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‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

Here is our usual weekend discussion thread again, where comments on the general topics of the day are welcome.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, November 30th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Big, Is The Problem

    So my genius level brother tells me when I ask him WTH is wrong out there in the world. To back up his postulate, I give you this story, even though it is NPR … http://www.npr.org/2012/11/30/166241777/after-sandy-outages-a-tale-of-two-utilities

    After Sandy Outages, A Tale Of Two Utilities

    While thousands of people on the East Coast waited weeks for big utility companies to turn the lights back on after Superstorm Sandy slammed ashore, the residents of Madison, N.J., had power just days after the storm. This leafy New York City suburb operates its own municipal utility — and now some neighboring towns are asking whether they should, too.

    “We were able to power up sections of town within two days,” said Madison Councilman Robert Landrigan. “And then, by the weekend [after the storm], most of the town was back.”

    That was not the case a few miles away in Summit, N.J., where it took Jersey Central Power and Light 12 days to restore power to everyone. “We had a long, rough slog with this storm,” says Summit Mayor Ellen Dickson.

    Big cannot move nimbly, or quickly. Big is built on rules piled on top of rules. Restrictions abound while local and small goes and gets the job done because the people responsible are often people known to you, thus accountable to you.

    Big sends your plaintive cries for help to a call center in India where “Karl” asks you to rate his helpfulness in a survey following his inability to actually produce help.

    … and so on.

    Naturally, Obama wants to grow the leviathan we wrestle with now to a monstrous size previously unknown to mankind. In the image and likenss of his god … government.

  2. CKO1986 says:

    Speaking of utilities, I’m starting to think LIPA stands for Long Island Pinheads Association.

  3. Petronius says:

    Warren Buffett, the Holmes Devise, and a Glimpse at Nerobama’s Next Supreme Court Nominee

    Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, part time speculator, part time snake oil salesman, and full time billionaire Liberal, made yet another heroic pitch last week for taxing other people’s money :


    In addition to the op-ed pages of the New York Times, Buffett made the rounds of the Daily Show and the Charlie Rose program. The Oracle prognosticated that higher taxes on investment capital will not discourage business investment (then why have US businesses stopped investing?), that taxes on businesses do not harm businesses (then why are businesses moving from California to Texas, and from the USA to Mexico and Asia? why is the middle class leaving California in droves?), and still had time to take a cheap shot at Grover Norquist and to knock down a few strawmen (Libs practically invented the cheap shot, the whipping boy, and strawmen arguments).

    Of course as observers have been saying for years, there’s nothing to stop Buffett from giving some of his billions to the IRS. He has freedom to do so at any time he chooses, in any amount he chooses.

    It’s nothing new. The option has been around for well over a century. In 1843, a special account for voluntary donations was established at the US Treasury called “Gifts to the United States.”

    When Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. died in 1935 he left the bulk of his fortune to the US government : $263,000. It was the largest unrestricted gift ever made to the government.

    Never let it be said that the US government doesn’t know how to spend money wisely.

    And so President Franklin D. Roosevelt called upon the New Deal Congress to find an object worthy of Holmes’ noble bequest. The Democrats in Congress put their heads together and came up with … nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    A good rule of political thumb : when in doubt, appoint a committee. And so that is what the Congress eventually did.

    They formed a special committee under the leadership of Justices Harlan Fiske Stone and Felix Frankfurther, with––guess who?––Alger Hiss as secretary. The committee hemmed and hawed, and finally suggested the money be spent to build a Holmes Memorial Garden near the Supreme Court building.

    In retrospect it was not such a bad recommendation. It was shovel ready and perfectly in keeping with the finest traditions of Keynesian stimulus spending. Better than paying people to dig holes and fill them up again, right? But in the depths of the Great Depression there were more pressing matters of politics and economics to be dealt with. Like forcing farmers to destroy their crops and kill their livestock. Consequently, the committee’s recommendation was shelved and everybody soon forgot about it.

    And so the Holmes Devise lay dormant for 20 years, and in the meantime it did not collect one cent in interest.

    World War II was fought and won. The Korean War was fought to a stalemate. Roosevelt, Truman, and MacArthur faded away. And eventually in 1955 Congress again turned its attention to the Holmes Devise. Congress authorized the money be spent on writing a definitive history of the Supreme Court. The project was to be supervised by the Librarian of Congress and was to take four years.

    It was a jobs program for law professors, or what Democrats prefer to call an “investment.” The investment soon took on a life of its own.

    The four year deadline came and passed and nothing was accomplished. The deadline was extended to 1965, yet by 1965 not a single book had been written. By 1969, when Drew Pearson called it “the majestic boondoggle,” still no volume had been produced.

    Daniel J. Boorstin became Librarian of Congress in 1975. Boorstin called the situation “deplorable” and “a scandal.” By 1977, when still nothing further had been completed, Boorstin called upon the writers to turn over what they had completed. This prompted two of the law professors to resign in a huff. Prof. Gunther of Stanford turned over 4,500 pages of manuscript (covering the Court under John Marshall) to Prof. G. Edward White at the University of Virginia to complete. The second writer, Prof. Neal of the University of Chicago, submitted nothing, but at least had the decency to refund $13,362 in advances from Holmes’ money, but only after the attorneys for the Devise threatened to sue him.

    Prof. Alexander M. Bickel of Yale had died in 1974 without completing his book. It was taken over by Prof. Schmidt at Columbia, who sat on Bickel’s book for seven more years until he in turn was sued by Bickel’s widow. And so once again the book was reassigned, this time to Prof. Cover at Yale.

    Prof. Paul Freund of Harvard was editor of the project, and worked on his section covering the New Deal for over 20 years. It remains unfinished. Freund declined an appointment by President Kennedy to become Solicitor General––an appointment that would have been a stepping stone to the Supreme Court––in order to fulfill his obligation to the Devise.

    Finally by 1983 four volumes had been produced, although they met with mixed reviews from legal scholars.

    As it evolved, the Holmes project developed into a thirteen-volume series, covering the Supreme Court from its beginning through the Warren Court. Volume 12, covering the Court from 1941-1953, was eventually published in 2006. Volume 6, covering Reconstruction and Reunion 1864-1888, was completed in 2010.

    Today, after more than 77 years, the project currently consists of a set of ten volumes in eleven hardback books. The last books, Volumes 10, 11, and 13, remain unpublished. This set, although incomplete, is priced by Cambridge University Press at a mere $1,300.00, but copies are currently unavailable from the publisher. However, three new sets may still be had on Amazon at prices ranging from $1,674 to $2,256, and three used copies from $1,270 to $1,531. A real bargain at the price.


    Buy now. They’re selling like hot cakes.

    On 23 Sep 2011 President Barack Hussein Obama II appointed an Hispanic, Rachel F. Moran, the daughter of an Irish criminal lawyer and a Mexican school teacher, to continue the Holmes Devise project. Moran is currently the Dean of UCLA Law School, following a 25 year stint at Berkeley. The foci of Moran’s scholarship have been critical race theory, race and law, civil rights, and bilingualism. She is author of three books, including “Race Law Stories.” She is pictured here with the aging Justice Stephen “Living Document” Breyer :


    How sweet. I’m sure Justice Holmes would be pleased. As America moves from the First Great Depression into the Second Great Depression, a depression without end, and which may be known to future historians as “the George W. Bush Depression,” it’s good to keep focused on the important stuff … like critical race theory. Rather than, say, paying down the public debt.

    And so after 77 years the “investment” goes on––although perhaps the descriptions of Pearson and Boorstin are more appropriate now than ever: “a majestic boondoggle,” “deplorable,” and “a scandal.”

    Meanwhile tightfisted billionaire tax enthusiast Warren Buffett has yet to donate a single penny of his own money to the US Treasury.

    We eagerly await further developments.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  4. captstubby says:

    top marks.

  5. Anonymoose says:


    “Men want to love women, not compete with them. They want to provide for and protect their families — it’s in their DNA. But modern women won’t let them.”

    I’m actually surprised anyone would publish a piece like that today, and here of course is the typical response:


    I don’t think it reflects as much the relations between the sexes but also the way things are in the modern world of political correctness and modern employment.

    I was reading the other day about how more and more young men don’t go to college, and I think, why should they? Aside from STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine) and maybe Finance and Accounting it’s a waste of money and time to take on a lifetime of debt and be told all the faults of the world are yours.

    No career path today is safe, the days when someone would work at the same company their entire lives have been gone for a few decades now. Today it’s uncertain employment and having to change careers a couple of times. The white collar version of labor unions is professional societies that demand ongoing training and continuing education, play ball with them or don’t work.

    You can’t provide for a family or plan on a future when you can barely look out for yourself.

    But also, think about the environment children grow up in today; pointing a finger and going “bang” is enough for suspension, of even calling the police. I remember a local school used to have a playground that was lined in trees–peaceful and secluded. Maybe someone complained about snakes in the brush but they cut all the trees down and replaced it with a a chainlink fence. That was only around for about a year before they replaced it with a huge gymnasium that looked just like a prison. Now the kids never go outside.

    As children boys are told horseplay is violence, don’t play with pretend guns, heaven forbid. Pretend you’re a wizard with a wand or something like that. Ride your bike with a helmet and don’t run.

    Competing is bad, you’re an evil person for doing well and making someone else feel left out. Winning is just showing up and getting a trophy. I’ve lost track of how many young men I’ve run into who’ve been bred to hate the corporate world, business, and anything involving money because of this–yet they work in “conservative” professions and voted for Obama.

    Dating and relationships? The flaws of men have long been acknowledged; that we judge women by their appearances, that we have trouble emotions and feelings, and that as we get old we gain weight and lose our hair but still want to pretend we’re 25. So we dump our faithful wife for someone half our age and buy a sports car.

    But what about with women? How many times have I seen them go through their version of the same process, being wild in their teens and twenties–doing crazy things just to experience it, they hit thirty and they suddenly want to have a kid and live the normal married life, then their mid-life crisis hits and they want to act like a teenager again and party all the time while someone else takes care of things?

    Nice guys never had a chance, how often are men treated by women with suspicion, that they may be potential rapists/abusers/child molesters? Yet women still get attracted to guys who act like jerks (mistaking arrogance for confidence), and have money. Lots and lots of money. And never say anything to her about her weight.

    The problem with any of this, and all of liberalism and progressiveness, is there’s no checks on behavior, no objective assessment, no deciding when or where the goal is. It’s always a bad version of 1961 and there’s a lot of work left to do.

    Liberals would read this and rail on about me being misogynist/racist/phobic/whatever, but not even consider it. I’m all for equal pay for equal work, not holding women back because of their gender or having to work with sexual harassment.

    But I’m not for the things I’ve seen; women who never even finished college being promoted over men with advanced degrees, or crying sexual harassment and getting a guy fired because he put his hand on her shoulder while pointing to something on her computer, or older feminists who make the lives of young men pure hell so they won’t be competition on the job.

    I can’t put into words how cynical I am. Things like when I was in college I heard about a girl who’d passed out at a party and a guy took advantage of her and admitted it. The sort of low life sleaze thing that people go to jail for. She was all set to file a police report until he took her out and spent a ton of money on her and suddenly she’s in love with him.

    Or how reproduction is a “choice” as if it’s something that just happens, and it’s the woman’s decision–where is the man’s input on it? Yet if she decides to have the baby that low life scum who got her pregnant had better send that child support check pronto.

    In an environment like this it’s no wonder young men don’t get married, don’t strive to make something of themselves, and just drive a truck for a job and play video games all day.

    Men would like to be able to achieve something in life, to compete on the job and not be told it’s evil, to love women and have a happy relationship–and not be told we’re sexist or abusers, to live out what used to be called a normal life. But it’s not normal today, the world is upside down and what was good is bad and wrong is right.

    Like it or not, we have innate natures, and when we run counter to those instincts so the ones who can’t or won’t fit in can feel good about themselves, it ruins life for everyone.

  6. canary says:

    UK makes fun of Obama bows and Hillary nods with pictures and video on their Asian tour

    Obama’s bow to Cambodia’s first lady gains him a servant bow.


    Hillary Clinton nods off during Obama Myanmar speech


  7. canary says:

    The Daily Caller: In interview, Susan Rice explains role in WH decision-making; ‘People know not to mess with me’


    She also explained that ”people know not to mess with me. And if they haven’t learned, and they try, then they will learn.”

    In the 2012 book interview, Rice described her role as an active member of the president’s decision-making team.

    “In that instance, I would be at the table in Washington and argue my point of view. The president or somebody else would make a decision and we’d have to implement it,”” Rice explained.

    “The original instruction was to go kill this proposal outright with blunt force,” she recalled in the interview. “… My view is that, if we can kill it without a lot of cost, that’s fine.”

    “I created an environment in which we may not have to kill the proposal overtly ourselves, and the thing can collapse of its own weight. … It’s fun to figure out not just what it is we have to do, but also to have some opportunity to carry out how we do it.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/11/30/in-interview-susan-rice-explains-role-in-wh-decision-making-people-know-not-to-mess-with-me/#ixzz2DvwxK0q1

    Rice informs the world neither Obama nor Clinton are ready to take that 3:00 a.m. call. four years ago in interview.


    Could it be Rice and Obama’s plan was for Rice with Sec of State under her belt would be the wealthy candidate “double minority” status to run for President.

    Rice certainly has the highest praise for herself and is a filthy rich. Could explain Obama C-Span interview telling to come after him, but don’t dare go after one of his UN Ambassadors. Four years ago, the vein Rice informed the world neither Obama nor Clinton were ready to take that 3:00 am call.


    Except for U.N. Ambassadors in Africa 1998, or Libya 2012.

    The heck with that 3:00 am call. They all killed weeks and months of pleas for more security for those U.N. Ambassadors.

  8. captstubby says:

    this weekend Obama and Clinton played a round of golf, which of course is really a strategy session.

    i can’t help but be reminded of the classic movie “The Maltese Falcon.”

    you remember where two shady characters, each with their own motives, and absolutely do not trust each other attempt to come to a mutual deal where both will profit.

    of course the first thing they agree on is that Boehner will have to take the”fall”.

  9. Tater Salad says:

    Michigan residents who want to work in this state should be given the opportunity to join a Union.
    Michigan residents who want to work in this state should also be given the opportunity to NOT join a Union and be forced to pay Union dues inorder to provide for their family. Michigan should become a Right to Work State to also be competitive with other states in producing and selling their products!

    1. Michigan Conservative Alliance: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michigan-Conservative-Alliance-MICA/135355703224881

    2. Work Place Choice: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Workplacechoiceorg/164238930296532

    3. National Right to Work: https://www.facebook.com/NationalRighttoWorkFoundation

    4. Right to Work: https://www.facebook.com/NationalRightToWork

    5. School Choice: https://www.facebook.com/schoolchoiceweek

    6. Legalized Extortion: https://www.facebook.com/legalizedextortion

    7. Socialism does not work: https://www.facebook.com/socialismdoesntwork

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