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The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves

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This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, June 30th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

20 Responses to “The Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves”

  1. Anonymoose says:

    I don’t have a Twitter account; mainly I can’t see the point, especially when it comes down to compressing whatever you want to say into 140 characters and having to use hash tags (#something#whatever) to get people to join into a “discussion.”

    I know people who use it, and hear all the time about someone letting the mask slip that they’re not the nice person they want people to see, or they say something that costs them their job or reputation. Well, unless you’re a Democrat.

    So after the Supreme Court bombshell we’ve had Patrick Gaspard, the DNC Executive Director tweet “It’s Constitutional. B******”, and Obama’s official Twitter feed said it’s “Still a BFD.” and links to a T-shirt at his store saying as much.

    Gaspard already tried to apologize, but the deed was done:


    Have we really slipped this far in our discourse and maturity? Would anyone have ever pictured Truman, Reagan, or even the great liberal hero Roosevelt saying anything like that–even vulgar language from their era? Even worse, Obama’s tweet wasn’t a spontaneous outburst but planned—those T-shirts weren’t ordered up and put in a store on a whim.

    How does this make us look to our friends and our enemies to drop down to trash talk? If Obama and Gaspard were really leaders they would have said whatever was supposed to be good about Obamacare, not done an ego driven victory dance.

    Sometimes I wonder if Democrats really endorse this behavior or, with a pattern going back to Clinton, look the other way as it’s one of “their” people in office. For all the bashing even a president like Nixon got (and still receives) from the media I could never see him stooping to this level.

    • beautyofreason says:

      I can’t imagine former political leaders speaking in this manner in public.

      If I had to name a particularly important incident it would be the use of “tea bagger” to describe conservatives a couple of years ago. If that lewd phrase can become mainstream, anything will.

      I consider such comments a symptom of our political decline. If an educated person wants to crush the political opposition they can do it without relying on simple, lewd shots. The smart once used satire, wittiness, and logic to crush the opposition. An insult or two is fine, but it does not win an argument alone.

      The liberals of today prefer creating disgust, pushing buttons, and having tantrums to make a point. Note the recent whining by Maxine Waters on the tea party, and that Minnesota Congresswoman who claimed Republicans wanted to date rape her. When the tantrums fail, stock liberals return to tags like “racist,” “sexist,” Islamophobe,” or “homophobe” as the need arises.

      There is something perverse about these insults. They like to use words that create disgust in normal, patriotic Americans because they oppose the values that cause the disgust in the first place. It gave liberals particular pleasure to call a lot of the patriotic, older white Americans participating in the tea party ” tea baggers.”

    • canary says:

      It’s true Obama’s campaign tweeted “”Health Reform Still a BFD.”” and leads to their T-shirts which is a enormous deceptive spin, as Republicans were willing for health-care reform.

      “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)”, was formally branded by Obama’s campaign as ObamaCare.

      Now they have changed Obamacare to sound more conservative on their t-shirts.

      The NYT said it appears republicans tweeted something back, but didn’t bother to confirm it.


      More People are going to die under Obamacare than extreme conservatives that believe in no health care at all. There are very prominent conservative M.D.s in the U.S. that believe the weak should die, and set up patients to die, but make sure they make a killing off them first, doing procedures that will only insure the patient die.

      Both Liberal doctors to Conservative doctors who are working for the government will allow a 7th month healthy pre-mature baby die based on the assumption they are weak.

      Note Obama’s vote history in voting against saving pre-mature baby’s because of the wording in the bill that the baby is human. Duh. It’s born, it’s living, and no longer a fetus. It’s a newborn infant.
      The heck hospitals call new-born baby’s fetuses. “Hi, Jane, hold your new born fetus who just needs a little weight before she can go home.” A year later, “Hi Jane how’s your fetus doing?”

      Of Course partial birth abortion, slitting the neck of the baby after it’s head comes out is applauded
      by liberals. It’s murder. Do you believe for a second the liberals care about anyone’s health but their own. I’m just saying there are a lot of conservative doctors that will do everything they can to make money off Obama Care.

      It will take the poor, not just the taxed to fight Obama Care. They will die quicker with Obama Care than

      I’m telling you there are some really sick doctors that think that believe they are God. Can’t blame them
      for wanting the money. But, they will zip patients through and see patients for one minute so they can see 60 patients an hour to make up the money they will lose. It’s cuba. People will wait in line for 1 asprin and go back the next day and wait another day in line for 1 asprin. But, they won’t be able to afford it. Obamacare means more pain and suffering. And it’s pretty clear, they will weigh people to see if they will even give them a free asprin or a cheap asprin. Well, we did land on the moon.

      See, Doctors are also watching their jobs being done by RN’s and trickling down the ladder.
      They will be doing high dollar procedures and guinea pigging people to death, to see if they can’t discover some treatment and put a feather in their hat.

    • Mithrandir says:

      From FDR in 1945, to Bill Clinton in 1992, we have had a president who had some sort of military service. 2 terms of George Bush later, we have yet another Democrat without military service, Obama.–all three smartass lawyers. And it’s no coincidence that all 3 are socialists, and only willing to promote community service for OTHER PEOPLE to do, but not engage in any altruistic sacrifice for themselves.

      So, those dirtbaggy tweets, and antagonistic statements are what you can expect from these people, you have to just taunt them in return and ignore the inevitable caterwauling, and charges of racism. Just respond, “Hey, if you want to taunt, expect it in return, or get out of office!”

      Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Presidents_of_the_United_States_by_military_service

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Mith, I have to expand on your position.

      I, too, used to think that a president without military experience results in socialists.

      But, I was in the military for eleven years and I have come to this conclusion. There are two types of people in the US military:

      1) The people who understand and defend the Constitution and

      2) The people who LOVE control.

      It’s number two who are the dangerous ones.

      It’s number two who the national socialists lay claim as the “war mongers”.

      It’s also number two that has a built-in dichotomy.

      The number twos are autocrats, dictators, control-freaks, micro-managers, etc. The rules, the boundaries, the constriction, the regulation, the control are the needed components for them. Without such constraints, they are lost; Unable to think, they need to look up what to do and the military regs make it easy for them. A true patriotic conservative KNOWS already what the right thing to do is, and the regs compliment rather than control their mental processes.

      When a number two gets out of the military, they end up in government service, the DMV, or some other bureaucratic function. Think Frank Borman who had a huge hand in destroying Eastern Airlines. He was unpopular in the military, unpopular as an astronaut and pissed off the core of Eastern Airlines as it’s CEO because of his unwavering restrictions on employees.

      Disciplined? Absolutely. Fanatical devotion to the rules? Yes. And therein lies the problem. Inside-the-box thinking.

      Had he been on Apollo 13, I believe he would’ve been more of a problem than a solution. Why? Because he would’ve wanted a checklist on how to deal with the problem and would’ve rejected the solutions the engineers came up with because they were “ooutside the box” and there were no set rules for dealing with the contingency. Inflexible, inarticulate and rigid.

      Socialists like to fall back on rigidity.

      However, the other nagging problem with socialists is when they are elitists.

      This is where the difference between conservatives and socialists shows greatly. A conservative may have a creative streak. They may color outside the lines from time to time. But when they do and a socialist is “in charge” they feel that the conservative is violating the rules and will be punished. But if the same “in charge” socialist does so, it’s acceptable. Not because they are trying to enhance the experience as the conservative is doing but because they ARE in charge and thus, not subject (in their mind) to the constraints put upon the procedure by the very rules they created and enforce on others.

      Yes, it’s a double-standard. If Borman was in charge of anything in Apollo, he would’ve crucified Lovell, Haise and Swigert for some perceived failure on their part. Indeed, US Airways management was aghast at Sullenberger for not adhering religiously to the procedures set forth by the company in a parallel argument. The fact that his actions saved the day were almost immaterial to airline management as well as FAA bureaucrats. They wanted to hang him and Skiles, his first officer on that fateful day.

      Socialists. Always looking for the latest procedure, rule, law that makes their position justified. Not looking for real talent, skill or intellect except as it fits their narrow-minded rendition of reality.

      They’re the people who love traffic-control devices for others but run stop lights on a regular basis because they “need to get going”.

      I’ve seen and known a lot of socialists while active-duty military. I will submit, however that the most militant people I’ve ever known never spent one day in the military.

      But just because a president served in the military doesn’t mean they aren’t a socialist. Carter and Johnson come to mind. They are the ones who kept coming up with more and more policy from the government to “fix” things. Rules and more rules. Laws and more laws.

      Conservatives feel and believe that enforcing the existing laws are sufficient. In fact, the Bill Of Rights and the ten commandments are sufficient for me. There really needn’t be more. When all is considered, a thinking person knows what “Though shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” encompasses a great deal. But lawyers and idiots think we need thousands of additional laws, with words that cannot be understood(without the help of a lawyer) are necessary.

      Though shalt not steal. Simple, effective.

      As are the words, “Congress shall make NO LAW…..”

      We have come to a time, much as in the past, where only a few are permitted to make law and the rest are forced to submit. The reasons have migrated away from the good of all to the good of a select few and the majority have to comply or be punished.

      This is not good.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I meant “thou” not “though”

    • Mithrandir says:


      You forgot a couple of military categories:

      3) The welfare contingency who would rather live on public assistance with RANK rather than in the projects.

      4) The sect of homosexuals who join to get free health care for the myriad of diseases they cannot pay for by themselves with LOTS of access to perhaps bi-curious males.
      • Remember the health check when you joined? You had to bend over and spread ’em? They were checking for a loose rectum, and they kicked out gays until Clinton and Co. forced the military to tolerate their behavior, now we are stuck with them.

      5) The poor-achieving high school students who have really no desire to defend the constitution, and have never read it, don’t want power, just want money for college, and some experience.

      6) The loafers who got a cushy job, COULD apply themselves in some way, but just accepted the regimentation, the socialism that the military provides, so they just coast along year after year.

      7) People who joined after 911, who just want to kick the crud out of other people’s butts in other countries.

      If you can stay in for 20 years, you can accept and live under socialism.

      Too often people get drunk with the idea that people of lower rank are of lower quality, and therefore deserving of scorn and hostility, and those people are also in our police departments, court systems, political associations. —it’s a mental illness really, or just immoral, or both, I don’t know, but psychological evaluations are regularly needed to weed out people in those professions.

      Military service doesn’t always translate into a character, for every Col. North, Lt. Col. Allen West, or General Macarthur, you also get a fist-full of fools like John Kerry, and John Murtha. It’s like asking why conservatives have such liberal brat kids? Or why liberal parents accidentally have kids that are normal….who knows!

  2. GetBackJack says:

    I think it obvious that Twitter is best suited to smart phones. On the go, what’s happening, right now. That’s harder to do when working on computers; you know, like “work”?

    I still haven’t stepped up to a smartphone. Seems mighty pricey for a device to use as a phone. Out here, 4g is as distant as a galaxy. Hell, 3g would be cool. But then, that’s why I live out here. Turn by turn navigation and restaurant suggestions are moot when your roads are dirt, gravel and littered with cattle guards and edged with Snow fences.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Well, now I understand what the surveillance drones are for. The troops practicing in our streets, the deployment of so much domestic militarization of regular down-home sheriffs and police, the track-you all the time features of cell phones and now plug-in devices so insurance companies can monitor your driving behavior. The recent revelations by the US Army of reeducation camps being prepared in our heartland. The “combat drills” with squads of Blackhawk helicopters recently investigated in Chicago. The 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition that the Department of Homeland Security bought. Obama’s Executive Order titled National Defense Resources Prepardedness, which unilaterally gives him, by his own declaration (like FDR did), the ability to take over all of the nation’s affairs, military and domestic, public and private on his own say so. The indefinite detention of American citizens without writ of habeas corpus on military installations. Obama continuing to push forward his legislation for a National Police Force to equal the size of our current military.

    I do understand. My final release of doubt came about between Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon. The heat and anger and sheer gritty cussedness of average people I talked with who spoke mainly of bloody revolution as the only answer.

    And here’s the nut of it. “They” knew they would win the Decision on Obamacare as a tax. Because of this win, our domestic enemies now have a clear working outline of how to craft all the other legislation they intend regarding; food, water, people who live out from cities, gun control, energy policies, anything and everything you can think of that would make Hitler blush at the extremity of their plans to create the ultimate Statist Ideal where we are required by our own government to do and be what we do want to do, and be what we do not want to be.

    They know good and well this will cause violence.

    And they’re preparing for it long before the American citizen realizes what’s about to happen.

  4. canary says:

    Mirth, Did they do the criminal prisoner search when you served. Might be something new.

    At least you mentioned categories, but it really brought me to tears, which only makes my eyesight worse, or I would mention good categories as well as bad categories.

    I would give a patriotic version and one full of tears. Some joined after 9/11 not to kill, but to try and save their fellow Americans lives.

    I would not doubt the fact the vast majority of military are white now. Could it be the system is set up
    that whites are the minority that kind find jobs? Or want to education?

    I think what frightens me the most is that our present military are told they can’t talk about anything. Or give their political opinions anymore. I see this, and it disturbs me, that they have been brainwashed
    to such an extinct that they are fooled.

    And that concerns me with Obama’s idea of required mandatory community service “and” and all Americans will go through military training for 4-6 months, even though recent defense cuts has led to the military not recruiting.

    And even the new one challenging the liberal. The rigid religion that violates the constitution in requiring 2 years of missionary work and not getting education.

    And so the idea of our military trained to ask how high, when ordered to jump, could lead to a military run country.

    It is a fear of the military running and spying on this country as seen in 3rd world countries.

    If it were to come to that. What country or countries on this planet would intercede and help the revolutionaries (not sure if they will be good or bad revolutionaries) against the U.S. military.

    Oh what may lie in the future with this global peace and partnerships. The U.S. is so fragile right now.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Read George Washington’s Prophecies. Pay special attention to the third and final prophecy.


      What you envision is what will keep American from standing by Israel at the hour of her greatest need. See my post above. It is all beginning to take shape, as scripture has foretold. Of all of Man’s records, the Holy Bible stands alone in accuracy. Prophecy is not prediction. Prediction is the factory of chance. Prophecy knows nothing of chance. Prophecy is relaying events as they will happen before we can know, but since God is omnipresent and omniscient He already knows. His prophecies are given that we might know with certainty that all else He relays to us is also the truth.

      Of the roughly 2,500 prophecies the Holy Bible contains, as of today approximately 2,400 have been accurately fulfilled in timing and context and meaning. The remaining 100 are in process of being fulfilled right now. No other work or utterance or vision of Man even comes close to this record spanning nearly 6,000 years. It is undeniable proof of it’s authenticity.

      The odds for all these prophecies having been fulfilled by chance without error is less than one in 10/2000 power; that is 1 with 2000 zeros written after it. Therefore we can know with total certainty that although America is currently Israel’s guardian angel of the moment, in the end even we will be prevented from coming to her in her time of greatest need. What could possibly prevent us from her assistance? No external enemy has the might nor the will to do so.

      But …. an internal enemy which has consumed us in a conflagration of civil war once again, prior to her need, would. And it is certain to 200 decimal points the Left in our bosom seeks Israel’s ruin as much as they seek our ruin.

      Keep a sharp eye out.

      The time is upon us.

    • Chase says:

      With all due respect for your many contributions here, the incoherency of many of your posts forces me to skip over many more.

      The military has never been allowed to be involved in politics, or to openly criticize the CinC. Nothing has changed there. However, they are not neutered or blase or opinionless – they just have to keep it personal and not let it get official.

      In fact, the chaplains of the military services last year told the DoD they would not follow orders in regards to performing same-sex marriages where it conflicts with DOMA.

      The military is very well versed in the Constitution, and are quite unlikely to be duped into following unconstitutional orders, as you infer. Shame on your ignorance and lack of respect, insight, and relevance.

      And since I have been embedded these last 8 or more years on a daily basis, criticism and disgust with the CinC and Secty of Defense and other political opportunists is a regular undercurrent of discussion, and the TV channels in offices changed quickly when the shouting libtards of MSNBC or Obama himself violate the peace of the office.

      And what is this, ” The rigid religion that violates the constitution in requiring 2 years of missionary work and not getting education.”?

      I assume your slip is showing, with sense being overwhelmed by your unabashed bigotry and total and blissful ignorance regarding Mormonism? What Constitutional violation is there in serving missions, or in the historical deferral given those involved in it? Who is not getting an education? Please explain!

      Your blathering incoherence does nothing for your credibility.

      Try and re-read what you write for some coherency, relevance, and sense or factual basis before submitting, won’t you? All I see when you write about someone not getting an education is hypocracy.

  5. wirenut says:

    Good points, one and all. I beg to differ. My Wife and I have invested much time to the rearing of our children. Also,
    the grandchildren. The “Ten”, and the Consitution were our mainstays. We maybe rural, but we’ll stand our ground.
    There is still a crop of freedom yet to blossom.

  6. canary says:

    Get Back Jack,

    It just so happens to be that the muslims in America are teaching on the subject of the end times.

    We have a new mosque the town snuck in and approved without putting them the enormous hoops businesses and churches and residents have to go through.

    They are connected to CAIR.

    And so I paid a visit and had a long conservation with a couple of muslims from Africa.

    And the first thing the nice one said was that muslims love Christians and Jews.

    And that muslims and Christians read the same bible and it tells of the end times.

    What a bunch of b.s. The bible nor Tora tell of Mohammad coming down from the sky on a horse and setting foot in Israel.

    And so it went into a big thing why do you hate the Jews if we all serve the same God as you claim.

    The nice one blames everything on politics. Politics. America isn’t corrupt. They said it was Christians that taught them in Africa to make them want to come to America and start a mosque.

    They must have red that terrible horrible book Sophs had to read in HS.

    And so the not so nice one, told me that Jews left Israel a long time ago and came back to Palestine.

    I said, Palestine is not on the map or globe even. And the Brits put Israel in a tiny place no one was at.
    And why if Muslims and Jews worship the same God are these giant countries trying to kill a tiny country that worships the same God.

    But, I played along. I said, well doesn’t it make you so mad Obama sticking his nose in all these muslim countries that hate Christians and Jews.

    And doesn’t it make them mad that Obama stuck his nose in Egypt and now the terrible muslim brotherhood is running it and making it worse and more hate against the Christians and Jews.

    And since they were from Africa, I said oh you must be so upset that at those Somalians and Al-Qaida
    and now Obama has us fighting them in Africa.

    And now U.S. is drone bombing Syria. And I argued with the meaner one, and told him to google it.

    And I told him, I was a Christian and many of us think this country is becoming more and more immoral, and they denied this. America was great. I said, don’t you watch the filth on TV, Movies, and Hollywood.

    Long story. But, they are so fake and full of such b.s.

    However, muslims are all learning about the end times. Course Armadman in Iran already has 2012 for Mohammad to come back.

    And they had a sign up that said these scriptures must only be said in hebrew. And you couldn’t understand read them, unless you know.

    But, remember this. The muslim leaders teach deceive Christians and Jews. And never go by a Koran
    that is in English.

    The Library tossed the 1930s Koran with all the hate scriptures that Jesus and Mary deceived the people. And the chopping of alternate body parts. And the get 4 witnesses or get stoned.

    Anyways, you can bet the muslims are studying the end time, but in Arabic and not their crap in English to make you believe they like Christians. The Islam book for Idiots is full so much b.s. even.

    • GetBackJack says:

      I find it astounding that anything thinking person cannot immediately see through the Koran as nothing more than an attempt to rewrite both the Torah and the New Testament into a book of religious law for desert dwelling Arabs. The parallels are so glaring and obvious.

      Whoever Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim was he stole whole cloth from the burgeoning Christian writings of the Apostles and lifted the Torah and books of Poetry and Wisdom whole cloth for his own designs.

      Our western media is so anti-God and dumbstruck by these simple observances they run and shout, turning in circles even as they make butter out of themselves.

      These cannot be my people. I so desperately want to live among my own. These other “things” are really strating to get to me.

    • canary says:

      GetBackJack, The muslims are lying and rewriting the verses in the original Koran which they know that only the in Arabic is legit for muslims. They are to decieve us.

      So, on this “end times” they Muslims subject, they are trying to bring Jesus and the anti-Christ simialar to the New Testiment, and it’s all bull.

      The end times in the Koran is where Mohammad comes down on his white flying horse and it’s hoof strikes first in Israel. Not in Saudi Arabia Mecca where he hallucinated in caves all this up. His 40 trips Moses took him up and they discussed each time how many times a day they should pray. bls.

      And as these terrorist connected muslims tried to fool me all in the world is politics. over and over.
      And the b.s. that the problem with Jews is they went back to Palestine when Palestine is still not on the map. Oh, but they love the Jews. The one in the white robe refused to say they loved the Jews. He could not even deceive me an unbeliever and say he loved the Jews. And he did not believe me
      what’s going on in Syria. Oh those eyes went from arrogant slants to big. Of course I’m a little female
      and I didn’t release til it was too late, that perhaps my very American modern blouse may have been v shaped a little to low. I adjusted it a few times respectfully as they were tall and could get a better view than most.

      And then when all the nicey stuff b.s. the one said while the other wanted to chop my head off, I went to
      get into car. They went behind my car and started pictures and getting my tag, and so I smiled and posed and waited until they were done. Of course then the nicey nicey one smirked, and the mean one with the phone was rattling off in Arabic and flipping the phone while I posed.

      It’s okay. There are people who have my back. And If something happens, it will mean a search warrant on their mosque and my phone and computer too. So, bring it on muslim terrorist thugs who have gotten away with terrorism because of Obama’s DOJ pick who did not allow the FBI to pursue and file charges.

      Will Mitt Romney take up where this was left off ???? in pursuing CAIR.

      OH. CAIR is donating money to Pakistan now.

      Because after all, as Obama says they are our friends and partners. Like they ever were dancing in the streets and hiding bin Laden.

  7. Anonymoose says:

    It’s July 4th. Like most people I belong to social networks and have a group of people ranging from true close friends to acquaintances to people I have to tolerate because of work or family connections.

    People are posting pictures of patriotic stuff, family events, remembrances, and so on. But amongst the liberals it’s patriotic things mixed in with the usual corporations are bad, the rich don’t pay enough, digs at the Tea Party, digs at wingnuts, anybody who’s not like them. It never ends with these people!

    Really, only a few conservatives I know make messages running down liberals no matter what the event. Most, especially on a day like today, will celebrate the holiday and what it means, but that’s it. Liberals have a mental obsession that drives everything they do.

    And I think it is a mental illness. Look up politics in the 19th century, liberals were exactly the same, just a good portion of them were called Anarchists. Angry, unhappy, out of control personal lives and emotions.

    They see the world only in their terms, they don’t trust anyone to own a gun because they can’t, all the world’s problems are because of the U.S. and will end if we turn into this disarmed equality ridden utopia. If they could only truly see the world through other people’s eyes–they insist they do and are of course more cognizant than anyone else….but they are blind.

    • Chase says:

      I totally agree and have often said/wrote that conservative activists lose out to libtards in time and energy since generally conservatives have families, traditions, jobs, business, churches, community service as scout leaders, soccer coaches, etc., and taking care of business and enjoying our deserved rest and laurels. Libtards? Not so much, generally, of any or all of the above.

      We have lives to lead and enjoy – they are just screwed up, angry, festering malcontents and therefore more fully engaged in constant agitation and activism

  8. canary says:

    4th of July.

    Five American NATO Soldiers Shot by Man in Afghan Army Uniform


    Imagine the media going from calling American soldiers deaths to NATO deaths, and now to American NATO deaths.

    And now going from Afghan Military and Afghan Police killing our American soldiers to just going by what uniform the afghans are wearing.

    What’s the percentage of now of American soldier deaths by the Afghan Military and Police our U.S. Soldiers are forced to train.

    So really are we in Afghan to fight Pakistan our greater enemy now?

    Why are we training Afghan’s at all at this point when middle-eastern countries live only to mutilate and destroy one another.

  9. canary says:

    First U.S. drones bombing Syrian govt and U.S. now bombing the insurgents.

    Drones are having difficulty telling the al-Qaida insurgents from the good insurgents overtaking Syria’s


    There seems to be a lot of confusion in the media. There are those sources that know we already have been bombing and intentionally saying we didn’t, and then there’s some that know we’ve already been bombing.

    It’s unbelievable Obama has done nothing but socialize during his presidency.

    Meaning having a good time with celebrities and helping terrorists run the world.

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