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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, March 23rd, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

43 Responses to “The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves”

  1. Astravogel says:

    I suppose if Trayvon had been white,
    TCP could also have claimed…nah, wouldn’t have happened.

    • tranquil.night says:

      That comment was vintage Obama narcissism. I think it was more disgraceful than the Cambridge Police/Skip Gates remarks, even though it was less controvertial.

      This was made to order for the grievance industry until it was learned Zimmerman is polyethnic. The Left was jubilent at the thought of being able to harness this as a catalyst to reignited the Civil Rights Movement in all the ways thus far that Occupy and the supposed Republican War on Women has failed so far. Never about Treyvon, it’s about the interests of the agitators exploiting the tragedy. Sick people.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Oh how they long for the glory days of the 60’s with “the man” (meaning white, middle class or ‘rich’ republicans) being put off-balance by a bunch of surly, angry, petulant freaks who called themselves “the movement”. Yeah…they were a “movement” alright.

      But, they have failed to learn something…among a huge ensemble of things they failed to learn, that being that although the “movement” spawned a relatively new chapter in US customs, it also spawned many who think critically and who desire to not be a part of their hoopla, knee-deep or otherwise. By examining things like a conservative politician so closely, they have caused themselves to be examined even more closely and have been found lacking. Their “movement” breaks down the second it is exposed to light. Another reason I am so grateful for Steve’s (and other’s) sites.

      By trying to re-ignite the flames that died in the past, some with semi-legit credentials…they have lost touch with what has actually happened in the world and how it has evolved, with the exception of the middle-east which remains a filthy cesspool of stagnant humanity that neither produce nor contribute in any positive way, but I digress. As the hippie movement got traction, certain things happened and Vietnam ended, women’s pay scales corrected, etc etc. But the real barometer of all that was, and is: “Are they any happier now that their demands were met?”


      There is and always will be injustice, unfairness and bias as far as the eye can see. But, the conservative, forced to examine themselves, did so and joined in with wanting to hire the most qualified and best-suited for the task-at-hand…but the left couldn’t let that stand. No. They had to make everyone play with only one shoe and with one hand tied behind their backs. To them, that’s “fair”. But still they were not happy.

      And at the base and core of it is the deep-rooted anger that every black person I ever met has held in their soul; That being that the reason they are not living in a mansion, owning everything and having everything handed to them as royalty is whitey’s fault. The nation will NEVER be truly free until they get that notion out of their system. But even if they were able to rid society of all the caucasion people….I said it before and I say it again…it won’t change a damned thing, except the whole nation will look like Detroit. And that’s what troubles me about “race relations”.

    • tranquil.night says:

      There is never going to be ‘progress’ and healing here with the current lunatic Leftist institutional plantation holding such total political and cultural sway over black families and communities.

      Exceptional individuals like Dr. Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, Herman Cain, Col. Allen West, Rep. Tim Scott and soon to be Rep. Mia Love are true Hope & Change.

    • Mithrandir says:

      ~Occupy Wall Street
      ~Global Warming
      ~Contraception non-issue etc
      ~Now the Trayvon “woe is me, it’s open season on black people” non-issue.

      *Why the RUSH TO JUDGEMENT here? When a black person seems guilty, there are calls for calm, to wait it out, not to rush to judgement (a la Johnny Cockran). But when a non-black is accused, there are cat-calls for firings, revenge, death threats, demands demands demands.

      1. Why bother with this case? There are LOTS of black and non-black people killed unjustly every day.
      2. Trayvon, most likely didn’t get shot for no reason. If you have lived around the Trayvon’s of the world, like I have, you know he instigated something, he just lost the battle and the war. So what?
      3. Fire up the typical s**t-storm of black racists to generate attention and demands.
      4. ALWAYS demand “more diversity” which means hiring more minorities.
      5. ALWAYS demand more money, b/c these issues always boil down to monetary pay-offs.
      6. Ban a gun law.
      7. Demand more government regulation of this or that, which will do nothing but add more tyranny to our already tyrannical country.

      MOST LIKELY this is another marching order to further distance blacks, minorities from Republicans. Put the story out there, tell everyone to act outraged, see if the Republicans say anything stupid or insensitive, BLAST it all over the airwaves. More fake, drummed up crap, from the DNC again.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Unbelievable: Santorum on Slay the Nation – Zimmerman had ‘malicious motive’ http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/25/santorum-zimmerman-has-a-very-sick-mind-motive-a-malicious-one/

      I understand the point he was trying to make, but I’m completely at a loss that his judgment is so bad as to leap to a conclusion even Obama understood he couldn’t make.

      After this whole process, Romney may very well cinch it because he’s the only one that hasn’t totally crashed into flames in spectacular fashion.

    • Anonymoose says:

      Well put Rusty. The first part to solving a problem is laying out what’s wrong, the second is acknowledging the reality of the situation–even if it’s not what some people want to hear. But as long as we live in an environment where blacks still want reparations for the Civil War from 147 years ago and the only discussion allowed is that whites are at fault and racist means nothing will ever change or improve.

    • Mithrandir says:

      @tranquil.night It may be time for Rick Santorum to SHUT THE HECK UP! This guy has turned into such a RUBE. Just because someone asks a question, doesn’t mean he must answer it. Malicious intent? You don’t even know the facts of the case! For every 2 good things he says, he says 1 really boneheaded thing about something or another. He should just drop out. I don’t know how someone running for president is so oblivious to the traps set for him by the media. Suck him into some ridiculous conversation, keep him talking until he says something dumb. The whole TRAYVON thing is a manufactured SET-UP! This guy has to wise up man….

  2. canary says:

    GM replacing charging cord on chevy volts


    I’m a bit worried that Saudi Arabia is surrounded by growing Terrorists being aided by Iran.
    We’ve got to drill to oil to prepare for this future crisis.

    Obama is flat out lying we are drilling more than under Bush years. We are drilling nearly half the amount.

  3. canary says:

    What does Saudi Arabia do when they are surrounded by Iranian al-Qaeda cells, especially in control of their oil shipping routes?


    ‘Destroy All the Churches’

    By Clifford D. May – Mar 22, 2012
    March 22, 2012 12:00 A.M.

    So why is it that when Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah Al al-Sheikh, the grand mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, declares that it is “necessary to destroy all the churches in the Arabian Peninsula,” the major media do not see this as even worth reporting?

    A delegation from Kuwait asked the Saudi grand mufti for guidance. He replied that Kuwait is part of the Arabian Peninsula — and that any churches on the Arabian Peninsula should indeed be destroyed, because the alternative would be to approve of them. The grand mufti explained: “The Prophet (peace be upon him) commanded us, ‘Two religions shall not coexist in the Arabian Peninsula,’ so building [churches] in the first place is not valid because this peninsula must be free from [any other religion].”

    There’s more: The inquiring Kuwaitis were from the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society (RIHS).

    The U.S. government has gone farther, also designating RIHS headquarters in Kuwait as “providing financial and material support to al Qaida and al Qaida affiliates,…

    Calls to the State Department’s Saudi desk and the Saudi embassy proved fruitless, but he did find the mufti’s comments reported in a well-known Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anba, on March 11.

    (entire article)
    — Clifford D. May is president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a policy institute focusing on national security and foreign policy.


    • canary says:

      There was leading paper whose muslim reporters on how bad this is for Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah Al al-Sheikh to say this. They should leave it at that, but what’s spreading and growing is muslim being dishonest and making up things that are in the Koran to make them act they love Christians and now the tricky muslims are making up stuff to make it look like they like Jews too. This is American propaganda
      that is deadly to believe.

  4. Anonymoose says:

    I read an article where in Los Angeles they’re going to stop the impound laws for unlicensed drivers as most of them are “undocumented migrants” and it’s too much of a hardship on them to pay the fees. It’s all I can do to keep from exploding, especially since all the liberals nod their heads in approval to this.

    Let’s look at two people, me and Jose.

    I was born here. I have a birth certificate, driver’s license, and records of my life.

    Jose just decided to come here. He may not even be Jose, he could be Miguel if he feels like it. I can’t do the same to his country as Mexico only allows about 15,000 immigrants a year and has strict restrictions, especially on people coming from Central America.

    As I make too much money I’m ineligible for most government services but I pay for them. If I go to the hospital insurance only pays some of it–more like a discount. As a result I almost never go to a doctor and deal with health problems on my own. I pay taxes and heaven forbid I ever decide not to.

    Jose has free education, school lunches for his kids, indigent services, and healthcare. He either pays no taxes and his income is cash or he uses someone else’s ID like mine to pay taxes.

    Being white my children would be ineligible for most scholarships except pure achievement. The alternative would be a lifetime of paying on student loans as college education has gotten more expensive than all but the wealthiest can afford.

    Jose’s kids would have several scholarships available; if they were born here they’re citizens and if not they’re trying to make them citizens.

    Every job I apply to I have to be vetted to make sure I’m not a criminal, a liar or a thief. I also have to pass the gauntlet of affirmative action so I don’t take a job from a more deserving minority.

    Jose just shows up.

    If I’m caught driving without a license, driving uninsured, not paying my taxes, stealing someone else’s ID, or voting in an election where I don’t live at the very least I face legal fines and penalties. I may also lose my job and acquire a track record that follows me for the rest of my life.

    Jose is given a pass and goes back to work. It’s only a concern for major crimes like murder.

    I have to prove who I am to get on an airplane, get a bank account, rent an apartment, buy a new car, apply for credit, or almost all activities we take for granted.

    Jose either gets a free pass, uses someone else’s ID, or complains he can’t do what I do.

    After a lifetime of paying taxes and social security I worry I will have almost nothing to look forward to. Social security’s ponzi scheme is going to l run out and I might even have to look at living in assisted housing as like many people we can’t depend on our vested retirement being there either.

    Jose will be mad I’m living in “his” place and using up “his” resources.

    I guess I’m just racist.

  5. canary says:

    Obama has appointed Jim Yong Kim to run World Bank. Born in S. Korea I can’t find anywhere he got
    American citizenship.

    That would be inexcusable with his American Ivy League colleges like Harvard.

    Is it correct for the media to be calling him an American Korean if he wasn’t born in America.

    According to Wikipedia source Jim Yong Kim would not release budget during his tenure as president of Darmouth and unpopular among students.

    I can see Obama picking someone good at hiding the books $$$

    “During his tenure as president of Dartmouth, Kim has not been immune to criticism. In 2011, he was criticized for refusing to release the college’s budget, prompting the passage of a resolution by faculty demanding more details.[15][16] Kim answered this criticism by releasing a large supplementary report on the budget and holding a public meeting with faculty who afterward expressed satisfaction with the response.[17]. However, Kim did not address a request by the Student Assembly asking for access to information about all budget items exceeding $10,000.[16] In 2011, a handful of editorials appeared in Dartmouth’s student newspaper expressing dissatisfaction with Kim’s presidency, with one describing Kim as “unpopular among many students these days.”[18][19] His leadership has also been criticized in the wake of a hazing scandal, which resulted in charges against the fraternity and the creation of a task force to address hazing; and amidst comments from some that Kim did not spend enough time on campus.[20][21]”


  6. Petronius says:

    As the Supreme Court turns to consider the constitutionality of ObamaCare, one of the pundits noted that “It’s impossible to imagine our country being any more divided….”

    Actually, as any conservative might readily tell them, things can always get worse.

    Prof. Goodwin Hon Liu was nominated to the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals by Nerobama in Feb 2010. The post was widely seen as a stepping stone for a further appointment to the US Supreme Court.

    A leftist with tendencies to anti-white racism, Liu’s nomination was narrowly blocked by the Republicans. The Republican blockade succeeded mainly because Liu lacked any trial experience, and not because of his radical views. However, this deficiency has since been remedied, as Liu was afterwards appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown to a seat on the Supreme Court of California. Liu remains the obvious front-runner for the next US Supreme Court vacancy, should Nerobama be reelected in Nov.

    The Supreme Court is a small, intimate, collegial body. The Circuit Courts with their three-judge panels are much the same.

    To function smoothly, the justices need to be congenial and reasonably compatible. They need to fit together, like peas and carrots. They need to get along well with each other, because they must work together on a daily basis.

    With the addition of Sonia “the shredder” Sotomayor, and now Elena “little boots” Kagan, the ability of the Court to function as a collegial body becomes increasingly problematic.

    But Prof. Goodwin Hon Liu is a different kettle of fish altogether. He is sui generis, as they say in the legal profession. He has insulted Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito in the vilest terms possible. Inserting a total-bat-freak Anglophobe like Liu into the High Court could be potentially explosive. A step beyond the pale. Like bringing Lemaricus Davidson to the Mayflower Debutante Ball.

    If his appointment is someday confirmed, Professor Liu will become the first Asian-American to sit on the US Supreme Court. No doubt his appointment will mark the establishment of “the Asian seat” on the Court. Of course Nerobama must first be reelected to bring this dream to fruition.

    But if the Republicans were somehow to capture the White House in Nov, how about adding some real diversity to the Supreme Court?

    How about adding a white Southern conservative? Wow. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

    For decades now the Supreme Court has had its Jewish seat, its black seat, its woman seat, and its Catholic seat. But it has no Southern seat. Although the South makes up one-fourth of the United States, there has been no conservative Southerner appointed to the Court within our lifetimes. To find one you have to go back almost a century, to the appointment in 1914 of Justice James Clark McReynolds, a Democrat who was appointed to the Court by Pres. Woodrow Wilson, and who served on the Court to 1941.

    McReynolds was a Southerner, born in Kentucky, valedictorian at Vanderbilt, graduated from the University of Virginia Law School, practiced law in Nashville, taught business law at Vanderbilt, and served as Wilson’s Attorney General. Although McReynolds was a Democrat who earned his spurs as a trust buster, he was always a firm believer in laissez-faire economics. Since McReynolds retired in 1941, the closest we have come to a real Southerner was in 1972, when Pres. Nixon appointed Lewis Powell of Virginia, a moderate, to replace Hugo Black.

    While we have carved out slots on the Supreme Court for the Jewish seat, the black seat, the woman seat, the Catholic seat, and now the Hispanic seat, with the addition of the Asian seat close at hand, the sad fact is that we no longer have a single WASP on the Court. We have six Catholics and three Jews; we have three women, one black, and one Hispanic, with an Asian waiting in the wings. But in a country discovered, explored, settled, and built by WASPs, we have no WASP among the No-Good Nine, not one, and never a hint of a white Southerner.

    Yet we know that things could always be worse. And so we must thank God for Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, who, along with Roberts and Alito, give the Court some semblance of respectability. For without these four, where would we be? One must return to the early days of the New Deal to find a semblance of a non-Liberal Supreme Court, to the original Four Horsemen : In addition to Justice McReynolds they were Justices Pierce Butler, Alexander George Sutherland, and Willis Van Devanter.

    Ah yes, those were the days.

    It was the success of the Four Horsemen that led to FDR’s court-packing scheme in 1937. Sutherland was considered the leader of the Four Horsemen. Born in England during the American Civil War, he immigrated with his parents to Utah. He was a champion for women’s rights and introduced the 19th Amendment into the US Senate. He was nominated to the Court in 1922 by Pres. Warren G. Harding and his retirement in 1938 marked the end of the old conservative ascendancy on the Supreme Court. His successor was Justice Stanley Forman Reed of Kentucky. Justice Reed was a New Deal progressive, but you at least have to admire this Kentuckian’s riposte to Hugo Black: “A rule of law should not be drawn from a figure of speech.” Illinois ex. rel. McCollum v. Board of Education, 333 US 203 (1948), Justice Reed commenting on Black’s phrase, “wall of separation between church and state.”

    Willis Van Devanter was an Indiana WASP who moved to Wyoming where he practiced law. He was later a law professor at George Washington University. A forceful advocate for limited government, he was appointed to the 8th Circuit by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt in 1903, and appointed to the Supreme Court by Pres. Taft in 1910 and retired in 1937. FDR replaced him with Hugo Black.

    Pierce Butler of Minnesota was the son of irish Catholic immigrants, both refugees from the potato famine. He practiced railroad law with great success in Minnesota and Canada. He was a Democrat but he became a marked man when he opposed radical professors at the University of Minnesota, and so was appointed by Pres. Harding in 1923 over opposition from the Progressives. Pierce’s death in 1939 marked the last gasp of the old conservatives on the Supreme Court. He was succeeded by the leftist activist Justice Frank Murphy who coined the word “racism.”

    • tranquil.night says:

      This is a primary reason why even an Etch-a-sketch is better than Obama. Common Law, Federalism and Constitutionalism are finished should he be reelected. Thank you for the heads-up info and analysis, Petronius.

    • canary says:

      If Obama gets re-elected he will pick a muslim who swears on a Koran for the Supreme Court.
      Knowing it will be his last term, and need not appeal to anyone, Obama will turn into a monster.

  7. GetBackJack says:

    Astra – real world example and answer –

    Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23, were a couple from Knoxville, Tennessee. They were both raped, tortured and murdered after being kidnapped early on the morning of January 7, 2007. Their vehicle had been carjacked.

    Be clearly warned: This post is extremely graphic.

    On Saturday evening, January 6, 2007, Christopher and Channon left on a date to have dinner and find fun in Knoxville. At around 12:30 a.m., Channon called her parents and told her father that they were headed to join some friends at one of their houses, but would be home in a couple of hours.

    But the couple never made it. They met the incarnations of evil. Three black men and a black woman.

    At a location that authorities will not release, Channon and Christopher were carjacked by three black thugs. They were robbed and beaten, bound, gagged and blindfolded, and taken to a house where a young black woman only 18 years of age, was there waiting to join the party. Once at the house, Christopher was repeatedly sodomized and gang-raped by ALL four and brutally beaten, while Channon was forced to watch and listen to his screams of agony as the evil ones laughed and drooled in their joy. Then the group turned their sights to Channon and ALL four repeatedly and brutally gang-raped and sodomized her, while Christopher was forced to watch and listen helplessly.

    This is neither hyperbole nor sensationalism. This is all drawn from sworn testimony by investigators.

    At some point during that Sunday, it was reported the group used a box cutter to castrate Christopher, forcing Channon to watch this unbearable torture. Then he was shot three times. At some point, Christopher was soaked with gasoline and set afire, but I can find no credible information as to when or where. Christopher was wrapped up in bedsheets and/or a comfortor and taken away by one of the thugs to be dumped nearby. Police have clearly stated their belief that Christopher was dead by nightfall.

    Meanwhile, the remaining four continued to rape, beat, sodomize and urinate upon Channon repeatedly, and they did so throughout Sunday and late into the night before Monday’s dawn. They sprayed a household disenfectant into her mouth and other orifices – not to poison or kill her, but to try and destroy their DNA evidence. The evils used the same box cutter to completely sever one of her breasts, apparently while she was still alive. She may have been strangled and she was certainly set afire. Then Channon was completely dismembered, her body parts thrown into trash bags. And the incarnates of evil scattered to the four winds.When Channon and Christopher failed to return home that Sunday morning, nor could either be reached by cell phone overnight, their frantic parents notified Knoxville police and a large scale search ensued across the area.Shortly after Noon that Sunday, Christopher’s body was found by a railroad worker wrapped in “a sheet or a comfortor,” laying where it had been thrown alongside some railroad tracks on the seedy east side of town. His body had been mutilated and beaten mercilessly, he had been bound with rope or bootlaces, shot three times, and his body had been badly burned using an accellerant. When Channon could not be found overnight, a search warrant was issued to her cell phone provider and they were finally able to trace her phone signal to the nearest tower by the end of the day. Her family and police found her abandoned vehicle late Monday only about two blocks away from where Christopher’s body was found and, by the way, about two blocks from where their tortures and murders had been committed.From the vehicle, forensic teams were able to lift a fingerprint that was a perfect match for one Lamaricus Devall Davidson, a local thug who was released in August 2006 after serving time in the state penitentiary for multiple convictions on aggravated robbery and carjacking from Madison County.

    On Tuesday mid-afternoon, Police swarmed Davidson’s residence of record, a rental home he shared with his half-brother Letalvis Cobbins and Cobbins’ live-in lover, Valerie Coleman, 18. Cobbins is also a convicted felon. He was convicted on felonious third-degree attempted robbery in Queens County, New York in 2003, although I cannot ascertain if he ever spent any time behind bars.

    Police found no one inside the house and the front door was open. What they did find was an unrecognizable body that had been brutalized, mutilated, dismembered and contained within five separate trash bags stuffed into a large trash can in the kitchen. The Knox County ME later identified the body as Channon Christian.

    The horrifying worse than medieval details of this mind boggling crime were first reported by by the FBI agent in charge and the City’s lead detective. So awful in scope the District Attorney’s office immediately began walking back these hideous details claiming they were made up by the press to vilify all blacks. Subsequently the attempts to scrub the original account and sanitize it has remained a passion for the MSNBC/JesseJackson/Daily KOS crowd who shout down anyone who has facts in hand. Lest, of course, this hate crime become legend as, well, a hate crime

    Why do I recount this here?

    Sanford, Florida – When these aboriginal less than human, waste of skin, sacks of putrid decaying flesh who style themselves Black Leaders do extreme penance for their ,utter and total silence on the horrors visited upon Newsom and Christian, then and only then might I only despise them for the murderous trolls they are in stirring up racial hatred.

    And in this I delight in knowing the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is merciful and just, but He is also the Lord of Vengeance in protection of His, for vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord and that makes me so very very glad Jesse, Al and Obama and all the grievance mongers have to face the music.

    So endeth the lesson.


    • Anonymoose says:

      This is about the same as the Zebra Killings in California in the 70’s or the Wichita Massacre in 2000. Black on white violence is downplayed or treated as a non-hate crime, usually to avoid “stereotyping” or “inciting violence,” while white on black crime is sensationalized and played up as much as possible and ends up with ruined lives and violence. Go figure.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      If the blacks burn their cities, this could lead the “Thin half white Duke”
      To fire up those “shovel ready” jobs.

  8. GetBackJack says:

    There was an accident? Huh. Must have blocked out longer than I knew …

  9. GetBackJack says:

    GDammit … <blacked out … see why Edit is necessary?

  10. canary says:

    As to the rumor of Obama’s brother-in-law basketball coach Graig Robinson and the “17 plus million federal stimulus money” Oregon State University received to save the famous failing coaches job.

    While, the University did receive the hefty amount of federal stimulus money, they claim Coach Robinson’s job with the losing team was not in danger.

    One reason for Obama in-law Coach Robinson’s basketball team failed was because he busy writing a book about his life.
    Let’s hope Robinson’s 2nd book is on how his sister helped him lose weight to set a better example for athletes. Move forward brother.

    The losing team was perked up by Coach Robinson and his basketball team getting to visit the White House and meet the President.

    And Obama and the 1st Lady also visited to Oregon State University Coach Robinson to watch one of team’s games to attempt to improve their moral.
    No doubt this $ expensive trip included some made up official reason for the trip; campaign, environmental issues.

  11. Gladius et Scutum says:

    My “replies” never seem to appear in the appropriate place. But here goes….

    With regard to the death of Trayvon Martin – I see that everyone realizes that the story is getting far more media than would have been warranted had Zimmerman actually been wearing Klan robes during the incident. That’s because, as Rush would say, “someone had this in a drawer”. Many years back I read a quote attributed to Lenin: “few events are as important as how they are perceived”. Historically, when Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up, a shakedown was sure to follow. Certainly it will (T.N. ponted out some likely demands). But I believe that it really is different this time.

    If you live in, or near, a major city you will recall a new phenomenon – the violent flash mob. composed entirely of black youth, that would appear in numbers of a hundred or more at a store, shopping mall or public event and begin looting, robbing and attacking white people. After initially reporting these, the media quickly put a hush over the incidents and downplayed the ones they could not ignore. I quickly came to believe that these were, in fact, training of cadres for a long hot summer of 2012. The media you and I read is aimed at white people. It is hoped to make us tolerant or at least “understanding” of this thuggery.

    A little history: In the lead up to the 1968 Democratic Convention, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) sent teams of (white) students into Chicago’s ghettos to try to recruit black youth for “the movement” (riots). They were met with utter indifference. Even though black America had erupted only 4 months before at the assasination of Martin Luther King, there was no interest in some “crazy talking white folks’ sh**””. The Black Panthers were similarly not interested in being dominated by “whitey”

    So where am I going with all this? I believe that the hard left desperately wants a summer of violence. Looking at any Occupy group, you’ll see it dominated by people who are probably white (after washing). Part of leftist ideology demands oppressed minorities “join the vanguard”. Learning from the past, flash mobs will help fill in where they have failed in the past. Marxist social workers and teachers egg on the youth by pointing out how the “criminal system” (capitalism) victimizes them. http://www.democracynow.org/appearances/frances_fox_piven and http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/257733/frances-fox-piven-s-violent-agenda-stanley-kurtz

    There will be additional incidents, much worse if they can manage them (provoked to be sure). But as I noted, the “truth” isn’t what really happened, its what people are told by Chris Mathews and his ilk. Their dream scenario would be to have something happen at a Tea Party rally. If they can get their edited video tape out first, it won’t matter if a dozen other videos show the opposite. You have seen “reporters” lie to the very end. Just like this story just doesn’t matter: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/03/24/witness_trayvon_martin_first_attacked_zimmerman.html

    The difference this time is that they have the entire Exective Branch at their disposal. Certainly most federal employees would not conciously cooperate with such a scheme. But Eric Holder certainly will (we can be sure that the Justice Department mission in Florida is to sprinkle gasoline around). Others can be directed into doing useless things, or even less obviously, work against the public order.

    Just becasue they wan’t chaos doesn’t mean they’ll get it. But before there was Russia in 1917 there was Russia in 1905.

  12. canary says:

    A little behind on the Zimmerman story that has been one-sided by the media as I just now heard the 17 year old had beat the watchdog, and there was a series of break-ins and not sure they fingerprinted the kid.

    But, Reuters really over does it.

    Reuters: “Zimmerman, a white Hispanic, has said he acted in self-defense when he shot Martin, who was black,”

    What the heck is a “white” Hispanic. Why didn’t Reuters say an American Hispanic?

    And here’s Reuters really going for stupid remarks made by a stupid vein self-centered President that looks in the mirror too much.

    Reuters: “President Barack Obama weighed in on the situation on Friday, calling the shooting a “tragedy” and saying,
    “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

    What the heck did Obama make Michelle stand in the mirror and hold a picture of the victim up between them
    and say “well, he has my eyes” “his skin is more my shade” “look at his brow” “look at his nose”

    Just think it’s a bizarre that somehow Obama thinks of himself first, in all things.


    I understand this new Reuters is a special version for Africa.

    1. A picture of Trayvon, when he was much younger to fool Africa.

    2. And Obama’s saying it looks like his son if he had one so that women will be coming out with kids that look like this kid, saying this is Obama’s son. I kept it secret. It was during one of his trips. See. See. He looks just like Obama’s son.

    And anyone out there possibly related to Obama that we still have here that hasn’t’ moved to U.S.

    This is Reuters special version for Africa with a picture of the 17 year as a much younger boy, so African’s think this was a little kid.

    A longtime friend of Zimmerman, Joe Oliver, 53, a former television news reporter who is himself black, came to Zimmerman’s defense on Sunday, denying his friend was a racist and saying Zimmerman cried for days over the shooting.

    “He’s a caring human being,” Oliver told Reuters in a telephone interview. “I mean, he took a man’s life and he has no idea what to do about it. He’s extremely remorseful about it.”

    He also suggested there was more to the story than had yet been disclosed.

    “What makes all these people who are threatening George any better than the person they think he is?” Oliver said. “You’ve got all these people wanting to lynch the man, and they don’t know the whole story.

    “There are huge gaps that are being filled in and interpreted without evidence,” he said.

    Late on Sunday afternoon in Sanford, about 100 people held a prayer vigil at the gate to the subdivision where the shooting occurred, quietly singing the civil rights anthem “We Shall Overcome.”


    Carolyn Skene, 52, a Canadian artist who has been renting a home in the neighborhood where Martin was shot and who attended the vigil, said someone like Zimmerman would have been arrested in her country. “We just can’t believe your laws,” she said.

    Civil rights leader and former presidential candidate Jesse Jackson was expected to attend a larger rally planned for Monday in Sanford before the city commission meets to discuss the case.

    Earlier in the day at Middle Collegiate Church in New York, the minister and members of the congregation wore hoodies, pulling their hoods over their heads during prayers at a crowded service that made repeated reference to the shooting as a symptom of the discrimination felt by young black Americans.

    Jacqui Lewis, the church’s senior minister, gave a sermon in which she said people were “fed up with centuries of race-related hatred and fear in this country.”

    She asked congregants to mail packets of Skittles candy to the Sanford Police Department and post pictures of themselves on the Internet wearing their hoodies and holding signs saying: “I am not dangerous. Racism is.”

    Martin was carrying a bag of Skittles and an iced tea when he was confronted by Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain who later told police he believed the youth looked suspicious.

    In Seattle, hundreds packed the Greater Mount Baker Baptist Church in a “Rally for Trayvon.” Many of the protesters, some wearing hooded sweatshirts, carried bags of Skittles and cans of iced tea as they later marched a mile to a city park named for slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

    U.S. Senator Charles Schumer called on Sunday for a Justice Department investigation into “Stand Your Ground” laws, adopted first by Florida in 2005 and by at least 16 other states since, to determine if they had led to a rise in gun violence or had hindered prosecutions.

    “They’re all new. They’ve been passed very, very quickly and I think the states who passed them, if they find out the real facts, they may decide to repeal them,” Schumer said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

    Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum called the shooting “a heinous act” during an appearance on “Face the Nation.”

    “We need to focus on being there to be supportive and for the family that’s going through this tragedy,” he said.

    Sonner said Zimmerman feared he was in danger. He cited a document circulating that bears Zimmerman’s photo with the words “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

    Sonner has also said Zimmerman suffered a broken nose, a gash to his head and had grass stains on his shirt after the confrontation with Martin.

    (Reporting by David Bailey in Minneapolis and Jonathan Allen in New York, Writing by Steve Gorman and Ellen Wulfhorst; Editing by Peter Cooney)

    • canary says:

      oh boy do I wish there was edit button. After the #2 comment should be deleted.

    • artboyusa says:

      “White Hispanic”…its like “white black man” I guess. Or “black white man” or “little big man” or something. I don’t know, whatever. Its so hard to keep up with the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of liberal race obsessions. In the bad old days when we had “quadroons” and “octaroons” and “high yellers” and “mandingoes” we weren’t as obsessed with race, as we, supposedly post-racial, are now. Or as obsessed as some people want us to be, I should say.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      On my census form for “race” I put “European-American”. Wonder what they did with that. :-\

      The cubicle monkey who had to read it probably logged it in as “African-American” for two reasons. 1) they had no idea what to do with it/would be embarrassed to “ax” a supervisor and 2)”any white person would say so” thus, they must be black to check “other”.

      I remember one of my fellow GI’s who married a black girl and the local blacks used to give her tons of grief. Why? Because she was born and raised in London and had a cockney accent. I stood next to her at a store when a black employee ragged her out for “da way she talk”. “Whutchuu talkin’ like dat fo? You ain’t no white dude.” (Yes, this ignorant pile of garbage actually said that to her) When she politely explained she’s not American by birth, that she’s from the UK, this black female got a look on her face of utter disbelief, most likely because she could not believe that blacks could come from any other part of the world. Such is the insular, separated-from-reality box that they occupy.

      She once mentioned that she was sick of such encounters and that she would never lower herself to speak like that, even acknowledging that a cockney accent is considered very low-brow by the “posh” in the UK, as she put it. It wasn’t quite as heavy as our friend, the Geico Gecko, but it wasn’t far off, either. Actually, she was a lot of fun to have around.

  13. canary says:

    Atlanta news reports U.S. sending 770,000,000 extra to Egypt to build and remodel mosques.


  14. canary says:

    Congressman Bobby Rush suspended off the floor. Strips down and puts on hoodie and dark sunglasses
    and preaches the bible.

    If I a Republican Congressman had preached the bible on the Floor like this he’d have been called the devil.

    creepy changing clothes of Bobby Rush and ignoring the gravel and orders.


  15. tranquil.night says:

    Hehe: “Have you ever wanted something so bad you can taste it? Have you ever wanted something that it just consumes you? In the Lord of the Rings, what was the bad guy that wanted the ring? What was his name? Sauron. That’s them.” http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2012/03/29/my_judge_buddy_on_severability

    Love ya Rush.

  16. canary says:

    Movie star Wesley Snipes or Swipes tweeted the wrong address of Zimmerman; instead of an elderly couple, who have had to leave their home.
    He gave an apology. The poor people should sue him for all the amount of all the back taxes the movie star has gotten away without paying so they can pay a nice safe home in a gated community instead of the one they are in with robberies.

  17. canary says:

    Captain pilot on commercial flight flips out Tues. Passengers hold him down til landing.


    • artboyusa says:

      Freaked out pilots, wigged out passengers, bipolar stewardesses…remember that one? Who ever thought that “stewardess” would be a good career option for a bipolar person? “Would you like beef? Or CHICKEN! Beef or Chicken – just TELL ME! What’s that, Jesus? You want me to fly the plane? The pilots are possesed by demons? I must take control? Fly us all to Heaven? Well, okay…if you say so…”

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