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‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, November 2nd, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

47 Responses to “‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. Anonymoose says:

    With the election coming up I have a lot of random thoughts running through my mind. I last really argued with people on message boards in the 2000 election, after which I began to see what a waste of time it was–people can claim to be anything they want, and quite a few seemed to be professional posters who did nothing but argue 24X7. Hence the reason I post places like here and mostly talk to the choir–it also helps my blood pressure a lot more.

    But I still skim the message boards to get a general idea where the arguments are going. More so than under Clinton the liberals this time are truly living in a fantasy world–the economy is great, people are happy, Obama truly cares for us and wants to make it all better. Libya/Fast & Furious/green energy company failures–all either non-issues or not even registering. But it was like this before the election, I remember one poster talking about Bill Ayers as “he didn’t care if Obama knew someone who blew up a toilet with a cherry bomb 30 years ago.” This person didn’t know and wouldn’t want to know about the Weathermen even if it was all laid out before him.

    And what about Obama’s “evolution” on gay marriage? You wouldn’t think he’d ever even said it judging by the campaign rhetoric. I would assume some liberals would be calling out the obvious political ploy–they gambled the dice and got a negative backlash from the black/hispanic voters so they dropped it. Instead, silence—Obama just has to be re-elected.

    The polls–all I know for sure is conservatives are for Romney and liberals are for Obama. Probably the only ones to trust are the exit polls when people had just cast their vote, which shows Romney has an edge.

    I’m concerned about the impetus on this election with early voting by absentee ballots–mainly because I saw liberals touting this as a way to get around the voter ID requirements a few states have enacted. Supposedly the drive is to get as many people as possible to vote–but I wonder how many will vote more than once. Even if Romney does win by a landslide it will still be seen as “stealing” the election from them. That’s right, we “stole” because we voted contrary to them.

    The Democrats were still a lot more aggressive in campaigning; I twice had college age solicitors come to my door, but never heard from the Republicans aside from maybe one robocall. Then again that may be better–if I really was undecided I’d be questioning how desperate the Dems are and leaning against them.

    Two things really have stood out to me about liberals with the whole election cycle that brought us Obama. One is how they always play the game of nice and polite and reasonable, until they see the goal in sight, and then they take off the mask and show their true hatred. I’ll always wonder how many liberals really believe in a la-la land of perfect harmony and equality and how many are simply so filled with hate of the conservative world they were either rejected by or have a guilt complex over that a they must destroy it and seek a “land of opposites” no matter how unworkable.

    I also look at the hatred against Romney by the left–on the face just a political ploy, denigrate an opponent so people won’t vote for them, and yet I think something deeper is going on. Romney has been made out as pure evil by the media, a hating bully who represents the most radical elements of our society.

    But I look at the guy and if he weren’t a candidate I mainly would disagree with his religious beliefs. Disagree, not despise or hate. Otherwise–went to a good school, had a nice business career, loves his wife, donates to charity, and has kids who are doing well. He’s someone I’d have lunch with and feel like he’s got a better grip on his life than me, and has been much more successful. I doubt we’ll hear about extramarital affairs, scorned business associates, or problems with the children, which was the same way I thought about Bush.

    Most of the liberals I know have problems with drinking, experimented with drugs, and often have mental or personality issues. They’re the ones I have to walk on tip-toes around to avoid offending them, and who I wonder what mess they’ve gotten into now. They’re also the ones who love to “debate” and “discuss” as long as they’re always right and always win.

    I look at the great liberal heroes, writers and artists and storytellers—and often I see sordid lives lived for self indulgence and full of personal strife and conflict. They became famous because they could express well and make statements about the “human condition.” But I think who is more admirable, someone who built a family and a life, or someone who left behind affairs and broken relationships, died penniless and young, but wrote a good book or movie about it? Certainly the writer had a more interesting life, but……

    And I think that’s why these people hate conservatives so much. They couldn’t hold it together or have the talent to really succeed in life. They’re jealous, and don’t know what place they have. The famous liberals offer them a short circuit to happiness, a validation, that those wasted nights of drinking and meandering through a life somehow have a deeper meaning that will reveal itself. And on election day they all go down and vote liberal–it probably is that simple.

    • Mithrandir says:

      As I have said before, liberalism is a mental disorder. I don’t know how it starts, most likely at home and public schools, but the disease gets worse as time goes on.

      They are brainwashed, as in Orwell’s 1984, to participate in the 2 minutes hate. They condition followers’ minds with vocabulary that elicits the desired result.
      “Halliburton!” -well, what does that mean exactly? It means the liberals must hate everything and everybody associated with that word.
      “Diversity.” – be compliant and supple to the person using this word, for they truly understand the feeling and complexity this word creates. It doesn’t matter what actions are behind such words, it’s only that people using them need your nodding approval.

      If a liberal is forced to admit something negative about one of their heroes, they use these defense mechanisms:
      ~Avoid by changing the subject back at you.
      ~Make excuses.
      ~It was taken out of context.
      ~”I didn’t hear that for myself.” Even though you just told them, they are incredulous.
      ~Get angry.
      ~Name calling such as the usual: sexist, racist, homophobic etc.
      ~Didn’t hear the negative thing said. This is what is most perplexing thing in the world. You go to a speech, and a liberal will say something racist, bigoted, inaccurate, and the liberal says they never heard it, because they weren’t LISTENING! They only hear emotions, feelings, buzzwords, they are not listening to content. So when they say they didn’t hear something, this is true, they didn’t.
      They listen to our dear leader, and they are off into dream land, smiling, nodding approval, cooing to each other, filled with the sense of community and unity, holding hands and exhilarated at the symbology of a black president- such progress, such a thumb in the eye to all those hillbilly racists, such a revolutionary event, a turn-around for humanity……..
      And you are going to pee on their parade with facts and inaccuracies? Of course the liberals are going to lose their minds!

      You can’t argue with these people! Run away, and save your sanity. These people are NOT sane, rational, contemplative people. They are totally nuts, and you are going to get into these circular arguments, backtracks, distractions, and all manner of hysteria, lies, and distortions. You will have to constantly clarify each and every record, number, fact, historical item—-going back in time, going forward, branching off into every which direction to chase down a lie, trying to get back to the main subject again and again until you tire yourself out.

      How do you think Ted Kennedy killed his mistress and they still voted for him? Or Clinton abusing all those women, and the liberals don’t care? Bill Ayers was involved in all those crimes, acceptance of black racism, the toleration of people who are indifferent about contracting or spreading H.I.V.? HOW DO YOU THINK ALL THIS STUFF EXISTS WITH SUPPOSEDLY SANE PEOPLE?

      Honestly, if they can’t even admit to themselves some basic universal truths of life, such as generational welfare is harmful, you aren’t going to get anywhere with these people.


  2. captstubby says:

    the sleepless night before the Battle.

    if reduced to a bumper sticker,

    “this Vote is a no brainier,

    but no brainiers will vote.”

    The East Coast Blue States may see a drop in voting,

    which brings up a chilling scenario.

    Except for the True Believers, i have heard from many Woman, Union, and Young voters who are disillusioned and their loathing of all things Republican, simple stated,

    “i am not voting this time.”

    The Messiah turned out to be a false Prophet and are simply washing their hands of the entire matter.

    they will suffer four more years rather then change .

    if the “lost /found or oops a glitch votes do not make a big impact,

    this will have the State Media revising History before it happened.

    or perhaps all this pacing the floor is only the fear of the Unknown, and Common Sense will prevail Election Day.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Sadly, they won’t disconnect themselves from the ideology, only the people who “let them down”. Their desire comes from the Saturday-morning-cartoon-thinking that there is SOMEone out there who can “save the world” in one fell swoop. The human imagination is both a blessing and a curse.

      There’s nothing wrong with the desire to have a more perfect world but right off the bat, what one person’s idea of perfect is runs counter to what one other person’s idea is. Thus, you have gaggles of people who think “hope and change” are the panacea to all our ills only to find that 1) it’s a campaign slogan only and 2) it’s so nebulous in its meaning that anyone who runs to it is an idiot.

      The people of nations who lift up dictators to be their saviors always run into the problem, “But this wasn’t in the brochure” and so it is with our own resident lefties. All dissatisfied, all angry, all disappointed that their own, real life is fraught with frustrations, challenges, problems, unfairness, and they resort to the inner-child who always demanded, “Leave me alone…lemme do what I want”.

      Responsibility seems to no longer be taught in schools or at home. Arguably, the reasons for this are many and the solutions few, though obvious. The destruction of the patriarchal family has done more to undermine our society than anything else. Though it’s true that from both sides of that argument there have been results counter to the expected results but the statistics speak for themselves.

      So the disillusionment is self-inflicted. Even if the afflicted isn’t aware of it. (See: OWS) Then, to add more sand to the problem, there are the Pelosi’s, Reid’s and so forth who think that by being elected they are somehow superhuman and expected to “fix the world”.

      It’s one thing to identify “injustice” but quite another to rationally assess why that appears to be so. It’s not injustice when a corporation does so well as to be able to pay its employees top salaries and its execs huge bonuses. Nor is it wrong when a small corporation grows to eventually become the nation’s largest retailer as in the case of Sam Walton. Our nation has been loaded with them. Other nations, not so much, eh?

      Why is that?

      It’s not “theft” because there is not a finite supply of wealth as the left believes. That is, if someone’s a millionaire, then some other someones have to be in poverty to “balance” that out because they think that’s nature’s way. No. Our history shows that we repeatedly have more and more millionaires in this nation than any other on Earth. If wealth was a finite quantity that could never happen.

      Oh well, they still want someone to fix it all so they can have their Ferrari and big house and never have to work and free medical care and all of that. But as they taught me in the military, “wish in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which one fills up first”.

      But they saw in Barack Hussein Obama the world’s savior because the media said it was so. And, his sycophants believed it or half-believed it at least. Then, like Castro, Pol Pot, Lenin, Tito, Hitler, Tojo, Mao, so many others, he was found (quite quickly) to be mortal and exposed himself to be more incompetent and selfish than anything else. So, he must be discarded and a new savior found.

      In 1993, Clinton was the savior, only to be exposed for his very human sexual desires.

      Before that, Carter was going to “fix all the problems the republicans created”. (Where have we heard that lately?) And he turned out to be not only inept but clueless on a wide variety of subjects. Nice guy, maybe but I wouldn’t want him on my team.

      The democrats have repeatedly tried stuffing demagogues into office who are sorely lacking in character, knowledge, credibility, achievement, and so on. They fight the right because the right represents structure, traditions, character, and the “boy-scouted-ness” they despise so much simply because it’s so “square”. But Carter was the epitome of square but beloved for his Marxist ideals. Clinton was “cool” cuz he played the saxophone on Letterman. Obama was “cool” because he’s black (dammit) and can BS a shark into giving up its lunch. That’s real charisma.

      But only if you subscribe to such things and let others do your thinking for you. For many Americans, that is a part-time occupation…that is, thinking for oneself. For most on the right, we spent lots of years learning what “what could possibly go wrong?” meant and how spending your entire paycheck on something cool can leave you hungry til you get paid again and vowed never to let that happen again. Or we had good mentors who showed us how to do things the right way and spared us the pain of learning it on our own.

      The left doesn’t learn. The answer to the notion that welfare doesn’t work is to tax more people to pay more money for those who won’t work. If they’re so opposed to slavery, why am I enslaved to pay for people I don’t want to? I prefer they starve and die. And that’s not cruelty, that’s reality. If you are able and refuse to take care of yourself, then to hell with you. You deserve to die. The left is all wrapped up in nature, then let nature do its thing and reclaim to the earth those who refuse to care for themselves.

      Yet, they will tell me that is a cruel notion while at the same time a post-birth abortion is preserving “women’s health”.

      Liberalism is a mental disease. They have always been with us, as evidenced by translated Roman texts and they always will be. They’re all for charity, provided they use YOUR money to do it, rather than their own.

    • Anonymoose says:

      Well put, Rusty. I’ve often tried to argue with liberals that wealth is not the way they see it, either a big house with so many rooms or a finite amount of gold in the treasury, but assets that are created and grown like a crop. Say someone makes a spectacular painting and people like it so much it becomes worth millions. How is that theft from the other artists who never get noticed?

      The liberals will always have the ace in the hole about welfare that someone will starve if the money is taken away, but is it really better to prop people up so much who contribute nothing? This is ironic considering how with mandated government healthcare soon to be thrust upon us that the old people who were productive will be expected to shuffle off the moral coil ASAP to make room for the people who use their EBT cards to buy snacks, go the ER to get out of paying for it, and look on their welfare check as “payday.”

    • GetBackJack says:

      The important issue Conservatives always overlook is “Who’s Making Money Off This?”

      Follow The Money

      Banks. Underwriting student loans. Underwriting SBA loans. Underwriting housing. Underwriting foreign trade loans. The list is enormous. The local college expanded rapidly once they learned how to suckle the federal teat. My town has always been a small town but once the local banks figured out how to grab the federal gravy train of underwriting expansion; underwriting recruiting vast numbers of out of state kids; underwriting so many differing programs … all federally guaranteed … we were off and running.

      Federally Guaranteed programs are what Conservatives forget to add to the calculus of the problem. Who’s making money off an dysfunctional system? Follow the money. Expansion expansion expansion is the Game In Washington and it takes federal subsidies and guarantees to make that happen. Pell Grants, Block Grants, Earmark Grants … there are tens of thousands of federally subsidized and guaranteed ways to stimulate the economy.

      And ridding America of the poor, the “disadvantaged”, the under-educated, the halt, the lame and single mothers would mean killing the goose that lays the golden egg of … federally guarantees that allows banks and other forms of private finance to make gazillions underwriting that which would never stand scrutiny as legitimate expenses and loans.

      Until we understand the federal government is seen by our side and their side as a Treasury to be looted … and a whole lot of that looting goes on by Conservatives as well as Liberals … we’re not going to fix the problem.

      The people who won’t take care of themselves exists because savvy people make a lot of money off their inability to cope, courtesy of the federal teat. The losers have been conditioned to expect help, because providing help makes a lot of people a lot of money.

      My money. Your money.

      Get back to banks honestly underwriting Real Risk without subsidy or guarantee and I believe that’s a silver bullet that fixes a massive amount of problems.

      But that means prying Conservative hands off the federal teat-pump just as much as getting the LibTards off the pipe.

    • Mithrandir says:


      Responsibility seems to no longer be taught in schools or at home.

      I went to college very late in life, 90s, 2000s and not a single textbook blamed the problems of the poor and criminal-class on themselves. Always someone else was to blame for drug addiction, multiple children, welfare dependency, rape/robbery/murder. I saw a video on a woman from Chicago who moved for better welfare benefits, and the teacher/class could not stop crying for her. All her self-inflicted wounds came with a caveat, “Don’t blame the victim.”

      It’s not “theft” because there is not a finite supply of wealth as the left believes.

      Is it theft when someone gives you a gift? Or is it your property until you decide it isn’t anymore? Money is property, and you can give it to whomever you want, and Wal*Mart exchanged that property into an agreeable exchange item.

      The left doesn’t learn. The answer to the notion that welfare doesn’t work is to tax more people to pay more money for those who won’t work.

      Higher taxes are BAILOUTS to those who are too incompetent to manage our treasury. It’s a cover-up, it’s a side-show, it’s a plea to hate the rich for refusing to negate the effects of criminal/negligent behavior. They don’t hate rich people, they hate rich Republicans. Democrats want Rep. money, to give to democrat voting blocs. Rich democrats’ coffers will be refilled with kickbacks, while the Republican coffers will be depleted permanently. That’s the ruse of Warren Buffet and Hollywood liberals clamoring for a tax increase, they know it won’t effect them in the end, it’s just a means to pry open non-compliant “donors.”

      –And of course, a tax increase means: a campaign contribution because the money goes to public sector unions who donate to democrat re-election campaigns.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Massive vote fraud

    Aided an abetted by the MSM by either not telling the true story, or, actually spinning it as Republican manipulation.

    (+) New York will find a way to drag out the vote almost a month, delaying the results, allowing for a hang-fire and opportunity for Democrat mafia activists to mangle other state’s voting results, calling for further recounts.

  4. yadayada says:

    “If you are able and refuse to take care of yourself, then to hell with you. You deserve to die. The left is all wrapped up in nature, then let nature do its thing and reclaim to the earth those who refuse to care for themselves”

    I find myself so often in agreement with you Rusty, that I almost never need comment.

    the left touts evolution as the beginning, middle, and end-all-be-all.
    why don’t they allow it to work?

    in a debate they always try to misuse our Christian ideals as a weapon against us, claiming charity.
    note MISuse-
    scripture tells us evil will always misquote or misuse scripture.
    charity is for those with less ability, whatever the reason.
    not for those who choose sloth, greed and/or narcisism.

  5. Petronius says:

    In the final episode of “I, Claudius” the old Emperor calls his son Britannicus to his room to tell him about his secret plan.

    Claudius explains that he will make Nero his successor. But he plans to protect Britannicus by sending him to the remotest corner of the Empire, northern Britain. There Britannicus is to bide his time in safety.

    Claudius is rightly convinced that Nero, in all his depravity, will make a complete hash of everything and bring Rome to its knees. And that, as a result, everyone––the Senate, the legions, and the Roman people––will clamor for change. Whereupon Britannicus will emerge victorious to save the day and restore the republic.

    “But father,” Britannicus protests to Claudius, “I don’t believe in the republic. No one believes in the republic anymore! No one does, except you. You’re old, father, and out of touch. I want my chance to rule.”

    And so I fear that, like Claudius, I have grown old and “out of touch.” I am living in the past and thinking of a land that has ceased to exist.

    I have failed to realize that nobody cares about the republic anymore. Certainly not Nerobama. Far from it––he has come to destroy it.

    Certainly not Tigellinus-Holder, nor the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Elena “Little Boots” Kagan, Sonia “the Shredder” Sotomayor, Stephen “Living Document” Breyer, and Ruth Bader-Meinhof Ginsburg.

    Certainly not “Oil Can Harry” Reid, Madame Defarge, Chuckie Schumer, Colon Powell, Madonna, and Nerobama’s other adherents.

    And certainly least of all his minions in the media––those cover-up artists par excellence.

    Old fogies like me belong to a former age, when Boy Scout values still mattered. When people were expected to fend for themselves, take charge of their own futures, and make their own way in life. When people––and especially presidents––actually took responsibility for their actions.

    In those days we had a president named Ronald Reagan, who said: “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”

    Imagine that.

    Was that so very long ago?

    Benghazi encapsulates everything about the depravity of Nerobama’s reign: his ideology of declinism, his program of destruction, his dereliction of duty, the meaningless words to paper over disgraceful actions, his narcissistic megalomania, the countless lies, treachery and deceit, his cowardice, bullying, and petty vindictiveness, the colossal betrayals, the collapse of the rule of law, the profligate waste of American lives and resources, and the complicity of the press.

    In a few days we will find out how many voters still believe in the old republic. And how many do not.

    God will be watching.

    Romanus orbis ruit et tamen cervix nostra erecta non flectitur. (“The Roman world is collapsing, and yet we do not bow our heads.” – St Jerome).

    It is time to pray.

    • heykev says:

      Thanks for your posts. I look forward to reading your comments. It along with the rest of those on S&L had helped me get through these dark days of the Regime.

      Thanks Steve as well. I really cannot say how much this site means to me. It does provide an beacon of light in the darkness.

      2 more days!

    • Steve says:

      Thanks, Heykev.

      And thanks to all the S&L-ers who take the time to post so many enlightening comments. It is real pleasure to read them.

      And they provide a real sanctuary in a world gone increasingly screwy.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    It takes a group effort to hold together a republic. The weeds can’t take over the garden.

    *The right-minded people must be strong to resist weed-excuses.
    *Politicians must resist the arguments to seem merciful to the weeds.
    *The courts must not punish the fruit for protecting itself from the weeds.
    *The media must not glorify speeches and actions from the weeds.
    *Schools must reinforce the negative consequences of weedism.
    *We must look at weed suffering as a lesson to all, but yet offer to give choices to the weeds to either make the correct decisions in life, or continue to suffer.

    You and I know there aren’t anymore mechanisms left to stop the weeds from destroying the garden. It’s over. Sorry, but this isn’t pre-1960s anymore. The Greatest Generation left us the Worst Generation.
    Liberalism destroyed:
    The black family
    Social Security
    The inner-cities
    Our schools
    Our immigration system, over-run by people duplicating the same hell-on-earth here, as the one they fled from.
    The court system
    The police
    Now, our healthcare system

    What happened? Where did it all go wrong? Why is every institution either morally or financially bankrupt? Why is every car dealer, mechanic, roofer, insurance company, school, church, etc nothing but a bunch of swindlers seeing what they can get or get away with?

    As I have said before, voting Romney isn’t going to solve JACK SQUAT. It’s just the panicked swing of the pendulum, that will radically swing back in 2014 when everyone figures out he is not capable of doing what he thought he could do. –and then on to democrat dominance in 2016. We’ve seen this show before.

  7. canary says:

    Are they delaying voting? Mayor Bloomberg can’t delay voting because he was busy trying to run a Marathon for foreign countries.

    Makes ya sick how US is always helping other countries disasters and we have one and there’s only foreigners griping they want to run instead of helping people.

  8. canary says:

    New Jersey voters can e-mail or fax their vote to their local country clerk.


  9. canary says:

    It’s important to get people to get out and vote for Romney.
    I take the easy way with some, and just bring up Obama’s hatred and shame of the U.S. with versus a man who was and is proud of the country and has dignity.
    Perhaps Romney has lied low, but will choose to bend to the people and listen to the people, instead of Obama who chose select freak groups to cator to.
    But, these last days are to tell people to get out and vote for Romney.
    It does not comfort me to hear everyone say the ole Obama won’t be re-elected, because I fear they are so out of tune, they might not vote.

    Here is an excellent video for young and old people to send to anyone young you know.
    It’s very good and powerful for young people. Please call people and make sure they are voting.

    It was wrong for so many Republicans that didn’t vote last election in order to punish all of us.
    Please tell people to vote for Romney or this country as it will get 100 times worse under Obama. He is a spoiled child and will reak havoc if re-elected. He will get the message people support his arrogance and do what he wants like a spoiled child.

    6 Trillion Dollar Man

  10. spiffy says:

    I too Love Your Work Steve
    I’ve referred many here to re-gain their sanity.

    Hope the over sample is right
    Romney is finishing Strong and I hope we can give Michigan

  11. wirenut says:

    After superstorm Sandy, all I smell is ACORN’s.

    • GetBackJack says:


      A virus is never truly gone. Every virus that’s ever existed is in your body right now. A snart virus feeds a little then retreats. A dumb virus consumes its host killing the thing it feeds on. HIV is a dumb virus. So are the Democrats. It renews itself to feed on the victim again and again. In fact, medical science doesn’t really know how to kill a virus. Only the body’s own immune system can do it

      Ponder the implications of what that means in the body-politic.

  12. canary says:

    Voter fraud in Minnesota on hidden camera. Be sure and go to the 7 minute mark if you don’t have time. And if you don’t believe everyone can vote without any identification, to include bring absolutely nothing to the poll, to include register to vote on election day without any Identification or anything go to their website below this one showing the video.


    Secretary of the State of Minnesota Mark Ritchie

    Pre-registered to vote?
    You don’t need to bring anything with you to your polling place!

    Need to Register on Election Day?
    Voters who are not pre-registered will be able to register
    to vote on Election Day if they provide proof of residence.

    Need to return your absentee ballot?
    Send it to your county elections office

    Most polling places open at 7 am on Nov. 6. All are open until 8 pm.


    So, just show a utility bill in your name. Perhaps an piece of mail with your name and address.
    And you can bet Democrats are renting homes in other states just as that Congressman’s female aid scam where she had people go to other states and rent a place.

    • canary says:

      Anyways, at 7 minute mark til end you will hear the one tell the guy with the hidden camera that anyone that’s not in prison can vote.

      My son’s government teacher who is basically swaying students how to vote on state bills and of course not telling the truth as he is pro-Obama up his butt. You’ve hard me complain, had no problem getting a stack of forms for all his students; even those under 18.

      Unbelievable as my son has his yes and no picked out, and has no idea what they mean. So, it will be stressful now re-explaining what thinks really mean and detail. I am so worn out and did not expect the school to do this. All this green stuff crap as if the EPA hasn’t done enough.

  13. canary says:

    Trump uncovers divorce papers Michelle filed against Obama in 2000.


    We already know he was a lousy absent husband and father.

    Now Valerie Jarret will have to cover her lying through her teeth to the media saying the opposite.

  14. captstubby says:

    “Hain’t we got all the fools in town on our side? and ain’t that a big enough majority in any town?”

    Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    Mark Twain,

  15. DW says:

    Good luck tomorrow, folks.

  16. preparing4theworst says:

    As I have watched this season unfold I have a possible prediction: A) Romney can and may win, B) If he wins but not by a large margin, especially in major states then the liberals (ie the worst losers in the world) will call for repeated recounts until they find enough uncounted ballot boxes in car trunks (remember Wisconsin, Washington?) in order that no voter be disenfranchised (with the exception of the military ones) AND the spineless RNC will not challenge anything they do……and so even if he wins Romney may lose. Mr.President, you stated you wanted to do more for the military….1. let them vote, 2. count the votes, 3. let the votes count…..but frankly I am not seeing that happen anytime soon as long as the jackal brigade media keeps covering it up. Pessimestic, maybe. Cynical, probably, but my prediction nonetheless…..good luck and go vote

  17. Anonymoose says:

    It’s 4:30AM here, the polls open at 6 so I’m just surfing the web (and avoiding the news) until then. I’m normally an early riser, but the time change is making it easy to be there right as they open. I’ve mentioned before I live in an ultra-liberal area (live where the work is) and just want to get in and out ASAP.

    I see four outcomes to today:

    A clear Romney victory–the liberals will still cry unfair and how it was stolen, but can’t do anything other than lick their wounds and wonder how it happened. It would be nice if they’d take the same advice they’ve given us this whole time to just relax, he’s “our” president, but I see the Obama economy quickly being blamed on him. Regardless, Romney and Ryan will start trying to put the country on the right track again.

    A questioned election and a Romney victory–George Bush and 2000 all over again, but amplified several times by how much more spiteful liberals have become. It will then be up to Romney to define himself as the right choice for the job if the media will give him a chance.

    A questioned election and an Obama victory–2000 played out the way the liberals wanted. With Obama’s ego and the hatred of the left they will be unbearable for a short time, but will lose many more moderates than before as their machinery of operation comes to the fore.

    An Obama victory–I don’t see how this could be anything more than a slim or lukewarm win at best. The voters for Obama are either going by ideology or by what they want to see. Obama will be as obnoxious as ever, but as I mentioned before the second half of a president’s second term is usually when it all falls apart; the magic is gone and Benghazi and Fast & Furious are still out there.

    The media will still screw things up. I can remember as early as ’88 they were calling the national election (with major disappointment) with as little as 1% of the precincts reporting. In 2000 it was calling the election with the polls in Florida still open, and in 2004 it was using exit polls to declare Kerry was doing a major slam dunk. I don’t know if we could ever have a media that truly is objective and not driven by ideology, but at least one that isn’t entirely hard left would be an improvement.

    Regardless I’m just tired and fed up. I don’t know if anyone remembers the Million Mom March on gun control but it based a large part of it’s plan for success on that no one would question a mother who’s child had been a victim of gun violence. Fortunately that fizzled, but the Obama presidency has made it a cornerstone on him being black. Any criticism is contrived as being racist; and the most recent spin is wanting to vote for something other than Democrat is wanting to vote “white” and is again racist.

    Things have not gotten better; everything from debt to unemployment to national standing has barely budged during the Obama presidency–all that has changed is we’ve gotten used to the new normal. And it will only continue to get worse under liberalism–“equality” and “fairness” is really code for stagnation as the only people who benefit are the leaders in government.

    I don’t think the damage can be undone in just one term of a Romney presidency or even two, but I hope this can be the turning point as enough people start to wake up on what a mess the Democrats have made of this country, and bring us back to not only a sound financial footing but also common sense. We’re well past due for that.

  18. canary says:

    While JayZ is busy with Obama in Ohio, Beyonce video’s herself voting and giving message


    It’s gonna be one white powdered party for Obama whether he wins or loses; he’s ready to party.
    If he wins 2nd term we will see Obama mingling with celebrities non-stop, and not even be able to turn our televisions on without seeing his mug.

  19. artboyusa says:

    Fingers crossed, friends. Today’s the day we save our country – or lose it forever. Fingers crossed…

  20. Reality Bytes says:

    Perhaps some inspiration from Congressman Bluto would help lift spirits?


  21. Curiosity says:

    I’m watching coverage on the TEA Party channel.

    Thanks, Steve and S&Lers for the four years since we got drunk and voted for McCain!

  22. canary says:

    Bleep Chris Christie for his selfish gluttonous oral sucking and snorting up Obama’s ass.

    Christie can not call himself a man or even an honorable man that could not put the good of the entire U.S.A. and the entire world before his wimpy cry baby greedy self. He told of all his insecurities on CNN to that Morgan guy and he is a pansy.
    I don’t care if Obama told Christie he found dirt on him as much as Obama investigated him.

    And bleep FOX News for keeping O’Reilly the most obnoxious arrogant sob who thinks he’s the king of FOX.

    And bleep FOX for Gerardo who once explained one of the reasons he just liked Obama because he liked the guy’s smile. He didn’t know what it was b.s. about Obama’s smile that made him like the guy.

    And screw the rest of the media even worse.

    Having gone all summer and fall with access only to liberal news, I had a feeling Obama would win. I just didn’t want to be a downer.

    Obama lied and lied through his teeth saying if you voted for Romney you’d get Bush. Romney was too nice. Perhaps it’s his morals and Christian upbringing that he was so gracious to Obama.

    And Romney was never out there. Clear up til the election people did not know his name. So many people saying they weren’t voting for Obama, but the other guy.

    Romney had no adds. Campaign trips are a waste of money and time. He needed adds. Obama had lying adds on every cable channels no body watches.

    I think I saw two Romney commercials period. Honestly, I’ve watched hardly any TV for months and months, but Obama everywhere.

    And shame on Republican leaders for not fighting harder. Or did they. Did local and national news everywhere just make sure only Obama was heard.

    The media did not report Al-Qaeda supporting Obama.

    And even the more moderate Muslims said though Democrats were more immoral, they believe in helping the poor.

    Romney never brought up that the schools across the nation were failing our students.

    And another 4 years the voter fraud will get worse.

    But, we can not give up. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. Don’t give up.

    To Steve and all you on Sweetness & Light. You are the most amazing people I’ve met and I thank God every day for all of you. I will never forget the day I found this site looking for news that was scrubbed and finding it here. Finding such intelligent people who have taught me so much.

    Steve, you are such a blessing, and give hope to others that there are gifted people in this world that enlighten and educate others. You’re humor is healing.

    I’ve posted this before. But, again, to Steve and all.


    You’re here not by chance,
    but by God’s choosing
    His hand formed you
    and made you the person you are.
    He compares you to no else-
    you are one of a kind.
    You lack nothing that
    His grace can’t give you
    He has allowed you to be here
    at this time in history
    to fullfill His special purpose
    for this generation.

    God love you…He chose you to be His own.

    1 Thessalonians 1:4

    quote by Roy Lessin

    Lemon-aid out of lemon. At least we will have the last laugh.

  23. imnewatthis says:

    So disgusted watching all the happy idiots dancing and swaying at Obama headquarters. Nothing went right in my state tonight: we got Elizabeth Warren, medical marijuana, and assisted suicide.

    • artboyusa says:

      You’re from MA too? Cool. Whereabouts? A proud son of Medford 02155 am I. Not too proud of my state tonight, though. Or my country. Given a clear choice, they just voted to go from Bad to Worse. Fine. Have a nice trip, jerks.

    • artboyusa says:

      Actually, let me amend that. I’ll never not be proud of America. Some Americans, though…that’s another story.

  24. 4USA says:

    I don’t know why I held out hope that this election would bring about a positive change for such a sinful nation. My faith should be strong enough to know that God will not be mocked. He has shown us mercy but we have not repented and changed our ways. We are about to reap what we have sewn.

    2Peter 3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts.

    2Timothy 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

  25. canary says:

    My paternal great Aunt helped save Massachusetts after the Great Depression and she the president could have taken lesson from the housing crisis from her.

    Well, I felt after Chris Christie said what a great leader Obama was and it was replayed and replayed, things nose dived.

    And absolutely voters fraud, but that is why we couldn’t afford Chris Christie to praise Obama after 4 years of heck to save his little dinky state and have a career in politics.

    Anyways, Obama’s winning speech was horrible to watch,
    because his eyes went from the left to the right faster than usual as he read the teleprompter.
    I did not see him once look center, but did have to quit watching because I got a headache and and it hurt my eyes he did it so fast. I know a doctor that told me rapid eye movement can be terrible on people. And it’s a way to hypnotize people, which brings me up to a nurse that told me to watch 2016. She said Obama learned all sorts of movements and techniques to brainwash people, so I really picked up on his eyes and the teleprompter.

    And I still didn’t learn where Bo is. Just that “one dog is enough” after

    Obama said he now loves his wife more than ever. He paused and made a face.

    Isn’t that an insult to Michelle. He had to get elected a second term to be a president in order to love his wife more.

    Well, there is so much new stuff out there being written about Michelle’s past that she took a great hand in moving Obama up in politics. Asides supporting him most their marriage.
    And his daughters are turning out just like her? Is that her recent statement to ET Entertainment Tonight that she and her daughters watched the show all the time and were star struck, or is she bringing them up morally and religiously as she shared with Obama at his White and Jew hating church. He recently said his girls have more education and smarter than he was.

    4USA The condemning a nation because their laws and ways are not Godly is old testament.
    And God changed his mind a lot and all things are possible. When we are weak he is strong so we know it’s him.

    Revelations say there will be those from every nation saved as the world grows evil and wars increase.

    School? I gave everyone a break with my daily account, but it’s been heck as the govt teacher swayed my son and other students on how to vote on for their first time as Seniors.

    And he already told the class that Obama would win so my son was already discouraged. And when he came home from school with how he was going to vote on the issues after the teacher told them, after a couple of minutes I knew I needed a mediator. He has been very brainwashed. So, I asked my brother to speak to him. Only he said he would only tell him his opinion on who and how to vote if he did. I said that’s better than the teacher.

    So, I texted him answers and it they turned out exactly as my brother I never talk to told him. So, I hope he will gain confidence in me, and so this built his trust in me and I am sorry his first experience did not go well. But, when things go wrong as they will, he can be proud he did not vote like the evil teachers who are in our schools.

    And I like many who have fought longer than me to make the schools better that gave up, I plan to do, to keep my sanity. Because, even the conservative teachers have grown more and more evil to keep their jobs. Greed. I hope they fall off a ship into the sea.

    • canary says:

      I didn’t really mean I hope they fall off a ship into the sea. I was just joking.

    • canary says:

      I think I figured out why the timing the that Obama now loves his wife and girls more than ever.

      JayZ has been giving him marital advice. After all, how can someone has ugly and profane and gangsta get a woman like Beyonce. The Obama’s nor Beyonce see nothing wrong with Jay Z’s new rap song full of profanity celebrating the birth of his daughter. And Beyonce has been growing more raunchy the longer she stays with JayZ. Just wait til their baby girl starts talking. Her first word will start with an F.

  26. Anonymoose says:

    Well, looks like it was option #4. They may dance all they want and the win is uncontested, but .98% of the vote is not a resounding mandate. I’d put it down to four things:

    BHB: Because He’s Black. Huge numbers of blacks were turning out, especially college students who couldn’t vote before, and “first time” voters. Plus a lot of white voters who didn’t want to appear racist.

    Ideology: The biggest swing the liberals have made is getting it ingrained in people’s minds that Liberalism and the Democrat platform is a vote for all things good, and we have to forever atone for the past. Voting Republican is and always will be seen to them as evil and a return to the “bad old days.”

    Buying into the hype about Romney: Never has a candidate been more dragged so much through the mud, and the negativity worked.

    Sheer numbers: Democrats outnumber Republicans, it’s that simple. They’ll keep playing the role of freedom fighters against a Nixon-era hegemony but much like the changing demographics of the country the “bad guys” are on the defense and have been for a long time. Eventually, however, people will stop blaming all the world’s ills on Republicans.

    I don’t know the way out of this–I did my own Flip-Flip on Romney when it looked like he might win. The good was common business sense and fiscal management; the bad was the things he did in Massachusetts–the assault weapons ban and healthcare. Either way he should have been fighting for it from the start and not taking anything granted. I wondered if maybe what we needed was a Progressive Lite president rather than the Progressive Heavy of Obama, to blur the distinctions and maybe win over independents and the former Blue Dog Democrats.

    Maybe we should take the Democrat’s playbook against them–set up an octopus like nest of organizations that spout nominally progressive ideas but have conservative backing, until the scales tip back then we take off the mask as conservative–it worked for them. Or start taking back the colleges from the elitist liberals who’ve held it since the 60’s–driving student agitation, and endowments and scholarships that are supposedly open but mysteriously never go to liberals. Again, it worked for them.

    But what concerns me most is the course of the country–polyglot multicultural societies have never lasted very long before they decayed and fell apart, and the result has never been some great era of harmony and enlightenment, but war and discord. I’m worried that will happen to us.

    • mr_bill says:

      The answer is time. The monster will eat itself. There are an ever growing number of people who cannot provide for themselves. The producers of this nation are increasingly burdened to support those who cannot or will not participate in their own lives. When the whole thing comes crashing down, the parasites’ demise will be their own apathy. The producers will endure. It may not be pretty, but it will solve the problem for another 200 years.

  27. captstubby says:

    why are they celebrating?

    he just inherited Obama Economy.

  28. mr_bill says:

    Color me surprised. I figured after 4 years of 8%+ unemployment, constant lies from the Oval Office, appeasement of our enemies, self-destructive energy policy, backwards monetary policy, raiding of the productive citizens’ wallets, hate, racism, and division, that there would be no way people would still vote for more of the same.

    I’m not personally dejected because of the outcome, but I fear for the survival of the Republic under an unhinged egomaniacal, know-nothing. Now that president Kardashian no longer has to fear the electorate, he will do anything. I wonder how long it will take his supporters to realize they’ve made a terrible mistake. Maybe it’s giving them too much credit to imagine they can think rationally.

    Look at the bright side, the Bureau of Labor Statistics can stop working those overtime hours to fabricate unemployment figures. By the end of his next term, we might make it all the way down to 7.5%.

  29. canary says:

    Chris Matthews thanks Chris Christie and glad for Sandy for Obama’s re-election victory

    Yahoo News: Chris Matthews apologizes for ‘stupid’ Sandy comments

    On Tuesday while assessing Obama’s victory, Matthews said he was “glad” Sandy happened because it showed undecided voters the president could come together with Republican leaders, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, to help the superstorm’s victims.

    “I’m so glad we had that storm last week,” Matthews said before attempting to clarify himself. “No, politically I should say. Not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.”

    “Republicans have to start getting their information from some place other than Fox News,” Maher said. “They were shocked by this election. They only talk to each other. And they were rudely awakened last night.”


    And Bill Maher thinks NBC is stupid to stand by Trump?

    Chris Matthews needs to be fired. Who are Chris Matthews’ sponsors.

  30. canary says:

    General David Petraeous & Director of the CIA resigns over an extra-marital affair.
    Many wish he hadn’t resigned.

    So. Ya think she is a Muslim woman?
    Pardon my unpolitical American question.

    Do you think “HE” or “she” is a Muslim lover of Petraeous. How on earth did he think he could hide it.

    General Petraeous Betrayous waited til “after” the re-election because America didn’t need to know that the head of CIA’s covert mission most important to him, was finding back seats of cars and sleezy hotels to satisfy himself. It must have been so difficult for him to do his job under those circumstances.

    • canary says:

      Of course this long steamy affair hitting a climax could not have been told to us when our U.S. Ambassador, Diplomats, and Special Service Military were begging for extra security months, weeks, daily from the CIA. Just think how bad it would have looked.
      Obama in Vegas.
      The CIA Director in Vegas, perhaps?

    • canary says:

      Gen. Petraeous probably knows he’d better hire a private security team with Obama and the Clintons running things. He doesn’t want to end up dragged to some park.

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