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The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves

Given all the controversies in the land, despite it being the height of summer, we thought this might be a good time to resurrect our weekend discussion thread.

So please feel free to post your thoughts on the issues of the day here. But remember to post any specific news items in the ‘News Selected By Our Correspondents’ section in the sidebar.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, July 15th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

52 Responses to “The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves”

  1. proreason says:

    Just when you think the tales of the manchurian president can’t get any stranger…..


    This is the fellow who wrote “The Ruling Class” article, followed by a book, last year. He’s a serious guy.

    The two main points are that Obamy is a thorough creature of the American Left who has covered his trail flawlessly (but we knew that already), and more interestingly, he makes the claim that Obamy’s family was a creature of the CIA. I have known about those claims for several years, but even I haven’t been willing to go there, because the people who write about it are murkier than the internet itself, and even I have standards.

    Well I guess it’s ok now.

    • Natural Born Citizen says:

      That was a very enlightening article. Considering BHO’s ties to Saudi Arabia, and his trip to Pakistan, ( I have heard speculation about how long he was in Pakistan and what he was up to.) The speculation was about the need for a new SS# and why it was from Connecticut. It also involved his seeming non-existant attendance at Columbia. The theory went that BHO was in Pakistan for much longer than he had publicly admitted. The conjecture also was that BHO as a known drug user may have been a “mule” and smuggled drugs in from Pakistan. This also seemed to explain his total lack of a defined source of income. Finally the theory went he may have gotten busted for a small beef in NY and needed to clean up his identity. Apparently people caught up in similar activities in NY have gone out of state to doctor any perceived identity issues.Totally all speculation but seemed to plausibly fill in some of the dots and supposedly was from someone in law enforcement.

    • TerryAnne says:

      While interesting, I cannot and will not give in to that thought – that Obama and/or his family were CIA operatives. None of them had the proper credentials and none of them are the right kind of “crafty”; in other words, they are not the right kind of smart – high intelligence coupled with street smarts and the willingness to die if necessary to protect information or the country. Stanley Ann was nothing more than a feminist on a pseudo-Peace Corps jaunt, thinking she was spreading love, rainbows and unicorns to people that the evil American machine was keeping down.

      My dad and I were talking about something close to this last night, about how there’s really no past to Obama (no friends, no girlfriends, etc.). While I can see why people would say that’s because he was an operative, I say it’s because he simply has friends in the (wrong) high places who are willing to throw money around to protect their causes (the things they project through Obama). The government is run by people; therefore, if those people can make people “disappear” or rewrite their history for them…people outside of the government can do the same thing. It’s not the government that does this: it’s the people.

      This theory, IMO, is also a convenient way to gloss over the fact that a person largely raised in America can become an avowed Marxist/Communist/Socialist. It’s kind-of like putting blinders on to how bad things have become and how quickly that bad has progressed. It’s also a convenient excuse for the glaring holes and errors in Obama’s past, most of which appear to have been created by lazy government employees.

    • proreason says:

      The 3 items that struck me were:

      a) Obamy Sr’s education in the US was probably under the control of the CIA. I hadn’t connected those dots, but sure, anybody coming into the US to be educated in the 60′s, particularly in a program like that, and from Africa, would have a CIA connection. Not sure that proves much, but it’s interesting.

      b) How did an idiot student like Obamy get all those scholarships. A CIA connection to his family would seem to account for that.

      c) How did grandma, with little experience, land a lucrative job in a Hawaiin bank, leading a senstitive department. This one is quite interesting.

      It might seem contradictory that a radical leftist like the Moron would have CIA roots, but my understanding is that the spook ranks are filled with leftists. The left might just own the CIA.

      So I’m not sure I buy the theory, but it does explain some things that are otherwise deep mysteries.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I don’t think there’s any reason to believe at this point that he’s an operative of, or even a useful idiot for, the CIA. He’s the Big Kahuna of the entire New Left now. But the facts Codevilla presents suggest every radical association he’s had in his privileged bubble have a common connection to an ideological, social-engineering, fundamentally anti-capitalist faction that had or is still operating within the CIA.

      I wonder if Petraeus and Rumsfeld have faced direct behind the scenes struggles and insubordination with this faction over the past decade.

      The reason I don’t like going too far down this path of speculation is that it invariably makes me wonder if this faction did ignore the warnings to 9/11 to some extent because of some false-flag motive.

    • TerryAnne says:

      Pro: a) Obamy Sr’s education in the US was probably under the control of the CIA. I hadn’t connected those dots, but sure, anybody coming into the US to be educated in the 60′s, particularly in a program like that, and from Africa, would have a CIA connection. Not sure that proves much, but it’s interesting.

      Me: Yes, but not in the way you think. It would be CIA running the program to monitor people from other countries as they come here, or to try a program where CIA could make them more democratic/capitalist. That would fit with the aura of the 60s, but it’s still weak considering we’re talking about Kenya here. If it was part of Mother Russia, I could grant it; a cesspool in deepest, darkest Africa…probably not.

      Pro: b) How did an idiot student like Obamy get all those scholarships. A CIA connection to his family would seem to account for that.

      Me: No. Too weak of an argument, not to mention, at that time, government places were not giving out the scholarships like they do today.

      Pro: c) How did grandma, with little experience, land a lucrative job in a Hawaiin bank, leading a senstitive department. This one is quite interesting.

      Me: There are a million answers possible, with the last being CIA. Most likely is plain ol’ cronieism; she knew the right person or helped the right person, so they, in turn, helped her out. Or she proved herself to someone who was willing to take a chance on someone with little experience. This is the weakest thread of the theory and, to me, proves why it is borderline conspiracy theory.

    • proreason says:

      TerryAnne, I agree it’s not a strong case, which is why I haven’t discussed it prior to the Codevilla article.

      But there are other peculiarites.

      The family’s movements in the years before the little dictator’s birth are also difficult to understand in the context of the 1950’s when people didn’t move around like they do today. They vacated Kansas where they had grown up for Seattle, seemingly on a whim, and a few years later, left there for Hawaii, again seemingly on a whim.

      And how did the mother of the criminal in chief end up marring two foreign men “of color”, one of whom ended up being a highly placed Communist in his home country and the other of whom mysteriously became a sudden colonel in Sukarta’s army when he was suppressing a communist revolution in Indonesia. And then she ended up spending the rest of her life in Asia. It’s all very strange.

      Whether the theory of CIA involvement is true or not, it’s undeniable that Obamy’s background is one in a million, and about as far removed from a normal American’s background as it’s possible to be for a man from an American family.

      Imagine what the make believe media’s coverage will be if it turns out that Rick Perry has 1/100th of the strange events in his history that obamy has in his.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “Imagine what the make believe media’s coverage will be if it turns out that Rick Perry has 1/100th of the strange events in his history that obamy has in his.”

      Exactly – pick your favorite Conservative/Republican; Palin, Bush, I mean they’re off looking for shady Michele Bachmann’s shady foster children.

      Regarding Barry Jr’s scholarships, I’ve posited earlier that outside of just having wealth and his family’s connections that evidence shows Harvard explicitly had a role in Sr.’s deportation which may have been used against them later as some sort of leverage. The plot thickens then if we can assume his visa was part of foreign ops and that he was sent home before obtaining his degree (although he could have), for being a raging Marxist African Nationalist.

    • RabidAmerican says:

      proreason, Natural Born Citizen, TerryAnne, tranquil.night

      First off, proreason thank you immensely for the link to Codevilla’s essay. I found it chilling, all very plausible and dredged up the memory of one of the most significant books I ever read back around 1971. The book: The Rich and the Super-Rich by Ferdinand Lundberg (1968) and available at Amazon. It has such an unassuming title yet is, to this day, the most eye-opening book that set in motion a life-long realization that what is seen is not real. Please allow me to explain.

      I was a mere young adult of 23, knew I wasn’t the ‘sharpest knife in the drawer’ but had a penchant to discover just why so many things ‘happened’ that seemed just unimaginable in ‘reality’. Once my eyes were opened with this book, as current events have unfolded since, I have seemed to be armed with a ‘visor’ that cuts right through the big lies of the day.

      I have to admit, the fact that the Marxist-in-chief came out of nowhere, with not a scintilla of scrutiny by the press left me feeling my ‘visor’ needed some fine tuning. While the book mentioned above covers what the title alludes to, so much information about the nature of the CIA and American (seemingly) Foundations was also covered including many of the left-leaning world entities manufactured, propped up or financed by them. That book from way back, and Codevilla’s essay today brings it all full-circle.

      Codevilla’s essay has just allowed an in-flight adjustment to my ‘visor’.

      I mean this with all the respect in the world, but I think your posits on alternative possibilities are nothing more than plausible denials. And trust me, I do it to myself from time to time to test that I’m not going off the deep end.

      Regardless, I think we’ve all come away with some interesting fodder to judge future actions by this impostor. The essay bolsters my belief that this man knows exactly what he’s doing: administering a program of the Ruling Class to finally bring down the USA, free-enterprise capitalism, the family and finally; relegate us to simple third world status. His job will be done, re-elected or not.

      One last note. The book is lengthy and dry. Also the most footnoted book I’ve yet to read. Considering the Ruling Class has been at it for centuries, the book, while a snippet in time, is as relevant today as then. I highly recommend it.

    • TerryAnne says:

      Plausible deniability?

      Please. This is so absurd and twisted that there is no way it can be true. The closest this family came to any involvement with CIA is if Sr was brought over as some sort of program to “play nice” with people in third-world countries so as to establish connections. I like tn’s thought – that he could have been part of the program but then sent home when he was found to be a Marxist (and that it was used as leverage for Jr…great hook, tn!!). But ol’ sleaze Stanley Ann and her bizarre parents being CIA?!? One of the marks of a good agent is blending in. These people did everything possible to not blend in and make sure they were known for something; Granddaddy hung out with Frank Marshall Davis and allowed his grandson to be influenced by him – if Granddaddy was an agent, he would have known to keep Baby Barry far, far away. Another mark is having nothing that will allow for blackmail. Uh…just the simple fact that Stanley Ann was knocked up by a black man in the time period in which she was would have been the perfect blackmail. Bringing that to today: given the fact that Barry wears his narcissism like a badge, there is no way in hell he would have made it as an agent. Putin – despite being Russian – is more of how Barry should be if he was or was raised around CIA…not the circus barker he is.

      Remember that this time period in our history was almost exclusively about overcoming Communism/Marxism. For that reason, this family was more likely monitored for their part in the American Communist/Marxist community. However, these were small time players, if even players; they were leeches following around pockets of resistance and letting their leaders think for them.

    • canary says:

      I think more in the tune the CIA was watching Obama family branches on both sides. Hawaii was a place where those he went AWOL went to hide. The mother showed her communist traits in school in Washington high school.
      Obama wrote there was some type of scandal his mother committed that left a rift. He writes she told of him as a teen (no age) she was a nanny in Chicago, (so was Frank Davis, along with living a block or two away in Kansas before the move to Washintong) . Mom told Obama while a nanny for the summer she was offered a scholarship in Chicago. Perhaps it wasn’t really the University in Chicago but the family she was nanny for offered to pay in order to keep her. Either way, some scandal by Obama’s mother led to them moving to Hawaii. Obama wrote “a favor” was given so he got into his elite private school in Hawaii.

      Consider the recent coup in Indonesia where communists (radical muslims) were purged. Mom takes son to live there to find out her new husband was a soldier and had disgust for him in working as a Lt.
      So, he quit to work for American oil company, having people serve under him, and this too disgusted
      Obama’s mother. She says she’d never have married him, had she known. Yet she stayed in Indonesia. Obama said his mother traveled the world as part of her job.

      Did the Russian classes she took when she met Obama Sr. mean anything?

      Obama’s grandfather left home to work for the British, and the Lou tribal great-grandfather disowned him.

      Well, its significant to me when dozens of CIA agents in 2 separate ambushes killed, in meeting with individuals pretending to know where bin Laden was. Why they did not hold the meetings in safe places with safe measures (I mean come on a donkey cart pulls up) was approved by the director who now is promoted. Perhaps there is more distrust with those under him than we can imagine. Agents with 30-35 years of experience under their belt. Greatest loss in U.S. history. Then they find bin Laden, and the CIA agent who found him, could not even trust telling the director. Then when he finally did, stilll nothing happened. Then he has to warn the director and our leader, he’s going to get away if we don’t get him now. Insane. That agent is lucky to be alive.

      Another tid bit is when Obama’s before Harvard visit to his home country Africa, he also went to “home square’ where the outhouse he used is now a sightseeing landmark, Obama was stunned when he was looking at the photo’s on the wall, and questioned the one of his grandfather who fought WWII in Burma with a woman by his side who looked exactly like his mother. Considering this swinging and taking of many wives his father and grandfather did, and Frank Davis in the picture of everything, there is no telling.
      Let’s not forget the FBI investigating Obama Sr. at Hartford, and giving him the boot.
      Obama’s aunt or half-sister Auma who visited the U.S. & ecucated in Germany is suppose to be writing a tell all about Obama Sr. that will tell of govt corruption involving Obama Sr. She’d have to probably hide somewhere to write it.

      UPDATE! Auma Obama is now Dr. Auma Obama.

      Dr. Auma Obama has finished her book only it is written in German only.

      Get this. She tells of being uncomfortable in Germany at a dinner where everyone smoked pot, and explained her non-par take , was……
      that she came from a family of drug addicts.

      I wish she’d tell us those medicine man potions Obama took on his trip there. We are ready know what he took in the USA


      Obama’s half-sister now “Dr.” Auma Obama is now living a life of prestige, glamor, and show-biz in Germany now.


    • Natural Born Citizen says:

      I am not sure of the veracity of this article or author who is supposedly ex-NSA, but there are several interesting nuggets which I was not aware of before and extensive details which seemingly wrap up a lot of loose ends.


  2. proreason says:

    Here’s a thought-provoking piece with enough ideas to fill 30 Hives.

    This author is the academic who recently skewered AlToad and the Global Warming movement in a 3-part series that environmentalism can never recover from.

    This time he points out that the pace of change is so much faster than the world’s neanderthal politicians can deal with that the 21st century is going to be a roller-coaster like none ever seen before.

    What he doesn’t say is something I think is inevitable. There are going to be catastrophic wars like the world has never seen. Our own idiot politician in chief has let the nuclear genie out of the bottle that had been pretty well contained for nearly 70 years. We think he is a disaster because he’s a marxist and a fool….but that mistake is eventually going to dwarf any mistake the world has ever seen.


  3. Right of the People says:

    I just found this quote from Barry the Bungler from his days in the Senate and thought it quite relevant since at the time Bush was president.

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government can not pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

    — Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

    Back in ’06 it was caused by a failure in leadership but in ’11 it’s the unyielding Republicans that are the problem. Spike must have a very short memory.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Memory of convenience. It’s part of the DNA of liberals. They learn early and well how to effectively blame someone else. Yet, they never see the potential for hypocrisy when the situation is reversed. You will never hear them say, “Well, back in ’06 I said X and you know, I’ve got to stick by that and do what’s necessary here.”

      It’s a complete failure of being able to reference themselves or any of their “representatives” on the left. Relativism is their template and it’s ok for them, but not for a conservative. They have to hold conservatives to conservative values, but the liberals themselves have none or they’re so flighty that it really doesn’t matter.

      When you have a good double-standard, you stick with it.

    • proreason says:

      I think it’s deliberate. There are dozens and dozens of things where he has done a 180 on some previous proclamation, when he could easily have explained away the prior position.

      He loves to stick his thumb in the eye of the people he hates (i.e., us), and this is just another way to do it. He knows the mbm will never call him on it, because they are too busy sucking in.

      He is mentally ill,

  4. proreason says:

    Tpaw….getting serious!!!

    via Hotair http://hotair.com/archives/2011/07/15/pawlenty-mcconnell-plan-is-like-a-band-aid-on-a-broken-bone/

    “If you’re into wealth redistribution, vote for President Obama,” he said. If you’re into growing the economy so the other 97 percent of us can have jobs and pay our mortgages and put gas in our car and get our kids to college, then vote for me, because I don’t really think the main issue in the country is whether some small percent of the country gets a little more wealthy or a little less wealthy. I think the issue is the economy overall has to grow, and we’ve got to provide jobs, so that the 95 percent or so of the country that depends on jobs for their quality of life has them available to them. That’s what I’m after.”

    He wouldn’t be baited into class-warfare calls for increased sacrifice from top CEOs either.

    “I don’t look at this from a wealth redistribution standpoint,” Pawlenty reiterated. That’s not the measure of our country. The measure of our country, are jobs growing? Are we providing jobs? … In my reform plan, I look at means testing part of Social Security, specifically the cost-of-living adjustment. So if you’re wealthy, you won’t get that. … It’s not government’s place to set compensation. … If you want to have wealth redistribution or focus on what percent of the top 10 percent are paying in taxes – and, by the way, they’re paying a bucket load already – then vote for Obama. That’s his argument. If you want Robin Hood, vote for Barack Obama. If you want to get the economy overall moving and do the things that are going to require you or help you get a job, vote for me.”

    Now, THAT’s the kind of talk every conservative should be making every day.

    If you’re a socialistic, vote for the criminal. If you believe in American, vote for a conservative. LOVE IT.

    Stop the pussyfooting around and lay out the choice for the country. Every issue can be framed this way.

    If you’re into man-love, vote for communism. If you believe family’s are important, vote for me.
    If you’re in favor of cowering in a corner, vote liberal. If you are proud of America’s military, vote for me.
    If you are ashamed of the country, vote for Obamy. If you think our country is great, vote for me.
    If you want to control speech and firearms, vote Democrat. If you believe in personal freedom, vote for me.
    etc., etc., etc.

    Why not just say it? The people who will be offended are going to vote for the communist liberal cowards anyway. Help the people who are too ignorant to understand the choices see the differences.

    • Petronius says:

      Hear, hear proreason.

      And hats off to Tpaw.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Love it. Heard T-Paw on Hannity yesterday and he was just as sharp. No complaints with his messaging right now, especially his substantive advocacy on the current debt ceiling fight.

      The leadership on the Social Security front is also much appreciated. However, I’ve expressed before that as a young voter I’m not in favor of means testing simply as an ends (nor as a bargaining chip with Statists) to make a bad program solvent for another decade. If the T-Paw Truth-telling tour really wants to impress, consider some structural reforms that don’t impact current or near-term recipients a la the Ryan Plan.

      Even better, become an advocate for the Ryan Plan too, and combine them all into the T-Paw super-platform. That’d be a roundhouse reform effort with more kick than Chuck Norris.

  5. tranquil.night says:

    Thanks for the open thread Steve!

    Been waiting for a showdown like what happened this week for a while, and it’s so encouraging to see leaders from all over our coaltion standing up and converging in defense of sanity, realizing that this is one of the few points we would have that opportunity legislatively.

    More dark clouds on the horizon I know with what’s sure to be new emerging deals from the ongoing negotiations. Turned off Belling today because quite frankly, with respect, I thought he was sullying the microphone. This weekend will no doubt be a full-court Tea Party hate fest, with all of our establishment round-tablists insisting that we’re going to have to bend sometime. With McConnell/Reid likely to come out with their deal, it’s going to once again undercut focus and momentum for the House bills. Steyn will no doubt have plenty of fine quips amid all the doom come next week, but I hope he realizes the importance of the effort being made to hold the line here and keep the political onus on the regime to make concessions or face undeniable responsibility for the consequences.

    Regarding any potential deal, if McConnell’s going to abandon growth caps and a guarantee for a vote on the BBA, then those cuts better be dollar for dollar and verifiable. I doubt it’ll be enough to satisfy Freshman, a bloc of whom are already committed not to raise the ceiling. I agree in that we’re still negotiating with the regime based on a lie: that we’re going to default August 2nd without a deal. P. Grizzly seemed clairvoyant enough on that point today to effectively make it in 140 characters or less, and without crotch-shots.

    With Rush still gone, it falls on the rest of our Knights, Wizards, Cavalry, and potential Generals to hold this one through. Most importantly, it remains on us too!

    Everyone seems to have their favorite Battle analogy this week, either from History or film, and I do plan to spend my battle-weary weekend recovering with some good ol’ inspiring Battle films, including lots of the Duke. Rush brought up the Battle of Thermopylae romanticized in 300, which is like invoking Chuck Norris – you just can’t beat it terms of post-Millennial epic war movies.

    I’ve always been partial to Batman: The Dark Knight, having cited the famous Lt. Gordon quote here before: “We’re going after the mobs life savings. Things will get ugly.”

    If you want to cut to the chase, Gettysburg can make it all real clear for you.

    If you’re looking for something recent, see Battle: Los Angeles Totally inspiring, even with everything going wrong. Doc 0 had a great review of it when it was surprising the box-office cynics: http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=42405

    And if war movies aren’t necessarily your cup of tea (like if you’re a woman or a beta-blogger named Allahpundit), there’s a romantic-comedy/drama with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James called The Dilemma. It examines marriage relationships and entrepreneurism – more specifically a failing marriage being witnessed by a man looking to get over his fear of marrying his girlfriend amid the backdrop of running a small business on the verge of its first big success. The electric-engine-in-60’s-muscle-cars premise is lame (and largely irrelevant) but in the end this movie came up so much on the side of the Truth of what it examines that my jaw was going to fall off. I honestly didn’t think anybody in Hollywood was capable of it.

    Also, one last bit of Entertainment News that you guys probably don’t care about, but it came to my attention that Professor Reynolds/Insty’s brother is the bassist for 12 Stones: http://pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/124194/ Dude! Backstage plz?!

    All sorts of crazy revelations this week.

    • Petronius says:

      All good choices TN (except Gettysburg, tsk, tsk). Following the Tour de France, we may hunker down with some of the following right-wing fare :

      • Lord of the Rings (expanded Blu-ray edition)
      • HBO Rome
      • Zulu
      • Master and Commander
      • The Last of the Mohicans
      • Reilly, Ace of Spies
      • I Claudius (1976)
      • Henry V (1989)
      • Elizabeth & Elizabeth, the Golden Age
      • The Tudors
      • Braveheart
      • Khartoum
      • High Noon
      • True Grit (2010)
      • 3:10 to Yuma (2007)
      • Appaloosa
      • Das Boot
      • The Way Back
      • Bridge on the River Kwai
      • Gallipoli
      • The Great Escape
      • Rescue Dawn
      • The Alamo (2004)
      • King Arthur
      • The Godfather I & II
      • the complete Jesse Stone series
      • Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2003
      • American Rifleman, Personal Firearms Defense Series

      Then for a change of pace, moving away from political intrigue, battles, survivors, etc. :

      • Pride and Prejudice (all versions)
      • Emma (2010) and all other Jane Austen film adaptations
      • Secretariat
      • Seabiscuit
      • Michael Clayton
      • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
      • Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Last Wave, and anything else by Peter Weir not previously mentioned above
      • The Field
      • Jeeves & Wooster (the complete series)
      • Being There
      • Dr Strangelove

    • tranquil.night says:

      Stellar selection Petronius, thank you!

      On Pride and Prejudice, I’m sure you know (edit: just double-checked and saw you like both) but I’d highly recommend the 1995 mini-series with Jennifer Ehle as Ms. Bennet over the 2005 commercialized flick (Colin Firth is much better the first go around too). But it is long obviously.

      Thanks for bringing up LotR too. No epic movie list is complete without it. I’ve been meaning to post this great episode of Bill Whittle’s Firewall called “Walking into Mordor”: http://declarationentertainment.com/firewall-walking-mordor-bill-whittle-introduces-arroyo

      Oikophobia — fear and hatred of one’s own culture and people. It has brought down civilizations since there have been civilizations. And now we’re infected, too.

      Find out how the negativity and self-loathing of modern Hollywood is just a small gear in the machine that brings down entire nations. What can we do about it? Well, we can walk right into the heart of Mordor and destroy the Ring of Power.

      One plan to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them! Cast That Which Must Be Repealed into the Mountain of Flame!!

      Finally, as resident Palin shill I’m embarassed for leaving out that The Undefeated opened yesterday. A humble request to anyone willing – go see it. As the conventional wisdom is becoming – it’s the story which hasn’t been told, not just about her, but about everyone who loves their country that’s stood up and been attacked for it in the past two and a half years, and before. So go see it, before or after you catch the last Harry Potter. They’re actually great parallels to jump off of eachother: the great fantasy world epic of recent times comes to a close with the children growing up with a firm belief in the triumph of individual virtue over existential domination. Now comes the epic story of the real world adults who fearlessly fight for the restoration of those same ideals, across all sorts of institutional spectrums.

      Romanticism had its roots in the Classics, too, that is before the godless Left perfected their perversion of the template.

    • katie says:

      Ben Hur
      Mansfield Park

    • artboyusa says:

      Gee Petronius, what’s wrong with ‘Gettysburg’? Apart from that awful fake beard they made Tom Berenger wear and the way some of those supposedly lean and hungry Confederates are so morbidly obese (no trouble with getting the rations to the front line for that army, apparently) that they look like they’ll all die from heart failure in the middle of the battle, I always thought it was a good film. Better than ‘Braveheart’ anyway. Glad Peter Weir and ‘Being There’ made your list, though.

    • Petronius says:

      What’s wrong with “Gettysburg”?

      Quite simply, I do not enjoy seeing good Americans killing each other. And on a deeper, more personal level, I do not celebrate Confederate defeats. I’m an unreconstructed Rebel but had family on both sides, and quite a number who were killed, died, wounded, and disabled.

      I feel the same way about World War I. It is like watching British soldiers being mowed down by machine guns at the Battle of the Somme. It was all such a terrible waste of good men — a demographic and political tragedy. Weir’s Gallipoli is good on this point.

      As for the details of the movie, I do not accept the deification of Col. Joshua Chamberlain and his 20th Maine Inf Reg’t, although it is understandable since this was the point of the book “The Killer Angels” upon which the movie is based. Also the glorification of the Irish Brigade’s precision rifle drill; it was all just too cheesy. Though must admit that parts of Braveheart were pretty cheesy, too.

      Finally, I refuse to accept the casting of Martin Sheen as Gen. Robert E. Lee. That made me sick. Much preferred Robert Duvall in Gods & Generals.

      In the end I opted for Peter Weir’s Master and Commander this weekend. It is one of the very few pro-English action movies made since The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn (1938). It is outstanding in every respect. Wish that Weir would do another of Patrick O’Brian’s books. Then followed up on Sunday with Harry Potter, The Deathly Hallows part 2.

  6. GetBackJack says:

    And Bill Clinton was invited to visit Communist nations during the hardest period of anti-American ill will just because he was a Rhodes Scholar. And Hillary was his Handler.

    C’mon, This ain’t rocket science. If you had legal carte blanche, the mechanisms, talent, money and plausible deniability to craft your own candidates from the ground up, you’d be doing it, too. This **** was inevitable. John Kennedy was murdered in broad daylight for publicly announcing in his “Secret Societies” speech that he foresaw our black agencies as the greatest possible threat to the Republic. Their unbridled unaccountable power was guaranteed to turn out the way it has, and once he announced he was breaking it up …. Bang.

    In consequence, we’ve had the Bush Dynasty, the Clintons, now Obama … can you even conceive what’s in store up ahead?

    • proreason says:

      I’m kind of in the middle on this CIA/one-world conspiracy stuff. For most of my life, I was roundly contemptuous of almost every conspiracy theory I heard: the Kennedy assassination, Roswell, Bildebergers, secret societies, the moon landing, etc. One exception is Bigfoot. It seems to me there is a pretty good chance of some archaic pre-human ape-like creatures still surviving in remote areas, since Neanderthals only went extinct about 30,000 years ago.

      But September 2008 really opened my eyes. I just can’t get over how perfectly multiple economic catastrophes came together to annoint Obamy, and I believe that was orchestrated, not random.

      So now I’m at least open to the many ideas that float around about secret organizations that manipulate events. I find it at least possible that the CIA, for example, has done a lot of things that we will never know about, and that there is at least a loose group of super-wealthy / Marxists who are attempting to displace freedom with oligarchic rule.

      The way I see it, there is a common strategy, but one that doesn’t even approach plan. World events are way too complicated and dynamic for any kind of a plan to work for anything other than one-time spot events like September 2008.

      The strategy, as I see it, is all about eliminating freedom and returning the world to a feudal society with a very small handful of people exercising total power. That’s what marxism is about. It’s the enabling philosophy, and one that makes dupes of common people. The overall strategy has been to control the media and academia, to place puppets in positions of authority (i.e., Obamy), to undermine institutions and the revolutionary belief-systems that arose because of the American Revoution, to create poverty so that the vast majority of humanity is dependent on the ruling class, and eventually, to overthrow representative governments everywhere. As a part of this, the Western “elites” have allied with Islam, because Islam, like Marxism, is a great tool to undermine western civilization, the civilization that enabled personal freedom.

      This happens largely through funding, and encouraging groups (like the Greenies, terrorists, Black nationalists and anarchists of all types) that hate western civilization, usually for reasons that don’t align in any way with the aims of the oligarchists. In other words, environmentalists, “minority” organizations, terrorists, and anarchists are tools of the oligarchists.

      The reason I’ve come to believe this is that there are just too many major movements in the world that are simply insane. Global Warming is one of them. I mean, really, if you actually believed it, wouldn’t your first action be to build nuclear plants everywhere while investing whatever it took to increase the efficiency of the internal combustion engine and coal-fired power plants? Another one that is simply insane is Obamy himself. My god, if you really wanted to make the world a better place, would you put an idiot who has never held a job in the most powerful position in the world? It really is insane, if your perspective is to improve the planet for the billions of people who will follow us. And there are many many more examples.

      So in summary, I believe that there is a LOT of funny business going on in the world that is instigated by very wealthy, power-mad people; that it explains many if not most of the insanity we see; but that the oligarchists operate more in an anarchist fashion than in any controlled conspiracy where they are planning day-to-day activities, or even longer term plans. Their puppets may have plans, some of which succeed but most of which fail; but the oligarchists themselves concentrate more on creating chaos. Their actions derive from commonly held goals, not a true conspiracy or set of secret societies.

    • Natural Born Citizen says:

      IMHO what is going on politically is an attempt to move the US into a North American Union. This is all about globalism and multi-national businesses and the powers that be deciding that Capitalism was not in the best interest of them. In order to affect change they must break the American people’s will because they know we would fight an outright takeover. By purposely creating chaos and tanking the economy they have weakened us, and set the ball rolling. They want to remove our sovereignty, remove our freedoms; remove religion from the town square, remove our 2nd amendment rights and disarm us, and they want a secular semi-European socialist union of North America. This had been in the plans for decades and now it is coming to fruition. In effect a below the radar coup d’etat.

    • proreason says:

      nbc, we are in violent agreement.

      My only issue with your comment is that I don’t even like to discuss the “European Union” or “North American Union” stuff. I think it tends to legitimize the salivating dictators because it connotes that the eager tyrants are really in business to help the people. They’re not.

    • tranquil.night says:

      War of the Worldviews

      Pro wrote a truly fantastic essay in his response. Rather than build on it, I’m going to attempt to put some of these puzzle pieces together into a broad argument. Bear with me.

      An excellent American Thinker piece ran yesterday by Brad Hughes called “The Worldview War” in which his premise is that Liberalism Secular Humanism (Social Collectivism, I like to call it New Age or Neo-Paganism) and Islamofascism are “co-belligerents” in a struggle to conquer Americanism (he says it’s the Judeo-Christian worldview, which is Historically accurate to the intellectual basis of our founding, however I think Americanism is slightly if not distinctly different). This is a reality in which Pro and I have been expressing belief for quite some time.

      A worldview is a comprehensive framework of ideas and beliefs from which an individual interprets his surroundings and circumstances. It is this view of reality that consequently directs the decisions and actions of the individual, and also of nations. According to Dr. David Noebel, worldview expert, worldviews are composed of ten different disciplines: theology, politics, economics, philosophy, biology, history, ethics, law, sociology, and psychology

      So I also believe that to limit your perspective to one sole institutional organism with a clearly defined set of insurrectionist objectives is unrealistic. Insurrection of the free-market system is just the common cause gluing together a very diverse global coaltion with competing worldviews and sub-ideologies themselves. I made this mistake in 2009 while investigating the financial crisis. So blatant was the incestuous cronyism between the Ruling Class and Goldman-Sachs that I instantly was of the mindset that they were the Left’s personal piggy bank, and had manufactured the crisis solely and purposefully to take down several competitors and consolidate political and market power to further rig the Trade industry. As I came to understand the rest of the circumstances of the debacle: the subprime era, the obsfucation of Fannie and Freddie oversight, and all the major banks and economists that would come to shill for Keynesian policy, I realized the situation was simply too out-of-control to pin the failure on anyone else but the government which advertises that it’s job is to prevent such economic mal-practice. That failure, too, was on purpose – to get the Won elected. Thankfully, there is a book covering this now from a realistic perspective rather than a Leftist revisionist one. It’s called Reckless Endangerment and it should be read and re-read by every presidential candidate.

      In 2009 Rush coined “The Universe of Lies” in which he believed the “Four Corners of Deceit.” media, academia, science, and the legal system, to propogate Liberalism. I now believe the grim reality is the infection isn’t confined to just those institutions. The Financial System is all but completely out of our control and in the hands of foreign creditors, multinational ratings agencies, and our cabalist head of state. It would not surprise me in the least to learn that these worldview factional lines draw across all institutional planes, especially our Intelligence and Military-Industrial apparati.

      As I said in the beginning, the Secular Humanist coalition is broad and diverse – because it is a philosophy of moral relativism founded in a belief that fundamental human nature is selfishness and a tribal, mob-like mentality that requires a Meritocracy of governing elites to ensure that society progresses. Whereas Americans can generally be defined and grouped by simple standards: secular or religious, Libertarian-Conservative, free-market capitalists, Social Humanists exists on a sliding ideological scale of nuanced causes that don’t really work well together unless they’re fighting free-market capitalists together: from Social Welfare Democrats (a lot of Christians get fooled by the manipulative ‘good-intentions’ of Humanists), to Progressive/Socialists, to Envirofascist crony-capitalist Statists, to downright Marxist dictators. Hughes makes another salient point in his AT piece about China, North Korea, and Laos all being Secular Humanist States, which I think explains the Democrat Party’s virulent flip-flop on the Vietnam War as the New Left seized the old Democrat’s institutions of power on the wave of the Civil Rights movement.

      The History of the world has been tyranny by the oligarchy of the Ruling Class, and since the realization of the Constitution and rapid rise to global hegemony of the American worldview, those global power-brokers have been desperate to marginalize, co-opt, and downright destroy it ever since before it made THEM irrelevant. I believe they have attempted to coordinate the circumstances they control to achieve this end at several points in the past 235 years, and while they’ve yet to be successful, it has almost always resulted in an era of horrific consquences for the entire world.

      I also believe that the realization of the internet as the essence of free-market exchange of ideas and its capacity for social organizing poses an existential threat to the Ruling Class unless they can control it. That is why we must protect our information networks at all cost. It is also why they are attempting to bring down the Murdoch family now.

      Approach human events as a War of the Worldviews, and it is like having an x-ray visor to see through the Firewall of Lies of the Statists.

      Our thoughts guide our ideas, our ideas our actions, our actions our emotions, that influence our beliefs and motivate our thoughts.

      Oh what tangled webs we weave,
      When we practice to deceive.
      I know you well, I know you well..

      Bear the Cross,
      Wear the Crown,
      Just some evil you can’t bleed out.
      How else to notice?
      Your actions and motives..

      – 10 years

    • proreason says:

      tn, easily your best writing. Congratulations for pulling a lot of diverse threads together and explaining them in an enlightening way.

      Our country has invented the modern world. We survived a revolution, a civil war, two world wars, and a head-on attack by communism. Now we teeter on the brink of extinction from an internal revolution by people who are too cowardly to even state their intentions. Americans have always been too busy taming wildernesses and inventing the future to bother much with politics. We have depended on our leaders and have been rewarded with Washington to Lincoln to Eisenhauer to Reagan. But we have now gone 30 years with mediocrities and subversives. While our leaders fiddled, the adherants of the other worldviews you mention have accelerated their efforts to cripple the worldview that is responsibility for 95% of the goodness in the world today. The question that will be answered within a year and a half is whether the Tea Partiers, the Rubios, Palins, Wests, Bachmans and Jindals have woken up too late…or just in time.

      If it wasn’t so deadly serious, I would say that it will be the ride of a lifetime. If the tide is turned, people in your generation, tn, will justifiably challenge the 1770’s and the 1940’s for the honor of being the greatest generation.

    • tranquil.night says:

      So humbly appreciated, my friend.

      Sometimes I would much rather not believe it, put my head back into the sand, return to my vices.

      But what about all those good people who tirelessly sacrifice every day who’re getting caught up and torn asunder in this man-made Hurricane?

      Once you’re out of the Matrix and you understand that It’s Come to This, then the choice is clear: either fight to return the shining city back to the light.. or slip off the edge and into the night. It’ll be settled in 2012, after which we’ll get to work on rebuilding even stronger that which was destroyed or corrupted. We already have the blueprints.

      “If it wasn’t so deadly serious, I would say that it will be the ride of a lifetime.”

      That’s why I think we shouldn’t forget the value of having fun with it, which we do whenever the morons provide the opportunities (they practically write themselves nowadays). We’ve got a lot of work to do, especially in my generation, but we’re getting stronger and craftier every day. We have the ability to find eachother, learn from one another outside of their web of control, innovate, and fight back now. We’ll continue to focus on retaking and restoring the Republican Party while defeating the ideas of the Secular Humanists across all the broader spectrums of politics, economics, and culture. We’ll always have our secret weapon of the demonstrable Truth on our side, a secret which we’re not looking to keep to ourselves by the way, unlike the bulk of the proprietors of all other worldviews out there.

  7. proreason says:

    Tea Party approach to a balanced budget:


    The article is by Lawrence Solomon, who is fairly well known. He’s not a web-crank.

    The approach is similar to what I’ve proposed, with a couple of differences. He says to first pay the debt service, then SS, Medicare, Medicaid (I say 50% since it’s a pure welfare program with enormous waste), military, and veteran affairs items. That consumes 2/3 of tax receipts. For the rest, he says to:

    “First, scrap government departments that overlap with functions traditionally and primarily met at the state level, and that often do more harm than good. The country’s educational performance declined after the federal government imposed its educational priorities on the states, which have the prime responsibility for education. Scrap the Department of Education, a failed Carter-era experiment that had its roots in president Dwight Eisenhower’s desire to imbue the education system with Cold War thinking, and out goes a US$77-billion annual expense. Likewise, scrap all or parts of the Department of Energy, the Small Business Administration, the Federal Transit Authority, Federal Highway Administration, Housing and Urban Development and other federal areas that intrude on state and local responsibilities. Apart from the dollar savings from eliminating duplication and cancelling perverse projects, the quality of public services is likely to rise when the former federal functions move closer to home in state or local government, or become privatized and are delivered in the private sector.

    This slimming-down exercise would not only slash the US$1.1-trillion deficit expected in 2012 by one-third to one-half, it would eliminate bureaucracy that burdens business, lowering costs to the overall economy and spurring its revival, in the process taking people off the welfare rolls and making them taxpayers that further shrink the deficit. And because the deficit would have declined dramatically, the growth in the federal debt would have slowed to a crawl.”

    I like the rationale for the cuts.

    The last stage is to sell federal assets to pay down the debt. He thinks there is enough there to pay of the debt.

    One issue, i think, is that some of what he wants to cut from the federal budget would have to be picked up by the states, which is really a transfer of spending rather than eliminating government spending. Even so, it is better to have government spending at the state level, because the states have balanced budget clauses in their constitutions, because they can’t print money, and because the programs can be better tailored to the needs of the individual states. The real downside is that transferred functions would probably result in new state taxes. That’s bad.

    All in all, it’s a good plan.

    It doesn’t seem impossible or radical. It’s is also much closer to the intent of the Constitution.

  8. tranquil.night says:

    J.E. Dyer in this post from HA’s green room takes two seemingly unrelated issues and connects them in exceptional fashion: the Gunwalker scandal and the debt ceiling negotiations. http://hotair.com/archives/2011/07/17/gunwalker-and-the-budget-crises-in-the-integrity-of-government.

    In both matters, Gunwalker and the budget stand-off, it is the actions of the government that have created the mess; the “fix” proposed by the Obama administration puts the constraints and burdens on the people, without addressing the behavior of government that created the “problem” at hand; the administration is choosing to do things it has the freedom not to do; and the MSM are simply repeating the administration’s narrative about what’s going on, without analysis or criticism.

    Peggy Noonan invokes Reagan in her Wall Street Journal opinion piece today, observing that he would not, in a budget stand-off, have addressed the people with veiled threats as Obama has. But I think Reagan’s tenure teaches us a larger and more important lesson. Reagan proved that it is remarkably effective to stand up to the shrill forces of social collectivism. When you don’t compromise with them, it is they who lose viability. Almost no one will recognize that that is happening until they collapse; the pioneer who does stand up to them can expect to be doubted and excoriated all along the way. But ultimately, collectivists whose power comes from overburdening the people hold the weaker hand. They cannot win unless we let them.

    If we’re always going to cave to the false-premises of the little dictator and his psy-ops team when they are verifiably lying and taking fiscal hostages, what can we stand on?

    Indeed, as I predicted to the letter, Erickson is reporting today that a new compromise deal appears to be in the works, and Boehner/McConnell are going to hit the mat for the deal the immediate moment after they let the Cut, Cap, and Balance vote go down in a kabuki vote in the House or Senate. http://www.redstate.com/erick/2011/07/17/why-is-john-boehner-letting-house-republicans-be-mitch-mcconnells-toy/

    Steyn sounds ready for the fray though in a very sharp piece at NRO yesterday, “The Great Charade”

    • proreason says:

      This debt ceiling kabuki has become the most disgusting political event since the election of Obamy himself.

      I think we have been lied to by everybody. And tragically, the whole thing is trashing the triumph of the 2010 election. Even the Tea Partiers, I’ve come to believe, have been duped.

      Let’s be real.
      – a balanced budget amendment will NOT pass in any form that will do any good by this congress
      – the debt ceiling is going to be increased. Not because we will default on debt service. Obviously, we won’t. But because there is no way to wind back federal spending fast enough to pay for the (largely useless) “services” that have been committed. In other words, there is no way that the Department of Energy, Department of Education and the EPA, etc., are going to be dissolved in the next 2 weeks.
      – and there is no way “cut, cap and balance” is going to be enacted into law in 2011 or 2012. It simply is not going to happen with 2 out of 3 branches controlled by the marxists.
      – the Republicans are going to come out of this with one thing…humiliating egg on their faces

      Little me has figured this out, at last. There can be no doubt that every member of Congress has known this all along. Yet we have proceded on this ridiculous Kibuki dance, with the final result that the Republicans look like idiots and the Moron looks like the kindly uncle holding the country together. What a farce.

      Or in other words, the idiot Republicans have squandered the greatest electoral victory of the last 80 years. What FOOLS they are.

      And think what they could have done if they had said just one simple thing: “We will lift the debt ceiling because we must, but our support for doing so depends on returning government spending to the level of Sept 2008 within 12 months. Americans are all now living with less than we had in 2008 because of the disastrous economic policies of this administratiion, and now government must do the same. That is our condition for agreeing to lifting the debt ceiling.

      And we have to tell you that this is merely a stopgap. With our opponents controlling 2 branches, we can do no more. But we promise that shortly after we win in 2012, we will address and correct the deep rooted systemic spending problems that have been foisted on you by liberal governments since WWII, and America will be restored to sound fiscal policies.”

      Even with that, it isn’t likely they would have got everything, but they certainly would have got something.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Erick floats a call for a revolt to the House leadership, but yeah, Pro’s right, I don’t think we’d even get a total mutiny on Boehner let alone in the Senate. It’d just be further points for the Dims. For the time being, we’re going to have accept that we’ve effectively lost control of the country again. Instead, if the deal goes through it’s all the ammo we need to channel into primaries of everyone who votes for it and is up for re-election next year. Mitchtoast – who believes he’s locking up his Senate Majority leader position with this deal – is up in 2014. He won’t be returning to Washington even if I have to go to Kentucky to find a winning challenger myself. As the saying goes, “It ain’t a threat. It’s a promise.” I don’t forget treachery, nor do I think the Kentuckians are very keen on it, after having just voted in Dr. Rand Paul and all – whose presented the most ambitious budget reduction plan to date.

      As long as the Tea Party block remains a firm no on the vote, then they’ll have to get grab a lot of Democrats to allow vulnerables to protect themselves. Not many will get that luxury.

      But there’s still our case to be made:

      1. There is no risk of default unless Treasury decides not to fund the debt service. They are the ones threatening to do so, not the Republicans.
      2. Short term stop-gaps can be passed to service the debt and all essential services. Bluff Obama and the Demoturds refuse to consider the option..
      3. As well as refuse to consider any rational and relatively painlessly spending cuts without sticking it to job-creators and.. getting to spend more. They are the ones holding granny, our warriors and taxpayers hostage in their childish, Keynesian-binging, dangerous game of class warfare.

    • tranquil.night says:

      VDH: St. Obama and the Debt Dragon (h/t Insty)

      On false narratives and false-premises, Richard Miniter @ American Thinker: Time for Once Upon a Time in America

      Ask yourself what would happen if our Constitution were imposed upon a third-world country which has no tradition of grassroots democracy, no native word for elected officials, ballots, no metaphors for the rule of law, not even a word for freedom. Both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and in fact almost any one of our institutions would be culturally incomprehensible to such a people.

      Because it follows that the documents and the institutions they specify would have no effect. After all, how much would the First Amendment protect your freedom of speech if you lived in a sea of people who don’t understand what freedom of speech is? Or how it could be important?

      Which is exactly where the left-wing liberal is headed with these fairy tales — a different culture. One in which we no longer comprehend our institutions and founding documents. Or our tradition of local self-government and individual freedom. A society in which all of that or any of that is culturally foreign. And as long as we continue to allow these very weak and fanciful tales to prevail, to become unchallenged parables then metaphors, then part of the language, that’s where we’ll end up.

      The Great American Re-Awakening Continues.

      “It’s a race against time..” or pick your favorite cliche.

      Also, a good piece on Cultural Indoctrination from Stacy McCain: The Dark Night of Fascism

  9. proreason says:

    nbc, Codevilla, the author I cited has this reverence to the author you link to:

    “Self-styled investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reports that Madelyn Dunham, the mother of Barack’s mother, Ann Dunham, who became vice president of the Bank of Hawaii soon after her arrival there, was in charge of escrow accounts. Madsen’s credibility is certainly checkered. But if he is correct about which department she headed, Madelyn Dunham must have supervised the accounts that the U.S. government used to funnel money to its “gray” and “black” activities throughout Asia.”

    Codevilla is pretty well recognized. He shows some contempt for Madsen, but not enough to neglect to cite him and use some material from him.

    Your link itself is from an Alex Jones website. I was impressed with Alex when I first bumped into him, but as I learned more, he is on the conspiratorial fringe, being a Truther, for example.

    But such is the nature of information nowadays. Frankly, I believe Madsen more than the make believe media, which isn’t exactly resounding approval. I believe our host, Steve, 1000% more than the mbm or somebody like Madsen.

    Truth nowadays is difficult to find.

  10. canary says:

    This very interesting with video and documents on SCOTUS giving Obama eligibility case another look.
    Isn’t it strange that SCOTUS ruled against the military officer who wanted to proof, and then Trump get’s
    a copy, when no one else.
    I heard an interview with of the lawyer who got Trump the copie and he says he believes Donald Trump is working for Obama. Trump just did more interviews on running 3rd party again, and we know that’s not a risk this country can take.

    WorldNetDaily: BORN IN THE USA? Stunner! Supremes to give eligibility case another look
    Challenge to Obama getting 2nd conference before court

    February 17, 2011 By Bob Unruh

    Read more: Stunner! Supremes to give eligibility case another look http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=264897#ixzz1SUpAtNPF

    This is from Newmax on Kagen possibly having to excuse herself from Obama health care. Aside the conflict of interest it asserts Kagen lied in questions as to if she’d ever given an opinion on health care.


  11. tranquil.night says:

    Levin’s right. Bam the Constitutional Scholar can’t veto a Constitutional Amendment. It goes to the States.

    • proreason says:

      Well, I’m starting to be the guy on this site who rains on all the parades, including many of my own parades.

      The problem is that there are ideals, and then there is reality. Levin, God love him, is a great one to lay out the ideals; indeed, with his writings, he may be the best thinker out there who has a popular following. But it ain’t gonna happen in 2011. There is NO CHANCE that a Balanced Budget Amendment with any kind of teeth whatsoever is going to pass this congress. It’s a waste of time. It’s counterproductive. Just like advocating for Sharon Angle and some of Mark’s other candidates served to helped the opposition win. Sorry, that’s just the truth. Now, maybe the marxists will be able to trick congress into approving a Balanced Budget amendment that will institutionalize 10% annual budget increases….but one that might actually be useful just won’t happen. Neither will “caps”. The democrats control the House and the White House for gosh sakes. All this stuff is just for show. It can’t happen.

      And it’s worse than “for show”. It negates an opportunity for people who really care about the country to make clear what the real issues are. Instead of people hearing over and over that Obamy has increased spending more than all prior presidents, in the teeth of a near depression to boot, what they hear is that the Republicans are completely intransigent on taxes. It’s crazy, but true. And the reason is that conservatives have simply gone too far beyond the current norm. Trump is right about this. Ryan is a genius, but his plan should have sat on the shelf for another couple of years. The threat to not lift the debt ceiling is another one. It simply is NOT going to happen. Why even say it? Anybody who says it is simply holding up a sign that says “I’m wrong and I’m a nut”. Bachman has already lost because of this issue. She could have handled it many other ways. But she has wrecked her campaign by linking lifting the debt ceiling to something that can’t happen. She might conceivable get the nomination because there is a percentage of conservatives who are completely unrealistic, but she won’t get the presidency. She would be lucky to get as much as McCain got.

      It isn’t RINO’ism. It’s just recognition of the art of the possible. Watch Perry. If he makes the same mistake, he will be toast as well.

      Dieing nobly is useless, unless you are a multi-millionaire talk-show host who can take his millions and his microphone to New Zealand if obamy wins in 2012.

      (One other point is that there are multiple ways to look at compromise on any issue. One way, the purist way, is to say that compromise proves that the party that compromised has no principles and is willing to sell-out at the first sign of resistance. Another way is to say that a compromise proves that the party that compromised has pracitced the art of the possible. And there are plenty of variations. Romney, for example, who isn’t my favorite candidate, was governor of an extremely liberal state. There was no chance that he was going to be able to impose Texas policies in Massachusetts. It’s possible that he was a brilliant conservative, who kept his state from an even more extreme form of marxism. I’m not saying that’s a fact, just that it is as likely an explanation for his behavior as governor as saying he is a secret liberal. People are way way too critical of him, Pawlenty and Christie.)

  12. tranquil.night says:

    I’ll be the guy who continues to disagree with you, good sir.

    In 2010 the Democrats committed kabuki in no small part because of shoving BarryCare down our collective throats. However, that vote was only as brutal as it was because the Tea Party had forced the Republicans to adopt a position of Legislative obstructionism. Whatever happened to the “Party of ‘No'” crap? It was an ineffective MBM meme because we weren’t just saying no but articulating clear and bold policy alternatives, including Ryan’s early prelude to the Path to Prosperity which was hugely popular.

    So, no sir, the problem hasn’t been our attempts to present propositions which address our country’s challenges. The problem is that after we delivered the “Party of ‘No'” with the biggest political reversal + electoral mandate they became the party of “Let’s Make a Deal,” with someone who’d just spent the past 2 years subverting the American legal and economic system.

    Why? Probably because they’re really Big Government Republicans that care more about protecting their own clique and power. And I honestly think they are still bitter that we endorsed outside-the-beltway candidates who didn’t secure them with a Senate Majority and all those lovely committees. This “one-half of one-third of power” argument stems from that wound. Well they can go home, cry some more, and leave the real responsibilities to the adults IMO.

    And Trump has never been anything more than a useful idiot in politics, we used him to get Birtherism off the card table, the Democrats use him to try and attack serious reform efforts. He’s a big tool with such big mouth and head that just about everyone knows how to plainly manipulate him, since all he cares about is attention. Just because he keeps spouting the conventional wisdom of the New York investment and cocktail clique and his Democrat advisor handlers doesn’t make it any more true. It’s only conventional wisdom because Trump and thousands of other “impressive” people up in that voyeuristic little bubble with connections to the Ruling Class say it is.

    Senate Democrats aren’t going to pass a BBA of course because they have to protect their Precious. That has never been the point. Some of them have voted for a version of the BBA before; almost all of them have argued against raising the debt ceiling before. The objective is to use this central issue to make them politically CHOKE on the fact that they are nothing but big spending, big taxing, big sugar Daddy Statists – even if we don’t get anything substantive out of it at this particular moment. But we don’t do it by just handing the keys back over to them to continue marauding all over our system, not without demonstrating to people that’s clearly what they’re about.

    There has never been a better point to plant the flag except the FY2011 budget (where default wasn’t even an option to threaten with), but we were told by our leadership that the Debt Ceiling was a much more appropriate point of leverage – and that they were going to try to use it for just that. “Try” being the operative word that we all knew was crap from the beginning. Nevertheless, all the polls consistently show that the people who will be influencing the next election are more afraid of more debt than a default BY A WIDE MARGIN.

    There is absolutely no political pressure on the Republicans to do ANYTHING. The perception that the ball is in their court is completely false, and all they have to do is keep passing small bills covering our immediate obligations and dare the Democrats to let those bills die. If we get downgraded, the President will be remembered for it. If the market volatility goes haywire and retirees once again get robbed, it will be under the President’s watch. It won’t be Bush. It won’t be the one-half of one-third of the government that refused to issue a blank check because they warned of exactly what would happened.

    At this point the leadership has already severely botched it, and they willl be hearing from their base. But there’s still one last act to play out in this ridiculous melodrama in the theatre of the absurd.

    • proreason says:

      “The objective is to use this central issue to make them politically CHOKE on the fact that they are nothing but big spending, big taxing, big sugar Daddy Statists ”

      I support that objective, and think it would have been a worthy goal.

      But it hasn’t happened. Why? For two reasons. One is the abject stupidity of the old-guard Republicans. But the second is because of the seeming intransigence of the Tea Party republicans. Frankly, I don’t think they are that intransigent, but with Bachmann leading the way, it appears so to the country. At the very least, that is how the Make Believe Media has chosen to portray it, and there simply hasn’t been a viable response from Republicans. Bachmann’s position has helped her win Iowa, but it has hurt the country.

      As I have said, a better approach would have been to layout the stretch goals, and than ease into a realistic compromise position. Then we would have achieved (possibly) the best of both worlds: admirable principles combined with admirable realism.

      For example:
      – The economy cannot survive with current spending levels, neither entitlements nor the rest
      – Obamy has increased spending an unprecedented 40%, a disastrous amount that has sparked a new crisis. The result of the catastophic spending is unemployment similar to the Great Depression.
      – Hiring has stopped because employers are terrified of what this man will do next.
      – The problem is spending, not taxes. Many studies prove that taxation above 20% is as damaging as spending above 20%. America’s historic level is 19%.
      – But an ideal solution is impossible at this time because of the insistance of liberals on class warfare and punishing taxes
      – And unfortunately, the debt ceiling must be raised, because Obama’s catastrophic spending forced it.
      – So at this time, we will wind back spending to 2008; close some obvious tax loopholes, and maintain the status quo on SS and Medicare for two years
      – (unstated but compromise position: we will allow Food Stamp and unemployment increases)
      – With these conditions, we will vote to lift the debt ceiling.
      – Elect us in 2012 and we will enact Cut, Cap and Balance, and use Ryan’s plan as the starting point of discussion for America’s economic future

      That way, the truth is stated. The ideal is stated. And a realistic goal is stated. The other party is the unreasonable one.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “But it hasn’t happened.”

      Agreed. And regarding the Tea Party bloc holding form on no debt ceiling increase, it’s based on the premise that Obama basically arbitrarily threatened to default the country to get his way without ever having to negotiate honestly. A wedge wouldn’t have been driven there if the Republican leadership had recognized and defended that position. Instead they cowed to the threat, but I agree, that bloc should’ve expected their leadership to do that and not let the MBM have had that opportunity.

      I see getting this all recorded in votes on the actual plans and deals as the way in which we’ll have ensured that we’ve advocated for that which we believe is ideally right, and anyone who participates in the McConnell/Reid option can look forward to being challenged.

  13. proreason says:

    Fascinating article about a guy who has measured media bias.


    Here is the most surprising conclusion. He estimates that media bias has moved the average American voter 25 points (on a scale of 100) to the left. That is simply astonishing. I would have guessed 10 or 15%, but TWENTY-FIVE. The article doesn’t say, but one might conclude that the Marxist’s 53 to 44% victory would have been a 38 to 69% loss, if it wasn’t for the Make Believe Media. That may be a stretch since people don’t vote strickly because of ideology, but still.

    BTW, others have said that the media gives 15% points to the Democrats.

    This is why we are so pissed off about our country.

    • tranquil.night says:

      We’ve been talking at our local Tea Party about innovative ways to improve the ground game, as our regular public protests will still grab thousands but little interest from the MBM unless there’s someone to embarrass us.

      I’ve suggested just protesting the MBM and media malpractice, it’s so blatant and constantly in your face now. There’s concern about what that would trigger from the enemy. I’m shrugging now and just pointing at Murdoch and the current debt ceiling fight.

      Mass Media has just become more intertwined with Western Society. The MBM is more than just a political front, it’s leeched across institutions spanning the spectrum of the entire worldview.

      I think the Ruling Class has us even closer to the precipice of Cultural collapse than economic and political.

  14. tranquil.night says:

    Forget the Gang of Six plan for now. There’s 7 Reasons Why August 2nd Isn’t the End of the World (with revenue increase ideas!)

    I applaud Michelle Bachmann’s and her bloc’s continued advocacy for a defund/repeal of ObamaCare, especially in light of the need to frame the debate on any potential deal on entitlement reform. But there needs to be room for negotiation within ones own party. The Cut, Cap, Balance Act in exchange for a limit increase is a realistic front around which we can rally.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Can safely say now to forget the Gang of Six plan altogether. Those who are going to advocate for it, which the biggest energy is coming from the Left, are just framing the debate to sell Conservatives on the parts they know we’d support. In reality this is another turd sandwich when examining the substance, and politically should it pass will throw yet another lifeline to Obama in his mission to redefine himself as a Centrist. More psy-ops.

      Dan Mitchell: Gang of Six Plan: The Good, Bad, and Ugly (h/t Hotair)

      Daniel Horowitz @ Redstate: http://www.redstate.com/dhorowitz3/2011/07/19/the-fuzzy-math-from-gang-of-six/

      – Accounting gimmicks and outright assumptions of savings without any basis
      – Taxes, taxes, taxes: “On the ‘increasing revenue side’ of the ledger, they would “reform, not eliminate, tax expenditures for health, charitable giving, homeownership, and retirement, and retain support for low-income workers and families.” Yet, astoundingly, for all the talk about closing loopholes, their proposal would retain…you guessed it, the Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit. So after subjecting retirees to double taxation of 401(k)s and IRAs, they will retain the redistributive Earned Income Credit for many who pay little or no taxes.”
      – Politically unrealistic policy objectives like the idea that Democrats are going to agree to reform all marginal tax rates, including the corporate and top-earners rates – and that they actually believe this would lead to increased revenue.
      – A committee mandate to develop a plan to make Social Security solvent for 75 years that won’t look for any structural changes.

      They basically just re-wrapped Obama’s best offer from the negotiations with a pack of sweetners from the first deficit commission, and of course it came on the day of momentum for the CCB debate. The Gang of Six Plan isn’t even in a place to be legislatively debated, yet as predicted, they dropped it on us to move the debate away from a winning plan. Plus, it’s an entirely new budget framework, so it derelicts on and cuts off at the knees the proposals of the Ryan Plan. Cussed useful idiot Moderates looking for their inroad back to control of the Republican ideology and narrative, psh, it’s so very vain, and blind, at a time like this.

    • proreason says:

      more republicans shooting their feet off

  15. proreason says:

    Read why the Marxists are so desperate:


    The Make Believe Media has several stories a day explaining why conservatism is doomed. This author doesn’t swallow the propaganda and analizes why the Democrat party is doomed. In a nutshell, the spigot is drying up.

    This explains why they are so desperate and were willing, in 2008, to risk a world-wide Depression. They will be willing to do more in 2012.

    Think about its: FDR/Truman followed by Eisenhauer. LBJ followed by Nixon. Carter followed by Reagan. Clinton followed by Dubya. The pattern couldn’t be clearer. The author’s contention about the spigot drying up couldn’t be clearer. And the Marxists have almost reached the tipping point of 50% on the dole. This is their last and best chance.

    Armageddon in 2012.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Absolutely. They have to achieve a majority culture of State dependency over which they have control, especially over the flow of information, to survive the coming years politically. They are not going to be able to afford the same social safety net within the next couple of years and they know it. It’s never about protecting granny, the disabled, and the ‘working class’ but about control.

      Cuomo may be an emerging firebrand of the new ‘austere’ Democrat brand they’ll have to adapt to stay politically relevant. Just as slippery and Statist as the old ones, just with an economic policy that begrudgingly reflects the reality.

  16. proreason says:

    Russel Hoven can be an even more annoying RINO than me, but he hits a home run with this AT article…”Spend it like Bush”.


    I swear, if a numbnuts like Hoven can think of this, why can’t the geniuses in Congress. Oh wait, don’t bother to answer. I think I know.

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