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The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, March 30th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

23 Responses to “The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    I’m glad The Right Scoop gipped this: Rush reads letter from friend who is dumbfounded, saddened that a Romney may be the nominee

    And here’s the transcript: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2012/03/30/an_e_mail_from_my_friend_who_s_not_thrilled_about_mitt_romney

    Whoever wrote that has their finger on the pulse of millions of Conservatives. Especially this part:

    “The reason that we’ve had several wonderful days at the Supreme Court, although who actually knows what they’ll do, is because conservatives are fighting the good fight. Conservatives are filing the briefs. Conservatives are making the arguments. Not establishment Republicans. Establishment Republicans don’t even think the guy can be beat. It’s frustrating, Rush, whatever progress is made on our side, it’s always due to the conservatives, not Republican operatives, not the consultants, not the insiders, not the establishment.”

    I searched the archives for the earliest post which I started referring to the “Republican Establishment.”

    Incidentally, April 12, 2011, one of the first stop-gap deals prior to the final debt ceiling battle when leadership were playing number and word games regarding “cuts”: http://sweetness-light.com/archive/cbs-budget-cuts-target-dem-priorities

    Yeah, hey Ruling Class Republican Establishment: how about the ‘Knights of Ideological Purity’ shut up and let this go when you stop LYING to the people for whom you claim to speak.

    No, something always told me we were destined for this dance for quite some time. History told me, because it too is filled with Republican bureaucrat and lobbyist-loving, big spending, narcissistic statists whose livelihoods are just as connected to the growth of Washington as the Marxists, and three of them comprise our current leadership.

    Don’t think you’re out of sight, McConnell. You’re up to bat on the BBA, and so far you’re still standing in the practice box looking like you want the coach to call in a PH.

    Forgive me. I did not do enough.

    • River0 says:

      You nailed it, TN. We’ve been betrayed massively by the GOP Ruling Class country club set. They are in love with state power and use the trappings and images of patriotism and conservatism to deceive and lie – to themselves as much as anyone.

      They truly have NO CLUE. After we defeat the Demonic Party we have to defeat the RINO Ruling Class. We need “a new birth of freedom” (thank you Mr. Lincoln), and a full-on Reformation of America and the ideals of the United States.

    • Melly says:

      Here’s what Rush also said after the break you neglected to detail:


      RUSH: Here’s Shirley in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

      CALLER: Happy Friday, Rush, from a proud mom of three Rush Babies.

      RUSH: Thank you very much.

      CALLER: I’d like to paint a picture for you of what the Republican primary boils down to for me.

      RUSH: Okay.

      CALLER: It’s ten minutes ’til closing at the used car lot. Moderate Mitt Romney is a used car salesmen who has been hounding me all afternoon, is frantically trying to seal a deal with me on a vehicle I really don’t want. It looks okay on the outside, has a weird smell inside that I suspect indicates might be damaged by a flood, so I ask for the car fax and he swears that it was only driven to church on Sunday and to bingo on Wednesday by a sweet little old lady. When I tell him I’m gonna go back to get the car down the road that I like better at the other dealership, he starts trashing the other dealership, that’s Mitt Romney for me. The man has no core convictions, no principles, no anchor like Santorum does —

      RUSH: Folks, I must be honest with you. I hear this all the time from people about Romney, and I know him and I’ve talked to him. He came here and he sat down and he told me what his plan was, and it sounded like anything you and I would say. He even said to me, “If I accomplish everything I want to do, I may only be a one-term president.” I said, “What do you mean?” “Because I am gonna so fix this. It’s gonna be dramatic. We’ve gotta reverse this. We gotta stop this. Our children’s future is at stake here, and I’m gonna stop the direction that we’re headed, and if they throw me out after four years, fine and dandy.” And from right here in this studio he left to go to a huge fundraiser here in Palm Beach. First traffic jam I have ever been in since I lived here trying to get home. (interruption) No, I don’t go to fundraisers. Of course I wasn’t invited. I don’t go to those things.

      But anyway, what she just said, no core, I can’t tell you how many people I hear this from. And it surprises me a little. There’s gotta be some core there. There has to be some core. But there is a tremendous amount of, what is it, suspicion, distrust. And I know why. Back in 2006, (imitating Romney) “Oh, no, I’m not really conservative. Yeah, I had to vote for Paul Tsongas, a Democrat, there weren’t any Republicans on the ballot.” Then there’s Romneycare and all that. I think the note I read from my friend really sums it up. The Tea Party did all the heavy lifting. The Tea Party actually presented this opportunity. I think some of the anger at Romney is actually anger at the Republican establishment itself. Maybe I’ll develop that, talk further about that next week.

      From RedState: President James K. Polk (D-TN) made America’s sea-to-shining-sea destiny, manifest. Remember 54’40″ or Fight, the Alamo and that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C. native promised one term, delivered on his promises and chose not to run.

      Mitt Romney can be trusted to do us right. I have always seen the character that will do what he says he will do. It seems Rush has glimpsed a man we can trust as well

    • tranquil.night says:

      “Neglected” is a subjective term for which I forgive you for employing.

      Here’s my opinion on that conversation: I trust Rush, and I trust he understands to a degree why I and so many others cannot trust Romney or and especially the Republican Establishment. There is a history. So actions speak louder than vague, dramatic promises and stump speech platitudes.

      Here’s my prediciton if/when Romney becomes the nominee: the Democ**ts will carpet bomb him with every bit of oppo research they have on him, including IMO one or two serious “scandals” they’ll uncover and feign outrageous outrage over. Mitt and his team of incompetents (and possible subversives) will not handle his defense and counter-messaging well. He will stumble on articulating the Conservative argument on everything outside of his comfort zone, which will be everything the regime stirs up and zeroes in on. The moderates and the right will continue to spar on wedge issues and Senate primaries, the Left will exploit them, and Romney will be put in one compromising position after another. It will be left up to Conservatives, impugned and maligned by the left and ridiculed by their party establishment, to come to his defense and do all the heavy lifting in the hope of achieving a governable Republican majority. By a miracle, that will happen and he will win on the sheer volume of the anti-Obama vote.

      Then comes the governing, where Romney’s behavioral history suggests he will only go as far as possible within the margins of whatever is the established conventional political wisdom. Chances are he isn’t going to have a governing supermajority, so the level of reform needed is going to have to be achieved by bringing political pressure on Democrats to compromise with our agenda. It’s going to be a fight all the way – is Mitt up for it without going the Boehner/McConnell route and instead caving to the Left and the media? And worse yet – I strongly believe the economy is going to start melting down again in 2013, possibly because the economy could stall and send the debt ball rolling. If that happens, it’s going to be non-stop spin that it’s President Romney’s fault. What’s it gonna be when those first bad push polls start hitting the Drive-By News cycle. Mitt gonna do what’s best for him, cave to Democrat pressure for new revenues and join in chastising Conservatives for being too rigid at a time of crisis and needed shared sacrifice, or do what’s best for the country?

      I look forward to be proven wrong. My track record ain’t good though.

  2. Anonymoose says:

    I only have two things I feel like talking about; one is it’s no surprise to me that once a recent picture of Trayvon Martin surfaced and things he’d posted and done online that the narrative on this would change. Seeing Trayvon with gold teeth and giving the camera the finger is a far different image then the clean cut boy with a smile the media has been showing us.

    And as was on the news today, a 17 year old “boy” sentenced today for gunning down two British tourists in Florida–who’s only offense to him was wandering into his neighborhood. Where’s Obama and all the other “community” people and their outrage on this?

    Second is like most everyone here I post on social media websites as myself, and I see over and over a stark difference among conservatives and liberals. Conservatives will get mad about issues and politicians, but for the most part stay within reasonable limits–civil to friends and family, not arguing if it will accomplish nothing, and knowing when to quit. Most people online don’t know what my political beliefs are.

    Liberals spew hate and venom 24/7 to anyone who will listen. And they hate both politicians and personally us-conservatives. Anyone who friended me who turned out to be liberal it’s post after post about tea party/racists/Rush/haters, and they jump onto every meaningless feel good cause that comes along.

    Pictures of their mouths taped shut in support of gay marriage (never figured out what it meant), purple shirt day to be against bullies, and so on. They love to argue–almost thrive on it, and will get into it with someone a the drop of a hat until the other person has enough and leaves, then they cry victory.

    And these unstable, foul mouthed, hate filled people insist we’re the problem……..

    • tranquil.night says:

      Their ideology has failed. Their leaders refuse to listen to the facts, have doubled down on it, and blame everyone and everything else for the resulting chaos as they’ve always done, with them and government the presumed solutions. Therefore Conservatives organized, actually studied the issues, got involved and informed, fought back, and are now embarassing them constantly politically, and are getting close to throwing them out of power completely because the country is at stake. Your average Liberal drone is little match for a Conservative’s Jedi powers, so they’re usually reduced to epithets and citing obscure left-wing blogs.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Unfortunately, I believe we are all suffering from the “hippe hangover” where the former youth of the 60’s, who have lived their lives fruitlessly, are now nostalgic for the bygone days of street protests and those times when they got their jollies “sticking it to the man, man”. By that I mean the long hair, the unkempt appearance, the lingo, the attitude and so on. They then found that society largely ended up not talking/acting/thinking like them and all the TV shows did was give brief highlights of their minor victories.

      They thought they had changed the world.

      They thought they had collectively done something so incredibly important that it needed to be carved in granite on some mountain.

      But in reality, all they really had done was annoy the other 75%+ of the population.

      In the meantime, they had run for office and continued to push the envelope of good, common sense and well, actually, just throw that out the window. A hippie in a suit is still a hippie. And the allure of being one is tenuous at best and grounded in nothing at worst, unless you call being grounded in hating religion (unless it’s a cult), hating “big-business”, hating cars and petroleum, and a million other things that they collectively think are destructive, a good thing.

      And one of the funny parts is, that, generally speaking, environmental concerns were addressed, and I’ll agree there’s still work that needs to be done. But not in an “government activist” way. That just continues to irritate people and that’s the foundation of the hippie movement.

      I noticed it when I was a kid. They started as teenagers who had learned and enjoyed how to be irritating. They figured that was the way to get things done. How many times did I hear an intelligent teacher explain to one of the hippies in school that there are many ways to get things done, and being a pain-in-the-ass is generally not the way to get the results they desire? I heard it a lot.

      Fell on deaf ears. Because for a close-minded liberal/hippie, they can sequester themselves amongst their friends and get validation for their pitiful actions. The fact that their numbers increased over time has more to do with media, lazy parents and lack of close supervision. Somewhere along the line “discipline” got confused with “cruelty”. Although the two may appear similar to the untrained observer, the motivations are completely different.

      But as the years passed, these once “with-it” hippies who enjoyed a society that grew ever-more-tolerant of their ways and allowed them to even become “mainstream” was on a fool’s errand. At the same time, they convinced themselves that they made the world go ’round when in reality, they failed to recognize that they have been wrong every step of the way. But, the louder the arguments got about their failures, like the failed-to-grow-up people they are, they just became more arrogant, more obnoxious and when in government power, more trouble for everyone else.

      After all the money spent on EPA, DOE and all the rest, the results are coming in and have been for some time.



      More failure

      What they’ve done to cars has resulted in what?

      Incredible costs, not the reduction of highway deaths or the saving of the planet. Smog pumps, remember them? I never had one but had relatives in California who couldn’t get a car that ran right from 1974 to 1985. The people who moved out of California and brought their cars with them found out they couldn’t sell their cars in any state because no one wanted all that “crapola that California made them put on the motor”.

      But the hippie movement had to come about, I suppose. It is moving its way through the population bell-curve and I’ve hated it ever since it began. The unproductive, led by the unknowing, accomplishing nothing, but irritating everybody.

      Now they are old and missing their youth. They set themselves up to be failures in their senior years by only looking at everything through the eyes of a kid. Now they’re hitting their retirement years. They can’t hang with the younger set and in fact, like all seniors, look at the young as if they’ve lost their minds. But the paradigm is very different than it used to be. A senior citizen now, who’s grounded in hippie-logic can’t understand his grandson who wants to be a programer and work for a major corporation or start his own business of software engineering.

      Kids today largely reject the whole hippie thing. I was dreading the day that bell-bottoms and tank tops came back but, it was tried and, interestingly enough, it failed as a revived style statement. That told me a lot right there.

      Sadly, I have been behind these losers simply by virtue of the fact of when I was born. When they start dying off that will mean that I won’t have that long myself. That is the most depressing part because I would’ve loved to live in a world that the hippies had never touched. They ruined a lot of it for everyone else. They’re proud of that fact because it irritated so many.

      They have been the most selfish generation in this world’s history. Compared to their parents, they are polar opposites.

    • Anonymoose says:

      Good points as usual, Rusty. Unfortunately I think the damage of the hippies is even more far reaching. My generation (the 40 somethings of today) was the first raised with the institutionalized ideas of the 60’s. Multiculturalism, political correctness, global warming and the belief that no one’s feelings can be hurt.

      It’s been frustrating hearing your entire life that you have it too good and have to be held accountable for the “racism” and “sexism” of the people who came before you–even if no one you knew engaged in that behavior. Many people bought into the brainwashing; I remember remarking about 1991 to a guy my age how I’d heard on the news the white male was now a minority in New York and how surprising it was; his response was, “that’s good, maybe it’ll teach some people what it’s like to be a minority.”

      These are the same people I’m running into spewing the hatred all day; I see it as trying to gain approval from those same educators and organizers after all this time, hate because you’re supposed to, not what you feel.

      And the kids coming of age today are even worse off. It’s always the older generation feels the younger generation is lazy or useless, but this time it’s for real. The young men of today were raised with conformist school systems where no one succeeded or failed, everyone was “equal” and got trophies and awards just for showing up. They saw how older people got into decades of debt with college for questionable results, and don’t want to bother. They don’t want to be fathers or leaders as that behavior has been discouraged from day one. Forget about running a company as the corporate world is evil; they’re content to work nowhere jobs, play video games all day, and be told what to do.

      This generation is just now coming to the fore, and I’m very concerned what will happen in the future.

  3. canary says:

    Nancy Pelosi applauds Bobby Rush’s theater acts disrupting Congress.

    I have countless ideas on the type hat Nancy Pelosi should wear on the floor.


  4. canary says:

    Rusty I think you are saying grown up hippies have ruined the world.

    Well, it’s not just old hippies responsible for today’s brain dead youth. I can’t see them running the country in the future. I don’t have much hope.

    I think today’s youth have given me no hope that they possibly can take over running this country, saving this country, yet alone, hold a conversation with an adult or each other. . beyond “huh? what? huh? oh. uh huh. uhhh no. oh. I meant yeah. okay. huh? uh yeah. I think. ”

    Never do I hear deep conversations from today’s youth. At least they don’t fear the future, except the ones that thing global warming is going to catch the earth on fire.

    • tranquil.night says:

      My generation collectively has been so ill-equipped to learn from their experiences and acquire wisdom that I doubt very few are going to be personally ready and in a place to lead this country for quite a while.

      Individually, if you come across a young person with a shred of common sense, it’s probably because they were home schooled or grew up in a tough environment where self-sufficiency had to be learned because of circumstance.

      But at this rate, the Millenials aren’t going to be left with a 1st world country to inherit.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Thanks Canary for stating plainly what took me a lot more space to describe. You nailed it.

      I also see that being hip and “with it” is another fool’s errand. I gave up on trying to understand what the cool people did long ago and it proved an interesting test to observe my California surfer-dude cousin who disapproved of my jeans, and belt buckle and boots in a way that a high-schooler might. We were both in our 40’s and that, among other things has left me uninterested in ever talking to him again or even liking him. He’s quite simply put, a loser. But “back in the day” when he was surfing and smoking dope and going where the wind blew him, I’m sure he was considered quite cool.

      Youth is wasted on the young and the young tend to get older. Funny how that is always the case. Yet kids who act mature “beyond their years” as was written in a lot of my military performance reports, get slammed by their peers as “geeks” “nerds” and the like. It never really bothered me because I found a direction I liked and the rabble could have themselves, such as they were.

      I never realized though that the media and the school systems were working night and day to destroy the things that create good, strong character, integrity and loyalty for the good things. But again, I suppose the bell-curve had to accommodate such a thing as I think it was probably inevitable. Everything in nature is cyclical and humans are no different. From our wake/sleep cycles to cycles in overall perception, learning, customs and characteristics, it had to happen. The pendulum will probably swing back the other way but over time and slowly. We didn’t get to the “hippie-drome” all of a sudden although it feels like we did. But certain things, like this current disaster of a presidency has, as a benefit, the direct proof of how the left, which has always been with us for thousands of years, by the way, when given free-rein, really screws things up.

      The conservatives let them, in a general sense, in order to keep the peace and because they are too busy doing much more important things like raising families, working at their jobs and paying their bills. You’ll note that when societies are struggling, there is little time for the ridiculous meanderings of the uber-liberal minded types. Our history is replete with stories of the famous artist or actor who got ostracized by their families because of their desire to chase their dreams instead of getting a work-a-day job and facing the need for their own personal security. And history seldom tells the story of the failed actor-wanna-be who staked all their dreams in one chance and lost and then gave up or died because they went off on a self-abuse binge that was un-recoverable.

      I’m not saying the world doesn’t need the arts. I am saying that the overpowering dreams that some people have are unrealistic and if one wants to be an actor or artist, they need to know the risks and the gamble it entails. And, not to whine when their dreams don’t materialize. Nobody likes a whiner.

      And that’s what Obama is. He has no talents, save for irritating people and causing trouble. He has no working knowledge of anything and thus, cannot relate to the person who works at a plastic injection-molding company or even a teacher. His lack of empathy to others tells me that when he “taught” in college, he simply laid stuff out there and could not answer the simplest of questions, like the way he does a non-teleprompter Q & A. He’s pitifully unable to think on his feet.

      And like TN has said, there are a great many of them. But maybe it’s the generation that’s coming, where there are quite possibly a large group of people who really know how things DO work and who are working now, who may some day run for office and finally be able to tell their own “peers” to shut up and listen instead of the other way around. Or, it may just continue to unravel and go the way of Europe where people aren’t passionate about much of anything anymore. I mean, passionate about creating a new machine that will revolutionize the world, say, like the tractor or the steamship or the radio. All of which came pretty much as a result of the industrial revolution….while, by the way, the natives of 99% of the rest of the world were still hunter-gatherers and lived tribally.

      So —as a side note—blaming the white man is a very odd thing to do. It wasn’t India, or Nigeria, or Egypt or even China that explored the world, made machines that made the world a smaller place, split the atom, got us to the Moon, explored the solar system with probes, one of which on Mars lasted well beyond its intended purpose of a few months and went to 5+ years. I don’t see that coming from Nicaragua, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Though it may start coming out of China soon enough. I purposely did not mention the USSR because their motivation was very different than ours, except the moon mission.

      Now our very charges of the future intensely dislike themselves. They are more worried about offending someone they’ve never met than building even a model airplane that actually flies, and then building on that to a career in science or aviation.

      So, TN, maybe you’re right and the future is bleak…for now. I won’t be here to see if Man can make it Mars because the socialists have grabbed hold of everything and money is foolishly spent on the stupidly crazy notion of holding onto power. Rome did that. The USSR did that….China is trying to tweak it but finding that the more capitalism they embrace, the freer the people become and the more freedom they desire. I believe the next revolution will be inside China for a genuine republic. 1.2 Billion people will be pretty hard to silence. They’ve tried and partly succeeded but they are on a slippery slope of building cheap, reliable goods to the rest of the world. I can buy a $250 Rolex copy that is every bit as reliable and attractive and rugged as an $8,000 Submariner. All copyright laws aside, I’ve seen them, side-by-side and they are very well-made. Looking at them through a Jeweler’s loupe, the quality is very, very high. I own many of their Central Machinery tools in my shop. They work very well.

      I’m not a fan of China, in the broad sense but I cannot ignore their efforts to become the best at everything. The Boeing plant in Shanghai where much of the 747 is made will result in outgrowth of Chinese-made next generation airliners that cost 30% of what European and US union-based labor can produce. And airlines worldwide will buy them. Bottom line.

      Of course that’s my own opinion and dove-tailed into that is the fact that our socialists in office did it to us by ignoring the hard academic disciplines and instead gave degrees for “trans-gender racial studies” or some such. What happened to the kid who wanted to build spacecraft? Huge ships? Buildings? Yup, they’re all in China now. American kids want to sit on their asses and play Halo 3. However, there is still a certain nerd contingent that may yet spring forth with inspiration.

      I have hope.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Keep writin’ Rusty. Love the knowledge and perspective you bring.

      “American kids want to sit on their asses and play Halo 3”

      Decent series.. but the craze is all aboot teh uber Lightsaber battles in The Old Republic now.

      Final chapter’s about to begin… time to pump up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT9KFY6QzOA

      Yes I am a dork.

  5. GetBackJack says:

    I miss ProReason

    Come back, Pro. come back

    • Petronius says:

      Me too, GBJ. Miss that little conure.

      Hope pro may be back soon.

    • heykev says:

      Here here…Come back, Pro. come back…your missed…

      Be nice to read another installment of Petronius’ Economic Report too…

  6. tranquil.night says:

    Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon: Democrats in Disarray (h/t Insty)

    “A good week for the good guys – finally”

    Gotta appreciate ’em when it’s this rare.

    They’ll be back. With a vengeance.

    But persistence and determination for the Truth are omnipotent.

  7. canary says:

    Rusty, “I never realized though that the media and the school systems were working night and day to destroy the things that create good, strong character, integrity and loyalty for the good things.”

    This year the schools propaganda and the bogus national certification b.s. turns out they have to keep being re-certified. This is not about the a teacher taking more classes or expanding their education. It’s a joke. It’s about being creative and off the wall assignments.

    I took a story earlier this year my son was to examine. Teacher said it was in second person told.
    I circled all the “I’s to show that the person who wrote the story was telling the story. He wrote “I am telling you”. I can see where someone would miss it. But, not a teacher used to teaching it with in several classes who keeps finding her assignments on the internet from other schools, other states.

    She is creatively working on a video to renew her certification of her class doing an activity.

    I said she couldn’t video my son. I copy pasted some very inappropiate things they were reading and said I’m afraid you’ll get him on tape reciting this.

    My son had to pretend he was a black man a memorize a poem.

    Kind of like

    I’m a black man
    Because of my skin, I have to eat in the kitchen.
    I might not be able to eat at the table with the white folks
    but, I’m laughing.
    I’m eating.
    And I’m getting bigger
    And I’m getting stronger
    And one day it will be me eating at the table.

    I thought it meant he was going to grow big and beat the people up.

    oh, and my son said my friend is not black. He’s brown. The guy was really his friend but my son got in trouble for writing it.
    This was the experiment where kids wrote discriptive words about the other students.

    My son got in trouble for writin girl was one hot Mexican. he meant it as a compliment.

    Grade changing

    !!!! Now, I see his grades aren’t added enough to show he’s really making a lower grade.
    Do, I keep quiet?
    Complain, give my son a lower grade?
    Nope. I realized after re-certification and she braggs of her students grades she’ll straighten it out.

    A lot of today’s kids are raised by former hippies. And that is a problem.

    Edgar Allen’s Poe is written in first person if you take the time to read it. Something called the red masque. It was really gory. The kids were given examples of what the colors of the rooms and all might mean. I told my son don’t write this b.s.the teacher is saying.

    I went to a sight as to the Catholic church colors the priests robes were.
    Then I went to Revelations in the bible, and with minutes underlines, all these numbers of lamps that were in Poe’s essay. Lights, candles, etc. It was amazing. I said, so you see in that period this was written, religion played a great part, and Poe stole his descriptions from the Bible.

  8. canary says:

    Denmark holding an Anti-Islam Protest going violent.

    At WSJ video

  9. Astravogel says:

    Hillary says President Assad must go. That’s
    funny, a lot of folks think her President should too.

  10. canary says:

    unbelievable. sigh….
    update: addressed teach rig grade to look better for her recertification. Upgraded it more. Oh well, kid deserves from all the propaganda and garbage that is sickening and worthless. e needs.
    That’s why I have work books for summer.

  11. tranquil.night says:

    Uh oh. Rush dropped “Trickle Down Poverty.” Hope he knows he’s quoting the Savage One with that.. who’s not much a fan.

    He should go for the pavement and drop “Trickle Up Tyranny” too which just came out this week. Heh.

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