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Our Weekend Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves

Here is our usual weekend discussion thread, where comments on the general topics of the day are welcome.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, July 20th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

18 Responses to “Our Weekend Hive – Please Talk Among Yourselves”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Soooo … a massacre involving an educated silent violent white man gone off the rails with guns and para-military gear just before the vote on the UN Small Arms Transfer Treaty.

    Stunning coincidence. Just stunning.

    It is coincidence, isn’t it Herr Obama?

  2. canary says:

    Well, ya see all these parents take babies and toddlers to see violent scary movies at midnight.

    The news keeps showing mothers and couples and pics of their baby’s and toddlers that survived.

    Who would expose a baby at midnight to such stressful noise and jarring?

    Who would expose a 2 or 3 year old to something that would scare the hell of them until they become detached by the time they leave high school.

    So, it’s going to get worse for those with defects that might make it through life, except the schools today
    in assignments alone are getting more filth, horror, death, suicide, sexual filth. Violent games and shock TV.

    The Universities and colleges teaching new teachers sick experiments, methods, and drills to indoctrine them.

    At least one teacher was outraged that Columbine School let those boys hand in a video of them shooting people as an assignment. Now it’ acceptable and even given out as assignments.
    Contests who can make the best short horror film.

    First Virginia Tech shooter had an English teacher that said she’d quit if they didn’t get student (Korean immigrant) out of her class. The media displayed a story he wrote.

    What he wrote is nothing compared to what students are told to write for assignments.

    Students are being told to write horror stories, aside the growing violence, filth, and sickening things they are forced to read. Violent poems they are told to create and write.

    Are they trying to see where children’s minds are? Or are teachers minds so bored they keep upping
    the shock so kids like school.

    Wearing pajamas. Girls shorts up their butt. Forget boys looking at their crotches in school, they need to wipe the damn chairs. I can’t believe the way the girls dress now.

    So, what does growing up on a nearly basis being exposed to such violence in schools being forced
    into them, add the violent games, the shock TV, and it’s going to effect their brains.

    Morals are not being taught. Only sympathizing and empathizing with sexual deviants, murderers, such
    as Obama sympathizing with terrorists as “man-made disasters”.

    24/7 garbage for many children. School should be a decent, respectful atmosphere and environment.

    I can’t believe there weren’t any responsible law-abiding people carrying guns these days for so late at night. It could have lessened the damage. Dead babies. What a shame.

  3. canary says:

    Oh and that violent music rappers Obama invites to the WH.
    The Joker’s bomb rigged apt had blaring music playing.

    Obama had to make a statement it was all about him, personalizing the tragedy in his statement by telling us he has 2 daughters. Pause. And tell us they go to the movies too. Pause. And how he imagines if his daughters were there. Pause.
    (This from the guy who sent his daughter and other children to dangerous Mexico for Spring Break)

  4. canary says:

    Strange the movie shooter started his rampage at the start of Ramaden holy month July 20 2012.

    So, strange there isn’t the normal people from school, family, early childhood, friends all giving their 2 cents worth. No one telling his sexual preferance is strangest of all.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Also, strange is that the MSM hyped all Friday that Paris had cancelled all showings of BTDKR. Prominent headlines … PARIS CANCELS!!

      The shooter lived on Paris Street in Aurora.

      twinkle twinkle little star …

  5. canary says:

    Obama quietly to take all handguns away in joining the UN Treaty.

    Obama will take advantage of the media fixated on the shooting and will be doing as much damage as possible. He’s not about to discuss gun control before a re-election

    Congressman Paul Broun announces Hillary ready to sign UN Treaty to take all hand guns away.


  6. Tater Salad says:

    This tells the story, why Bush was so bad at the end of his term …

    Don’t just skim over this, it’s not very long, read it slowly and let it sink in. If in doubt, check it out!!!

    The day the democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009, it was actually January 3rd, 2007, the day the Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the 110th Congress. The Democrat Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

    For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy that everything is “Bush’s Fault”, think about this:

    January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress.

    = = = = = At the time: = = = = =
    The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
    The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
    The Unemployment rate was 4.6%
    George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH!

    Remember the day …

    January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee. The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy?


    Unemployment … to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!

    Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in 2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy.

    And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac?


    And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie?

    OBAMA and the Democrat Congress!

    So when someone tries to blame Bush …


    Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress, and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat Party.

    Furthermore, the Democrats controlled the budget process for 2008 and 2009, as well as 2010 and 2011.

    In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases.

    For 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the 2009 budgets.

    And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete 2009.

    If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets.

    If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself.

    In a nutshell, what Obama is saying is, “I inherited a deficit that I voted for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th.”

    There is no way

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yes, but you cannot get your average (or above or below average, for that matter) liberal to believe it.

      1) They are card-carrying haters of conservatism
      2) Their astounding ignorance, fostered by their own culture and supported by liberal “educators” will
      prohibit their acceptance of the timeline
      3) To say anything to the contrary is “racist” and “bigoted” instead of pragmatic and logical.

      There are other points but it’s clear to me that we have reached an impasse with national socialists. It’s been growing for many years and the number of people on the dole has increased on average for many years. It declined significantly during the Reagan years and even a fractional amount during the Clinton years, thanks to a conservative congress. But overall, the cake has been sliding off the tray and it’s now just barely hanging onto the platter before it goes kerplop onto the floor.

      I waffle between thinking it can be saved vs throwing my arms up and feeling all is lost. The monumental work required to undo the damage done by the national socialists is staggering. Every time they get their way, more bleeding occurs. Eventually, the host being has to succumb to the parasites and die. That will spell the end for the parasites too but they don’t care about that…nor do they see it. Perhaps that’s due to the selfish nature of certain types of people.

      I hope the nation can be saved.

    • Anonymoose says:

      They believe what they want to believe. I have a liberal friend who was a grown adult in the 70’s and insists the Carter years were some of our most financially secure, even though most everyone else remembers the double digit inflation.

      Or they declare snippets of truth as being overall correct. Shortly after Obama was elected I think it was on this website some guy was saying that Bush spent more than Obama–well when T.A.R.P. took effect during the last three months of his presidency Bush spent more than Obama did during his first three months. However, repeat that a thousand times stripped down to “Bush spent more than Obama” and it becomes the sort of indisputable cited and referenced “fact” progressives love to parade in everyone’s faces.

      It’s also why I don’t waste the breath to argue with them in forums or in person. Most often it goes something like anything bad a Democrat does is justified because they can find some example of a crooked Republican and therefore two wrongs make a right–never acknowledging the Democrat was also in the wrong. They toss factoids and truth snippets and demand I “prove” they’re incorrect. I start showing how preferential, unfounded, or limited these “truths” are and it’s ever louder shouting this little piece of truth is “correct”–but only under the limited circumstances they allow. Finally nail them in something they can’t get out of and it’s on to the next factoid.

      The argument usually ends with the representative from the Party of Rainbows and Smiley Faces running out of factoids and yelling about how I’m filled with racism and bigotry until I just quit–what really gets them mad is if I pre-emptively quote the accusations since they always say the same things. They declare victory by the light of their insufferable wisdom and how calm and rational they were against my “unbelievable hatred.” Another factoid to add their pile.

      So it’s no surprise to me that Obama–the most manufactured and phony president in history–is seen by them as somehow the good guy fighting to save the country against evil Republicans, that the Bush tax cuts are the cause of all our financial problems, or that even the younger ones still want to pretend it’s 1969 and the great day of the Peace-n-Love Revolution is just around the corner.

    • Anonymoose says:

      Something I saw posted on one of the news sites really shows their skewed thinking—that since the “rich” only care about money raising taxes should be beneficial as it gives them incentive to earn more money.

      That’s right, “rich” people are all powerful and can make money appear out of thin air.
      I wondered how this poster would have felt being told his paycheck would be 20% lighter as he wasn’t paying his share, but it’s good as now he can work harder to earn more just to get back where he was,

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yes, they should beg their boss for as much overtime as they can, thus being at work more and having less time for their protesting. If they have a job that is. And when they see how much the gubmint takes out of their larger earnings..or it bumps them up a notch or two in our “graduated” tax structure….hear them wail….and blame republicans yet again.

  7. canary says:

    Remember Obama caught reading “The Post American” book? I’ve noticed some die hard irrational global greenies have read it.
    It was written by a muslim who has been a reporter. He is the muslim that started this new reprinting of the Koran in English which is never to be acknowledged by a true muslim.

    Republicans started going along with this global world order started by Jimmy Carter. It would be any
    decent American dream for world peace. But, it never has and never will not happen. Our progressive and conservative Republicans need to understand this.

    The subject I bring up to Liberals is all the muslim countries the U.S. is on the ground training and bombing from the air.

    Obama gave our war planes to Afghanistan in spite of the waves turning in spite of the Democrats saying we lost Afghanistan.

    Now Syria. It is the Syrian rebels that attack Israel. If America were to end up in the future needing
    a Democracy, what country in this world would help the people overthrow the govt.
    Who would jump in there. What country or people would aid American, and whose side would they be on. And who would control America. I can see the Muslim Brotherhood running America.

    It’s just you can name all the wars Obama has gotten us into and the liberals will not discuss it. They say well….you know….well…. If you ever side and sympathize with a liberal and a problem where their constitutional right is being violated they will get furious at you.

  8. canary says:

    Leave it to TMZ to get the mug shot and shopped for sex online in just days before his planned rampage.
    Says he asked someone if they’d visit him in prison. Pre-meditated murder.


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