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‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves

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This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

16 Responses to “‘The Hive’ – Please Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. Anonymoose says:

    Maybe this will be a nonsensical ramble, or perhaps it will make perfect sense. At no time have I been more upset and enraged with the government than perhaps since the early days of the Clinton presidency. Make no mistake about it, this is an all out cultural war, with the narrative controlled by people who want to decimate the opposition. Every word we say, everything we do, can and will be turned into accusations of hatred and bias, with the only goal to shut us up so we can’t complain and interfere with all the “good work” they want to do.

    I’m upset about gun control. To me being able to own a gun–any gun I choose, means a free society; that I as a person can choose to own this gun and not be thought of a crazy or a villain or a potential mass murderer. The same names, Biden, Feinstein, Schumer, Cuomo, and Bloomberg always come up about gun control–not for making the country a better place, but as a vendetta for their own ambitions.

    Putting Biden; the man who wrote the original ban in 1989 and has been against guns his entire political career in charge of a commission to reduce gun violence is just plain stupid–they might as well call it the Committee to Ban Guns. And Obama saying he’ll talk it out with everyone and reach across the aisles—sorry, that lie worked on the dumb voters in 2008 but not today.

    Feinstein’s bill on assault weapons–where every evil looking “military type” gun ever made will need to be registered and treated like it was a machine gun– passes it will be detrimental to our rights. It won’t be very long from that to the “model” in Eastern Europe–where the only guns in private hands would be a shotgun for farmers; whatever else would be “owned” only by being held at a hunting lodge. It’s simple, every time there’s a mass shooting make another “needed” ban. Soon people will be so afraid of going to jail over an AR-15 magazine or a .22 semi-auto no one will want to own one.

    If people applied the same rules to cars they do for guns they would freak out. There is no legal need for a sports car with a 200-500 horsepower engine that can triple the speed limit. Imagining all sports and muscle cars outlawed and”allowed” only with significant registration and usage requirements would put things in perspective. The technology exists right now to require everyone to plug a road navigator into a cigarette lighter, have it registered to them, and a little buzzer goes off whenever they exceed the speed limit–ticket e-mailed to them. Newer cars could come with one that turns on a governor–no speeding for you no matter what. However, with self driving cars coming down the road it may be a moot point; in 15-20 years we may not be allowed to drive at all.

    I’m tired of Obama & Biden–I thought we had never seen the arrogance and conceit of the “Co-Presidents” of Hillary and Bill, but they exceed that with a wide margin. Biden thinks anyone who disagrees with him is crazy, yet in a week he makes more social gaffes than Dan Quayle would do in a year. I’m tired of Obama’s grinning smirk–if he wanted to earn that smile he would have fixed the economy and all the other things he promised, not remind us he “won” twice. I’m tired of Michelle–the ugliest and homeliest First Lady ever, yet she’s portrayed as classy and attractive. People are out of work and struggling to avoid bankruptcy, but she regularly blows the taxpayer budget on high dollar trips and wears clothes like sandals that cost a thousand dollars.

    I’m tired of gay rights and gay marriage. I honestly wouldn’t care if it was people just like anyone else who happened to be attracted to someone of the same sex–but it’s not. Gays like a type of parasite, they continue only by finding anyone susceptible and trying to recruit them. It’s a no holds barred war from them to make all of us accept them. Now that they can serve in the military, where are all the stories of them proudly lining up to serve?

    They come up with all the “reasons” to dispel our traditional idea of marriage–that marriages have been arranged in the past, or involved multiple wives, or were a form of de facto slavery–but nowhere do they come up with a resounding historical endorsement of gay marriage. We have no pronouns in our language for a gay couple–especially ones betrothed to each other. To me gay marriage makes as much sense as a gay couple screaming for equality so they can conceive and carry a child together just like a straight couple.

    I’m tired of the Republican party. Get rid of these old guard people who keep repeating the same old record. Man up–get out there and win people over, start showing how you’re on the good side. If you can do that then either go into an all out holy war and give the Democrats what they keep saying they are, or take Rand Paul’s advice and just vote “present” until it’s over.

    I’m tired of the media–the distortions, the lies, the attempts to sway and influence us. The media should report the news, not make it. Culture is learned, it only takes one generation not learning it to destroy it, and they’ve been after us for decades. We’ve had Fast & Furious, we’ve had Benghazi–when will reality kick in with these people?

    I’m tired of political correctness; ever notice that they always say by cooperation we get untold benefits, or that for anyone who has an alleged or perceived deficit they always supposedly have some outstanding characteristic to offset it. By embracing “diversity” I could be assured the workforce at a job appeals to everyone, that we grow on our strengths, and that by “looking past” stereotypes I can find untapped potential and ensure every position is filled. Or so I was told in one job’s training session.

    I’m tired of civil rights and the “discourse” on race relations. There is no discourse; blacks are mad at us for slavery that none of them today experienced. There is no moving past, no future, no change. End of story.

    I’m tired of immigration–that letting untold numbers of low paid future Democrats over the border, to the point they will replace us as a population, is somehow a good idea.

    I’m tired of waking up every morning wondering how I’ll make it to retirement or if I’ll even have one–or have a job until then. Yet I’m crazy/evil/racist for thinking maybe spending all the money we have to support people who aren’t working is a bad idea.

    In short, I’m flat out tired of everything today.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


    • Chrispbass says:

      I would like to sign up for your newsletter.

    • beautyofreason says:

      I agree. The past few weeks have left me with a feeling of malaise and disappointment. I almost tune out all politics. The country has decided to trade out history of ingenuity and capitalism for state-sanctioned mediocrity. It has decided to displace the majority group and to promote multiculturalism until we become a minority group have little say in the federal government. The liberals have denigrated state’s rights (Arizona) in all but the most liberal states (amnesty cities – California, pot laws – Oregon), giving conservative regional and rural peoples little say in their government.

      The liberals want to paint every person who is different, either by their color or original country or sexual persuasion as a victim. They have fought to annihilate the values that help most families to have a financially and emotionally stable home life. A healthy division of labor in the home becomes patriarchal oppression. Marriage is unimportant. Fathers have turned into sperm donors.

      The foundations of our house are crumbling. A nation of entitled moochers will eventually run out of money. That’s assured. These years are a period of transition. To what? I’m not sure, but it can’t be good.

    • Mithrandir says:

      You can blame this crop of Boehner-McCains for the Republican malaise that has ruined the party and country. To get anything done, you have the CONCRETE voting bloc of democrats, (because they are smart enough to keep score and a point system to reward or punish members) and the only alternative is to get some Republicans to vote with them.

      This is also my thinking in voting for Tea Party or conservatives only. If the conservatives DON’T BUDGE (like the democrats) then the liberal RINO wing will finally come to terms with losing time and time again, and either switch to the democrat party (like they should) or start agreeing with the conservatives to get things done. BUT NO!!!! They always side with the democrats.

      That’s why I didn’t vote for McCain or Romney. Are you serious? What a joke! All the conservatives that ran, and around 50% of the country identifies with conservatism, BUT the “Republican” party can’t bring itself to actually nominate a conservative? We get the liberal Bush family every time, and these other losers!

      Don’t be sad. Conservatives need to ABANDON the Republican party and leave it to the RINOS, and give the voters a real option. Yes, the democrats will win for a while, it will split the vote, but that is short-sighted thinking. The long-term, there are MANY options and strategies available to isolate the liberal Republicans and give them the defeats they deserve.

  2. Anonymoose says:

    Should have been:

    If you can’t do that then either go into an all out holy war and give the Democrats what they keep saying they are, or take Rand Paul’s advice and just vote “present” until it’s over.

  3. captstubby says:

    ” Every word we say, everything we do, can and will be turned into accusations of hatred and bias, with the only goal to shut us up so we can’t complain and interfere with all the “good work” they want to do.”

    not a nonsensical ramble

    yes, for years we have been playing by their rules, always having to defend our selves.

    ” old guard people who keep repeating the same old record. Man up–get out there and win people over, start showing how you’re on the good ”

    this new spin on the LEFTS age old loaded question maybe a start.

    Camelot Liberal:,“The glass is half full.”

    evil Conservative:,“The glass is half empty.”


    Capitalist:“This glass is twice as big as it needs to be.”

    this is sure to piss them off.
    remember what detention at school was,
    its when you say some thing smarter than the teacher.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    Republicans are almost completely worthless

    After watching the fiscal cliff drama, I am sure you have the same opinion. After listening to the gun grabbers and the cliff arguments, and screaming at the t.v. and my computer, here are some thoughts for you. Please pass them along to the highly educated lawyers and others in Washington who, together, can’t formulate even a half*ssed defensive argument.

    REPEAL THE 19TH AMENDMENT! If after 93 years, women like Diane Feinstein have abused their right to vote, by abusing the other amendments to the constitution, it’s time to treat them the same way.
    TURN IN YOUR VOTER CARDS LADIES! You just can’t be trusted with your constitutional rights. Time for some psychological evaluations, background checks, voting licenses after taking constitution classes, pay for expensive permits to vote, and just eventually erode and appeal the entire 19th Amendment the way they do with the 2nd. Fair is fair.

    ONLY BLACK PEOPLE will pay more taxes in the fiscal cliff compromise. Well, only the rich black people. Why should the 99% of other races suffer? Just make the tiny 1% suffer a little bit for the betterment of others?
    Why should any demographic be singled out for punishment for the benefit of others? We all know it will eventually start sliding down to the top 2%, and when that doesn’t work, it will be the top 5% and so on, as it is as predictable as, well predicable as a caving Republican.

    –Rand Paul made a lot of steel-spined points, but had the opportunity to show the absurdity of attacking certain demographics when he discussed his stand with Wolfe Blitzer.

    England’s Rising Knife Crime Yeah, can you believe it? Ban guns, and now there is a knife problem. And guess who is most concerned? The police! They are literally out-gunned as the criminals decided not to go along with the confiscation rules.

    England Warns America Not to Give Up Their Guns

    Republicans have had decades and decades of opportunities to make their arguments, before, during, and after the disaster hits us, and yet they don’t have enough guts to do it.

    I suggest all of the Tea Party member, Constitutionalists, and Libertarian-Republicans QUIT, and form their own party. The brand has been ruined, tarnished, and destroyed mostly by its own members. It’s no longer the Republican Party, it’s now the Gee How do I Make it Through the Next Election?–Party.

    I told you it’s better to sit on your hands, than vote for a RINO Republican like Boehner, because those people will always break your heart, by stabbing you in the back. Vote Conservative or Nothing!

    • Mithrandir says:


      Just so you are not disappointed in the future, the Republicans generally couldn’t make a cogent argument for NOT RAISING TAXES in the fiscal cliff negotiations, be rest assured of a few more things:

      ►The debt ceiling WILL go up, with some ridiculous promises that will never happen. It will be kicked down the road as it always has, and nothing will change. The Republicans can’t withstand the headlines, “Republicans Don’t Want to Fund _______!!!”

      ►The Hurricane Sandy funding WILL go out, chock-full of pork and other useless things, because Republicans can’t stand the heat of the debate when they know the only argument to hit the airwaves is, “Republicans Hate Hurricane Sandy Victims!”

      ►Obamacare WILL be implemented on schedule despite the House of Representatives controlling spending, they will not withhold spending b/c the argument will be, “Republicans Want to Take Your Health Care Away!!!!”

      ►Any other event that comes up, Republicans will cave in this fashion:
      1. Do a lot of posturing and sabre-rattling.
      2. Take a couple straw polls to show they are rock-ribbed.
      3. Get beat up in the media.
      4. Harry Reid / Biden / Obama / Pelosi will get their speeches all over the airwaves.
      5. Republicans go on Sunday morning talk shows to be interrogated, and will be totally unprepared, and fail to make their counter-point.
      6. Wait until the last minute, hoping their voters will give them credit for it.
      7. Cave in to whatever democrats want.
      8. A scrap will be thrown to the Republicans, so they can go out and say, “Well, the overall bill is good, despite agreeing to party-crushing, humiliating, constitution-smashing agreements, BUT at least we got ______________ in the agreement!–tee hee!”

      The Republican House voted: 257 to 167 to pass it. And the Senate passed it 89 to 8!
      Can you believe that? 521 people voted and only 175 people had the guts to vote against it, 33.5%! Are you kidding me? You will NEVER get anything done with a REAL number of democrats being 66.5% (democrats and RINOs) and the real conservatives = 33.5%. Don’t bet on it, and don’t be surprised in the future either.

      It has always been this way, and always will.

  5. Petronius says:

    Some things in life are bad

    They can really make you mad

    Other things just make you swear and curse.

    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle

    Don’t grumble, give a whistle

    And this’ll help things turn out for the best . . . 

    And . . . always look on the bright side of life . . .

    Always look on the light side of life . . .

    – Eric Idle, “Life of Brian” (1979)

    2012 Quote of the Year :

    “I don’t care what the majority voted to do, they don’t have a right to steal my money just because they vote for it.” Peter Schiff, CEO Euro Pacific Capital.

    Since the world did not end on Dec 21st, as per the Mayan calender, I hereby present Petronius’ Predictions for 2013 –– the year when the American idiocracy gets the government it deserves (and gets it good and hard, as H. L. Mencken put it). To wit :

    1. Imagine the most dangerous things that Nerobama could possibly do to us and to our civilization, then multiply by a factor of three. To understand where we are headed, to understand Nerobama’s policies and agenda, you must always ask two things: (1) who are those groups and individuals whom he has declared to be his “enemies,” those people upon whom he seeks his “revenge,” and (2) cui bono? The rest is simple. The rest is just a question of when America will unravel, and how.

    2. Under the rule of Nerobama and the Commiecrats, the US government has created more debt than has ever existed in the history of the world. The US public debt is a big, fat IOU. It is a representation (and expectation) of future work and economic production. When the debt grows too big, it becomes impossible to pay it back, and the debt becomes a path to slavery. The Federal debt is now $16.4 trillion (or $145,600 per taxpayer) and by 2016 will likely exceed $23 trillion (or $205,000 per taxpayer) –– an amount impossible to repay. State debt will add another $2 trillion. This can only end badly, through bankruptcy, default, hyperinflation, economic collapse, food shortages, riots in the streets, and war.

    3. You’ll be given no warning. Up until the last moment, Nerobama will tell you that everything is fine, that we only need to squeeze the “rich” one more time, that the government’s numbers show that inflation is de minimis, that the Fed has everything under control, that there would be sufficient money entering the Treasury if it weren’t for those wascally Wepublicans, that he has brokered a deal with the Chinese and the oil producing countries and the rest of America’s creditors, that there is no risk of default or a devaluation of the US dollar. The more serious the situation becomes, the more such lies he will tell. At present the regime is lying about the debt and the economy several times every week. When the lies come gushing every day, that will be your final warning. In Greece, when the people rebelled against more taxes, the government inserted taxes into their utility bills. Here you might watch for an increase in the Federal gasoline tax, or a tax on capitalism –– i.e., a Federal property tax, wealth tax, luxury tax, VAT, sales tax, or tax on investments.

    4. The Republican majority in the House of Representatives will prove to be no obstacle, as Nerobama will rule by autocratic methods: executive orders, regulatory agencies, czars, the judiciary, the IRS, bullying, and unilateral decrees.

    5. It is of course difficult to enslave a people who are armed with guns. So guns will become a hot button issue. However, despite all the hoopla, gun control is not one of the things you’ll need to worry about. At least not in 2013. If he were really serious about gun confiscation he wouldn’t have put Joe Biden in charge of it. Sales of guns, ammo, and magazines will continue to rocket off the charts. We will end 2013 with more guns in private hands than at the start of the year. Guns have become a major growth industry. In fact, guns and illicit drugs will be the only bright spots in the American economy. The widespread availability of guns and drugs is going to make the coming collapse very exciting.

    6. Early in 2013, after four years of reckless spending, the US public debt will once again be downgraded by the ratings agencies. However, the downgrades will be less severe than warranted, as America is virtually insolvent.

    7. Those who advocate for fiscal sanity –– balanced budgets, spending cuts, living within our means, etc. –– will be demonized as racists and hard-hearted “enemies” of the people (there’s that word again), and as those who, in the words of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Commiecrat-IL), are “literally taking food out of the mouths of hungry babies.” Yes, “literally.” And heaven help you if you object to paying taxes for other women’s contraceptives and abortions. Such fiscal conservatives may be required to wear a scarlet letter, like Hester Prynne.

    8. For years the Fed has been injecting money into a damaged fiscal system, supporting bailouts, entitlements, the deficits, real estate, autos, and financials. In 2013, the US dollar will come under gathering pressure as the Fed’s printing presses struggle to keep pace with the soaring national debt. Fiat money will begin to flood the country in 2013 and prices will rise significantly; however, the real deluge won’t come until 2014.

    9. This year gold will rise to the level of $1850 an ounce with $1900, $2000, and $2200 as upside targets; silver will rise to $37 with $40-50 as the next upside targets.

    10. The bond vigilantes will finally have their moment. Interest rates have been rising since the election; by the end of the year 2013 the bond market bubble will burst when the Fed is no longer able to restrain upward moves in long term interest rates.

    11. Negative interest rates cannot last forever. The inevitable rise in interest rates will restrict the ability of the Federal government to borrow money in the global financial markets and to service its existing debt load. Interest on the public debt will consume an ever widening share of government tax revenues. Existing spending programs will come under pressure. The fiscal gap will widen despite tax increases. By 2015 the Federal government will no longer be able to fund basic programs.

    12. By 2016 the country will be in chaos. The idiocracy will ask, “What did the evil rich capitalists ever do for us?” And we, their jaded listeners, will reply: “civilization, food, sanitation, medicine, health care, education, the rule of law and public order, roads, automobiles, gasoline, filling stations, banks, grocery stores, hospitals, jobs, bath tubs, a fresh water system, safe to walk the streets at night, public health, comfort, a longer lifespan, prosperity, freedom. And peace.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc7HmhrgTuQ

    13. The rise in interest rates will herald a new/steeper recession. The cigar store Indian, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Commiecrat-MA), and her protégés in the bureaucracy, will pick this precise moment to hammer the US banking sector. Bank lending will stall. Consumer confidence will collapse. Retail sales will decline. Housing will stagnate. Stocks will sink.

    14. U3 unemployment will exceed 9%, unless about 10 million more people leave the workforce. Unemployment benefits will be extended, even though sufficient money does not exist in the Treasury.

    15. California, Illinois, and Detroit will go bankrupt. The regime will call for bailouts.

    16. There are currently 11 Death Spiral States (States with more people dependent on government than people working in the private sector). The 11 Death Spiral States are CA, IL, HI, NY, NM, OH, MS, AL, SC, KY, and ME. By the end of the year, there will be at least 15 such States.

    17. Household income will continue to dwindle. There are currently 47 million people on food stamps (SNAP); by end of year, there will be over 50 million on food stamps. The number of people living in poverty will hit another record high.

    18. There will be intermittent gas lines and food shortages. However, the shortages will generally go underreported in the press, as the press will always remain an echo chamber for the White House, Harry Reid, and the DNC.

    19. The Commiecrats will call for implementation of a wealth tax. The wealth tax will be coupled with an exit tax, to prevent Americans from removing their private property to the safety of foreign countries. Rich Americans will, in effect, be criminalized as a class, as they are faced with the choice between survival and compliance with the confiscation of their property.

    20. While new tax laws make it difficult to leave the country, it will become easier to enter. Mass immigration, open borders, amnesty, and global governance will all make tremendous strides in 2013.

    21. ObamaAmnesty will pass Congress with bipartisan support from RINOs. Amnesty includes controversial features such as: Social Security, disability, Medicare, ObamaCare, and unemployment benefits and other welfare for undocumented migrants; amnesty for nonpayment of past taxes and for filing fraudulent tax returns to obtain “refunds,” tax credits, or stimulus payments; amnesty for criminal illegal aliens, including gang members such as MS-13 and drug cartels; representation by a court appointed attorney in immigration court at taxpayers’ expense; meaningless documentation requirements; and no effective action taken to secure the borders. We will be peppered with information about how hard-working migrants boost our economy, even while millions of migrants are added to the welfare rolls.

    22. Public reacts with outrage to ObamaAmnesty, resulting in fresh Liberal demands for hate speech laws, and stepped-up attacks on conservative talk radio. FCC Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd will be given sweeping powers to deal with hate speech crisis.

    23. Whites under age 25 will become a minority in America. However, nonwhites will still receive the full panoply of privileges concomitant with minority status (affirmative action, college admissions, scholarships, preferential lending terms, government aid, etc.). A corollary: If there were only one heterosexual white male left on the planet, all the rest of the population would still be considered oppressed minorities.

    24. Chief Justice John Roberts will issue more cowardly opinions. A hyena does not change his spots (or stripes).

    25. “Unexpected” problems will emerge in the start-up of ObamaCare, which will remain unpopular. Against all logic and reason, the regime will attempt to expand ObamaCare. This may include new bolt-on programs, such as sex-change surgery, plastic surgery, dental care, coverage for non-citizens, and mandatory psychiatric screenings for gun owners. Sandra Fluke will cash in on her 15 minutes of fame by launching her boutique Sandra™ brand of contraceptives, which will become a mandatory sole source product under ObamaCare. However, care for seniors will be reduced, as will compensation to providers.

    26. ObamaCare taxes will be deemed insufficient and Nerobama will demand they be increased. This will include a surtax on “the rich.”

    27. What happens in Benghazi stays in Benghazi. We will never learn the truth about Benghazi. Nor about Fast & Furious, Solyndra, the 2012 election, Nerobama’s personal history, or anything else.

    28. Later in the year cracks begin to appear in the medical industry as a result of ObamaCare. Medical research slowly grinds to its inevitable halt. Wealthy seniors begin making plans to go to Canada or the UK for their surgeries.

    29. There will be at least two successful terrorist attacks on American soil and several attacks on US interests overseas. Of course they will not be described as such, but rather as “angry protests over the video/film/book/article/cartoon/etc.,” “man-made disasters,” “isolated incidents,” “uncertain motives,” “troubled youth,” “outraged worshippers,” “disturbed individuals,” “misguided students,” “workplace violence,” etc.

    30. Israel’s attack on Iran will be foiled by a combination of Russian weapons and American treachery. The twenty F16 jets given to Egypt will be deployed against Israel. Hand in hand with the MidEast war, oil prices will climb; oil company executives will be excoriated in Senate hearings and on the Bill O’Reilly program. The regime will clamp down hard on coal and fracking.

    31. Vladimir Putin will humiliate Nerobama on the international stage. Nerobama and Putin will successfully accomplish America’s unilateral nuclear disarmament. Of course the press will portray it as a diplomatic victory for Nerobama.

    32. There will be proposals to repeal the 22d Amendment. Nerobama will be named Time’s Man-of-the-Year in perpetuum.

    33. All of the above will be blamed on Bush and/or the weather.

    Forward! Happy New Year to all busy bees at S&L from all the gang at the Shady Grove Rehabilitation Clinic! Cheers!

    And always look on the bright side of life.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      ” The US public debt is a big, fat IOU.”

      Yup, and with that in mind, first China will gradually but quickly re-direct their products-for-sale to other nations that can afford them.

      In a worst case scenario, Chinese troops will appear in Hawaii or Alaska or elsewhere in the US and the president will order our military to stand down because “war is ikky”. And besides, he’s quite content to give up pieces of the CONUS to foreign forces in order to keep his peace prize.

      The big, fat IOU is a problem but see, obama has no intention of paying back any debt he’s incurred. The bill will come due long after he’s retired in his compound in Hawaii. By the time we default on it, he’ll have managed to divest his money and security to other nations and he’ll either disappear or become the president of the UN. I can’t see the latter because he’s really not that popular in other nations, contrary to what some people may think.

      But China will be sorely ticked off when the flow of money stops, just as it happens in any relationship. Wanna see your spouse’s head explode? Tell her there’s no more money; That you spent it all on partying and drugs, which, in effect, is what the US government has done. Plus that “protection money” to the union thugs. Let me know how THAT works out.

      To quote Jar-Jar’s captor when they went to the “hidden city” underwater, “Yous-a in deep doo-doo”

  6. Anonymoose says:

    I guess I can’t let it rest, so here’s more venting:

    The first is how we should conduct ourselves–how to fight the war and take it back to them. The biggest hurdle is Conservatives are honest, and up front about who and what they are–and we generally tend to be the ones defusing the situation rather than aggravate it. But that’s not working, we may have to start acting like them to get the country back.

    Never let them see you’re angry; no matter what you really feel never give them something to bite onto. Look at how they argue and turn it against them.

    Notice every time you mention something about Obama they say, “well Reagan/Bush/Whoever did this!” They didn’t answer the question, they deflected. Meet them in turn, bring up every dirty think Johnson, Kennedy, Carter, and Clinton did.

    Change our labels. Why not? It works for them. Now they seem to be Progressives, when that wears out it’s welcome they’ll go with something else. I like Reformers, or Protectors.

    Find out what punches their buttons, makes them fly into a seething rage; and punch them every time. Keep ready, know what they’ll try to hit you back with, and remain calm. Let them explode–pull a Biden and mock them, laugh at them.

    They bring up the imagery of jack booted Nazi thugs perpetually on conservatives–paint them as Stalinist comrades, too blind and too betrothed to the Party to see what they’re doing. Remind them all the ways Leftism and Socialism have failed. Portray them as villains intent on not letting people lead private lives, own property, or have self determination.

    Replace smart with wisdom and experience–they like to remind us how “intelligent” they are, but it’s academic, not real world. Remind them continually how little they’ve actually known or done.

    Things to change beyond our power would be to adopt the Hydra like tentacles of various political groups. Really, even if I was Liberal I’d be wondering where all these “grass-roots” left wing groups with slick websites, lots of money, and oodles of bumper stickers and protest signs come from. Do the same but better. Take a cue from marketing 101 and make the names sound patriotic, hopeful, whatever. Instead of Americans for Prosperity, call it A New Beginning, Americans for Renewal, Spring is the Season, etc.

    Take what Mithrandir said and make Conservatism a one-stop shop. If your pet issue is gun control, jobs, environmental management, whatever–you get your need serviced. Anything else about you doesn’t matter, you’re in the umbrella as long as you vote with us.

    And here’s what I know will never happen but wish it could. Change the whole idea of government service into something everyone does a little of. Can’t join the army–do a few years in the government. Term limits on not only Congressman but a lifetime term on political office in any capacity–say no more than 15-20 years. Presidents are elected from a pool of current and former state governors–can’t 100% eliminate us getting another Obama but would vet a lot more people to be able to lead. Weed out career politicians and lawyers. Reduce the seduction and corruption of power so the laws are written more by people like you and me rather than someone born to privilege who lives their life entirely for power and prestige.

  7. canary says:

    Well the media has given so many different stories about the San Antonio TX movie theater Dec. 17ish, but a female off duty officer shot the Hispanic named man and stopped him from shooting

    One article said she nicked him, another she shot him 4 times. So, many different stories, but all say an off duty officer in the theater stopped his rampage.

  8. canary says:

    Mithrandir, so it wasn’t just this election you did not vote against Obama, it was the first election too?

    Always vote for the lesser of two evils.

    We would not have Holder
    We would not be looking at soon to be 5 Supreme Court Justices chosen by a president that isn’t just liberal but has hates America, Christians, white people, U.S. soldiers. A lifelong rebellious narcissistic immoral tyrant. A habitual liar and lover of dishonesty.

    At the very least, was not the partial birth killing of slitting the necks of newborn babies enough to vote against him.

    Evil prevails when good people do nothing.

    Romney may be a liberal, but he has led a life of trying to be a good moral person.
    Compare that to Obama whose entire life was for power to destroy a country he hates, just as wife was ashamed to be an American. Obama was ashamed his mother was white. His own words were worrying what his minority friends would think when they found out his mother was white. His most powerful connection he felt to Malcolm X was to purge the white blood from his veins.

    If you have two people to choose from to hire as an employee, and not real impressed by either, you will weigh the pros and cons and choose the one you think will be better. That’s common sense.

    Why do you wish to punish America more than it’s already been punished. You lost the opportunity to be able to say “I told you so” if Romney turned out worse than Obama.

    Romney could be bent by the Tea Party and the people in order to get re-elected. We had some leverage. Now we have a tyrant who drug us down and ready to go in for the kill.

  9. canary says:

    If we could tax millionaire celebrities in the US they might move to Russia and gain instant citizenship we could clean up morality.

    I wonder if Chef Depardieu paid his U.S. Taxes from movies he made in the U.S. ?


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