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‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

Here is our usual weekend discussion thread again, where comments on the general topics of the day are welcome.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, November 9th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

24 Responses to “‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Justice John Roberts

    If there is actually 1 person out there that ruined the election, and bankrupted our country, history may point to Justice Roberts.

    He could have sided with the conservatives making Obamacare unconstitutional, thereby completely and totally making the last four years meaningless. There would be no reason for democrats to support Obama, as there would be no Obamacare to implement. There would be nothing to save or lose. Coupled with the fact that Obama had no additional 4 year plan, the election could have swung millions of votes the other way, as the parasites would have no hope for government intervention in their lives.

    But by calling Obamacare a TAX, the democrats had enough energy to vote, to secure its continued implementation.

    There was enough reason to throw-out the entire bill:
    1. Based on the dictatorship of the Secretary of Health and Human Services making up rules as they go along, bypassing Congress:
    “…the HHS Secretary MAY _______________. The HHS Secretary SHALL ____________.”
    2. SEN. Ben Nelson, D-Neb “Cornhusker Kickback” which essentially bought his vote with the public’s money, which normally would be illegal. The Constitution says, “All Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.”
    3. Senator Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) 60th healthcare vote to continue the debate, was purchased with 300 million of your dollars, to HER home state.
    4. Ridiculous Executive Order on abortion that appeased Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) in order to pass the healthcare bill. (forgetting that another order can just as easily be signed negating the first one)
    5. Forcing people to purchase a product, is the same as forcing them to buy tea.
    6. A bill passed that no one read.
    7. The Supreme Court has NO constitutional authority to write, edit, or re-write the law presented to them.

    So, an unconstitutional law, was approved by unconstitutional means, and re-edited and approved, unconstitutionally, by one man.

    Thank you Justice Roberts (the last line of defense against tyranny, and reliable conservative)

    • Petronius says:

      Yes, Chief Justice John “I-can-be-reached” Roberts might have properly voted as you suggest, and thereby saved the country by his vote.

      But then he would no longer be invited to those swanky cocktail soirées at Georgetown Law School.

      Incidentally, Roberts will have a chance to redeem himself. The Catholic bishops’ cases will be making their way to the Supreme Court. This time freedom of conscience under the First Amendment will be at issue.

      Roberts of course is a Roman Catholic. And God will be watching.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Roberts is so culpable is the hinge point. And he will have to answer to God.

    • DoctorRock says:

      I respectfully beg your pardon. There’s no one responsible party, there’s allegedly sixty-two million. That said, greetings from New York! Sorry I haven’t written, but we haven’t had internet lately. Luxuries like gas and heat and light had to wait while we focused on the important things, i.e. voting for equality, science and fairness (not to mention vengeance).
      You know I don’t post if I don’t have something positive to say, so – I positively think John Boehnor et al should immediately start voting “present” on everything. We have all had to deal with people in our lives that we rather not have. The only sensible recourse is to kill them with kindness, and it always works.
      Cap & Trade? Outlaw small arms? Present! Harry wants to raise the debt ceiling? Present!
      Like Megyn Kelly said Tuesday night, “We’ve just called Ohio for Obama. Now what?”
      Out of the mouths of babes… So now that we know where we’re going, what say we expedite the process? Look at the election results by county, and look at all that red territory.
      Then ask yourself who’s going to get hurt when it all falls apart. Put your money in hard goods, secure your family, and wait – this isn’t going to take four years.
      Have you seen the posts from the other side? “Take that, Mitches!” America has changed, hence Obama’s second term. I’m moving to Georgia.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Rock, I spent a lot of my youth in Georgia. You won’t like it. Where it used to be Southern Gentleman and good to bone women, now it’s all New Yorkers and illegal south of the border aliens. Atlanta has the worst traffic in the United States. And public transportation is known as MARTA … moving assh***s rapidly through atlanta … is one of the more charitable definitions. (+) It’s chock full of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I can email you the best place to go if you give me an anonymous email address.

  2. Anonymoose says:

    As with most people what is foremost on my mind is the election. Relations with my liberal friends have become seriously strained as even the moderate ones take the chance to gloat and run down anyone who didn’t vote for Obama. They feel vindicated, but Obama is the first president in over one hundred years to win re-election on an even smaller margin than his first election.

    The bad news is already beginning. Companies are threatening layoffs due to Obamacare, Republicans are capitulating, and Obama is gung ho to go after higher taxes on the wealthy. Harry Reid wants to change the filibuster rules to get around the current minority of Republicans in the Senate–so ever more legislation can be crammed in without restraint. Bush and Republicans are still to blame for all the nation’s ills, just like how despite the “changing demographics” white people are still credited for making the choices for the country, at least all the bad ones.

    I had an idea of how Republicans could rebrand themselves; to repeat here it would be to redo and remodel their public relations, invest money in education and the media, and become inclusive ideologically.

    P.R. has always been the Democrat’s home advantage; if you’re not on their “team” it’s easy to see all the endless digs at conservatives and Republicans. Having a fawning media doesn’t help–analyzing how to play the Democrat’s own game against them would help tip the scales.

    Education and the media, put it this way: Don’t set up a “J.W. Smith Foundation for Conservative Thinkers,” take a page from Soros and set up a “J.W. Smith Foundation for America” just have the scholarships and money only go to people vetted as conservative. That sort of thing for liberals goes on every day in every state–think those scholarships open to everyone are really equally applied? Think again. With the media play the new media game of Twitter and viral videos, but also buy into the news organizations, change them from the inside out.

    Lastly is the inclusivity–Republicans have bent over backwards to include minorities and woman, yet are accused of putting up tokens. The Democrat plan to success is a broad umbrella of leftists who in normal circumstances would be at each other’s throats all voting Democrat with a nod and a wink as they get what they want on their pet social issue. There’s no reason Republicans can’t do the same.

    Then again I’m just a worker drone hoping I’ll have money for groceries and gas next week, and know as much about the inner workings of governmental politics as the next message board commentator. I read a piece this evening that it was too early to tell what the next step is; in ’04 it looked like the Democrats and their agenda were soundly rejected, and the last possible thing that could happen four years later was the election of a mixed race man with an international background and radical ties. For all we know the 2016 president could be the stout conservative we’ve wanted on for years.

    But what I feel most from all this is weariness of the left and political correctness; going back to when they first really intruded into mainstream life under Clinton, When someone who doesn’t even know me or my background decides that since I’m a white male I’m therefore racist, sexist, and privileged and need to be taught the “right” way of thinking, then who is really coming to the table with a load of prejudices?

    America had traditionally been a melting pot where immigrants would arrive and blend in, adding their own unique characteristics but also identifying as American. Liberals have proclaimed no more and that it was never the case; instead everyone must have their original identity that is reinforced and reminded at every turn. And that is what makes people fight, being separated and labeled. No longer is it immigrants intermarry and we have an American person with a mixed background. How many people out there are mixed Spanish/German/French or any other nationality? Which politically correct label should define you then?

    The whole artificial “Hispanic” label could be done away with as it’s an “ethnicity,” and another division. I really don’t care if my neighbor has a last name of Martinez and has brownish skin; anymore than if he was named Marconi or Basescu. I do care if he identifies as Mexican and wants to bring all his friends and relatives up and is only looking out for his own interests.

    I’m tired of being told I have all the advantages and privileges yet I’ve experienced none of it. Another article I read recently I think really nailed it on the head–progressivism has no brakes on it’s ideology and no assessment of it’s “progress.” When is the evening up of “inequality” done? When is the atonement for colonialism/racism/slavery over with? When do we say we’ve “progressed” to where ever it is we’re going? It’s really scary that the people who thought all this up have never really tried to confirm if their social engineering works, or even what the final result is supposed to be other than just generic terms of “equality.”

    I’d like to think that in the future rationality and common sense will prevail over progressive thinking, and people will look back on this time and wonder what sort of insanity made communism and socialism ever look like workable ideas, or that totalitarian group think was healthy.

    But I don’t. Polyglot societies of people with different agendas, ideas, and identities are a sign not of a new phase but of the decaying end. The Egyptian empire crumbled under invasions by mixed tribes called the Hyksos and the Sea Peoples. The Roman Empire fell as people had less and less of a definition of what it meant to be “Roman” and instead the various barbarian groups they had conquered reasserted their tribal identities. When Rome was sacked it wasn’t the Rome of the Caesars and hadn’t been for a long time. The idea continued, however, but what was left was a “Holy Roman Empire” in what is now Germany and Byzantium in the East–neither of which ever resembled in ideology or power the original Empire.

    Which is why I wonder if in maybe as little as a hundred years from now, after decades of economic chaos and unrest, a new “United States” is made out of a handful of territories, and is only a shadow of it’s former self. And those people would look back on this time not with derision, but as a model to emulate.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Higher taxes are just means to collect money to give it to party supporters. There is not even an iota of truth that more revenues are going to reduce our debt, or be used wisely.

      Obama himself said raising taxes in a poor economy is the LAST THING we should do……..until he is elected and his supporters need funding. And that funding will be donated back to the democrat party via union dues.

    • Curiosity says:

      While very similar, anyone that missed Anonymoose’s last post might go check it out.

      I’m going to slightly re-cast the goals in terms of things in reach of “worker drones” such as ourselves.

      Why did news organizations turn left and stay left?

      Identify the moderate or conservative reporters–if any can be found, and give them the good news stories. Buy controlling stakes in news organizations and subtly start changing the message. Encourage bloggers, work on viral tweets, play the new media game.

      I imagine part of it is where the money comes from, to paraphrase I think Rush: Becoming a liberal is the easiest decision anyone makes in their life; you pick stances that make you feel good and never have to say sorry about any of your stances that may offend others. So, once your desire to justify yourself outweighs your conscience, it probably isn’t hard. People seem to be quick to criticize, and liberals are especially outspoken. Get enough grief on some issues without any thanks or support, and it probably gives them less hate mail. Action: as Anon suggested, support moderate and conservative journalists, even if perhaps only with words of encouragement.

      I don’t like playing in the new media game (twitter and Facebook anyway), I’ll leave that to someone else, but I will try to start posting S&L links (and S&L specifically because everyone needs to learn to be able to read between the lines in the media). One of my goals is to start generating infographics on things like employment statistics, abortion of minorities, and so on… infographics strike me as a powerful tool that can just be hung up in an office for people to read, and are very easy to spread online.

      [T]ake back … education

      Something very practical we can do is pick a College Republicans or if a TEA Party equivalent is up and coming and support them through donations. Better, support them with a book club. This could be particularly potent at HBCUs and HSIs (Hispanic Serving Institution). Supply them with books from minority conservatives and encourage republican / conservative professors to start a book club.Action: financially support conservative college organizations.

      Some things are a bit more out of our control. Such as relying on untested software to help get out the vote. (Breitbart reference) 37,000 swing state volunteers without guidance.

      Other ideas on practical, simple contributions the Average Joe can make?

  3. canary says:

    Obama charges 7 SEALS who captured Osama bin Laden for him. Another 4 are being considered charged for video game

    This is merely days after Obama passed a law that videos showing any type war were outlawed.
    The Call of Duty game is falls under the law and whether to not it will be outlawed I’m not sure.
    But, I noticed a few weeks ago, that lego, mego, block, every single building thing does not have U.S. Soldier war theme. You have ninjas, and everything under the son, but you will not find one military building toy, yet alone a GI Joe Doll.

    There is an off brand that uses different names that has generic lego blocks that has middle-east themed blocks. Only the little men are all middle eastern and identical. They have
    black eyes, purple lips and black hair and black mustache wearing the sand camo gear.

    7 SEALs disciplined for video game roles

    Nov. 9, 2012

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 (UPI) — Seven members of U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six, which killed al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden in a 2011 raid, were disciplined for revealing secrets, officials said.

    CBS said the team members, all on active duty, also violated the unwritten code that SEALs avoid the spotlight.

    Four other SEAL Team Six members who have transferred out of the unit since the raid also are under investigation, officials said.

    The video game, produced by Electronic Arts, doesn’t recreate the bin Laden raid, but it does simulate realistic missions, CBS News said.

    SEAL Team Six will be featured in two movies — one about the rescue of the captain of a ship kidnapped by Somali pirates, the other about the bin Laden raid.

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2012/11/09/7-SEALs-disciplined-for-video-game-roles/UPI-69701352466968/#ixzz2BnjzKc00

    I hear the Seal movie about catching bin Laden has events very wrong.


  4. Petronius says:

    On back-to-blood voting on 6 Nov :

    The significance of 6 Nov is that Democrat Party tribalism has now triumphed as a permanent winning formula. Furthermore, we see that identity politics will prevail even when, by every rational measure, the Democrat candidate should lose and lose badly. Simply put, they have successfully built a permanent racial electoral college majority.

    A class warfare element is embedded in this tribalism. Thus the Democrat Party promises to redistribute wealth from the hated “rich” (chiefly whites) to the “needy” (nonwhites). This is an important aspect of the Democrats’ racial appeal. It adds spice to their “revenge.”

    And it is an element that really stings us. First because we must finance our own dispossession, and second because we value our self-reliance and our ability to support our own families, and, when our income and property is taken from us by government, our self-reliance and ability to provide properly for our families is impaired. In fact, we end up providing for their families.

    The proof is in the pudding. On 6 Nov Nerobama received overwhelming support from so-called minorities, sufficient to make a permanent political majority :

    blacks 93%
    Muslims 86%
    Asians 72%
    Hispanics 71%
    Jews 69%

    This winning formula practically guarantees that there will be no more Republican presidents. I say “practically” because there is always the chance of a black swan event––an economic collapse, nuclear strike by Iran, closing the Strait of Hormuz and access to Persian Gulf oil, or similar catastrophe that cannot be blamed on Bush––that might return a Republican to the White House.

    Romney received 59% of the white vote, which is a near record high.

    In prior election years, 59% of the white vote would have produced a solid victory.

    However, demographics is destiny, and every year several million more nonwhite voters (documented and undocumented) are added to the electorate through immigration and second generation natural increase. It is important to note, however, that if Romney had received 62% of the white vote––or just another 3%––he would have won. In 2016, the Republican candidate will need upwards of two-thirds of the white vote to win.

    The Republicans face a difficult dilemma. On the one hand, it has been suggested that they should try to “reach out” to nonwhites. Of course the Republicans have tried this already; perhaps they need to grow longer arms. This approach essentially means pandering for the so-called minority voters by out-Democrating the Democrats.

    Theoretically the Republican Party can go whole hog for amnesty, comprehensive immigration reform, including increased legal immigration, more refugees, and in-state tuition for illegal aliens. But none of that matters because it wasn’t about amnesty. It was never about amnesty. It was about la raza. Their votes are based solely on ethnic identity politics. Concede amnesty, concede everything else, and the Republicans will gain no votes, only more immigrant Democrat voters. Moreover, this approach will always prove futile because the Democrats will simply up the ante and carve out a position further to the Left.

    On the other hand, the Republicans can actually win elections by openly and explicitly appealing to white voters in the same way the Democrats appeal to nonwhites. The Republicans can begin to represent white interests. They can become a Sierra Club for endangered white Americans. For example, they could support a moratorium on immigration, border enforcement with real teeth, employer checks, a ban on affirmative action and quotas, promotion of school vouchers, merit based college admissions in lieu of race based, rolling back the welfare state, liberalization of employment laws, abolishing the anchor baby rule, and so on. They can declare their undying support for our Western Christian Civilization and opposition to any measures that would tend toward the dispossession of American-Americans by foreigners. Sadly, however, this is not the path they will choose.

    It is ironic that the Republican Party, which now depends on Southern voters for its tenuous existence, persistently strives to distance itself publicly from the specter of Southern influence. The Party has eagerly promoted black, Hispanic, Asian, and female Republicans into the national spotlight. Yet the Party has never run a Southerner on the national ticket, has never appointed a Southerner to the Supreme Court, and (except for James Baker) has never appointed a Southerner to an important cabinet post. In fact, Republican presidents have appointed more Democrats to their cabinets than Southern Republicans. When Mitt Romney campaigned for the Republican nomination in 2008, he emphatically declared the Confederate flag to be unworthy of respect. When George W. Bush was governor of Texas, he had the plaque honoring Texas Confederate Veterans removed from the Texas Supreme Court. And when any Southern Republican (e.g., Trent Lott) says something that is not totally PC, he is toast.

    Yes, the Republicans will chose the first path. And as a result many whites will become fed up, discouraged, and abandon the Party. Some white voters may move to the Libertarian Party, some to the Tea Party, others to the Constitution Party, and perhaps most will simply give up altogether. But the Republicans will never become a pro-white party. They would rather die than be accused of racism. And so the Republican Party will die. They will diminish and disappear as a national political force.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Identifying Reality (I don’t want to be accused of being a coward about race, by Eric Holder)
      ===Radical Studies Departments Need to be De-Funded as Top Priority===
      That is the machine that cranks out radicals to make other radicals. It video games, we know that if you don’t want to continuously smash drones coming after you, you find the machine cranking out drones and destroy it.

      *You eventually have to come to terms with the fact that black people are, by and large, racist. There was no record for Obama to entice anyone to vote for him. They only thing he has is his skin color. I can’t imagine a white person under many circumstances, that can be treated fairly by a majority black group, either at work, living together, at school etc. If you have every had these experiences as the white minority, you know what I mean.

      *White people (I don’t know what percentage) are patently anti-white as well. What would you call the term for hating their own race? Auto-racists? Embarrassed by their continued success and wealth, they self-flagellate to relieve their guilt.
      And white people generally are a jittery, nervous, anxious people, always trying to change things for the sake of change. It helped transform Europe and the world, but they don’t know how or when to take the foot off the gas pedal. They are incessantly meddling in other people’s lives trying to fine-tune this or that, and arguing all along the way about how they should control everything. They just don’t know when to leave well-enough alone. So when something is absolutely calibrated perfectly, you can expect that a white person will be bored, unsatisfied, curious, and start fiddling with the calibrations.

      *Asians generally don’t change. Their societies last for 1000s of years, good bad or otherwise, it takes centuries to change social behavior. They are more contemplative, and stick with what works.

      *Women are essentially adult toddlers. They are attracted to men who can provide for them, no matter how obese or ugly that man is, if he is rich, it is like bees to honey. The government is dangling low-hanging fruit in front of them, and they are not able to stop their impulse.

      Democrats seem to know and cater to the psychology of race, gender, identity politics much the way Hitler and his crew manipulated the masses with speech, sound, visuals, lies, media, base instincts, movies, propaganda, mass rallies, humor, mockery. The people are things to be manipulated and controlled for party purposes, and people don’t even know it’s happening.

      For example, they could support a moratorium on immigration, border enforcement with real teeth, employer checks, a ban on affirmative action and quotas, promotion of school vouchers, merit based college admissions in lieu of race based, rolling back the welfare state, liberalization of employment laws, abolishing the anchor baby rule, and so on. They can declare their undying support for our Western Christian Civilization and opposition to any measures that would tend toward the dispossession of American-Americans by foreigners.

      …..and so much more. De-funding democratism is a no-brainer when you hold the keys to the treasury, but what happens when you don’t have a brain?
      Republicans should do what democrats do, you just FLIP THE SWITCH, make the needed policy change, and do what you want, make your arguments, “straw man” your opponent’s arguments, and wait out the new cycle for 10 days, and DARE the democrats to reverse it.

      I just shudder every time I see Republicans so utterly confused. They seem so naive that the democrats are as underhanded and evil as they are. Republicans are in denial of the reality of how vicious, devious and complex politics really is, and how democrats have already devised their ways, their template.
      The Republicans will continue to be the Oakland Raiders of politics under they revise their playbook.

    • canary says:

      And Afghanistan’s no matter what their color that make their living growing heroin get up and blow it or have the toddlers eat it so they will be docile while the adults go out and work to grow the heroin. Then they come back and give the baby’s more so they don’t cry and go to sleep. And they never make it out of the caves. Cave men for life. They chop off heads. And if they run out of poppy, and the deadly withdrawals, puking, blood pressure bursting, they die or make it. And the cycle restarts over and over. And stoning someone or cutting their heads off doesn’t bother them. They take their heroin and feel good all over. And in Mali Africa where the Al-Qaida took over, if they are lucky, they will give them some heroin that is flooding into Africa before they cut their hands and feet off. So, you have the African tribes that choose to live primitive in their huts and kill their mothers and fathers for heroin, and you have your Middle-East tribes who live in caves.

      And some are willing to take millions and millions of dollars and keep racing over and over because they brag they’ll legalize heroin, and they just can’t bend to “We the People” because like Obama, they know what’s best for us.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Sheesh… give it a rest canary. If anyone could use a good dose of heroin to calm down, it’s you.

  5. canary says:

    Mirthrandir, there are what? 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices ready to step down, and guess who is going to replace them. Obama who already replaced two.

    There goes the Constitution.

  6. canary says:

    Mithrandir: “Sheesh… give it a rest canary. If anyone could use a good dose of heroin to calm down, it’s you”

    Well, if one sentence doesn’t paint a thousand pictures. Drink Ron Paul’s favorite kool-aid heroin and follow the drug pin king anywhere and if say don’t vote, don’t.

    Question: Do you suggest my young son of 18 who voted for the first time to take to get some heroin and it will make him feel better?

    You are not the first Ron Paul zombie that has told me take heroin in the last month. I mean his followers have developed a track you down and lynch you mentality. I had to tell one of them make my day, while I still have that right to defend myself against some drugged up nut out of his gore.

    But, you see as devastating and ravishing as there is an epidemic in this country if Ron Paul and won the primary I would have voted for him over Obama.

    It would be easy to run the country without him as he and his heroin kool-aid drunken friends stumbled around on their horses showing off the white wigs with a sword flopping around and a gun mis-firing here and there.

    “We the People” could take care of the problem in a civil manner. Because, the states could stop the legalization of heroin. As far as the growth in our youth believing it is the American way of our forefathers did it, some parents would be doing it with their children, and those who smarter would end up getting a real leader in America.

    if Ron Paul had won the primary I would have voted for him over Obama. Because, as he stumbled around on his white horse carrying a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other, “WE the People” would know how to deal with it.

  7. captstubby says:

    A panel discussion was held on the Future of the Democratic Party with Donna Brazile, Democratic strategist after losing in 2004.

    they won in 2008 and 2012.


    • canary says:

      So… Al Gore was running the Democratic machine than we released.

      This we all ready new

      The timing “In 2004, Gore co-launched Generation Investment Management, a company for which he serves as Chair. The company was “a new London fund management firm that plans to create environment-friendly portfolios. Generation Investment will manage assets of institutional investors, such as pension funds, foundations and endowments, as well as those of ‘high net worth individuals,’ from offices in London and Washington, D.C.17 (wiki-pedia)

      And it has taken over the world and country bringing us closer to one world order.
      I was recently looking into the global things other countries are doing we will be doing.
      Those that won’t accept the mark will be happy their job is going through trash and rubbish.
      But, those who resist won’t get anything in the rubbish that is “edible”
      Won’t be any edible garbage they can try and feed a cow, chicken, or pig or goat and to try and eat.

      You can’t believe what is going on in Egypt to the Christian Coptics. Obama’s new Muslimbrotherhood Eygpt leader has taken the Christians only job of 4 stories high of trash. They already had few pigs left after the slaughter of some 300,000 pigs that protected them from the Muslims, ate the food part of the rubbish, and fed their bellies. They lost their job to starve them out. Imagine.

      Imagine we have 600 American Universities in other countries teaching Agenda 21 and on this kind of curbside regulations. After taking the Christian Coptics job away trash filled the streets of Cairo. Finally the their new Arab Spring Leader is taking a lesson from Turkey in handling their garbage according to the U.N.s guidelines.

  8. canary says:

    Lots of versions of Israel firing warning shot back at Syria because of stray missile or a stray missile.

    Mostly Israel is concerned of the overthrow of Syria that it will turn into the new Egypt.

    The media has left out the Syrian Rebels that were crossing over to the Israel border doing their martyrdom thing a year or so ago.

    A complaint has been filed with the UN.

    Oh Hillary the Irony. A stray shot into Turkey and Hillary shouted on a speaker our allies (cough) Turkey must go to war and help overthrow Syria.

  9. canary says:

    When Obama was elected he started data base on every student starting from his education from cradle. The first link explains and gives all the names this program is hidden under.

    How Much Data is Enough


    Here is another one of those cool educational cartoon video that explains it in easy terms. .

    Smart Start

    Another educational cartoon from same make.

    The absolute insanity of Obama’s new program, is the sob won’t even release his own school records.! What a hypocrite Obama is. Someone tell Donald Trump.

    And just think of the Job creation for the Unionized teachers doing these data bases across
    the country.

    P.S. Texas students lost their legal battle to stop their student ID’s having tracker chips in them.
    Now the school buses are able to monitor students.

    Cradle til death.

  10. canary says:

    Sorry everyone for posting too much. I thought I was posting less and started posting too much. I’ve just been spread thin and worrying a lot like everyone of the times were in. Peace out.

  11. canary says:

    More on Petraeus mistresses threatening e-mails that led to FBI investigating. Can’t trust anything she wrote in her new book now.


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