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The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, December 2nd, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

27 Responses to “The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves”

  1. proreason says:

    It sure didn’t take long to crank up a full scale assault on Gingrich. He must feel like a man in a gauntlet. The firing squad isn’t just circular, it’s 3-dimensional.

    But it’s probably not a bad thing. One way or another, it would have happened. Better now than in October 2012. And I really like the vindictiveness of it. Obviously, our very own little ruling class pundits have been holding a major grudge against Newt for a long time, him being such a prick and all that, though he seems to hide that side of himself pretty well by pretending to be a loving grandfather.

    Either he can withstand the fire or not. If he can, he’ll be stronger because of it. Stong as in tempered steel with the jaws of a great white shark and the hide of a crocodile.

    The way I look at it, either you believe that a person can grow and mature, or they can’t. With a guy like Newt, if you think that everything he has said or done in his life should be treated like he said it yesterday, then it’s impossible to vote for him.

    The only problem is that if it applies to Newt, doesn’t it also apply to Romney? And Mitt may not have as target rich a background as Newt, but there are still plenty of targets there. He is after all an amoral flip-flopping uber-liberal liar rino, who can’t wait to rip off his mask and shove romneycare down our throats, right? It won’t take much more to take him down than Gingrich.

    Maybe the answer is a guy like Cain, who doesn’t have a history at all. Oh wait…check that.

    Maybe the answer is a woman like Bachman who only has a five year history, and all of that as a back bencher. And she’s about as pure and consistent a hard-core conservative as it’s possible to be. Mark Levin coos when she comes on his show. Surely all of the nouveau conservatives in the Tea Party and the every-4-year voters who voted for Obama in 2008 but would like a job to buy food now will find her brand of conservatism enthralling, right? Or if not her, Ron Paul. Sure he has the problem with Iran and all, but people will overlook that won’t they?. Or Rick Perry. No one will remember the 52 second pause or hold his debating skills against him. Or maybe Hunstman has a really big constituency that just hasn’t emerged yet, or the same for Rick Santorum.

    Oh how I wish that we could find our own innocent but very smart negro who was an eagle scout, his high school prom king, a rocket scientist and a Constitutional scholar, with great abs and a sweet jump shot, just like president Obama. You know, somebody that is a light worker and a saint when he isn’t saving jobs and preventing the oceans from rising.

    Yep, I can’t see any downside to ripping Newt and Mitt to pieces. None at all. They deserve our hatred, or at least the hatred of our beloved pundits. I think our pundits should just pretend they are marxist political operatives and see what kind of an asshole they can rip out of all the candidates. It can be like a fun game where they take turns being eagles dive bombing on the only two candidates still standing. The jackpot can be if they get to star in the marxist attack ads in October 2012.

    That’s what they get paid to do…I mean really, if they don’t give the election to Obama, a lot of them won’t have their good paying jobs after 2012.

    • tranquil.night says:

      What makes me laugh is that it’s the conventional moderate/establishment that always criticize it are now the vanguards of ideological purity.

      I understand the Purity Brigrade’s issues with him, but it’s too the point where the intelligentsia’s pride and bias are so transparent it’s leading them to say and write things that are embarassingly inconsistent with their own long-held attitudes.

      Levin came out yesterday and openly said Bachmann and Santorum are his two personal favorites but he wasn’t going to do anything special for them. I think the Talk Show kings are damned if they do, damned if they don’t when it gets to wading into the primary weeds. They have a premise, which is that they believe all of the major candidates should be able to beat Obama. Whether they actually can is debatable when you analyze the facts on the ground and it’s not a perspective that really helps to narrow down who’s strongest, but it’s a viewpoint they keep wanting to reinforce I guess, to not get sucked into the premise that the choice is only Newt or Romney when the fact should be that Obama’s negatives ought to be considered in a whole different stratosphere when compared to any of our candidates.

      I try to be of the mindset that it’s the candidates case to make. If they can’t handle the media gauntlet, then they aren’t going to be able to navigate the Washington swamp. So I agree with you Pro that as disingenuous some of the attacks on Newt are, it’s ultimately his task to find a way to make his message triumph, as it is with all the candidates

    • proreason says:

      Good for Levin. Why continue to try to hide what anybody with a brain knows anyway. When I said he coos, I wasn’t exagerating. I like a lot of things about Michelle myself, but when the host starts to tongue kiss the guest, it’s over my tolerance threshhold.

      Steyn had the gall to say he would vote for Gingrich after ripping him for hours. Is minus a few hundred thousand plus 1 a good deal? It doesn’t seem matter to some people if the books are selling; but I’m sure he justifies it as doing the country a service. Obama can’t be as bad as Newt. It’s the 3% where Newt disagrees with Steyn that galls the mighty pundit.

    • Mithrandir says:

      A la Saul Alinsky, the democrat machine focused on Sarah Palin, her emails, some democrat’s kid hacked her private account, they mocked her (glad Gingrich mocks them in return…A+!) they made fun of her child, her daughter, her husband, her book, her t.v. show, her comments, her bus tour (they didn’t properly use turn signals you know!)

      Rick Perry evidently can’t speak without a teleprompter. Can’t get exact facts correct when pressured to. (John Kerry couldn’t think for 40 minutes on 911, good leaderships skills there buddy)

      Herman Cain didn’t accidentally kill his mistress in a drunken stupor, nor harass enough women and talk his way out of it like Clinton did.

      Now the socialist media is going BONKERS because Newt made money off of Fannie and Freddie. They tried this when Newt wrote a book while being Speaker of the House, “NEWT GET-RICH is making a profit while in office!”

      One by one, they fall off.

      I wish I had a list off all the tricks these people use and recycle. “Tax breaks for the rich” (Dick Gephart’s favorite line) “The Republicans are going to steal Christmas!” “Is _____________ too old to be president?” –the anti-Reagan / Bob Dole / John McCain line.

      As long as the candidate’s name isn’t OBAMA, I am going to plug my ears until 2012. Unless they kill their mistress, AND were members of the KKK, and a member of a racist church for 20 years, and hung around with terrorists, I am not going to blink one bit.

    • proreason says:

      “Unless they kill their mistress, AND were members of the KKK, and a member of a racist church for 20 years, and hung around with terrorists, I am not going to blink one bit.”

      Excellent, Mith. Newt is a saint compared to any number of libwit criminals, including the Criminal in Chief.

      But I’m afraid it isn’t only Pravda. Conservatives have a big problem with our own media, who could easily discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates without slandering them, but have chosen the low road instead.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      If anyone is thinking of dismissing Newt, watch this and listen and then tell me you still want to dismiss Newt.


      Personally, the left hates the guy with a passion. That in itself is almost enough to make me vote for him. His straight-faced lecturing is what is needed. OK, so he has warts. Shoot, I fudged on my taxes some time ago. I might blow a stop sign here and there, I really hate the management at the company I work for. I have been in trouble with them from time to time.

      I like Newt, warts and all. He tells it like it is, points out the things that all other candidates (except Michelle) fail to acknowledge or are ignorant of. He has been in DC for a long time and “knows things”. He knows what ails the nation and wants to fix it. He’s not stupid, and though I’ve said he seems to need to present himself as the smartest guy in the room, I would sit there and shut up when he talks because he has something worth hearing, whether driven by an ego or not.

      Our country is in danger. The media, the unions, much of the government, teachers, and 49% (at least) of this nation thinks that they are all entitled to more, more more. Their fear of failure is assuaged by government largesse. This is wrong. It needs to be corrected. Newt has the huevos to tell them “no mas”. Sure, he’ll piss people off…But they already hate him and are pissed off. But I’m looking forward to the takers getting told to go sh*t in their hats and wear them. I—have—had—enough.

    • proreason says:

      Thank you Rusty for linking to that clip and giving your opinion about Gingrich. I missed the Bloomberg debate. Newt was beyond awesome.

      James Tarantino in today’s WSJ identifies the appeal of Newt. We want somebody to take it to Obama (and as their proxy, to the libwit marxists who are destroying the greatest country that ever was, by far).

      Frankly, I just don’t care that Newt has wandered off the reservation from time to time. Whenever I listen to his discussion of the matters, he always has an explanation that, even if I don’t agree 100%, at least makes sense with his assumptions and framework. And in addition, I believe that he is about 99% aligned with what we all think at this exact point in time.

      As for his personal improprieties, let he who is without sin be the first to speak. And I’m not talking just about Gingrich’s sins, I’m talking about the sins that most of his accusers are harboring themselves, which in many cases will be something totally different. Yep, Newt was unfaithful to his wives, more than once. Not only isn’t he far far from the first, I reckon that many more than the males who are already adulterers in the general population, if they were granted the opportunities and temptations that powerful men have, would do the same thing. It’s more surprising to me that any resist than that many succomb. That isn’t a defense of his behavior, it’s simply an argument that life happens and the flesh is weak. Adults know this, even when they disapprove of the behavior. If you cull out whatever sinners appall you, you’ve reduced the herd of candidates by a huge margin, and many who you let in are lying about it anyway.

      What Newt does far better than Romney is, as Tarantino says, refuse to kowtow to the liberal bullies. He doesn’t accept the premises and in less than a minute he routinely skewers the questioners, skewers the lies behind the premises, and explains the alternatives that reasonable people know but can’t articulate.

      I also read the Beck interview yesterday on Drudge, and I think it is applicable to this disussion as well. Like many, I love Beck and consider him a hero. But what Glenn did in that interview, and what many pundits and commentators do all over the net, is to criticize somebody for what he said or did 1, 2, 5,10 or 20 years ago, sometimes, like Beck, going back 100 years for fodder to criticize somebody….all from the perspective of their opinions or some present-day consensus. How incredibly ARROGANT that is. Knock knock conservative purists…THINGS CHANGE. The Heritage foundation invented the individual mandate. RR passed amnesty. Nixon imposed price sanctions. Hows about listening to what a person supports today and making an effort to understand why they might have held a different view at a different point in time, because, I can state with 100% confidence, any listener, including Mr. Beck, held different position himself, yesterday, a month ago, a year ago or decades ago, and not just one, but often multiple positions that like Newt and every other politician, changed over time.

    • BillK says:

      Yes, I abhor Obama’s policies. Yes, I realize he’s destroying the country.

      But I can’t vote for a man who left two wives while they were ill, made an anti-global warming ad with Nancy Pelosi, and considered Paul Ryan’s eminently reasonable plan Medicare plan “right wing social engineering.”

      No, I can’t vote for Mr. “No, really, Romneycare is different because the state is making you buy a product” either.

      Bottom line, if either of them is the candidate, Obama gets my vote by default because I won’t vote – simply because I can’t, in good conscience, vote for the Republican. I just can’t.

      In 2008 I said it would be like voting for Stalin because he’s “not as bad as Hitler” but the choice is worse this time.

      Once again Republicans will be snatching defeat from the mouth of victory.

      I can’t do it, I just can’t.

      Not and have any self-respect left.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Pro, that was my favorite post among your countless diamonds.

      Speaking of arrogance, Coulter gets on Hannity today and announces her next serveral columns are going to be on why Romney is the only electable candidate in the field, mostly because Newt et al are going to scare the skiddish independent sheep right back to Spike or something. This by the author of “Demonic.”

      Here’s a sum up of her argument:
      – What John Boehner has accomplished this past year surpasses anything Newt ever did.
      – John Boehner is a popular figure because he doesn’t make waves.
      – Nominating anybody but Romney is going to result in a replay of Christine O’Donnell/Sharon Angle

      There’s very little a Liberal can say that can piss me off as much as what Coulter did today, because at least with them you start to expect the crap they fling everyday. That one interview almost captured every reason why I’m not interested in listening to any of these Romney cheerleaders. Their arguments for him are nothing but sophistry and condescension under a thin mask of intellectualism guided by experience.

      This covers the rest, Rush talked about it today: Private RNC conference call: Let’s stay away from personal attacks on Obama next year

      “Does Newt agree, I wonder, or will The One’s alleged Kenyan anti-colonialist worldview be a core component of the Gingrich general-election message? Because it’d be terrific to spend three months sidetracked with that instead of talking about the failure of our $800 billion stimulus.” – Chumpundit

      If three months were spent in which the general population were made aware of just how much Obama and the Left despise the foundation and framework of this country, then that’d be a terrific and long overdue education. The point about the failure of the $800 billion stimulus is that it was never going to succeed, it was a massive redistributionist political slush fund, and everybody knows it. These points aren’t mutually exclusive, and this is not something you’re going to shut us up about. This is at the core of where the establishment and intelligentsia are radically out of touch with the rest of the country with respect to Romney vs not-Romney, and it’s better that the RNC call demanding any criticism of Obama to be muzzled got out into the public now before Romney won the primary. It’s about damn freaking time actually. Romney’s biggest problem with the base is that the people he’s going to listen to for political advice, the people cheerleading for him, are losers. Flat out holier-than-thou losers who think they’re important because they can make a public name for themselves by piecing together some semi-intelligent wordcraft on occasion, but when push comes to shove in politically standing up for principles can’t stomach any of the heavy lifting; opting rather to join with those they profess to stand against in tearing down those with whom they profess to stand. Basically exactly what they say Newt is, except, you know, they aren’t actually putting themselves through the grueling process of running for president. Oh, but they’re all thousands of times more qualified than the bunch of defects who actually have taken up the campaign, which let’s face it, half of them are only doing it for book deals or media gigs or whatever anyway.

      It’s just fools on parade this week. And I wish I could pass it off as a bunch of hissy Northeastern beta-males that are so scared of meaningless, rigged polls that we now can’t even point out basic facts. But the truth is that the moderate/establishment Republicans and inside-the-beltway intelligentsia aren’t afraid of losing. They’re just smug elitists who can’t stand when their brilliance gets rejected by rubes who dare to claim the political class has been an utterly embarassing failure.

      Here’s a telegram from Realville:
      – John Boehner is a loser who’s shown more ferocity and contempt for the people who made him speaker than the man destroying the legal, economic, and cultural framework of this country.
      – He’s not popular. Congress is so unpopular that a regime which got annihilated politically just over a year ago now thinks its best path to reelection is against a do-nothing Congress. And they may be right, but only because that narrative would have any traction because nobody in the Republican Congressional leadership will stand up to Little Lenin like Joe Barton with the simple yet effective “You Lie.”
      – Christine O’Donnell and Sharon Angle lost because the Republican Establishment and beltway intelligentsia told the Tea Party to win those races themselves then joined the Liberals in Palinizing them, it’s practically as simple as that, and if it hadn’t been for some last minute emergency dirty tricks in Nevada, Reid would’ve been gone despite that mountain of shit everybody threw on Angle. The Republicans neither deserved nor earned that Senate Majority and they are butt-hurt about it like no other. They couldn’t give two mounds about whatever else was achieved in that election; the revisionist history was written in the hours following that landslide. They hate the Conservatives who rep the social issues with a deep passion, and they hate that the Tea Party doesn’t just go away but keeps insisting on upsetting their apple-carts too. Meanwhile, the Left frames every one of their Marxist-Statist policies as an imperative towards Social Justice, and the Republicans always accept the premise as the mainstream of public thought despite all the data to the contrary.

      This is a non-negotiable matter to me – the Truth doesn’t care about what the polls say: Obama and the Democrats never intended to take the steps necessary to recover and grow the economy, we aren’t dealing with any incompetence here other than that they never in their wildest dreams wanted to believe that the Tea Party could actually become a force capable of challenging their ability to pull the wool over the electorates eyes. This is fundamentally a political War of Worldviews, and the Republican establishment won’t ever be able to moderate, cave, and flee their way to victory. We are dealing with radicals hellbent on tranforming our nation as founded beyond the limits of office and the expressed outrage of a majority of the electorate. Every policy failure of the past three years and seven decades not only can be explained in terms of ideology, but must be, because otherwise the forces of government can say whatever they want about who we are, while they do whatever the hell they want, and always get away by claiming innocence and good-intentions when everything with which they meddle turns to crap. If there isn’t a political party lead by people who are going to call out this blatant abuse of power for what it is and stand athwart it everyday as it manipulates and preys on people, then I’m going to ask Pro and Mrs. Reason if there’s extra room in their bunker.

      BillK, once again, your position is insane. Your moral compass is seriously misguided if you think the misery caused by Newt’s personal escapades and the personal political positions he’s advocated which are wrong compare in any way to the mass misery caused by the government policies, balkanization, and cynicism actualized by Obama and company. It’s ludicrous.

    • BillK says:

      I hate to sound like a Rush seminar caller, but I never thought I’d disagree with Ann Coulter as vehemently as I do over Romney.

      Mitt is the very definition of the establishment “Republican” – taking relatively liberal stands until it’s to his political advantage to move at all to the right.

      He simply can’t be trusted.

      Once again – really, Romneycare/Obamacare, same thing. Sorry, Mitt, no matter how much you protest otherwise.

      How many flaws in a poitician’s character are OK just because some of his policies are contrary to those of the current administration and align with our political views?

      After hearing his interview with Glenn Beck I have an even less favorable view of the man.

    • proreason says:

      Thanks tn.

      This election is stressing the heros who have carried us this far. Ann Coulter, I think, is such a committed socon (her own special variety, of course), that she can’t bring herself to accept Newt. I don’t think it has much to do with his views since he is obviously more conservative than Romney if you look at him from 360 degrees. For her, it’s about Newt’s long past behavior. People like her and numerous other famous conservative pundits have painted themselves into a corner by their lifetimes of advocacy. If you pound on a table for years and suddenly the landscape shifts and what you were pounding the table about isn’t even an option, some launch into a fantasy mode (Levin holding out for love interest Bachman), others retreat to their the sub-cortex despite the evidence that the public rejects their view (Coulter supporting Romney because of his upstanding personal life), and others commit mental suicide (Steyn, who is so caught up in his apocalyptic vision that now he is basically advocating for the country to fail).

      If you step away from it, Newt and Mitt are both better candidates than McLame, Dole, and probably Bush I. And it’s not hard to argue they are better than Bush II was in 2000 as well. They are both more in command of the issues, both have more relevant experience, both are more articulate, and probably both more conservative than any of the others were when they ran. Why should the fact that their conservatism is a couple of years behind the leading edge be a deal breaker when the leading edge conservative candidates clearly don’t yet have the leadership qualities to make the cut, or chose not run? And excuse me, rightly or wrongly, the standards for personal behavior are different now than the were 30 years ago. Take away men who routinely view porn on the internet, as just one example, and you have basically eliminated the male electorate. And I have to wonder, is Ann a virgin? If not, how could any conservative listen her? I mean, really. Either you are a snowflake or you aren’t. As she and many of them are telling us, it’s either 100% or nothing, right? Stangely though, the 100% they are demanding is a different 100% depending on who is doing the demanding.

      Newt can beat the most dangerous man on the planet. He can and will call him out. I don’t care whether he didn’t get along with Tom Coburn 20 years ago. I don’t care if he claims 20 more IQ points than he has. I don’t care that he did what more than half the country has done when he was 45. i care that he can beat the man who is destroying the country. I’m not alone.

      But I’ll support anyone who is nominated with the exception of Ron Paul, who would have us in a war in about 15 minutes.

    • BigOil says:

      Nice rant tn.

      Boner has been an unmitigated disaster. He capitulates at every turn to a Marxist president with approval ratings below Jimmy Carter’s – all on the heels of an historic election that handed him the speakership. Now a usually reliable conservative pundit like Coulter is using Boner’s performance as proof we should elect Romney. Wow.

      As far as the punditry on our side, I lost what little use I had for them during the 2008 campaign (Rush being the rare exception). Half of them were licking Barry’s boots and the other half were pushing McCain.

      When you have the ability to think critically – like most do here – why should you care what a pundit says or thinks? Unfortunately, critical thought has become a rarity in our country. We are paying a dear price.

  2. Petronius says:

    November economic report :

    • Update on The Obama Revolution : Everywhere you turn our national policies are imbued with the idea that whatever is restrictive on business is good for the country. And that our economic troubles are somehow the fault of business itself, or of the American people –– as Nerobama recently explained, America has “gotten a little soft.”

    • Thanksgiving dinner cost 13% more this year than in 2010.

    • High prices for farm crops and livestock will boost farm income 19% this year to a record $100 billion.

    • Democrats are calling for an end to farm subsidies. Farms and farmers have joined defense, the space program, oil loopholes, and corporate jets at the top of Washington’s hit list.

    • World population reached 7 billion in October and is expected to add two billion more over the next 30 years or so. This will place unprecedented demands on food production, farmland, waste management and sanitation, and energy supplies.

    • To feed nine billion people the world will need to boost annual cereals output by one billion tons and produce 200 million extra tons of livestock products.

    • Rising world demand for food, tight supplies, and the cheap US dollar have lifted US commodity prices and the value of farmland. On average farmland and farm building values will rise 6.8% this year following a 6.6% gain in 2010. In the Midwest and Great Plains the rise is a spectacular 25%.

    • Small US family farms of 200 to 600 acres are going on the market as farm families die off and are hit by death taxes. The value of farmland is rising, driven by wealthy outside investors who are attracted to farmland by the surge in world population, demand from China, rising commodity prices, and increased demand for biofuels. http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/11/21/us-farmland-idUSTRE7AK0EA20111121

    • Farmers are also experiencing substantial increases for the cost of fuel and fertilizer.

    • Nerobama’s Dept of Ag imposed a 15¢ tax on Christmas trees –– oops, I meant holiday trees. Then said they’d remove it.

    • The American standard of living is shrinking. Inflation-adjusted wages fell again in the 3d Qtr, this time by 2.4%.

    • 25 Nov marked the worst Thanksgiving trading week for the Dow and S&P since the Great Depression (1932).

    • News from Europe has been exerting downward pressure on the markets, including US and global stocks and foreign currencies.

    • The US dollar and US bonds have benefitted as safe havens –– they are the least dirty shirts in the laundry bag. The dollar index hit a new high for the year.

    • S&P cut ratings on big US, Swiss, and UK banks due to exposure to the Europe debt crisis: Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, UBS, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, and RBS were cut one notch. Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, ING, and Soc Gen were unchanged.

    • 2 Nov. “My own thinking is that the solution to this international mess is going to take years and the result will be a lower standard of living in the US. The idea of making money under our capitalistic system will change. The new focus will be how to avoid losing money. The new normal will be living on a survival scale. It will be slow and costly.” Richard Russell

    • Overall US stocks are facing many negatives, and they remain high risk.

    • 1 Nov. November began badly as Greek PM Papandreou unexpectedly upset the apple cart. Papandreou said he would put the EU rescue plan and austerity measures to a voter referendum.

    • 3 Nov. Greece decided to withdraw its referendum. The markets rose in response.

    • Italy moved front and center as the main threat. The Italian economy is seven times bigger than Greece’s.

    • 9 Nov. The DJIA dropped 400 points as Italian bond yields rose to 7%, or junk bond status.

    • 13 Nov. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was forced to resign following failure to enact meaningful austerity measures.

    • 14 Nov. Focus shifted to Spain. Yields on 10-year Spanish bonds surged to 6.25% and Italian 10-year bonds moved over 7%.

    • 16 Nov. Focus shifted to Hungary. S&P downgraded Hungarian debt, giving a negative rating.

    • 21 Nov. Spanish voters turned out the Socialist Party and elected the centrist Popular Party.

    • 25 Nov. S&P downgraded Belgium debt to AA.

    • 30 Nov. DJIA rose 500 points to close the month about where it began, as the Fed joined European central banks in a plan to make US dollars available, just in case they need to pour more money into the European cauldron. What a grand gesture. Honestly, it’s almost as if the Fed can create new dollars out of thin air, practically by fiat as it were. Will the Fed now be monetizing European public debt? Will the new US dollars be used to bailout European banks? Stay tuned.

    • Sooner or later the spotlight will shift to focus on the USA’s national debt.

    • 16 Nov. US national debt broke the $15 trillion mark this month. This is an all-time spending record for any country, anywhere, at any time.

    • Current annual budget deficit is over $1.3 trillion.

    • China and other countries further reduced purchases of US debt. The Fed will have to pick up the slack. Otherwise, interest rates will have to rise to attract buyers.

    • China is also cutting its supply of US dollars and reducing exposure to the US and Europe.

    • Interest rates continued to fall as the 30-year yield moved below 3% and the 10-year yield moved below 2%.

    • The 30-year fixed rate mortgage dropped to 3.98%.

    • “In the U.S., the Fed has virtually nationalized the yield curve. It has manhandled the structure of rates and yields. The Swiss National Bank is expanding its balance sheet at astonishing speed. The world over, there is immense money printing.” James Grant, “Grant’s Interest Rate Observer”.

    • Sharp falls in industrial metals prices since August reflect a slowing global economy. Metals companies and miners are looking at cutbacks in production.

    • October US retail sales showed improvement, spurred by electronics. Black Friday showed encouraging retail sales.

    • Personal spending came in below forecasts, jobless claims ticked higher, consumer sentiment was revised lower, and mortgage applications declined.

    • Unemployment in the EU is at euro-era peak. Ditto the UK.

    • Europe and the UK are heading into recession.

    • US manufacturing decelerated. Construction was less than forecast.

    • Unemployment and housing are still the main drags on the American economy, and they are not getting any better.

    • Housing construction normally leads the US out of recessions, but this time it’s just not happening.

    • Official unemployment fell slightly to 9.0% for October. Unofficial unemployment (U6) held steady at 16.2%. Real unemployment is 22.9%. Only 80,000 jobs were added last month, whereas far more people enter the workforce monthly from natural increase and immigration.

    • ADP said the private sector added 206,000 jobs in November. Most of the jobs were service jobs. The USAF cut 18,000 civilian government workers, following 50,000 cut from the Army last month.

    • Weekly claims for unemployment benefits rose 6,000 to 402,000.

    • US unemployment has been over 8% for the longest period since records were first kept in 1948.

    • There are seven potential workers for every job opening.

    • Home foreclosures rose 7% last month.

    • The number of people on food stamps has increased 74% over the last four years.

    • Elderly Americans are seeing their savings eroded and their incomes dwindle while the price of everything they buy is going up. Middle aged Americans are worried about keeping their jobs and are losing hope for future retirement. Young people are facing the worst unemployment levels since the Great Depression; many are turning to their parents or even grandparents for support. Many children have moved back in with their parents.

    • 7 Nov. A new poll showed that only 19% of Americans believe the economy will be better next year. 40% believe the worst is still to come. 53% said the size of government must be reduced.

    • To meet the new ObamaCare tax on medical devices, Stryker, a maker of artificial hips and knees, says it will cut 5% of its workforce.

    • CNN is laying off photographers, editors, photojournalists, and library staff at its offices in Atlanta, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Miami.

    • Advanced Micro Devices will cut 12% of its workforce.

    • Fannie and Freddie have already sucked $185 billion from the taxpayers, and are asking for more. The FHA is in danger of buckling under the $1 trillion of mortgages it has insured.

    • The American Enterprise Institute estimates that more than half of the FHA’s loans are underwater.

    • 8 Nov. Gold exceeded $1800. The bull market in gold remains very strong, but is currently undergoing a correction.

    • Gold is up more than 24% so far this year, and up 660% since 2001.

    • Gold is at a 20-year high against the DJIA.

    • Barrick Gold’s CEO said there is “a lot of room” for the price of gold to move higher. He expects gold stocks to outperform the metal in the future.

    • Silver is up 1000% since 2003.

    • Iconic American brands under attack by the regime during November included Dominion Resources. Avon, Bank of America, Gibson Guitar, Boeing, and Wells Fargo.

    • After multiple inspections, the NRC finally gave Dominion permission to restart its North Anna nuclear plant, which had automatically shut down on 23 Aug following the 5.8-magnitude earthquake.

    • Looking for bailouts in November were Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, green energy companies, college students who don’t pay back their loans, and home buyers who don’t pay their mortgages.

    • Beat expectations: Disney, Estee Lauder, Kraft, Emerson, Pfizer, News Corp., Activision, Lowes, Home Depot, Qualcomm, Alliant Techsystems, Valero Energy, Marathon, Devon Energy, EOG Resources, Allstate, Time Warner, Clorox, MasterCard, Cisco, Target, Viacom, and Limited Brands.

    • Missed expectations: Fannie May, Freddie Mac, WalMart, Gap, Sears, Staples, Baker Hughes, El Paso Corp., Kellogg, Ruddick, and Green Mtn Coffee.

    • Archer-Daniels-Midland reported that soaring corn prices pulled down profits.

    • American Airlines filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    • General Electric stock, under the leadership of Jeff Immelt, has lost an average of 6.4% per year over the last ten years. It has lost 12.6% per year over the last five years. And those losses include the dividend.

    • 16 Nov. The Treasury Dept announced it revised estimated losses on its bailout of GM from $14 billion to $23 billion. Oops.

    • They’ve done it before, they’ll do it again: The government is looking for more ways to modify the Consumer Price Index to tamp down reported inflation. Under-reporting of inflation will reduce COLAs for Social Security recipients, Medicare, and government and military retirees, saving the government many billions of dollars.

    • The program of legal actions by the DOJ and IRS against Swiss banks and Americans with foreign bank accounts has been expanded to include UBS as well as Credit Suisse, Julius Baer, HSBC, Liechtensteinische Landesbank, several Israeli banks, and about a dozen other European banks.

    • Run-up to class war (Indonesia): In the worst labor strike in Indonesian history, Freeport McMoRan has suspended operations at its huge Grasberg mine, announcing it will take a month to repair sabotage damage to its copper pipeline. Freeport cannot reach the damaged pipelines because of road blockades by striking workers. Six staff members and employees have been murdered by the strikers. Strikers have cut off food and fuel supplies to the mine. Police were unable to open the road blockades set up by strikers. The union rejected Freeport’s offer of a 30% increase in pay, and voted to extend the strike for a third month into December.

    • Run-up to class war (Peru): The two-months strike at the big Cerro Verde copper mine is nearing resolution. Strikers have agreed to return to work on guarantees that the regional government will draw up a wage pact to end the dispute.

    • Run-up to class war (Peru): The standoff continues at Newmont’s proposed $4.8 billion Conga gold mine. Environmentalists have damaged company property and set up roadblocks; they even closed down the regional airport. Thirty protesters were injured by rubber bullets in a confrontation with police. Newmont has suspended work.

    • No more tears: Health-campaigners targeted Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo. According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (a coalition of 150 environmental and health nonprofit organizations), the shampoo contains a formaldehyde-releasing preservative that is common to many cosmetics. JNJ has already reformulated 70% of its baby products to eliminate the preservative.

    • 4 Nov. Detroit: Public bus service collapsed. But drivers refused to drive their buses after a driver was attacked and beaten by a teenage mob, and police did not arrive for 30 minutes.

    • 4 Nov. Jon Corzine resigned as CEO and chairman of the board of MF Global Holdings following MF’s bankruptcy filing and a regulatory probe regarding $1.2 billion missing from customer accounts.

    • Nerobama shelved the Keystone XL oil pipeline for further study until 2013, effectively killing it. The Canadian oil may now be shipped to Asia.

    • 13 Nov. More shenanigans from the Scandal-Free Regime: In what appears to be a flagrant violation of Federal procurement laws, HHS top officials removed a procurement from competitive bidding in order to make a sole source award to Signa Technologies. Signa is owned by Ronald O. Perelman, one of the world’s richest men and a big-time Democrat Party donor. HHS removed its own contracting officer from the procurement in order to accommodate Signa’s demands for a noncompetitive contract award. The procurement was to supplement government stockpiles of smallpox vaccine, which normally cost $3 per dose. However, Signa’s drug, which is untested and experimental, costs $255 per dose. Dr. Richard J. Hatchett, chief medical officer for HHS’ biodefense preparedness unit, called the rip-off “outrageous.” http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-smallpox-20111113,0,4293298.story

    • 14 Nov. Coca-Cola will invest $2 billion in India. Coke employs 25,000 people in India, the world’s second fastest growing economy.

    • 28 Nov. India’s growth rate slipped below 7% for the first time in two years.

    • 25 Nov. Chevron will invest $3 billion in Brazil. This is on top of $2.1 billion already invested. Chevron was ordered to stop offshore drilling at the Frade oil field after 2,400 barrels of oil leaked out of a fissure in the seabed after rock parted during drilling. Cleanup costs are $30 million.

    • Thieves stole a 3 foot copper sword from a statue atop Lincoln’s tomb in Springfield, IL.

    • 21 Nov. The Super Committee failed to reach agreement. SecDef Panetta warns that the automatic defense cuts will result in the smallest US force since WWII. Nobody in government seemed to care. http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2011/11/22/pentagon-warns-of-smallest-force-since-wwii

    • 22 Nov. The government growth forecast for US 3d Qtr GDP was reduced to 2% (annualized).

    • Mithrandir says:

      …..the sad part about negative economic, moral, or social news, is that it’s all preventable.

      “Decline travels at the speed of evil, and renewal travels at the speed of government.” -Mithrandir

  3. canary says:

    As we guessed…the Muslim Brotherhood wins Egypt elections.
    Obama, Hillary & even McCain must be jumping with joy.

    First on the agenda is stricter laws & veils for women.


  4. David says:

    Philosophically, is there a difference between Huntsman and Romney? Both moderate on some issues but have put forward strong conservative stances towards the economy. Since Cain signed off I have been thinking more about Huntsman (I know, not really apples to apples). I like the way he presents himself and his debate answers have been as well formed as Romney. I want to gather some opinion here: Is there a criticism of Huntsman that doesn’t equally apply to Romney?

    • tranquil.night says:

      Romney has the hair.

      Also, seriously, he has the organization and resources.

      Even though nobody’s totally enthusiastic about him and we’ve got serious worries about his abilities, he’s also got the discipline and preparedness to face off against a sitting president and make it a challenge.

      Has Huntsman ever indicated that he’s on that level, or has he even displayed the attitude of someone who seriously aspires to? He’s totally tone deaf to the times; his image defined by this urge to present himself as a moderate/contrarian to the rest of the extremists on stage. It’s not a winning campaign. Romney is set in his ways, but at least understands some basic truths about the nature of this election and the state of the country.

    • David says:

      I agree, I think Jon’s biggest problem is running as the anti-republican for republican nomination. Certainly not a winning strategy for the primaries.

    • proreason says:

      Huntsman’s problem is that he hasn’t been able to get enough traction for people to actually look into what he stands for, and since his rep is that he is liberal leaning, he doesn’t go anywhere in the polls. The rep is enhanced by the fact that he agreed to be the Moron’s stoolie in china and has the (relative) backing of the Slimes and other divisions of Pravda.

      He might be a better candidate than he is getting credit for. New Hampshire is do or die for him. If he can reach double digits, and Romney underperforms, then some Romney fans (are there any?) or Newt haters might decide to listen to him.

      But I doubt it.

    • Petronius says:

      Never underestimate the importance of good hair, TN. Or glistening pectorals.

  5. artboyusa says:

    Well, now that Cain’s been liquidated, we can get back to the script, can’t we? Romney; the acceptable candidate – clean, presentable, good loser – gets the nomination and goes down to graceful defeat at the hands of an energized Obama and the country moves dramatically further along the shining path to `a glorious, socialist future.

    So what to do, if you don’t want to follow the script? I saw Newt on Fox with Chris Wallace talking about how much we need a “guest worker program” and I thought we don’t need it at all, pally. Capitalist pigs out West who donate big money to for-hire politicians like you, Newt, need it so they can keep underpaying their Mexican slaves. The Republican party was founded to oppose slavery, not perpetuate it. Newt’s immigration stance, plus his demonstrated lack of self-discipline and his DC insider staus, not to mention that his wife of the moment looks like she was assembled at the Bureau of Cybernetic Research, makes it impossible for me to vote for him.

    I wnt to vote for a candidtae. Its not enough to vote against someone else – I’ve done that three times in a row and enough is enough. I’m looking again at Huntsman, I’m looking at Ron Paul, I’m looking at anyone…hey, Paul Ryan! Hey, Chris Christie – its not too late, fellas!

    • tranquil.night says:

      Give Santorum a look AB if I may offer a recommendation; he’s starting to catch the heads of organizers formerly on the Cain Train so he’s starting to get a bit of friendly help that might translate into relevancy if he has a surprisingly strong showing in Iowa. Or Bachmann, but Santorum sounds like a guy more up your alley.

      I’d like to at least see him get vetted a bit more to see what type of record he has consistent to his image, and how he handles the pressure of the center seat. He appears such a mild-mannered and genuinely thoughtful, good man, that I’d see any unfair smears from the media just bouncing off him. But he needs to match that solid character and policy knowledge with a bit more personal charisma and an exciting and persuasive overarching vision, among some other challenges his campaign faces.

  6. sticks says:

    I too hate voting against a candidate, however, this time for the sake of the nation I will . I hope the process puts the best one forward and by that I mean someone who can beat the Obamonstrocity that we have now and his flying monkeys. Obviously we need someone who has some inkling of how to do the job, but it seems that the viable candidates have that.

  7. xdannyh says:

    Wow seems as there is a lot different opinion on Republican candidates here. And I guess that is good? But the one thing we all know, and that is Obama must be beaten. Why? because the DOJ must be investigated, same with the ATF (gun runner), also the DOE, and Freddy and Fanny, the NLRB, etc and any other gov bureaucracy that has been taken over and acting as an agent for the democrat party…But the big ONE, of course the makeup of the Supreme Court, if the dems are allowed another 4 years to continue to change the makeup of the court, it won’t matter what the electorate says or wants. These are the criminal 9 who, in years past, declared it legal for FDR to confiscate the wealth of all americans (turn in all gold), allowed the confiscation of property of Japanese americans without due process, not to mention confinement in camps. And so much more, Your second amendment rights were corroborated by only 1 vote, 5 to 4, approximately a year ago. What the 4 can’t read the Constitution?? They should have been subject to recall. No freedom loving US citizen can sit out this election no matter who is the R candidate.
    Things are getting very hairy as we approach Iowa. Coulter praising the idiot, “yes I will capitulate” Boner was a real mind-blowing moment. Newt’s amazing turn-around in the polls, Cain’s demise, Bachmann’s, media orchestrated climb down the ladder,etc. I heard Santorum on Levin tonight and he seemed to be the kind of person who can articulate and argument and at least on Levin those arguments were of a conservative nature, and not much has been said about Perry here.
    But here is my main point. Whomever the candidate is I will vote against Obama.
    If it is Romney……Well….. Is Mass. enough to say
    If it is Newt….Well I guess I’ll just have to let go of the fact that he let Hatfield have a free pass for skewering the balanced budget amendment.
    Nobody’s perfect but if the dems are still in power in 2013, you might as well cut your throat, before someone else does.

  8. David says:

    I wonder if the Dems are expecting this type of attitude from conservatives. (This type being a motivation to vote against Obama as opposed to voting for our guy/gal) . It seems there have been some calculated somewhat trivial things that the administration has done in order to appear less far-left. By stopping the FDA from approving the abortion pill for young preteens over the counter, and a few other things that irk the far left, I wonder if the Obama plan is to convince enough of the middle that he isn’t THAT bad, plus voting against him might be racist.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      One of the things the libs prey upon and do so very effectively is the element of self-doubt. They know that thinking people are also, usually, self-critical. The left generally has no such compunctions as they are convinced they are always right. But for a conservative, one of the reasons they are conservative is that they know they aren’t perfect and that they make mistakes.

      The left has taken advantage of this for generations. In simple English, it’s called “the guilt trip”. But it’s starting to fail. I have seen nothing but complete and utter distaste for the trial run to upend the elections in November 2012 called “Occupy Wall Street”. As much as the media was in the tank for those pukes, they could not gloss over the arrests, the violence, the rape, the drug use, the absolute non-directional status of it as well as the cross-section of our population that participated.

      But still they try. However, I’m a huge fan of that bumper sticker that says, “If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, how about voting for a republican in 2012 to prove you’re not stupid”. In one sense, perhaps the ongoing histrionics and hysterics over racism is finally being recognized for the sham that it really is. Maybe this nation had to go through such whining as a matter of course to get to a better place. But largely, I know many people who thought they should vote for Captain Zero because it’s “the right thing to do” and now when I ask them how that’s working out for them, I get silence and lots of head shaking. They don’t want to discuss it, perhaps because they are embarrassed which, I think as it scales against “proving they’re not racist” is of more weight. I mean, it’s hard to deny stupidity when the car rolls off the jack because you didn’t set the brake while changing a tire. Everyone saw it and you own it. Best to just admit it, and to not repeat the mistake.

      Problem is, the mistake could’ve been avoided. First, a candidate was needed in the conservative republican camp. I still can’t believe that there were that many people dissatisfied with evil BushHitler. Plus, the media intentionally or implicitly ignored The Magic Negro’s past, his writings, his associations and his intentions, to name just a fraction of the things about him that were as obvious as a brass band. That kind of negligence is both telling and inexcusable.

      So here we sit facing the opportunity to get rid of this clown and people like him. Many people say “forever” but such thinking would be naive. The socialists aren’t about to give up. They never give up. And they think they are really close to achieving Nirvana. I love Tranquil Night’s coinage of “Ameritopia” for it paints a picture of a very dysfunctional nation and by installing such inept, corrupt and negligent people into our government, they have proven that the system really CAN’T work if filled with people of such ilk.

      So what’s the answer? Well, it would seem that after decades of neglecting to fight against the socialists in our schools and all the insidious ways they have metastasized into our society, we have to fight back the same way. In the 60’s, professors and teachers used to have pamphlets about how wonderful communism is and they wouldn’t be very pro-active about it…just let the students read them for “educational purposes” while outwardly dismissing that they were communists at heart. A conservative can do the same thing by leaving pamphlets from The Heritage Foundation or similar in the classroom for “educational purposes” while simultaneously denying they’re a capitalist at heart.

      What we’re fighting, and always have been, is a war of ideas and the socialists lose the war of ideas every single time. There is a track record of failure after failure. The United States, as founded is the one, shining beacon of success where there are millions of personal stories of people who came here with nothing and made it; People who came up from the poorest of the poor and built a multi-million dollar industry. These things did not happen in China. Not the USSR, not even Great Britain. Nor Spain, France, or Greece. The vast majority of billion-dollar industries are based in the U.S.

      There, that one sentence is what pisses off Barry the wet-diaper crybaby the most. Because he thinks and believes that those multi-billion dollar corporations are evil and stealing money from people. Yet he fails to realize that there is, in fact, money to be stolen and how it got there, whether the corporation is “stealing” it or not. Thus is the root cause of the desire for socialism. “Capitalism isn’t fair” Oh god, there’s that word again.

      Life isn’t fair, never has been, never will be. If parents did their job and taught their kids how to make things more fair by being competitive, thinking, trying hard, capitalizing on their strengths, winning and losing and learning from it all, then we would never have seen any “occupy” turds milling about.

      The war is really just beginning, though it’s heating up. But it has had a slow-but-steady gestation since the 60’s and thankfully, at least in part, the hippies are getting older and have done their damage and it doesn’t appear that their progeny have anywhere near the passion that they, themselves had so many years ago and to this day. They tapped into that adolescent general dissatisfaction/lack-of-direction mindset and kept playing it like a one-string banjo for decades. Ironically, some even got very wealthy doing so. Some (most) never grew up and never faced the reality that is life. Well, most of them have fewer days ahead of them than they do behind and it will all be very interesting when people like Reid, Pelosi, and their like pass on to the “great nothing” because their lack of faith, lack of character and lack of class will relegate them to the dustbin of history.

      They will not be missed.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Outstanding points as usual Rusty. I love that bumper-sticker $$

      Only wish to give Mark Levin his deserved credit for coining “Ameritopia.” It’s the title and theme of his next book, the ideological follow-up to Liberty vs. Tyranny, and it’s slated to come out early next year. I agree that the term itself is really powerful in taking that next intellectual step in understanding the seduction of the Statist ideologies. Utopianism is the Religion of Man, and it is a seductive but arrogant lie, because humanity is flawed and social collectivism will never be able to match the power for Good as that of the invisible hand of individual Liberty. Their idea of utopia can never be attained, and the policies they create go in reverse when given the chance to be implemented, because it rejects basic truths about human nature. So those who inherently reject the collective efforts towards utopia (aka the producers, the people actually improving living standards) become the target and reason why nirvana hasn’t been achieved yet. Thus, they must be coerced!

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