure they’ll be howls & laughter. Who The Hell Cares!

    And, as far as the current crop goes, I think her style combined with Bachman, Santorum & Gingrich will steer the conversation that needs to be had with all Americans.

    Honestly? I turned off the debates this week. I don’t need to hear one guy score against another one; that’s not what this is about. These guys need to embrace each other. Point out differences sure but over all the discussion needs to be about America & its citizenry.

    I’m just finishing Cheney’s book which recalls the Lieberman/Cheney debate in 2000. It was civil & thoughtful; a master work really. It’s not often a debate between opposing party’s candidates get a standing ovation. That one did.

    Instead, in my opinion with the exception of Gingrich in particular, we’re getting more Gore/Bush 2000.

    BTW – for the record, I would prefer Perry over Romney. As the old man used to tell the Republicans in NJ, “If you run like a democrat, they’re just going to vote for the real thing….every time.” And look at the state today to see which way it went.

    As far as Perry’s position on immigration; I’ll tell you what, I’ve posted the RB Immigration Bill before. It’s based on obvious life’s realities. (1) If the NJ Turnpike can figure out when I blow through a toll booth at 75 mph & send me a ticket; if you can apply for EZPass on line by providing all kinds of information; then applying for citizenship should be just as easy. You wanna come here? Great, fill out these forms; if you need help, come down to the local WallMart & someone will help you. Hell we’ll even put in an express lane. Just remember, if you get out of line, if you kill anyone, we’ll kill you back.

    Course this only works provided we do three other things (1) Halliburton builds 2,000 miles of fence, (2) since we’re not using NASA in space, maybe we get them to deploy the technology that can tell your hat size from space & my favorite (3) contract Blackwater to patrol. If the first two don’t piss them off, that will.

    Then again, I’m all for selling California to China as a down payment; take the money & buy Mexico so we don’t have to spend billions changing our flag. Think about it, unlike those here illegally on our welfare system, they speak English, go to church, are hard workers; their women are among the most beautiful in the world AND THEY COOK!

    They also know a thing or two about controlling their border with Guatemala.

    Think about it.

  7. Reality Bytes says:

    Rusty – I’m in NYC almost every day. No matter how many times I find myself down at ground zero; not to pay respects but just passing through, there’s a certain eerie hush that comes over me. I’m not alone. The folks I work with, people I know all say the same thing.

    I don’t mean to go all spooky, but it’s the same feeling as when walking alone in the dark & feel you’re being watched. I don’t mean by security cameras but something, someone greater. Maybe the 2,800 hundred or so souls who were lost that day, maybe their guardian angels waiting for their return; who knows.

    I’ve never been to the U.S.S. Arizona memorial but I hear the same holds true. Sometimes, a reminder of liberty attacked is important too.

    We’re just 10 years out & the elitists rather forget; rationalize away; even forbid footage of the 200 people who jumped to their death; or the planes themselves hitting the towers.

    My first post on S&L was a warning called “Our Greatest Collective Sin”. It was just that; forgetting & wishing our enemies away by rationalizing their intent. It was my call that any enemy who wishes to harm & kill us must be killed; not out of hate but extermination because they’re poison spreads. Its warning was that if we don’t, if we wish to coexist, we are lost leaving the likes of Ahmadinejad & others to will write our history for future generations.

  8. proreason says:

    Shocker. Perry loses in a landslide to Cain in Florida straw poll. Romney didn’t compete but only trailed Perry by 1%. See Hot Air.

    Surely, this ends Perry’s campaign. What a slap-down.

    Does this now make Cain a viable candidate…or does it just mean that it’s Cain’s turn in the catbird seat? Will Tea Partiers have the guts to vet him as vigorously as they vetted Perry, or will he get the Obamy free pass?

    I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Cain might be a legitimate contendor for anything but a cabinet position. I was viewing him as an interesting quixotic guy who does a good job talking the conservative line. Does revealing his brush with death on national TV suddenly qualify him for the most powerful position in the world?

    Will anyone have the guts to say that his 9 9 9 plan is radical, and that radical isn’t conservative? For example, many people reading this site pay less than 9% income tax today, and pay no federal sales tax. Are you up for a big income tax increase (it will be 9%) and the cost of everything going up 9% (because that is his national sales tax proposal) at the same time? That will mean that someone making 40K and paying nothing today, will pay 3.6K in income tax and maybe another 3K in sales tax. Are you ready for that? But you may say, there will be deductions and exemptions, of course. But if that’s true, then he’s playing favorites, just like the tax code does today, isn’t he? Who else would get favors? I’ve had a lot of years when I paid over 25% in federal taxes. I guess I should be happy.

    Will people be reluctant to puncture a nutty plan because Cain almost died from cancer and is a black guy?

    My head hurts.

  9. sticks says:

    This whole electability thing really irritates my bowl. I know one thing and that is that the MBM is going to find issues about electability on every conservative candidate they don’t like in order to steer the election almost certainly to Romney. They knoew that outside an absolute miracle (many dead people come to life and vote) Obama’s toast. I believe they think they can buffalo him and basically keep him from doing much and then at the next election shout about how conservatives don’t do anything. I think thats their game plan and in the mean time we play right into their hands. We need someone who can stay on track with a clear conservative plan to back our nation away from the cliff it is standing at the edge of (if we haven’t allready fallen off. If thats Palin, Perry, Bachman, our whoever else we will have to stand with them in spite of what the media or Rinos say. I personally hoped that Palin would wait till 2018 but if some of thewse others can’t get it together then we may not be able to wait that long. If Obama gets back in we may not last that long. And RB I’d like to ship California over to China in exchange for some small part of the debt we owe them. They wouldnt take it though.

    • proreason says:

      imho, electability is the ONLY consideration. I love Rush and Levin, but they are dead wrong about it.

      The opposite side of your argument is that there isn’t a single candidate who agrees with any single voter on everything. The more you learn about any one of them, the more you will realize that they aren’t quite perfect. This is exactly what happened to Perry…despite the almost certain fact that his brand of conservatism in a blind taste test would be the one selected by a majority of Republicans/Conservatives.

      So why even consider Bachmann, Santoreum, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, or Cain. They all have positions that will insure they get less than 40% of the vote, and not a single one of them except Jones has held a position where their decisions affected millions of lives. What an incredible roll of the dice any one of them would be.

      In ordinary times, I would say Rush and Levin have a case, a weak case, but at least an arguable case.

      But when the alternative is the destruction of the country as we know it, for gosh sake’s man, don’t just regurgitate Levin, THINK. Bachmann, to cite just one, would be lucky to get 30% of the vote. She is a shrill and rigid ideologue who will rapidly alienate 2/3 of the country. Maybe it’s your ideology, but it doesn’t matter. The election would be over the minute she would be nominated. And don’t hand me the old Reagan canard. She has nothing in common with Reagan.

    • sticks says:

      Pro, I am looking at electability in terms of how the media will present it. It seems to me that some people who have been elected in recent times were poprtrayed in the media as anything but electable. In a blind taste test I’m sure I would go with Rick Perry and it seems to me that the media is doing everything in their power to portray him as unelectable, what happened in Florida will just give them more ammo, but we voters can and in the past have overturned results that the media have presented as cast in stone.
      You on the other hand are looking at electability in terms of who will people actually vote for. In that case your observations about Bachmann, Santoreum and the rest are probably close (I was just pulling names out of a hat above to make a point). My point above is that it matters what they stand for and how clearly they can articulate it to me and I think a lot of other voters as well, not what the media says about them, it is true that no candidate will do everything that any voter might wish.
      If Perry starts to fade then who do we have that will actually beat Obama? And by the way I don’t even know what Levin said about electability (or Rush) just stating my own opinion.
      If we let the media and the rinos tell us who to vote for it will be the candidate they believe they can destroy or one they believe will turn off some of the conservative base, sadly in spite of what I said above we still stand a real chance of ending up with Obama.

    • proreason says:

      I agree we shouldn’t let the media decide who our candidate is, and policy certainly matters. I just put electability above everything else…and I’m fully aware that it puts me on an extreme fringe for people who read conservative blogs. I had high hopes for Perry, but they were quickly dashed. That leaves a pretty stark choice. Romney, or unelectabile hard-core conservatives, or a couple of guys who are just wierd on foreign policy and also aren’t electable, or a guy who out-Romney’s Romney, or Newt who would have a hard time getting elected as well.

      Things could change of course, but it seems to me that Romney has the clear path. But I’m not mad about it because I think he has a decent chance to win, and I would a thousand times prefer him to the Menace. Now if Romney starts sticking HIS foot in his mouth, I’ll get really worried. Might have to start writing love letters to Rubio, even though he isn’t experienced enough.

    • sticks says:

      What scares me pro is that you are right we absolutely have to get rid of the “won.” It just bugs me because if you had asked me who the media would want a year ago I would have said Romney, who does seem to have the clear path now. I fear Romney has the potential to hurt the conservative cause, but Obummer has the very real ability (and desire?) to destroy the nation. So there it is.

    • proreason says:

      The way I think about it Sticks, is that it will take a multi-step process, and probably decades to make it happen. If I’m right, Romney isn’t dangerous, just a step in the journey.

      Step 1 is to get rid of Obama. Without that, all is doomed.

      Step 2 is to stop the economic bleeding. I think Romney is as good a choice as any to do that.

      Step 3 is to move the country back to founding principles. Romney probably isn’t the guy to do it, but Step 2 will probably take 4 years anyway. If Romney isn’t as bad as we suspect, then maybe he can be re-elected. If not, then we are still in a far better place than we are today, and a lot of the fresh blood that entered politics in the last 2 or 3 years will be more prepared to move up.

      Step 4 is build a pro-American education system and a media that is objective, or at least tranparent about their biases. That might take 20 to 30 years. But if we start the process, we’ll be right back in today’s kaka in short order.

      So I think the attitude that the next president is an all-or-nothing thing is only true if he is Obama, in which case we are doomed. We don’t have a RR today, since Marco Rubio is so young, so we have to settle for the guy or gal who can beat Obama and get the ball rolling.

      I think people are coming to accept this, but it will take some more time. The dance with Perry has made a lot of people more realistic about what is possible. As Cain’s flaws reveal themselves, even more will begin to see that the prize is step 1, not the entire enchilada in one election.

      We can do it without a messiah. In fact, if we think we found a messiah, we are probably just digging a deeper hole.

  10. canary says:

    Apparently, Michelle Obama is on her second Extreme Makeover Home reality show in a row. A regular now.

    Meanwhile U.S. Drones are bombing Somalie. Do not forget the worst was safely brought to NYC for trial.

    How many wars is this now?

  11. David says:

    I’ve had my head buried in my dissertation for a few weeks. Can someone summarize what Perry did that he is now falling? All the news site I’ve I’ve read describe the fact that he is without telling any of the story.

    • proreason says:

      Perry made a series of debate blunders most of which were clumsy attempts to explain his positions, but some of which were attacks on Romney that seemed contrived and artless.

      The biggest mistake, from a conservative perspective, was that he said that people who don’t support Texas’ decision to offer the children of illegal aliens the in-state tuition rate for Texas universities lack “compassion”. Since that is what liberals say, it hasn’t set well with the base.

      Another topic he is being attacked about from the right is his executive order to cause young girls to have a vaccine that is supposed to prevent cervical cancer. Since parents had to opt out of the order instead of opt in, people are saying it was a government seizure of parental rights. He says he made a mistake but erred on the side of life. His explanation doesn’t seem to resonate.

      He is also being accused of crony capitalism and didn’t help his case when he told Michelle Bachmann that he was insulted that she would accuse him of such over $5,000. The general response to that has been to ask what then is the acceptable amount for crony capitalism.

      Most conservatives don’t care, but I think he made an even bigger blunder by emphasizing that Social Security is a ponzi scheme, rather than simply saying that SS recipients will be protected but the program must be revised to save it for future generations.

      When combined with his lack of grace in attacking Romney, who parried much more effectively, it has been a performance that doesn’t inspire confidence in his ability to handle the make believe media rabid dog propaganda machine.

    • David says:

      Thanks Pro, I had only seen pieces of that, thanks for putting it together. It just seemed like he must have done something far more serious for the way people are talking. Ate baby or had an affair or something :)

  12. canary says:

    I know longer trust Mitt Romney. He’s go green b.s. and now he’s gone as far as saying no political career, and no big government. He may win because the liberals know he’s liberal. Actually Romney has not been pro-active for his little state that got sooo much stimulus money when he already spent a fortune as governor going green. What the heck has he done for last 4 years.

    I do like Sarah Palin. She skrewed up in the vice-president debate because she did what McCain said to do and let Biden get away with lying.

    I saw Christie on CNN exclusive interview, and he appear pro gay marriage. Said because he’s overweight he can’t really judge anyone. I agree he’s another Romney but don’t think he’ll run.

    Barak campaigned on libertarianism.? Get real.

    Ron Paul was doing good until he kept that money from the KKK and didn’t even give it to charity at a time his rating plummeted. He should have given it to charity if any would even want the blood money.
    And he accepted the money at a time he was bragging he had more campaign money than the others.
    He should have let his son run instead.

    When Ron Paul said to legalize all drugs and that more people die from cigarettes than Heroin I thought he was out of his bleeping mind. People don’t over dose on cigarettes. People don’t kill people for heroin. Cigarettes don’t make people go into prison and rehab which is costing us billions of dollars.
    Legalizing heroin would mean letting Afghanistan continue trafficking. Opiates are ruining America. Ruining families.

    While Jeb Bush wouldn’t stand a chance he has some good ideas on changing education.

    Even democrats are appreciating that Reagan brought pride back into the country. Saved my butt and others ready to deploy to Iran cause he got us ready to deploy and said something about you barbarians let our people go.

    Sara brought a lot of jobs to Alaska though the good ole boys are getting credit.

    Of all of them I believe Sara would do the most to seal out borders and the people want it.

    Huckabee was rotten to rip Sarah up on his new show. And Huckabee defended first Lady’s Government running our food. And after slipping up on supporting govt running what we eat, he pulled out.

    Bristol Palin’s son will have scars when he finds out all she does complain and tell people to wait. She’s probably talking more teens into abortion. And then calling his father a mistake. It’s like telling her child he is a mistake.

    I don’t like the holes in the ground and the victims families didn’t want it either. It was politics and favors.

    I don’t think the victims family got to vote for the winner.

    Oh my gosh did they talk about how Green the buildings were.
    And we know what’s behind those walls.

    I picture Sarah Palin taking the job seriously.

    I just don’t like Romney. I do not trust him.

  13. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Anybody else notice the Chevy Volt commercials during the football game? YOu can see it here if you didn’t have the “good fortune” to see it this past Sunday. http://www.chevroletvoltage.com/index.php/volt-blog/18-volt/2498-sneak-peek-new-chevrolet-volt-commercials.html

    Basically, it sums up the arrogant Obama administration’s attitude that people who don’t buy the Volt are stupid dullards and need to be taught as “one would to a child”. But clearly the driver of this particular Volt is in some sort of hurry and doesn’t have time to explain any of it, in any quantitative terms. No, it’s just a “can’t you see I’m busy, so piss off and go away” example of exasperation by the people who are marketing this rolling fecal matter.

    Plus, he parks right in the way…not at any of the outlying marked parking places one finds at a convenience-store/gas-station which, when I see anyone do this, I get annoyed at their rudeness and laziness.

    Then, of course, the father of the kid comes out and the driver then will have to go through his frustrated act all over again because, clearly, the omniscient visionaries of the all-earth-saving electric car are too smart for us and the average person is just too stupid to waste time on.

    Chevy would’ve done far better to try to sell the car in a more technical, fact based manner, using some data and some see-through graphics. But…then….they are selling so well that they can afford to basically give the car-buying public the finger. Which is what they chose to do. So it’s a categorical FAIL on two counts. One, it doesn’t entice anyone to buy the product and Two, it’s entirely designed to say, “If you don’t buy one of these, you’re an idiot”.

    Now, in the past, advertisers used to say, “If you buy one of these you’re smart” instead of the obverse of that, thereby implying that if you don’t buy one, you’re not smart. But this commercial comes right out and calls people stupid for not understanding the technology. Nice going GM, you scored a bullseye in presidential pomposity and arrogance on this one. Everyone knows who’s fronting this disaster. So rather than try to save it with a good PR campaign, you do like the Obama administration tells you and give us all the finger instead. Nice going. Don’t think we haven’t noticed.

    One poster on the blog made the point clear:

    I am glad that GM decided to hit the right wing head on with this ad. Addressing the “ditto heads” belief that those who want green vehicles also want to rub other peoples faces in it (specifically theirs). The belief that this is the only motivation for owning a Volt… not amazing mileage, not fun driving, not powerful motor but a false perception that Volt owners want to show everyone just how backward they are.

    GM used the universal need of having to go to the bathroom vs the voluntary need for gasoline… nice message.

    Seems they want to “hit us on the head” and “show everyone how backward they are”. Yup, that’s the ticket. That’ll sell cars alright.

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